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Hello everyone,,

I'm a 23 year old (103kg) male studying mechanical engineering at university and this is my final year.

My problem started over a year ago when I started having severe headaches once every month or so, I was under alot of stress from my study, and studying for really long hours 12 to 15 hours.

I added almost 30kg of weight in under a year because of eating alot of junk food and lack of axercise.

My headaches gradually increased to become very severe and daily putting my in a vicious cycle that does not end.

My problem is very devastating and it's turning me down because I can't get a diagnosis and I became extremly anxtious.

My symptoms are:

1) I'm always fatigued no matter how long I sleep I still need more, with mild heat that i feel under the skin.

2) Neck pressure that never really goes away only one to two hours after waking up from sleep and then gradually builds up, with very stiff neck and one sided headaches (could be left or right) that originate from the upper neck (base of skull) and radiates to the scalp and behind the eye (possibility of: occipital pain).

3) Ear pressure, with flexible outer ear drums and clicking or poping sensation behind the ear whenever I move my head or walk up the stairs, with tinnitus (ringing) in ears, and feelibg off balance.

(possibility of: eustation tube dysfunction)

4) Frequent waking up from sleep to urinate, and urinating alot during the day.

5) Frequent constipation or diarrhea, bloating, releasing gas.

6) Dry skin and lack of sweating even though doing extreme exercises my face turnes blue.

7) Sudden hot face flushes usually after eating food.

8) lack of appetite.

9) sudden deep sighs, and burping.

10) Decreased intrest in all activities

11) Very weak sexual desire with no increase in body temperature and no sweating during sex, and feeling head about to explode neer ejaculation.

13) Short term memory seems very bad, and became very forgetful.

14) Heart palpitations, and fluctuating blood pressure highest reached 160/110

Tests Done:

Brain Mri: a 11mm cyst that is not of any cignificance.

Spinal Mri: Minor herniated disc at c5c6 indenting the thecal sac that is also notvery important accordong to doctors.

little vitamine d deficiency, all other vitamins and b12 good.

cbc all good

iron test good

pitutarty hormones good

testosterone good

thyroid good

heart ultrasound and other test where all good

please help im really desperate..

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    mri for sinuses was done and all good, plus used to smoke for 5 years and quitted 4 months ago, the ear clicking started during my last days before quitting smoking ..

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    Hi alaa-afaneh

    You mention you do intense exercise you don't sweat and you turn blue may have a problem with your cortisol levels....when you exercise alot your adrenals

    release large amounts of cortisol which can affect your digestive system, give you extreme

    fatigue, lack of appetite and frequent urination.and lack of interest in

    things..get doc to check your adrenals and cortisol may have overstressed

    your adrenals which release cortisol that deals with stress.

    Search 'High Cortisol Levels and Digestive System' and 'Symptoms of High Cortisol Levels'

    .....Best wishes...keep us posted....

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      oh my god thank you so much for the reply, this is a really helpful information to me, ill defenatly get it chacked !
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    you might have caught some virus or parasites. checked your blood work ? for CMV, EBV, parasites etc ?
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    Dear, Alana-afaneh,

    I am a 24 year old male and started seeing a lot of the same symptoms myself. Gotten and MRI, negative, blood work all negative. My doctors have all diagnosed that it's a Miami but I'm skeptical, wanted to see if you've got any more info on what's happen to you and if you've found a way to help or cure it

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      I started off with ear pressure and tinnitus which has now left me with really severe pressure in back of my head and neck it makes it impossible for me to put my head on the pillow st night! Anyone else experience this? X
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    I have every symptom you have, Sorry you're going threw this best of luck


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    Your symptoms could possibly indicate a csf leak. Have you considered this?

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