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Hello All,

I am currently awaiting my PIP decision. I went for my assessment on the 26th of July and, my report was sent back on the 27th of July.

?The anxiety of waiting is really getting to me. I have lived with chronic anxiety since 2010 and I never asked for help so this is all new too me . The assessment was awful and demoralizing. I felt like i was being trick questioned from the start comments was as such;

?"Oh you have a provisional driving licence are doing your lessons ?"

?" Do you use online banking, do you play games on your phone, do you use the Internet"

?" You mite feel better in a couple of weeks"

?" How did you meet your partner"

?" I think you need CBT"

?" Are you claiming ESA" upon me replying know her face dropped.

?The comments did not even fit into parts of the assessment, I was crying my eyes out as I had to go alone without my partner as he had to work because without him working the bills would not be paid. There was no compassion it was 'Oh I am sorry, (carried on typing). I felt like I was letting a stranger into the world that I live, and I just felt like an object and not a person. It is difficult to replay it all.

?I just think its important to share my feelings of the process for others.

?I would be greatly if anybody would share there experiences, and how long there decision did take. I don't think I will be successful as I felt I was primary discriminated against, they really do not deal with mental health as well as they should.

?Also can I ask, when you ring the PIP inquiry line can you ask to be told the points that has been recommend upon your report.rolleyes

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    I'm sorry to hear your assessment wasn't great. Sadly this happens a lot. Most assessments they will try to trick you when asking these questions. They will also ask you the same question in different ways to see what your reply is. I have to say though that going alone to your assessment may have gone against you as you're claiming for mental health issues and anxiety. It would have been better if you could have take someone with you. You can ring PIP and ask for a copy of the assessment report and they'll send it to you. This will give you some idea on if you've been awarded anything because the decsion maker will mostly go with what's said on this report.  Decision times vary wildly accross the country and totally depends on the area you live in. They can be anything from 2-8 weeks. You can also ring and ask if a decision has been made and if it has they'll tell you on the phone. Hopefully you're not waiting too much longer. If the decision doesn't go in your favour then please do come back and i'll advice you on what to do next. Good luck.

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    Thank you for your reply. I explained to assessor that I do not see family and have no friends as I find it hard to socialize. My partner is the soul person in my life and he has taken time of work for the past few months already with having to support his father who has been diagnosed with cancer. I think that going alone I should not be judged, my partner came on his break to walk me to the building which was 5 mintues away from my home and had to go straight back to work. I thinking going in the assesment alone also validated that I struggle with the social aspects, not everybody has family and friends so if it was the case I was judged upon this factor, I would fight my own corner. As yes I do live with a mental heath condition, but I do have a level of mental capaity to answer questions, and human rights which entitles me to act freely. I have worked all my life, and think she prejudged me from the start but once she heard I do not claim no benefits as she called them, her face was in absoulte shock. If I am not scuessfull I will have to pull my socks up and try and manage in life without the support.

    ​I will keep you updated Denise, thank you taking time to reply !

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      I understand all about mental health because my 16 year old daughter suffers with it alongside learning disabilites. I know it's wrong for these assessment providers to judge us but that's exactly what they do. if you stated on the PIP2 form that you have issues with socialising and going out and you went to the assessment alone then i have a feeling that this will go against you. The only reason i know is because this is how PIP works. It's kind of contradicting yourself in a way. I know that's hard to deal with but it's true. Going into the assessment alone wouldn't validate your struggle with socialising aspects. To me this says the opposite. Having had so much experience and done so much research into PIP and ESA too. Having worked all your life makes no difference to a PIP claim because people work and claim PIP.

      Having said all that did you send in evidence to support your claim? i'm hoping you didn't leave it to them to contact any medical proffesional because they almost never do.

      If the decision doens't go in your favour then i can advice what to do next so please come back and let us know the outcome. Having a refusal doesn't mean that the end and you have to manage without support. You can fight what you think you right fully deserve. Mental health should not be taken lightly and unless a person has suffered with it theirself then they have no idea how it feels. I've suffered with mental health issues myself over the past 20 years. When claiming a disability benefit for a condition that's "invisble" the more evidence you send to prove those descriptors apply to you the better your chances of an award in your favour. Good luck and please ring DWP PIP for a copy of that assessment report.

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    Hi l got my pip face to face vist at homeowner the 27th  l got on fine with them l am still waiting to hear about it .l am sorry to hear about your problems 

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