At the end of my witts. Pls help.

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Hi everyone.

Im new here and still learning how to use this forum.

I been suffering with lots of symptoms which pointing towards reflux, but got no definate diagnosis.

It all started after stopping smoking about 9 months ago.

Had endoscopy and also transnasal one to check voice box and throat. Xrays, spirometry....

Had some small findings in esophagus, but doctors keep saying its nothing to worry about.

I keep getting chest pains and mainly on the left side just behind breast bone. Sometimes it hurts a bit under or even right through where my left scapula is.

I cant sleep on elevated bed as still get symptoms on waking up. So i gotta sleep in chair.

It affects my chest even when i speek.

Im on medication too.

I can give more details if anyone has time.

The pain is upsetting me. I had no life in 9 months.

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    Hi; I don't mind hearing more of your symptoms in order to help you. I have had confirmed stomach ulcers and GERD and gastritis on and off for 11yrs.

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      Its hard to summarise the lat 9 months.

      I was a long term smoker (20 a day over 17yrs).

      As i developped a dry cough and worried it could bring on lung issues I decided to stop smoking. I have been off ciggies 9 months.

      As soon as I stopped I started getting ill.

      Bloating, wind, excessive burping, dizziness and a few times some reflux. Each morning i woke up coughing nd runny nose. Then chest pain came along.

      Was given 20mg omeprazole. It helped but not enough. Was given double dose. It got better but not in time doctors said. The pain minly on the left of my chest remained. Eating was unpleasant. Some food went down very slow. Had some pain and discomfort eating.

      Was sent for endoscopy.

      Results came and doctors just said i was ok. On second transnasal endoscopy where my throat and voice box were looked at i was told no signs of anything there. I complained of chest pain. Tht doctor looked at my first endoscopy results and told me what was on the report.

      I was annoyed the doctors not told me that.

      Some mild non specific irritation was found where they take biopsies. It also showed reactive changes , some mild spongiosis and basal cell hyperplasia.

      Also when i spk for little while my chests either spasms and it feels its straining.

      Then my meds stopped working. Was given ranitidine and gaviscon. No good.

      I also tried no drugs as thought i could be low on acid. Had licquorish dgl but i only flt worse after a few days. I started having burning top of stomach and feeling it squirt upwards and spasms in chest and left shoulderblade.

      Was given lansoprazole 15mg. Not enough so now on doubled. Not at any time i was advised what to eat. Even sfe foods can make me ill. Its a russian rullet.

      I sleep well but i found that even elevated bed doesnt help. I wake up with symptoms.

      Im scared as to what is going on in my esophagus as it feels swollen. Raising arms above head or rotate my trunk hurts.

      Its been 9 months and im not healed up. Im still sore. Im 37 with no previous gastro issues.

      I dont drink now. Used to enjoy wine.

      I have no life. Sleep in chair as the only place i dont wake up ill.

      Im sorry to bother u. Im scared nd would love my life back. Hope any of it makes any sense.

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      Hi, so sorry to hear of your distress. I have/had many of those symptoms. I have weeks of nothing and then some weeks are sheer agony. I had severe gastritis and ulcer problems for 9 months before anybody took me seriously. I had to eat plain foods for 6 weeks and take 60mg of ompeprazole. Then I was healed. Took a 20 mg maintenance dose for a year and felt fine! Then boom, heart attack style chest pains, pains in my spleen, hard to swallow, acid tastes etc. It took me months of trying different tablets until I found one that worked again, so I'm now on cimetidine. I can't eat tomatoes, citrus or spice. Also don't eat past 6pm. Stress triggers it even when I'm on tablets!! So best to try and relax...easier said than done! Another reason for the chest pain for me was costochondritis. Which stressed me out and the indigestion came back! None of this might have helped, but if you have anything to add our questions, feel free to ask.

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      Thank u.

      Stress is awful and yes it brings symptoms on. It is hard to smile when in pain.

      I hope the next specialist will care more in helping.

      I do feel many doctors not took me seriously. It took many painful visits to be sent for endoscopy.

      All seems to take very long time.

      No one has time for us. Gp has 5 minutes for a patient. Impossible to explain to them.

      I do live on reflux food but its hard.

      Must add that when i was on 40 mg omeprazole and felt better i couldnt reduce the dose as all started coming back.

      Is this curable? Can esophagus heal?

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      That's the trouble with these drugs, they only last whilst you are taking them; you stop, symptoms come back (sometimes worse) and then you have to suffer a withdrawal period before you find something else. If 40mg works, keep taking it? I was healed of my ulcer and gastritis but then stress came along and restarted GERD. Inflammation can heal but other changes, perhaps not, just further damage halted. Hope you find an expert with an answer. Gp's have no clue. They just pour you on a hospital waiting list.

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      Yes lot of gps seem to simplify the issue. I was told rebounds on those drugs are so rare. I had it on all the ones i tried.

      Thank u and yes lets hope i get more help with specialist.

      Stress is a hard thing to get rid of. I had loads of it and nowdays its everywhere.

      Have to find ways of keeping it at bay.

      Is there any reliabke website with plain diet which has some recipes which are nice? I only follow one book and it has limited amount of food so got too repetitive.

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