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Trigeminal Neuralgia

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  • IsurvivedTN 2
  • MommaGx3 1

    TN with Facial Paralysis? Anyone?

    Hello, I'm new to this site. I've been googling like crazy to find some information on what I'm experiencing and I'm not having much luck. My question is, has anyone had constant pain with facial paralysis? If so, what worked best to aid in the pain and how long did it take for the paralysis to

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  • adam 11852 2

    Atypical Odontalgia

    Hi guys, For the past two months I've suffered with pain which seemed to stem from a crown I had previously had a crown and two root canals on. I also had a strange dull sensastion across my jaw and cheek, sometimes turning into tingling. After 5 dentists, and seemingly no explanation why I was

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  • karen25221 3

    Tens Machine

    I have TN an have currently had a flare up where it was so painful i came out temperature was sick and nearly passed out with the pain. However i know from exeperience that it is always best to see the dentist first because it easier to rule out teeth problems, especially after having two lots of

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  • janine34099 2

    Trigeminal neuralgia changing side after remission

    I have had 18 wonderful months in remission from TN during which time I have been off the meds. 2 weeks ago I had my first fresh attack but it was at the right side of my face. All previous attacks have been left sided. (I have suffered intermittently since 2011 and was diagnosed in 2014).

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  • karen15939 1

    Recent MVD

    i had MVD surgery 5/2/17 after suffering on and off for more than 7 years. I am home with minimal headaches ( always had migraines) and minimal suture and neck pain. Also, tinnitus on the side of surgery? No trigeminal pain!! But I do have significant double or dancing vision and have to F/U with

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  • Sibanda999 1
  • rick518 2

    Length of remission, and symptoms

    Hi everyone, I posted 4-5 months ago when I had my first severly painful bout of TN. For me it was actually the third "attack" that was so bad that I needed to see my Dr. Before that I had 2 seperate episodes of discomfort that was like an achy tooth/jaw (left side) that lasted for 2-3 weeks. When

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  • marlene36342 2

    After surgery pain increasing

    I have had trigeminal neuralgia since 2006 and had the MVD surgery in 2009.  The surgery was not successful and, therefore, had to leave my employment.  Does anyone find that after 3 to 4 years of the surgery,your pain is increasing.  I have been experiencing this and was wondering if this is

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  • sarah48603 2

    Tn in outer ear and neck?

    I have a benign tumour on my trigeminal nerve which causes facial numbness and occasional trigeminal neuralgia. I also have tmj. The last few days I have been getting a shooting throbbing pain in my outer ear and neck. Its now every couple of minutes and kept me awake last night. Ive never had

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  • paul20109 2

    trigeminal neuralgia

    i've had TN for around eight months now and after taking carbamazepine for around two months with devistating side effects, I was taken off it ASAP and given Gabapentin instead. At first everything was fine but the pain quickly returned. I'm now taking 3300Mg per day plus Aniltriptiline every night

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  • Andraste 3


    forgot to take my nightly tegretol for a week or so, paying for it now with a BAD ATTACK. please babee jeebus pls make it stop!

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  • ele-mental 2

    Please help with TN injury at work court case

    Hi everyone. I need your help with descriptions of how you find Trigeminal Neuralgia and Migraine headaches and how they impact your life. Sorry for the cold/impersonal bullet points but I struggle to concentrate and lose my thread when typing. 1.) With your permission, I would like to present any

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  • laura19209 1

    trigeminal neuralgia, seriously cant cope anymore, tips please

    So I'm 24 and since Friday have been in agony, sunday the doctor said it was trigeminal neuralgia, after reading info on it, as I had never heard of it, its left me pretty depressed, I can't face doing any house hold chores, I've literally just lay on sofa, with my scarf wrapped round my head, feel

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  • valerie35948 2

    Gamma Knife feedback please

    My 86 year old mother has been suffering with TN for the last 4 years. She has been through acupuncture, medication (which makes her really feel bad and living alone she is too unsteady to take heavy meds), homeopathic treatments. But, pain has slowly been increasing with fewer bouts of no pain,

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  • valerie17599 2

    TN2 trigeminal neuralgia 2

    As i have learned there are 2 types, i have TN2, constant nagging pain, i have pain on the left side of nose and inside nostril and jaw, cheek and gums where they took my molar out and then did a bone graft. Very depressed. I am taking gabbapentin, and tramadol.

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  • lucy26108 2

    Night time TN pain

    I am 14 and I need sleep to function for school!! However with my TN pain I am constantly coming down through the night to get hot water can anyone help and suggest a medication. As I am not getting the epilepsy medication until June and I can't cope with the pain any longer

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  • ashley86320 1

    How long after you were diagnosed did you have surgery?

    I am a 29 yr old female who got shingles on my left side of the face after i joined the army from getting my wisdom teeth out. As soon as the shingles were over i had what they called post theraputic nueralgia. That was in 2014, and in january i was diagnosed with TN. My face is a wreck, there are

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  • albrock31 1

    Type 2 Trigeminal Neuralgia

    I have the more constant pain with if I'm lucky a few days with no pain and then a flare with sever constant pain that lasts for days. I'm taking Tegretol and I'm up to 400mg twice a day and on top of that Hydrocodone and Oxycodone for when I have severe pain. Today my Dr. he'll refer me to the

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  • Sasha8101 2

    Took double evening dose of Tegretol by accident!

    I usually take 800 mg daily of Tegretol (4 x 200mg). I forgot that I'd already taken my evening dose, so have taken 1000mg today. Is this serious to the point where I should contact a doctor or hospital out of hours, does anyone know? It's 11pm here in the Or should I just sleep it off?

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  • irene13378 1
  • john02420 2

    Type of neuralgia

    70 year old male.  I had a form neuralgia two years ago according to the doctor I ended up going to.  I had some headaches but mainly my right eye killed me and I had tongue trouble.  I also had pain in my right nostril area. Doctor tried me on oxcarbazepine, tegetraol, tramadol, amitriptilene,

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  • laurel3865 2

    Uncontrollable Involuntary movement

    HELP, HELP, honestly don't know what it is that I have. Historically I had classic TN for 12 years. First 6 years I didn't know what it was because the zap came and went fairly quickly until the electric shocks became pretty constant that was when I got diagnosed of having trigeminal

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  • carol97610 2

    Trigeminal Neuralgia

    I had total jaw 7 weeks ago. I have now started with Trigeminal Neuralgia .. it's so painful.. I can't concentrate on anything hardly get out of bed. Can't eat or drink without the pain starting. I told to apply for pip Has anyone applied and got pip with Trigeminal

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  • dawn90956 2
  • fee76 1

    Unsure if I have TN

    In June I experienced a sharp pain while g brushing my teeth. I went to the dentist and they said my tooth was cracked and did a ro I think canal. No more this March. Went back to dentist and she said it's infected put me antibiotic (didn't work) and then had me go back to the

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  • Guest M

    trigeminal neuralgia

    I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, what a painful debilitating condition. However my GP put me on gabapentin and the symptoms are easing now, i hope to be pain free in a few more days. I couldn't think straight because of the pain but i am now hopefull, i know it isnt a cure but at

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  • laurel3865 2

    Allergic Reaction to Teflon after MVD?

    Has anyone heard of allergic reaction to the teflon pads after MVD surgery? I have had 2 MVD's which left me with severe 24/7 pain and uncontrollable involuntary movements that twist, pull and squeeze the heck out of my mouth, face and head (only on the surgery side). This started after the 1st

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  • lucy26108 2

    I have TN. How can I help with home remedies?

    Okay so I am a 14 year old who is going through her GCSEs at school. Since I was 7 years old I have been having problems with my ears but it wasn't until I was 11-12 that it actually started developing into something more. So the doctors kept telling me I had an ear infection. So every month

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  • tony39770 1


    Hi ..i was diagnosed with t.n about 4 years ago and always managed it with tegratol and lead an ok life with the odd attack Lately even if I have 1 pint of beer/lager it triggers an attack Is this common???.

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  • michael64483 2

    Unable to swallow ANY pills with TN Pain

    I am about to have 4th OP for TN on Wed Apr 19. 1 MVD (pain free 8 yrs) ​then Gamma Knife (pain free 3 years) 2nd GK (pain free 3 years again) ​Mar 18 pain starts & tegretol was expired, gabapentin within expire date. ​Used both & pain slowly got worse until I could not swallow anything, even my

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  • tony91887 2
  • msay 1

    Specialist In DFW or Houston

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone in this group know of a good TN specialist or a really good neurologist in Dallas fort worth or Houston Texas that they have had good luck with. Thanks,    

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  • jackie30048 2

    New TN patient on 700 mg of Carbamazepine for almost a week

    I have been diagnosed with TN in Sept went from 15 days between episodes to 10 days or less.  Neurologist just increased my dose to 700 mg 3 00 morning and 400 at night.  My husband thinks it is all because of my crossbite with my teeth.  Some one please advice this is really depressing to me.  The

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  • sandy38747 2

    Trigeminal Neuralgia

    My husband has been suffering from facial pain for 2 years. Today we saw our eleventh doctor and he is sure it is Classic Trigeminal Neuralgia after the Pain Mgmt Doc and the Head of the Maxillofacial Dept at Loyola Medical Ctr, in Chicago said he didn't think it was. So Gamma Knife Surgery is the

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