Atypical Odontia anyone else have this and what are your symptoms?

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My situation is that most of my molars are very full of fillings however I never really get dental pain. Last summer an upper tooth was achy. I thought it was my premolar. When I would floss and pull out the floss it seemed that tooth hurt. I thought maybe it was cracked. I saw my dentist who saw a crack but removed the filling and said the crack stopped. He put a new filling in and said if it continues to hurt see an Endodontist.

I went to the Endo about 4 times and was sent home because we could not pinpoint. Finally the pain got so bad I went back and suggested we do the root canal on the premolar. We did and it still hurt. So I went back and he cleaned that tooth two more times before completing it. I got the permanent crown and still in pain. Went back to the Endo and again we tested teeth with no sure answer. As the pain was getting severe we decided to root canal the tooth next to it. I am still in pain. The molar behind the second root canal tooth is cracked. I am wondering if it's that tooth and a bottom molar is sensitive to hot and cold and I wonder if it's that tooth and referred pain?

I have a continuous sensation of varying levels of pain throughout the day. The two root canal teeth are achy and sometimes I feel a burn in the socket and both hurt to tap on. Chewing is fair but I have not chewed on that side in 9 months due to discomfort. Now the pain seems to be in the back top molar. My gum also hurts. I have Neurontin here, Amiltriptiline and for an emergency I also have tylenol with codine I am at a loss..... I feel like I just want to pull all the teeth on the upper left. As I sit here I am getting an intense ache that feels like it could cut loose into a violent pain. I don't know where to go from here. The pain lately has woken me up especially if i sleep on that side of my face. I fear if I do more root canals I will end up worse off. But I also fear that I could have a dying tooth and dental infection and not sure how to tell the difference. I feel like the boy who cried wolf... It is making me crazy. I have no clue what type of doctor to see at this point.

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    Hi there sorry you are struggling at the moment, toothache has to be one of the worst pains for sure and i can definitely empathise.

    I have been through the same thing as you.

    I start having bad pains in teeth and my dentist did a filling to no avail as the pain stayed then i had a root canal and the pain seemed to spread to teeth either side of the affected tooth. The dentist said they needed to do another root canal and i said absolutely not as the pain was unbearable so I said i wanted it removed. I was sent to a dental hospital for the tooth removing. I returned to the hospital a week later still in a lot of pain as if the tooth was still there and saw a different dentist who said he thought this was most likely trigeminal neuralgia and that i needed to see a neurologist as any form of nsaid will do nothing as it is a nerve disorder that travels the nerves in the face and can mimic toothache.

    Many people with TN end up getting tooth extractions for no reason thinking it will help but it really wont.

    I still have pain after having my tooth out but after being put on carbamazepine for the TN it is a lot more manageable and flare ups tend to be more in the colder seasons.

    I find heat pads incredibly helpful for easing the pain. They are definitely my go to when it flares up as painkillers just wont work for nerve pain. Also acupuncture has helped a lot but definitely go to someone who knows what they are doing!

    I was so lost when i didn't know what was going on and in pain but there is hope trust me I'm definitely living proof of that.

    Here if you have any questions


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      Rachael thank you so much. I have much trepidation of another root canal but as I sit here this thing is throbbing. And if i push on the gum area between the two teeth it seems to flare up and hurt. Cone beam scans did not reveal infection or anything unusual with the actual root canals. I did however experience some trauma of having one of the teeth needing to have two permanent crowns cut off because the dentist has issues seating them and they had open margins. Ever since the tinkering of that tooth with the final 3rd permanent crown I am in pain. I wonder if he cracked the root however he inspected the surface of the tooth and said nothing had cracked. I just don't know any more. this has been a devastating experience for me and the crown issue was horrible.

      I am going to look into the med you mentioned. Did your pain ever wake you or if you were in a light sleep did you notice it? In the beginning I did not really wake to pain but now I am. It's also like the gum is painful but as I inspect the new crown it does not look to be digging up under the gum line. This is the scariest most bizarre issue I have ever dealt with. I have not ever experienced much dental pain before and in general I am a productive happy person with no real issues. 😦 The only thing that gives me pause is about 30 days prior to my pain I had to go through a series of vaccinations for an animal bite. I often wonder if there might be a link to that vaccine and nerve pain.

      Anyhow thank you so much for responding.I would love to hear back from you. I am so scared. I don't know where to turn but i just try and sit calm while it hurts. Sometimes praying an abcsess reveals itself so that I can have a clear answer to all of this.

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      Lastly I have had more novocaine injections in the past 6 months then I have had in years. I guesstimate somewhere around 15 injections and each one felt like it went straight into my trigeminal nerve.

      Also another odd thing. When the Endo was retreating my first root canal tooth I was fully numb. Upon completion I sat up and felt the old familiar throb. I told him odd it's fully numb yet I feel some pain. He looked at me kind of strangely and said he only see's that in about 10% of patients. I have no idea what that meant or why that happened. Does trigeminal neuralgia feel better when you are numb do you know?

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      I've really hope it isn't an abscess as my god they are the worst.

      When I have a TN flare up sleeping is incredibly hard and when i do sleep it can definitely wake me up. It's good to identify triggers as everyone has different ones. For me cold is a big one and it isn't like drinking cold drinks it's like any slight cold sensation on my face and my nerves just want to die. I sleep with a big hat or balaclava on to help this. I do a lot of breathing exercises that help me manage my pain a lot. I definitely recommend trying things like this or meditation. There are a lot of guided meditation that focus on pain that you can find online.

      I'm pretty sure the last time i was all numbed up i couldn't feel anything but i was pretty distracted by my awful fear of dentists so I'm not sure.

      Try some heat for the throbbing. A heat pad a hot water bottle a hot wash cloth.

      It will definitely ease the pain!


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      Thank you and sorry for my late reply. I have been trying for the past 10 months to deal with this in hopes something would reveal itself however it hasn't. I do have one new change that is scaring me. If I eat or drink anything hot or warm my root canal tooth jolts the most intense pain. It's got to be nerve related and I am guessing trigeminal neuralgia. But I am going to see if there is an infection or maybe something happening above the tooth causing it to hurt so bad. Did you ever have anything like this with heat inside the mouth? Hot on my cheek is no issue. It has to hit in the mouth if that makes sense.

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