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I've been on Azathioprine 25mg for 2 weeks, plus slowly reducing dose of steroids (now on 20mg), and started having quite high temperature (102).

The temperature goes up straight after I have my breakfast and the medication and then wears off in the evening. Has anyone had similar reaction? I really don't know if my body is just adjusting to this drug or if I should stop taking it. I'm so confused, don't know anymore if I'm feeling worse because I'm weening off steroids or because I on Azathioprine.

The GP advised me to stop taking.

Anyone with similar problem ??


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    Hi, I am also wondering whether my son's symptoms are due to reducing steroids or starting azathioprine. He has taken 25mg aza. for a week and reduced prednisolone from 40mg to 35mg. He is to take 100mg aza. from this weekend and reduce prednisolone by 5mg every 2 weeks. he has been feeling pretty rough. We were told that aza. takes about 3 months to have any positive effect and know that there are possible side effects but we didn't realise that they could kick in so soon .......or can they? Like you, we don't know whether it is the reduction in steroids or the aza. that is causing the problem.

    Has anyone tried taking azathioprine at bed time instead of in the morning? Does this help?

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    Hi there to you both, i too have been having nasty sideeffects from azathioprine. If your doctor recommends you stop taking it then i suggets you take their advice! High temperature and fever can indicate an intolerance to the medication.

    I have been taking my dose at bed time and i feel it makes a huge difference to how i feel. If i take azathioprine in the day it makes me feel zombie like- funny head vaguely aware of what i am doing and terrible nausea etc. If i take it at night i dont seem to feel as bad and can cope the next day. I was on 60mg of steroids and have now reduced that to 40mg but reducing my steroid dose never made me feel half as bad as i do now on azathioprine, but it is supposed to get better after a month, well i at least hope so!!

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    You are probably feeling the way you do because you are reducing the steroids i have just been through all of it myself i suffer from crohns disease and have been on steroids since may as everytime i tried to come off of it i went back into hospital it was a nightmare, i have now been on aza for three months and i am totally off of the steroids, a few of my syptoms have come back but i believe its because i am off the steroids not on the aza. if you do feel a bit ill when you take them in the morning, try taking them at dinner time and see how you go with that i think it will help, the consultant should have told you that when he/she prescribed them, also i dont think you should ever take advice on crohns disease from your GP always talk to a consultant as i find GP's dont know anything about crohns disease. hope it gets better for you.
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    Ive joined this forum tonight as im due to start taking Azathioprine pretty soon, i am absolutely petrified of all the side affects, the cancers, and low immunity is worrying me sick... i have two young children and know i need to do whatever i can for them as well as myself, i dont want them to have a poorly mummy who is feeling sick and achy all the time...

    My crohns is in my terminal illeum and is active following a sample result showing inflammation levels of 448 (normal is 1-60) so im guessing mine is pretty high.

    I feel 100% fine in myself which is why im so scared to take something when i feel 'normal'

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      Feeling exactly the same as you at moment. Got told last week I need to start on Azathioprine. Have a young child too and need to be well for her. Petrified of the side effects. Not sure if this is actually the next step up as consultant told me or if there are any other options.
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      I too have joined this forum tonight as I will have to start Azathioprine in weeks time.I would lije to know how was your experience over a period of time.I am very anxious as I have smll baby n side effects of drug .I have UC since 1 year and hospitalised twice for IV steroid as soon as I complete oral steroid my symptoms come back.doc saying I am steroid dependent and need to start Azathioprine. Your input values a lot. Thanks
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      Hi acha123, I just got my prescription for Azathioprine for my Crohns and I am terrified to take it too. Have 2 months old baby and, just like in your case, each time I finish Prednisolon my symptoms come back. I really don't want to take that Azathioprine. Did you start yet?
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      Hey. I am on cortiment which works locally in rectum.but not helping so my GI wants to start prednisolone but before that they will do Flexi sigi n decide .but Azathioprine will start definitely along with it. So I hv not started yet .I am scared too. Do let me know how s your experience. One of my friend told me dont worry many people take it and no side effect and side effect doesn't come over night .you will be observed thru blood test so be positive.
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      I started taking Azathioprine in February. It took me months to come to.terms with having to take this medication because of the side effects, as I have a young child too. I agrees to take this because my consultant made it clear if I didnt I.would be, something I.didnt want either. I take it after my evening stop.the nausea. Ive had my 2week bloods and now onto monthly. Ive noticed that the diarrhoea has eased significantly. I dont have to rush home from work for the toilet. I am suffering quite a bit of joint pain in hip and knee but most likely down to me being anaemic and vitamin d deficient. I.used to get pain side of my abdomen too which has eased off. I completely understand your reluctance to take this as it is scary when you're told about all the side effects . Just take your time, dont feel pressured, get all.the info. Speak to your consultant and.ibd nurses. They will keep such a close eye on you when youre taking this medication. I spoke to crohns and colitis uk helpline who helped.with info. Hope this helps and you sar feeling better soon
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      Hey how's your experience with azathioprine. Its been 1 year I was on 100mg aza but 25 days back my gastro reduced to 75mg saying your blood test are fine. N my symptoms back since last 10days. Very worried what would be next. I have blood in stool n frequency is like 2 to 3 times a day n semisolid. Same as last year .do you guys follow any strict diet?

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    Taking Azathioprine before going to bed greatly reduces the side effects you feel when taking this medicine. I found this out after taking this medicine and feeling bad almost daily for 2 years.

    Good luckĀ 

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