Atypical pain in root canal tooth

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I have been struggling with unidentified tooth/facial pain for almost a year.

In August 2019, I had a deep filling done on my second upper tooth. The tooth hurt for a week or so, and then calmed down.

In October 2019, the tooth flared up again. It started reacting strangely to very hot drinks. However, all tests for pulpitis came back negative. It did not react to cold, the X-rays and CT scans were fine.

It’s just that I had this on and off going pain, like feeling cold and hot in my tooth without any external contact, sometimes it was just dull pain.

I was almost decided to give it time and wait for it to calm, however, my dentist suggested to change filling material because it might cause such issues. Unfortunately, they drilled too far and now I had to do root canal. This was very traumatic to me, I really broke down after that. My only comfort was that maybe root canal would finally rid me of this pain. Alas, it was not to be. Here I am, 8 months later, and the pain is still here. I would even say that it has become a little worse.

I can eat/drink only slightly warm food, anything else provokes the pain. Sometimes, hot shower starts the pain too. I noticed that being on sun and warming my cheek also starts this pain!

The pain is not constant. Sometimes it starts with some external stimulus (like hot shower or food), sometimes it’s just here.

It feels.. strange. Sometimes it’s throbbing, sometimes it’s burning somewhere deep in the tooth & gum. Sometimes it feels just like deep nerve pain, than comes and goes in waves. Sometimes it’s shooting into nearby teeth. Sometimes my face also hurts, under my nose and inside it (like tickling), under my eye.

In March 2020, I had done a CT scan and had been to two endodontist. They looked very carefully at the pictures, but did not find any source of the pain. No signs of missed canals, nothing.

They suggested a visit to neurologist, but then the epidemics broke out and here I am, stuck at home, with undiagnosed pain condition.

Maybe anyone has experienced something similar? What was your solution? I would be glad to receive any feedback.

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    I don't think you are alone. My own experience was the pain had to come from something wrong with my teeth. After dentist saying x-rays showed nothing, he did what they call test drills, which resulted in needing a root canal. In the end they removed three teeth which did nothing for pain. It was a year later after numerous test I had a neurologist say I had trigeminal neuropathy and began drug therapy. While the pain lessened it is still there everyday

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    Hi Catherine

    Sadly, yes I have had similar. I had a root canal done in 2016, to me afterwards tooth always felt a bit live like a canal had been missed, this pain been on and off until now. In October 2020 started getting a more sinister dull ache went to the dentist they did an x-ray of the tooth and exactly the same as in 2016, they offered me a referral to a private root canal specialist for 2nd opinion (I had to pay). All the test came back normal in a way, they told me possible infection, but then in the oath report to my dentist saying root canal was fine (not sure if the practice trying to get my money for further treatment), as they quoting four figures.

    Shortly after I started getting bad like clusters / migraine headaches, these got worse over the weeks, got admitted to hospital, they carried out CT & MRI (both came back clear) and they think it's atypicial Trigeminal Neuralgia, I started Carbamazepine for about 5 weeks, which helped then came out out in rash, stopped taking it, though the pain on the left side burning episodes started coming on.

    What I am saying is, it might not be your teeth. I am really shocked reading this forum how many people had teeth yanked to no avail. I am now convinced my pain is nerve related and not teeth related, so don't rule this out.

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    Oh my gosh yes... same story here but I have had 3 root canals. Of the three, one actually helped. That was a bottom molar that was cracked. But as I sit here I get intense surges of tooth pain but then it can be fine. Heat now is setting off pain in the upper root canal teeth where all my pain began. The root canals up there made it worse. I had a script for a brain MRI but with Covid I did not do it as I took so many other chances at the dentist and endodontist (at least 15 trips) I can't believe I did not get covid.

    I just wanted to say your not alone. Facial stimuli does not at the moment appear to set off my pain but hot foods does. Chewing used to but not so much right now unless the food is hot. It's horrible and I am beside myself with this.

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