Atrial-fibrillation & flutter will I be taken off meds

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I have recently had my first episode of atria fibullation and flutter back in July, it was first picked up by my GP on ECG. I then was referred and spent 5 days in hospital where I was give a Cardioversion, I went back into sinus rythem but it reverted back again. I was then due a second cardioversion but fortunately my heart went back in to sinus rythem right before it was to be done. My heart has been in sinus rythem since as the medication must of kicked in.

They do not know the reason why it came but I had grander fever back in May, I was stupid training little but gave in and rested in end. This atria fibullation and flutter came on when I got back from a lads Holiday which maybe why I pushed my body to far. Besides that I have always been active and fit and healthy. They also spotted (mild dystolic LV dysfunction) which I don't know if this is due to the Afib.

I am waiting to see the cardiologist which is on the 6 September. I was thinking they would take me off the meds, but a pharmacist said it's highly unlikely. I am 32 years and which to return to training I am currently on Beta blockers and antirymthmic and book thinners. I don't want to be on meds all my life, if my hearts been in sinus then there is no need for an ablation or cardioversion. So will I come of the medication?

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    Your risk factors seem to be low. Age, gender, high blood pressure? Drink?

    Smoke? Not overweight? Stress? Sleep apnea? Sometimes u can be in afib and not know it. It can occur after an infection, but as my carsiologist put it- it just happens. Different things trigger it. The meds will depend on how often u have it. Even off and on. Do t get too stressed. Look up chads-vasc score. That will determine if u will be on blood thinners. The anti arrythmics will be a decision according to the afib or whatever else is going on with LV.

    Wish u well.

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      that you for your help I appreciate it.

      I would say I have been stressed at times but besides that I have been pretty ok. Glandler fever could been the cause and my recently holiday, which I did drink quite alot. I do drink alot when I go out but,I have changed this and It is rare when I did except for the holiday. Besides all of above I have always remained active and done exercise most my life. I was having low amounts of caffeine except when i was on holiday, cut all cafeine ouit now.

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    I just went in for a one month checkup after an ablation to correct my aFib.  I will have to remain free from episodes for at least 3 months before my electrophysiologist will begin to consider removing medications for rhythm control and blood thinners. Afib is elusive and can pop up at any time. 
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      thanks mary for answering and it's sorry to hear your experience with Afib. My appointment is next week which i can't wait to find out what they are going to say, i just want to exercise the way I want with out being on medication. I am prepared that I may have to sstya on the medication for sometime.

      i'll let you know how it goes

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      Just be aware they can pop back up anytime. I am 7 weeks post ablation and have had several "short" episodes. Saw doctor today. He said this was normal. It will improve. So don't be scared if u get a blip or two. It takes a long time for that scar tissue to form, especially in an internal place.

      Good luck

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      Thank you for that information! I had episodes for three days following the ablation.  Then for the next 16 days I had none.  I was thinking this was going to be easy! The next 14 days I have had episodes with the exception of one day. I am willing my scar tissue to "get with it." Optimism and a sense of humor are my weapons in this fight to overcome aFib! 

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      I am rooting for you and the rest of us. There's hope!!

      Keep the faith!


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    Hey all thank you for the information that has been given it’s been a great help. I now had my appointment with the cardiac specialist; it was good news as they’re taking me off my medications as they said it was a one off episode, however I am now prone to getting in the future.

    They believe it to be the case of one off episode, it could have been because of the Glandular Fever I had in May which I didn’t rest enough, and I exercised now and again. I then had a heavy holiday with friends, which was not good which probably contributed to the afib starting shortly after when I got home. I always been quite active but I believe caffeine quantity I had on holiday was just stupidity which could be a factor.

    This has been a major wake up call to me which I am changing my lifestyle since this has happened I have completely cut out caffeine also my eating habits’. I am tapering off the meds and looking forward to going back to training which I’ll focus on more cardiac fitness instead of bodybuilding in the future

    Thank for your help if any of you need to know more please ask me, as I’ll be more then happy to hep. I will also keep you all updated

    Thank you

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      Glad u r much improved!! I am too.! Have learned my triggers r food and that vagus nerve thing. Losing 75 pounds is my goal. Good luck. Keep us posted and updated.
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      Yeah well so far I have been ok however I still get alot of palpitations and sometimes they last days. I just had a 24 hour recoding done so just waiting for the results. Fingers crossed

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