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  • royalty 3

    Pressure under rib

    I've been having pressure that started under left rib move across to right rib underneath it's not a pain but a real pressure that feels as if something wants to burst out I'm not pregnant far to old I have breath fullness flatulence and heartburn I'm in process of eliminating foods as I wait for drs...

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  • Skydriver 2

    Azathioprine worries!

    Hello! I was recently admitted to hospital after visiting my GP with persistant stomach pain (about 2 months on and off) and to cut a long story short, a CT scan showed an inflamed bowel which I was told was most likely down to Crohns diesese. I ened up having a small section of bowel removed by the...

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  • royalty 3

    Pressure under rib

    I've been having pressure that started under left rib move across to right rib underneath it's not a pain but a real pressure that feels as if something wants to burst out I'm not pregnant far to old I have breath fullness flatulence and heartburn I'm in process of eliminating foods as I wait for drs...

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  • Miss uc2015 2

    Nausea and vomiting on Azathioprine

    i was diagnosed with UC in April this year and currently taking prednisone and Azathioprine. My specialist is reducing my prednisone dose while slowly upping my Aza dose. I've been on Aza for 4 weeks now and things started off well but the last week I have started really bad nausea and vomiting which...

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  • cathy67411 2

    Autoimmune hepatitis disease

    Has anybody else got this condition that is willing to discuss their treatment and how they are coping with this disease? I have been living with AIH for 14 years, first diagnosed when i was 14 years old. Luckily I am fairly stable with the odd flare up now and again. I am being looked after by the...

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  • john 83366 2

    Azathioprine 50 mg help

    Hi     i have outoimmune hepatitis and have been taking azathioprine 50 mg since August 18 2015 but have been taking 2 1/2 tablets every day. everything has been great. but for the last two months now i have been losing weight and my body is shaky and jittery i am tired a lot.and peeing a lot has anyone...

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  • reinet32878 1

    Azathioprine and skin pigmentation

    Hi all. Has anyone experienced hyperpigmentation from Azathioprine? I have been taking it 6 months and have noticed dark spots all over my face I didn't have before. They are like pronounced freckles!

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  • Kinder7588 1

    UC on azathioprine

    Hi I've been on 150mg of azathioprine and recently been took of them due to severe nausea being sick also stomach cramping in morning with back ache I've been for CT scans and all clear has anyone else had these symptoms and what was the outcome? What will the next line of medication be? Currently...

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  • rachel40146 1

    Azathioprine for eczema

    I've had bad eczema for years and my dermatologist has reccommended I try Azathioprine. I'm concerned about the side effects and whether it will be effective. Has anyone any experience of using this drug for eczema and if so, was it effective? What side effects did you experience?

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  • pravin51820 1
  • kittd 2

    Ulcerative colitis with mouth ulcers

    Hi, I've had ulcerative colitis 8 yrs. Having a flare up and this week started getting really sore mouth ulcers. I've heard mouth ulcers often associated with Crohn's and wondered if anyone else with ulcerative colitis suffers with them? Kitti

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  • BelfastRarity 2

    Azathioprine - combatting side effects/fatigue

    I am on my 4th week of taking 75mg of azathiporine for Ulcerative Colitis. I have that read that many suffer side-effects which include nausea & vomiting but so far I have not experinced this. I  am having weekly blood tests to monitor my bone marrow levels a dose of prednisolone is tapering down & should...

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  • AnnIsh 1

    Autoimmune hepatitis.

    I was diagonised with autoimmune hepatitis 3 years ago. This was caused by a virus which attack my immune system and in turn affected my liver. I had blood reading over 8 and 900 which should have been about 20 or 30. I was started on steroids, (15mg per day). This brought my blood reading back to...

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  • royalty 3

    Autoimmune hepititis / tooth decay / needing extractions

    I am very worried having lost half of front tooth last night as have auto hep and other autoimmune diseases I'm 59 female on azathrioprine 75 mg steriods 5 mg having had auto hep for 9 years I went to dentist this morning he won't do anything until I contact my liver specialist due to the blood clotting...

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  • ambreen60741 1

    Anthologies and elevated liver enzyme sgpt

    Hi I'm ambreen. Was diagnosed with westerners in 2012, in remission after two cycles of draconian. Stated cleverly but didn't suit me then started shareholding. Currently I'm taking 150mg tolerating it well but the only problem is my elevated sgpt. Does it do that coz my doc refuses to believe that....

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  • dorota51812 1

    Azathioprine for 6 yrs od boy

    Hi, My 6 yrs old son struggle with very bad eczema, after 6 yrs treatment we have been offer to start Azathioprine for next 2 years.  I know he is not only one child who will take it, but it  is different when you have to make that decision in regards to your child. Is anyone here who has a child taking...

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  • Allyson56 2

    Hi am soon to start taking Mofetil.

    I have an auto immune disease which has  been diagnosed as Birdshot, Opthmologist  has now prescribed Mofetl , am now on a low dose of steroids eventually weaning off them, has anyone had side effects with these tabs?

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  • nilsgate 1

    Azathiprine causing diarrhoea

    I have been diagnosed with Myesthania Gravis (MG), and I am on medications: Pyridostigmine (1-1-1-1) and Azathioprine (1-1).  I am male 59 and diabetic. Azathioprine is causing me diarrhoea.  I have tried to different combinations of the above mentioned drugs and as soon as I start Azathioprine I get diarrhoea...

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  • louise54914 1

    New to the medication

    Hi Great to read all your stories, I am recently diagnosed with AIH and hate telling people as they think the worst. I'm based in Ireland. I am currently on steroids and weaning myself off I started 50mg of imuran and moved to 100mg but I have honestly never been so sick and was told this week to reduce...

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  • Guest M

    azathioprine - crohn's

    Hi, I've been on Azathioprine 25mg for 2 weeks, plus slowly reducing dose of steroids (now on 20mg), and started having quite high temperature (102). The temperature goes up straight after I have my breakfast and the medication and then wears off in the evening. Has anyone had similar reaction? I really...

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  • barbara02082 2


    just got back from seeing my liver specialist I have PBC / AIH overlap, I took a course of immunosuppressant two years ago Azathioprine) which made me really ill and took me 5 weeks to get back on track now have been prescribed Mercaptppurine but I am so scared that I will have the same reaction, any...

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  • eacab 2
  • nigelmf 2

    Azathioprine for Crohn's - Anxiety and Stress

    My 10 year old daughter has Crohn's and has been taking 75mg Azathioprine for 9 months approx. In the last couple of months she has become very stressed and anxious, signs of depression and angry (with fits of what I can only call uncontrollable rage). She has also been vomiting every other day for last...

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  • assaf57627 1


    im using imuran for the last 3 weeks now and im feeling my libido and testosotsorone level are very low, this is bothering me very much im thinking of stopping the treatment and follow other ways that wont interact with that issue i was wondering if you have had that experience too?

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  • terri13923 2
  • terri13923 2

    Bad side efffects after 4 weeks of taking AZA

    April 2015: IGG4 inflammatory process. Methylprednisolone 12 mg now (started wtih 32 mg Iin July 2015). At week4 of taking 100mg of AZA i began to have hives, extrememe nausea & vomiting 2 hours after taking AZA (even with food and zofran). I am also experiencing chest pain, upper abdominal pain that...

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  • Guest M

    I have just started on my 3rd week of Azathioprine, I am...

    I have just started on my 3rd week of Azathioprine, I am experiencing a sympton of irregular breathing, almost like a panic attack along with what seems to be an irregular hearbeat. The symptons are not severe but alarming. Are these symptoms possible from the use of azathioprine along with the simultanious...

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  • SSF 1

    Aza and Pregnancy

    Hi there, I had my first flare-up in January this year, 6 months down the line, my gastro team cannot diagnose me... the type of inflammation suggests Crohn's but the biopsis taken during a couple of colonoscopies suggest UC. I also didn't have any antecedents, I'm 32, have never bled or have had anemia.......

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  • deano19 1

    Having been reading side effects of azathioprine..imuran

    i was diagnosed with auto immune desease about 3 years now, and taking imuran.  I hate medication, although I know sometimes you must take it, but I was reading side effects of imuran....I alway have metallic taste in my mouth and itchy skin or scalp.  Drives me nuts.  When I was diagnosed, I was told...

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  • Guest M

    I had been prescribed Azathioprine (150mg/day) in conjun...

    I had been prescribed Azathioprine (150mg/day) in conjunction with prednisolone (20mg/day) as a means of transition off of the steroid treatment. Shortly after a week of taking Azathioprine I became unwell; completely lost my appetite (due to sometime feeling full or even sick); developed a high temperature;...

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  • Pete W 3

    what next after Azathioprine?

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis in May this year during a severe flare up. I was put on Prednisolone for 8 weeks during which the symptoms stabilized and am still free of them now. As a preventative measure I was put on Azathioprine qui t e recently. All was well until day 8 when I came down with...

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  • sammieann 1

    Side effects of azathioprine

    I have been on azathioprine for approx 6 weeks for autoimmune hepatitis. Recently to my horror i noticed that my breasts are leaking milk. Has anyone else experienced this? Please let me know. I feel like a freak

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  • jon1969 2

    Help with mercaptorurine side effects please

    hello I took mezalazine for 20 years, I was having a lot of flare ups and tests show I have a 12 inch stricture/narrowing I was put on azaphapine but I felt so tired and the soles of my feet felt like I was walking on pins. My specialist changed my tablets to mercaptorurine 2x 50 mg daily originally...

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  • adelelisa1981 2

    petrified... so many side affects

    Hi... I'm absolutely petrified at the thought of taking this medication... There are so many side affects and I don't want to get more diseases through treating crohns disease... The thought of getting cancer makes me feel sick... I have two little boys that need their mummy. My crohns is active as...

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  • Guest M

    I was off azathioprine for a few months and began to fee...

    I was off azathioprine for a few months and began to feel much better, I didn't suffer so many of the colds and viruses which I did previously. Due to yet another flare-up of ulcerative colitis I was immediately put back on azathioprine and as a result I am suffering with continuous colds etc.. I know...

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  • mmm 1

    had to stop aziathropine

    had been on steriods since april and had weaned myself of for about the third time. was advised to take aza and apart from feeling very sick for a couple of weeks and having no appetite i was optimistic however on week four i developed a full body rash great white lumps like a nettle rash and oh soo...

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