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Hello all, new to the forum and writing from cold Alberta, Canada. Had surgery on my right foot and my podiatrist used the Austin Bunionectomy procedure.  I was under conscious sedation, which basically means sedation with an IV drip. Don't remember a thing, it felt like the best sleep of my life! Don't remember anything, did not hear anything. Woke up feeling refreshed, not groggy at all and was in post-op recovery for about 30 minutes and then was sent home.  I had a mild/moderate bunion that was not huge, but somehow caused a lot of nerve pain when I was running. I am 53 years old and I chose to deal with the issue through surgery now while still in great health and good shape.I had the right foot done and my left foot will be done a year later (we have nationalized healthcare in Canada so I chose to have the surgery done at a surgical center so there was no cost, but the time from for the next surgery is longer than if I had it done in my docs office and paid)  If any of you are going to have surgery here are my suggestions:

-Have some meals prepared in the freezer

-ensure you have some water, all your medication, some healthy snacks, your glasses, reading material, remote control, laptop...whatever you will need, handy near the spot where you will esconce yourself for a few weeks.

-a knee scooter is ever so handy if crutches are not your thing

-a cryo pack cooling system rather than ice is the most awesome thing ever

-have someone with you at home that first day

-have one of those plastic thingies to go over your leg for when you want to take a bath or shower and a stool in the shower helps

I am at two weeks after surgery. My doctor shaved/cut the bunion, performed one or two cuts on my toe (not sure yet how many as I have not had a post op visit), placed a permanent screw in my toe which is being held in place by a pin. He casted my foot in a cast that separates my toe from the rest of my toes and goes up to my ankle. I have been told I am not to bear any weight on my foot AT ALL until the pin is removed - that will be anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks after surgery depending on healing. I have my first post-op visit next week at the 20 day point.

I was lucky to have zero pain after surgery, I only took my Tylenol 3 for the first couple of days because I was told by many people "to stay ahead of the pain". However, got a huge rash (hives) from the codeine in the tylenol so I stopped taking it after day 2 - still had no pain! Cool! I did get prescribed some heavy duty anti-inflammatories and I took those for the first five days.

For some reason at day 10 I started experiencing this weird, tingly, burning feeling (almost like the cast is rubbing on the incision) feeling. But reading some posts on this forum, I realize that it's probably normal.I cool my foot with my cryopac religiously even though it is hard to feel the cold through my cast.  I cannot believe all the people on this forum who are allowed to walk on their surgaried foot right after their surgery....I was told no walking on it at all until that pin comes out.

I will report on how my appointment goes next week with my doctor. If anyone had any questions regarding anything about my surgery feel free to ask.

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    Hi I am two weeks post op and have the same tingly feelng where the incision is it actually feels like pins and needles but i know its not, i believe thsi is soft tissue healing and nornal.  cannot wait to have this plaster cast off and was told i would be able to walk on my heel day two which i have been doing i have also been turning my foot/ankle around in a circle and wiggling my toes by the way i have four pins in each toe due to hammertoes.  hope your recoery is good
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    hope your recovery continuse in a smooth way

    The reason why some people are allowed to walk post surgery is because they are not the same surgeries.  Most people who are allowed to walk are in special surgical boot which allows for heel weight bearing only.  I had a bunion removal,  big toe fusion and forefoot reconstruction and yes I was allowed to weight bear on the heel of my foot immediately,  although I was not able to even attempt it for about two weeks.  I am now 9 weeks post surgery and still limping and in a surgical shoe as my foot could not tolerate normal shoes yet.  I have extremely high pain threshold due to numerous orthopeadic surgeries through out my lfie but I still could not sleep without strong pain killers.  My procedure was not invasive as it was done through a number of very small cuts but it involved breaking several bones and placing several screws.  

    Day 10 burning feeling is most likely just healing pain and it should pass within few days at the most.

    All the best

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    Hi!  You and I had the same surgery, except I have two screws and no pin.  I am 13 days post op, in a surgical shoe, no cast.  I'm the same age as you also.  I'm very active with my exercise of choice cycling.  I've had minimal pain, just soreness now when I first get up to walk.  Dr appt today to take out stitches, though I don't know what stitches are coming out because there's no stitches across the top just tape.  Already had one post op appt. to change bandage and take x-rays.  Am having some strange sensations going on, I guess it's the healing process.  Looking forward to getting out of the house today!  Good luck with your dr appt.!  I will post again after my appt., look forward to hearing from you after yours!  Best wishes!
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    Thanks for your input everyone - I still cannot believe my doctor is so conservative about my not walking at all!! My surgery really was not an unusual procedure. Oh well, I will try to not be a rebel and obey his orders. I will check in with you after my appointment next week.
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    Hello all - so I finally had my first doctor's visit today. It has been almost three weeks since my surgery. He removed the cast and my foot looked pretty good - well, as good as it can look with stitches going down the front. I feel like that sewn-together girl from the Tim Burton movie. In any case, the doc took my stitches out, this did not hurt at all and they all came out quite easity. He also informed me that the surgery itself went well and he only actually cut in one place rather than two - hence probably why the healing has been so good. The x-rays showed good bone set and the pin is in perfect position. I was re-bandaged (not casted but huge bandage regardless). Also my bit toe was trending too far left so the doc pushed it closer to my other toes to get it to go in a bit more and bandaged it into place. Not comfortable but tolerable. I can move my toe up and down a bit so apparently that is a good thing as some people have issues with that. He still does not want me to bear any weight on that foot, no walking on it at all, until that pin comes out. I asked him why so many people on this forum seem to be allowed to walk in special boots (on their heels) and why he does not want me doing that. He said that in his view, the surgery has better success when the patient is off their feet for the five week period and does not in any way damage the placement of the pin. Since things are going so well....I will just do what he tells me. I have another appointment in two weeks to remove the pin (that will be just shy of the 5 week mark). At that point he said I can start putting weight on my foot and walking. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.
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    I had what sounds like the same surgery 10 days ago. I stayed laid down with ice on my foot 24 seven for four days. At the end of that time my pain was gone and I started sitting up in my chair. You are right about having everything ready before you go into surgery! I also have my sister who is an RN staying with me and it's been great. I came home with a hard sandal on my dressed for it. By the end of day five my dressing was bloody and falling apart. My RM sister chose to redress the foot. I too was able to manage all my pain with over-the-counter medication. I tried the new scooter and just totally could not get the hang of it so switch to a wheelchair. I want to ask you a question about walking. How do you get in and out of the shower and on and off the seat of the toilet without at least standing on your heel? I also would like to hear from people his doctors told them they could walk immediately after surgery.

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