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I have suffered for over 15 years with stomach and digestive issues. I'm 27 years old and had a very nasty appendectomy when I was 13. For months prior I was vomitting everyday for more than 8 weeks.

Since then I have suffered with, what I am told is acid reflux. I have been on Lansoperazole for more than 12 years on and off and use aniseed peptac daily.

I have an under active thyroid and taken levothyroxine for more than 8 years but just recently have had my dosage lowered due to becoming over active!

I had an endoscopy in April 2015 and they discovered just functional dyspepsia and for me to continue with Lanz as required.

But for the passed 8 months now, on and off, I have been experiencing terrible gnawing grumbling type pain in my upper abdomen. It wakes me up as if I am severely hungry but then the typical acid pain starts and I feel sick. Nothing is helping and I have a very healthy diet - been vegetarian since 14 and I dont smoke and rarely drink alcohol.

I have been referred back to the gastroenterologist but in the mean time my GP has stopped my lanz and replaced it with Ranitidine 150mg twice daily as well as Pantoprazole 40mg twice a day.

I have been having a very bland diet for the passed 3 weeks. Boiled veg, plain brown rice etc. I have stopped drinking milk and having any dairy. I've been a vegetarian for 15 years and I have never smoked. Yes I drink alcohol but on occasions and I havent in 4 weeks.

My GP thinks it is a duodenal ulcer this time but refuses to do a h.plyori test as I had an endoscopy 2 years ago and showed negative.

I even bought myself a self test kit from the pharmacy for a tiny blood test kit to test for this and it was negative.

Things certainly can change in 2 years! And I know I'm not going to get better if the bacteria is the cause of the ulcer.

I'm at my wits end, I've suffered with acid reflux since I was 13 and im 27 now and know these symptoms are different.

Having an underactive thyroid is a constant battle too, considering my medication is always different every 6 months, amongst being an endometriosis sufferer.

I wonder if this is gallbladder issues? But I had an ultrasound 6 months ago and found no issues, along with my liver and pancreas being normal.

Please any help is appreciated

Thank you.

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    As a long time Acid Reflux sufferer, I can tell you that a large portion of people don't find success with Proton Pump Inhibitors and it is actually best for you to take something with acid in it or another acid reducer as acid reflux can be a result of a lack of stomach acid. I'm not a health professional but I would go get a HIDA scan done most importantly. This sounds exactly like a gallbladder issue, and mine went undetected for years because Ultrasounds are only effective at spotting gall stones, not issues with your Gallbladder. If it shows up with something, look into trying a bile salt like Questran before getting surgery. If nothing comes from the HIDA scan, I would go for a Barrium Swallow next, and if nothing comes from that I'd get a stool test and hydrogen breath test to rule out Malabsorption or Parasites and have your doctor look for a hiatal hernia.

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      ALSO, I noticed that you haven't mentioned fertinf a colonoscopy. I would have that done before getting a HIDA scan, but do not be disheartened if that turns up nothing. Digestive issues are a game of guess and check and elimination

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    Have they tested you with a gastric emptying test to ensure your digestive system is working properly?

    I'm on a super bland diet as well. I stick to puddings, apple sauce, chicken w/rice soup, Butterfingers (the flakiness does help!), and most of all saltine crackers. When I wake up with that starving feeling, I eat a couple of these crackers and boy it helps. Have you tried the acid reflux medication called Omeprazole? It may be the "delayed" version of what you take currently. My guess is that the hunger pains come at night because the meds you took in the morning have worn off. The thing that helped me the most is putting my headboard on 4 bricks. This forces the food to go down and out of your esophagas tube. Same with sleeping on your right side. Water, water, water.....keep yourself hydrated. I feel for you and sure hope you are able to find things that work. Get those saltines!

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    Thank you for your responses.

    Yes I've tried omperazole before and it didn't help at all.

    I take 4 tablets a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Along with my levothyroxine.

    I have a feeling that this is probably gallbladder issues but I have to keep pressing the gastroenterologist for tests as they tell me things won't have changed in 6 months from an ultrasound.

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      Ultrasounds are only effective at identifying stones and sludge that are actively being passed. Get a HIDA scan done, this will determine the functioning of your gallbladder. Ask for a specific number as well, below 35% or above 75% is considered non functioning. I had been passing stones and sludge for years until they did a HIDA scan
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      Your experience sounds identical to mine. Coupled with the fact that the Thyroid affects the gallbladder, I think a HIDA scan would be your best bet. Don't let your GI delay you, GIs are often stubborn and gastrointestinal issues are often a game of guess and check.

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