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Warning !!

To anyone with AF who is thinking of having ablation surgery

I have some very important info' for this group. I am an AF sufferer since 2010 i had my first catheter ablation the new "Arctic front Ablation" [cryo/freezing method] it worked for around 18months but then the AF returned., i put up with it for a couple of years, but I was then recommended another ablation called Point to Point catheter ablation which is the usual or common ablation technique, which burns the problem areas. This was supposed to be "very Low risk minimal invasion Day surgery" with few complications & i was told nothing to worry about we can deal with the complications should any arise. So i went in for the surgery a few ago. During the ablation the prosedure the surgeon peirced a hole in the wall of my heart & he could not stop the bleeding, i was rushed to another theatre [unconcious] where another team had to open my chest, Put me on a bypass machine to enable them to repair the hole & stop the bleeding, i was in theartre a total of around 7 hours, i had to have a transfusion, i was then hept in a comma & put on a life suppoprt machine for 24 hours, following that i was in intensive care for a further 48 hours. several weeks on I am still recovering from this Nightmare.. Also whilst i was in hospital i spoke to another AF ablation patient who had suffered the same heart puncture during the ablation, but he was a bit luckier than me, they managed to stop his bleed without openenig his chest. I have had several different operations over the years & i have never had an issue with bleeding before

My advice to anyone with AF thinking of having an ablation,THINK VERY CAREFULLY, IT IS A DANGEROUS PROCEDURE!!  I almost lost my life


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    What a terrible story. I have had two ablationxx and am waiting for a third. Can you tell me where this happened and who tyour surgeon was?
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      Best not to name names on a Forum. It can happen anywhere to anyone.It has been reported on this Forum previously and the consent form would have warned of it being a slight possibility..


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      I asked all the right questions, but i was not told at anytime during my consultation with Dr that this could be a possibility, he did say that worse case complication could be a bleed around the heart, but Rare "And Nothing that they Could Not Deal With".. if he had mentioned for one minute that it could possibly lead to Major Open Heart Bypass surgery, i would Not have taken the chance, infact i would have said "No Thanks" & made a very quick exit from the consulting room.

      I dont know yet what the long term outcome will be fior me ticker in general, baring in mind i only had Lone AF & no oither heart issues, what i do know is that i still have the AF, i am still feeling the flutter occasionally .

      My first post op' appointment in 5 weeks is to see the cardiologist  who had to do the & open heart bypass surgery to close the hole & stop the bleed, he cleared up the mess that Arythmia Dr had made, i can only Thank the cardiologist for intervening saving my life.


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      Surgeons do operations like that not cardiologists.

      If you did not have blocked atreries you would not have had a bypass.  Did you have arteries taken from your leg or shoulder?

      If not this must have been a repair not a bypass.

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      Derek, you wrong again.

      The cardio surgeons who had to take over from the arythmia surgeon  had to do a heart bypass to repair the hole in my heart, [the heart was pumping out blood uncontolably,hence the bypass] hence the transfusion, hence the my displeasure


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      Are you sure that you understand what a Bypass machine is? It takes over from your heart during surgery but is not the same as Bypass graft surgery where blood vessels are removed or redirected to replace narrowed or blocked arteries and restore blood flow to the heart muscle.
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      what do you mean ,"Am i sure" of course i am sure, it seems you dont know the meaning of "bypass surgery" its not just for repairing or replacing furred-up arteries..My heart was punctured & spurting blud out , how is the surgeon supposed to repair the hole without "Bypassing" the heart. A "Bypass Machine" takes on the job of the heart &  pumps blood around the body so that the surgeon can repair or replace damaged areas,  after the repairs [which ever kind they may be] the heart is re connected & hopefully will start up pumping again, if it dosnt then its curtains for the patient..

      if you would like to see the discharge papers from the hospital which explains in detail the same as i have written on here let me know. 

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      You have PM'd me on this and I answered as I did above online and you are simply quoting how I explained it to you. As I told you I was connected to a bypass machine when I had my heart valve replaced..

      Also re-read the consent form you signed that warns of af all the things that can go wrong. Did the discharge papers or operation notes explain to your doctor how your heart happened to be pierced.

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    thanks for that info Graham always good to be informed so you can ask the right questions and make your own informed decision, info was very timely as I am off to see cardilogist tomorrow to discuss the very same, I had a couple of episodes where I got rushed off in an ambulance over the weekend but all seems to be settling down as they eventually discovered that I had pericardium chest infection
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      Hi Linda,

      sorry for the late reply, i have been trying to educate others on regarding what "Bypass Means Surgery". 

      I hope you are recovering well from the hest infection, & i hope you dont have to go for the ablation, i am not trying to frighten anyone on here, but believe me it is very dangerous & in my opinion its not worth the Risk.

      Just one other thing the Doctor who performed my af ablation did not warn me of this risk, of possibly having to have open heart bypass surgery to repair a possible tear or hole in the heart due to an ablation error, & it did Not State it on the papers i was given & signed either.

      Good Luck to All


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      Think about it a bit more.

      Heart-lung bypass machine not Heart Bypass surgery that replaces arteries.

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    Wow I was told this could happen to me as well. You should post the doctors name here so no one uses him or her. Here in the states the only people who perform this proceedure are electro-cardiologist. These are the specialist who specialize on the electrical side of the heart. Don't let a cardiologist perform this proceedure. Also here is the states they make a 3d model of your heart before going in to fix the node that is mis firing and causing the afib. I wish you a speedy recovery, what happen to you was a mistake...
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      It can happen with the best EP's. It does not mean that they are careless or unskilled.

      I had a pneumothorax after my pacemaker implant recently as my chest wall was puntured. It was on the consent form along with the possibility of the heart being punctured, having a stroke or in big letters on the form...DEATH. 


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    What a nightmare, sooooo sorry ,, YOu could have put the hospital and the name of the surgeon as its sound like he is useless. Have you jumped on the medical mistakes bandwagon yet, you should get a lottery load of cash for this ! Good luck .. jay
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      Hi Jay,

      I have spoken to 3 different legal firms who have no interest in the claim, they say a case has to have more than a 50% chance of success before they consider it on "No Win No Fee" but i havnt given up yet..

      Can i say that i was no the only one to suffer the heart puncture, there was another guy who had the same thing happen to him, but fortunatley for him they managed to control the bleed, however there was obvious damage done to his heart, which could cause him problem futher down the road. the thing that bothers me the most is that these Doctors who perform this kind of surgery Dont tell their patient the "Full risk Factor"..I asked all the right questions before the surgery & never told that this could happen, infact Dr gave me plenty of confidence, & he himself sounded very confident, but perhaps in hind sight also a bit cavalier. I would not advise anyone to take the chance with this surgery there are much safer alternative treatments.

      whilts typing this i took a call from another team of solicitors,they have also declined my case...very very dissapointing to say the least.

      if there is anyone out their who can help with my legal claim please let me know, preferably via personal email.



      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the named doctor as we do not publish these in the forums.

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      He might now be taking legal advice for libel.
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      He is very welcome to Bring it On,

      This guy almost killed me, he is not fit to doing the job...he is too young,obviously not had enough experience,also Over confident & Cavalier, thats my opinion, this is usualy the case with some of the younger generation  

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      Have yu contaced the hospital management? They are the first ones to complain to. Have a meeting with them and they may fork out to be rid of you. There is also PALS patient liason service with an office at all hospitals who take up patients complaints..
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      Heres smething else you need know, If a Patient has a complaint they do it via PALS who are totally independant & they will take it to the very top if neccessary,no one can go to the management direct, its only done via PALS.

      When i first posted on here it was to share my horror story & to try & help & advise others & hopefully warn them that this tragedy can happen & they may, like me, are not made aware of it by the consultant.

      But i have found that on Forums like this one theres always one member at least who thinks they know better & more, & like to argure or disagree, but thats life i guess.

      Fianally this cpomplaint of mine is Not about Money i am a retired business man , so its not about the Cash or Compo'.

      So regarding member "Derek" last post & comment, and i quote "they might pay up to get rid of you"... i do take offence at that.

      This is my final reply to you Derek, so i am hoping now that it will get "Rid of You" from my & other members discussion.

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      Once we get into a dispute we will both be removed.

      When I once had a complaint I first spoke to my MP for advice. I then had a meeting with the head of the department and the hospital management. I later approached the NHS Authority for the area and had a meeting with them and they arranged for an NHS inquiry. That though was after probable negligence that lead to a death.

      If it is not about Cash or Compo I presume that you just want revenge.


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      I don't know where you live, but in my experience, doctors in the same area will not testify aganist each other.  You will have to seek an atty and doc out side your area.

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