Attacks when i'm on my period & during the day

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The attacks described on this forum are exactly the same as what i've been experiencing for 4-5years now. I get a stabbing/pressure pain in my butt that feels really deep inside and like something in there is about to burst!

It lasts for minutes at a time and comes without warning although i can usually feel the pain building seconds before the sharpe pain begins. When the pain starts it renders me motionless and unable to speak and am often frozen in pain with a cold sweat and faintness. Inbetween attacks i have no pain at all.

I first experienced it when i was about 24 years old and the pain was unlike anything else that i had ever felt.

Unlike most of the other people on here my attacks occur during the day and hardly ever at night - usually when i feel the need to go to the toilet or pass wind and it always happens when i'm on my period. It can be very embarrassing when an attack comes on when i'm at work or walking around Tesco's as i can't hide my pain.

I approached my doctor and he did an internal examination and said that it wasn't piles or anything like that so then he thought that it was Endometriosis and told me to put 2 packets of my contraceptive pill together to clear it - that didn't work. They then sent me for a scan to see if i did have Endometriosis and that came back clear.

It is now thought that i am suffering from IBS but reading this site it seems that my symptoms are related to Proctalgia Fugax although my doctor has never mentioned it before.

As i said before the attacks only seem to happen when i'm on my period so for the last year i have been controlling it by putting two packets of my contraceptive pill together therefore only having a period (and the pain) every 2 months. The problem is that i want to come off of my pill in order to start a family but i'm petrified of being in constant pain.

Does anyone out there have the same symptoms as i do?

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    Hi Michelle

    I'm so pleased to have read your post! I've been suffereing from the same thing for over a year now. My neurologist first mentioned that it sounded like PF (which I'd never heard of), but couldn't explain why it only occurs during a period. My GP also seemed a bit bewildered by it so sent me to a gynaecologist who didn't have a clue either!

    So I've just been left to get on with it.

    I'm really pleased that it's not just me that gets this during a period. I'm not on the pill but my periods are quite regular so I know exactly when I'm going to get the PF. Like I say mine only occurs for the first 2-3 days of a period and then goes. Like you mine gets worse when I'm on the loo or need to pass wind and it gets so bad that I can't sit down on the toilet seat and have to raise myself up! Sometimes I have to get up from my seat at work and go for a wander (whilst still trying to look busy!)

    I've noticed that sometimes but not always mine is worse at night - especially if I'm lying on my right hand side - but if I turn over to my left I get instant relief (can anyone explain this - because I can't?!)

    I had a lot of problems with my stomach a couple of years ago and had to have a sigmoidoscopy (which thankfully was clear) and was told then that I have IBS so I thought at first it was part of the IBS but now know it's something else.

    I would mention to your doctor that you are sure you have PF and tell them you've been on this site (I came across this site just by putting 'bum pains' into Google!!!). It may be that he/she has never heard of it - my GP just glazed over a bit when I told him what my neuro had said!

    Sorry this reply's gone on a bit!


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    Hi. I know it's a bit far from your original post but I just wanted to say that I have been suffering with these crippling pains for about 4 years.

    It wasn't until I read a few people's posts that I decided that I needed to see someone.

    The last one I had was only last week...mid cycle. I was shopping and I felt it build but it's too quick to take anything.

    I put my shopping down and left the shop with my baby and painfully sat in the car (sitting makes it worse but didn't want to make a scene)

    I was sweating and having palpitations. They last anything between 10 mins to an hour.

    So anyway...I went to see my doctor in Monday and she put me on a tablet to stop my stupidly heavy bleeds and also an IBS pain relief tablet.

    I didn't ask what she thought I had but I have to go back Monday for blood test so I will ask then.

    Just wanted to say (I haven't tried these tabs during the pain yet...I dont think I will get there in time anyway) but please don't ignore it.

    It's not a normal period symptom.


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      How have they been since you visited your doctor? I've had this for the best part of 3 years and this month has been excruciating! Gets to the point where I'm not getting out of bed cos the pain is so bad. If there's any tips you can share before I see my doctor next week, they'd be much appreciated!

      ThNks x

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    SOLVED !!!

    Hi i get those pains too and i am sure its related to bloating and stress on the rectal area during periods. Using tablets called MEFTAL (mefenamic acid) actually help me. Try it out and i hope it helps. By the way i created an account here just to give this answer cause experience makes people care. Dont stress it makes it worse !

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    I've just experienced this pain today right this minute. It's lasted forever and it was totally unexpected I'm not bleeding heavily though. I do have an implant though. But it doesn't say anything about this type of pain in the side effects. It's really scaring me as it's hurting my back and I've still got severe stomach cramps too. Period pains are very rare for me so this was very scary. I don't know if this will happen every month now???

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      Mine lasts for some minutes . The pain has become lesser for me now. It also has a lot to do with your age. It mainy happens on the first days of periods. Straining the rectal area just worsens it.

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