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Hello, sorry this is quite long but I've had enough of this now so thought I would post on here and see if anyone had any insight as to what could be causing my problems.

So I will start off at the start, I'm 24 years old and around three/four years ago I was in an exremely abusive relationship in which I ended up taking a panadol overdose, lots of things happened but I never went to hospital. A few weeks later I had a massive bleed from my back passage in a supermarket toilet there was no faeces, I thought I had diarroeah but I was in so much pain and all that was going into the toilet was just bright red blood it was horrific and very scary. I got very woozy and light headed, I was still with the abusive partner at the time and I was younger and he didnt seem to think it was of concern and we where arguing that day so I just left it and crawled into bed, which was riddiculas I know and looking back, I kick myself for not going to A+E. Anyway a few months later I finally left him, but suffered with abdominal pain and horrendous bloating constantly. constant bouts of nausea that would come and go sometimes to the point of me not being able to finish a plate of food without wanting to vomit on it. I cut out gluten, dairy and soy 3 years ago as found they would give me an even worse stomach and chest pain. Fast forward to the past year. I had a laproscopy which found scarring and endometriosis.

The bloating got so bad I could literally feel my skin stretching and I looked 8 months pregnant. I brought myself for a colonic even to try and help, with no luck. Ive been back and fourth to the doctors with no luck. The nausea has been it's ultimate worse this year and my bowel habits seemed to have changed so badly. It's either constipation or diarroeah, I have tried everything laxatives and whatever the doctor gave me fibrogel even though I take fibre, My diet is very healthy, I'm a bit of a health freak I blame my mum! xD anyway I have tried everything to make my bowels go back to normal and stop the bloating but there's no inbetween when I do manage to pass anything its always pale chalky coloured. Skip to the past two months or so, I've developed the most agonizing pain at the top middle part of my stomach. It's started going through to my back, and it's ridiculously painful it waking me up in the middle of the night. Everytime I eat fatty foods it's a million times worse and I've felt so nauseas and so unwell.

The past few weeks have been the worst, the pain has got much worse. and I have also developed chest pain. I ended up going to A+E where gallstones where suspected and I got sent for a ultrasound. To which my gallbladder was clear. They couldn't view my pancreas as too much intestinal gas. He went to get another person to look at my results one of the scan pictures had like a round small blob in and they discussed this for several minutes umming and arring and said it was an artefact. this other person redid the ultrasound then said it must be just a ligament and deleted the photo. So I have no clue what that meant. I went after to talk to a outpatient surgeon and he basically tried fobbing me off saying it wasnt urgent and I kind of just lost it because I was sweaty pale, hadn't slept and literally was on the verge of balling my eyes out because of the pain! He didn't want to give me an endoscopy but I literally begged him to book me for one.

Anyway a few days later I had a colonscopy which was booked a month or two ago; The nurse asked me if my blood pressure was normally this low, I said no usually its normal and at times been told it's high. This wasnt a shock because I felt so ill, the colonoscopy found nothing. I was shocked because I thought it might be colitis or something. Anyway the day after I developed a fever and I've been burning up something terrible and sweating then freezing cold I feel so unwell, my hair is falling out in big clumps and my gums have gone really pale. My faeces had been the past week very yellow, greasy looking and float to the top of the bowl, and full of mucus. The past two days they are back chalky coloured and full of mucus big blobs of white mucus on my faeces and full of mucus inside my faeces and they look really slimy. The past two weeks I've developed really bad acid reflux which I havent had in three years since cutting out gluten so to find it's back again eugh! and I cant stop burping like I literally can't stop. Im bloated and look pregnant. I've been extra thirsty and yesterday I had the shakes I dont know whats going on with my body at all.

My endoscopy isnt until July, so I've booked myself privately for a mrcp scan hoping it could shed light. I have a holiday with my fiance and his family the end of this month and I'm dreading going if I feel like this ah! Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? all I can think is pancreatis but I haven't the foggiest. I don't know if I caused whatever is very wrong now three years ago, or my endometriosis is to do with it. my doctor thinks its completely separate to my endo. ny gastro before I barely said anything he already pretty much diagnosed me with ibs. which I just can't beleive because three years I have cut out gluten/dairy and soy. And in that time I have tried eliminating certain food ect nothing has helped. anyway I told him about pale faeces ect then he thought I had inflammatory bowel disease like chrons or colitis and thats why he sent me for colonscopy. I just feel so fed up at trying to get to the bottom of this and I'm just feeling worse and worse each passing day...

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    Sounds to me like fatty liver....did you drink alcohol a lot? Or do you?

    Get your liver checked..all your symptoms indicate a disorder. Even the "bloating" belly...indigestion..burning...all ticks boxes...

    Look up online and address it with strict diet.

    Best of luck

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    Hi Daisy,

    Please let me know the result of your MRCP. I am waiting to get one scheduled and have a lot of the same symptoms. Except my feced are light brown, mucousy, oily And floating.

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    I would go to a major hospital like the Mayo Clinic where there would be doctors I believe who would get to the cause of this.  Your health seems to be declining and living like this is not living.
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    Hi guys, thanks for the replies! smile

    I actually am not an alcohol drinker, and the ultrasound said 'normal appearance to the liver' would this detect a fatty liver though? I'm unsure! ?

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      Yes it would show up..but complex blood test would be more accurate to rule out such a option. Good news is that liver is the only organ that heals itself and can recover with strict diet.

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