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About three months ago I started to get tooth ache after visiting my dentist I eventually ended up having 2 root canels and an extraction even though he was reluctant as my teeth looked healthy he couldn't understand why I was in pain and thought it must be due to my fillings being old so decide to do root canel treatment. Nothing helped the pain and everytime I thought it was going it would flare back up. A few days ago I ended up in A&E in floods of tears but they refused to help and told me to go back to my GP and asked to be referred for a facial scan.

I went back to my GP where they told me the dentist has to make the referral. How ridiculous!! however he prescribed me Tegretol. When I got home I started to do some research and realised that this was prescribed for TN and after three days of taking it i was adamant that I do not have the symptoms of TN. I have a constant aching feeling on the upper left side where my tooth was sometimes it feels tingling but mostly throbbing and aching it never goes away and it is not a stabbing pain as TN sufferers describe.

I went back to the GP today after diagnosing myself and asked for amitriptyline although I'm reluctant to take medication I absolutely can't bare this throbbing anymore. I feel very alone and totally unsupported by my GP and A and E doctors.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has similar situation to myself I have never heard of this before and it's a scary place to be as no one seems to understand. This whole journey has been a nightmare. I will start the medication tonight and I pray it works as I have a holiday booked in 4wks time.

Would love to hear from you!!

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    Ami  a safe drug so you're fine - don't try lowering it for at least six months 

    Lyrica affects brain synapses  and memory hence my. It wanting to add any more. Wish I had gone back to the ami in the first place.

    I bless every pain free moment. Keep in touch xx 

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    Hi I know this is an old thread about 3 years old but if you happen to read this can you update on how you are now? I am in the same boat. 2 root canals but still in pain. Might need another root canal but I think this is central sensitization which comes from one tooth that has gone bad mixing up the signals causing a chronic pain syndrome. I would love to hear how your doing. My pain at times is a horrific throb and my gum between the teeth feels stinging and achy almost as if the dentist left the retraction cord in my gums around the tooth when he took the impression. yet I know he removed it. It feels like something is wedged in the gum. When I attempt to floss that area or out of natural reaction touch the gum, it triggers the pain worse. I do have times where a dull ache wakes me at night and I swear it's got to be the tooth behind the other two that had the root canal.

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    Hi Tamiko and everybody that has contributed to sharing coping strategies and accounts of how various medications work for them in coping with AO.

    I am currently experiencing pain across all my teeth, but particularly my incisors and lateral incisors. All of these teeth have either had root canals or composite bonding in the last 3 months. My last appt was a root canal on 6th Jan, since when I have been in constant pain. It is unlikely that a infection has set in as as there is no swelling or inflammation and no discharge . I think I can also rule out gum disease as my gums are all perfectly pink and healthy.

    I feel as though I should add that I am already taking Pregrabalin for anxiety which in itself is supposed to treat nerve pain, but not specifically used for the treatment of A0 . My anxiety levels are very high at the moment because I cant find an identifiable cause for my pain yet. I also take a SRI called Paroxetine for depression.

    I have a dental appt tommorow and will get x-rays, before escalating the situation with my GP, but like so many of you that have contributed to this topic I too believe that I may have AO. I am struggling to cope with the pain and am feeling very desperate ! The pain is centred in my front teeth and is a fizzing, buzzing, electrical type of pain. It wont respond to ibuprofen.

    I have read all your contributions and have learned some important facts about this condition, and any further advice or help would be gratefully received.

    Best wishes to you all .


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    I have also been suffering from unilateral dental pain in my upper molars, nasal burning and obstruction, and migraine type headache pain. I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and underwent 2 sinus surgeries, septoplasties, and 3 turbinate reductions, all of which injured my nasociliary nerve and made the pain worse. I have seen 5 neurologists, 3 pain management doctors, and 2 neurosurgeons and consulted with specialists at 4 hospitals in 4 different states. I have tried a dozen trigeminal neuralgia medications and underwent 2 nerve blocks and radiofrequency nerve ablation. I am still in horrific pain. It does not respond to anything. This pain has cost me my home and family and put me on medical leave from work for 3 months. I am currently on a low dose of amitryptlene to which the pain is completely unresponsive.

    A year of research led me to this definitive diagnosis:

    I am consulting with a very dedicated pain management doctor at Cleveland Clinic. He is going to try phenol nasal nerve ablation and we are still discussing maxilliary nerve radiofrequency ablation.

    I hope this helps anyone dealing with this rare and difficult to treat type of facial pain.

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      Carter may I ask are you visiting the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio? If so may I private message you? I am in excrutiating pain and not sure how much more I can take.

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      Thank you so much. I wish you the very best. This pain is something that I would not wish on my worst enemy. The good part is, the Cleveland Clinic houses some of the most cutting edge Doctors. I think you are in good hands. I have saves his name and will see if I can get in with him once I get an official diagnosis which I am fairly sure at this point is neuralgia.

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    Hi everyone, Im struggling with the same problem i think...8 months of constant throbbing pain many visits at the dentist 2 root canals one revision 2 sets of antibiotics and no one can figure it out where the pain comes from as it looks normal on the scans... did you feel the pain when touching the tooth as well??? trying to self diagnose myself .... im pretty sure its AO .... its good at night and in the early morning but then it throbbes and tingles, and gets worst after walking up a small hill or exercise. Did you go to psychoatrist for antydepresants? Do you continue to take medications or it stoped hirting at some point? IF ANYONE COULD HELP I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL

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