Awful Health Anxiety issues

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Hello Everyone. 

20 year old Male here. 

I'm having a really hard time with Health Anxiety at the moment and this is the only place I can really find any reassurance. 

About a month and a half ago I had 2 really bad Panic attacks. I used to get these when I was younger but grew out of them. I've dealt with pretty heavy Anxiety all my life though. 

After the 2 panick attacks I started getting spells of dizzyness and a spaced out feeling alongside some minor pressure in the back of my head. 

All of my symptoms came and went and they all varied from time to time. 

Sometimes I would feel dizzy with no head pressure, sometimes I'd feel both sometimes I could go a few days without feeling any pressure but still feel dizzy and spaced out etc. 

My symptoms are more present than not, and the worst part is the constant worry that I have some terminal illness.

I also started having small twitches in my arms and legs. These only happen when I'm not doing anything IE sitting at my desk, laying down to sleep. I also feel myself being very tense and having to relaxe my muscles, once again this really only happens when I'm just sitting around or laying in bed.  My hands have been gettig very clammy as well. (common anxiety symptom I know) 

I went to the ER about 2 weeks ago and was diagnosed with Anxiety issues and Respritory Alkalosis (anxiety is causing me to breath fast which is lowering the PH levels in my blood and the carbon dioxide in my blood) The Dr. said this was the cause for my dizzyness, head pressure, tingles, and confusion/spaced out feeling and I can breath into a paper bag to get the carbon dioxide back into my blood stream. I've done this and it doesn't seem to help whatsoever.  

My worry is he did NO testing to make sure this was the cause. 

I have awful insurance so finding a Dr was hard to do. I finally set up an appointment for Jan 3rd.

Since my ER visit I've started having these weird "fits" when I'm trying to sleep. As I feel myself starting to fall asleep I'll get this rush from my head down my entire body almost like a current or heavy "tingles"

This FREAKS ME OUT and destroys my sleep schedule. 

I was experiancing this about every night for a few days then it stopped for a few days and I felt it again last night. I'm really worried that these are mini strokes caused by bran cancer... I always check my face muscles and try talking which I can always do fine and am experiancing really no other symptoms of a stroke BUT MY HEAD TELLS ME I'M DYING! I know this is just the anxiety talking but I'm still convinced I'm having strokes when this happens... 

I'm constantly looking for signs of a stroke or seizures because I'm so worried I have brain cancer or something awful but really can't find anything other than the occasional twitches and the scary feeling of dizzyness, tingles, and being spaced out. (the spaced out feeling never really affects me being able to hold a conversation or do anything, sometimes I'll have minor "brain farts" but if you didn't know me well you'd never be able to tell i was spaced out) 

I've also been waking up with my ears ringing in the middle of the night and mornings and occasionally for small moments throughout the day (I make music and play shows so this could be from hearing damage) I really feel like my nervous system is just tired from the constant worry and stress and I've read all of these issues can be casued by anxiety... but it seems that almost ANY symptom can be caused by anxiety...

I'm very lost and I'm worried my Dr appointment on the 3rd is going to do nothing for me. 

I really want to get an MRI done just to rule out the chance of a brain tumor or something serious but I have 0 idea how that works with my insurance (Medi-Cal) also I've heard there are LONG waiting lists for MRI's unless something is VERY wrong and I'm worried the Dr is going to blow me off as the Dr at the ER did and i'm going to get no reassurance. 

Are any of these signs something to be worried about? 

The thought of going back to the ER and sitting for hours is AWFUL but I'm so scared something is wrong... but if these are worrying signs I feel I should go... 

I need reassurance but I also don't want to convince myself that a worrying symptom is just casued by anxiety and have time run out on something that could have been fixed if detected earlier. 

Thanks for your help everyone. 

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    Also something I forgot to add. 

    I use Medicinal Marijuana to help me eat (anxiety caused me to have VERY bad digestive issues and this was the ONLY thing that would help me) and it was the only way I could sleep. 

    When this all started happening it would really help when I smoked but lately when I smoke it brings on some symptoms and makes me even more paranoid. 

    I've recently only been smoking 1 or 2 times a day and I think I need to stop completely. I feel like this is NOT helping the cause. 

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    Another thing to add is that most symptoms seem to go away when I'm keeping busy. I have been skateboarding every day and have no actual issues with my balance or any physical activites although I have found myself occasionally bumping into things but no weakness, falling over, issues skating or anything like that. 

    The main worry now is the scary issue I've been feeling occasionally when falling asleep and thinking I could be having mini strokes or seizures caused by brain cancer. 

    Althought I've found other posts on this site about people exeriancing the same issue when falling asleep.

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      I understand I have the head pressure also all day sometime and everyday sometimes like right now its tight and scary in the back of my head and I fear the same things that u do brain cancer seizure or stroke its a really scary feeling I have been going through this for over a year now I have had MRI of my brain and the doctor said I was fine but I still get these weird and scary feelings
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      Do you have any other symptoms? 

      If I could just get an MRI I'd feel 100 times better. 

      but the anxiety of having to wait for MRI results SCARES ME SO MUCH. 

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      Trust me i thought the same thing but even after having a MRI for a little while I was satisfied but because the symptoms were still there and intense I still thought something was wrong and maybe the doctor missed something that's what anxiety does to you but my symptoms are


      Numbness on face around lips and tingling in the areas

      Tingling scalp

      Burning scalp

      Head and scalp soreness

      Head pressure sometimes severe

      Sharo shooting pains in my head and near my temples I feel weird at times hard to explain its so many different things I feel on a day to day bases

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      Yeah its anxiety I have been down this road so many times before with a list of over 100 symptoms I have ran to the emergency room over seven or eight times and I have saw a neurologist a endocrinologist a eye doctor twice to check my thyroids and to check for tumors I have bad blood work done about six or seven times and even after all of that I am still convinced something is seriously wrong with me
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      Well it's a bit helpfull knowing I'm not the only one going through this.

      Hope the best for you! 

      If anyone else has any insight the more reassurance the better! 

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