nightmare with my ‘teeth’ been told possible TN.

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Having had 2 teeth extracted 3 months ago i have had 'fizzy' electric pain in random teeth ever since. my dentist has xrayed and found nothing wrong. With over 15 visits to the dentist with pains in mostly back teeth unfortunately with a few deep cavity's he decided to perform a root canal in a lower tooth. Pain had settled until the one next to it and another pre molar stated with the throbbing but again nothing wrong. I am now at my wits end. Going tomorrow for a full mouth xray the been referred to a neurologist.

Just looking for any reassurance that im not loosing my mind over all this? And any advice on TN and if it fits my symptoms.

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    Hi Lauz,

    I'm sorry to hear about this.

    I had a pretty similar experience. More than 2 years ago I removed my wisdom tooth on my lower left side, and ever since I've had weird toothpain in adjacent teeth which also spread to upper molars (even had one of them extracted with no relief)

    I've received multiple diagnoeses, one of them TN, but also atypical facial pain and CRPS

    Any news on your end?

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    Hi lauz 1990. sorry to hear what you are going through.

    on Sept, 2022 i went for 2 tooth extractions. The upper left wisdom tooth #16 ( which by the way there was nothing wrong with it, the problem was the tooth before it #15 but my regular dentist determined that the tooth #15 was not repairable with a root canal, and recommended i have both teeth removed.

    looking back at everything I feel he gave me really bad advice. and that i should of consulted with an endondontist first before getting both tooth removed. that was my first mistake.

    i was 53 years old when this happened, it’s my understanding "now" that the older you get the higher risks of complications when removing a wisdom tooth this is based on allot of reading and research i did online.

    my 2nd mistake was actually removing the wisdom tooth, tooth #16, you know the saying: "if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

    There were a few complications from my extraction, my tuberosity was removed which is a piece of the upper jaw, a piece of my buccal plate another piece of upper jaw, i had a hemotoma on the roof of my mouth that lasted 4 weeks, in addition i had to have another surgery to shave down a bone spicule.

    and now the biggest problem I have is constant non stop pain in tooth #14.

    the last 16 months is a nightmare, Ive been to a total of over 40 doctors, which included several

    endondist, oral surgeons, neurologists , emergency room visits, and so on.

    i later had an mri done and found out it is trigeminal nuralgia , I have tried 5-6 medications with low succes, and was recomended i have surgery for it, based on my research that surgery has high risks, stroke or death, and other possible complications, numb cheek /face and so forth.

    you may have a better results with meds, everybody is different, meds that did not work for me, might work for you, i suggest you see a nuerologists and request a MRI,

    this oral surgery completly changed the quality of my life, i do not want to do the surgery out of fear of complication of stroke or death.

    i wish you get better, stay strong, don’t give up, you are not alone. i just joined this forum to see who else has this and there stories. because i was told that i should have a root canal for that problem tooth, tooth 14 that is in constant pain 24/7. or have it removed. but so far from everything that I’ve read and learned, tooth problems and pain is associated with having trigimenal nuralgia, and quite allot of people are having root canals and removing 1 or several tooths, and it has not changed anything other than they are having uncessary root canals and tooth extractions.

    if you ever want to talk im here for you.

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