Back pain unmanageable when I stop.

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Hi everyone

i have had lower back pain for 7 yrs with the outcome basically being a three level fusion or live with the pain. I have chosen to live with the pain as there wax only a 30% chance of success.

I work nights in a supermarket which is painful but manageable it's when I stop work that's mostly the problem.

my back seems to lock up so when I have nights off I am in so much pain I carn't enjoy them. I do tend to work a lot just so I don't have to put up with the pain. Relaxing as such is a no no.

yes I have got strong meds if I need themlike oramorph but don't like to take it too much. 

I would much rather find a non medication way of coping.

Does anyone else suffer with more pain when they stop moving??

would love to gear your thoughts.

thank you

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    Hi Sherry,You've hit the nail on the head where lower back pain is concerned.

    I suffered for many years and found the worst thing to do is to stop moving.

    However, you can overdo it.You may have to keep taking painkillers to keep the inflammation under control and it doesn't mean you're a failure because you have to resort to taking painkillers.

    I was lucky enough to find a chiropractor many years ago who taught me an exercise routine which enabled me to deal with it and I haven't had a bad back for a number of years now.

    My sciatica was so bad that I thought I would have to give up driving and that was over 30 years ago!!

    Have you thought of trying a memory foam mattress or topper?  I've got one and it's helped me.

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      thanks for getting in touch.

      i do have a mattress topper but lying in bed is agony with or without it.

      i have spent last few years on sofa with topper on top but even that is failing me now.

      Most of people's problems are when they are moving but mine is truly agony when I stop. I have had this for the last 7 years an if I could just find a solution to the nights I don't work!

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    Hi Sherry. I just wrote a long reply but it got lost, so i'll start again, but briefly.

    Really sorry to hear about your terrible back pain. Much sympathy.

    I had a similar condition that lasted 6 years that had got much worse than you describe. Though I managed to cure it very recently through self help. Look at a condition called Mycotic Artiritis. A fungal infection to the spine and load bearing joints. With this in mind look back at your health history. Infection can be by a persistant fungal skin infection or a puncture wound or an infected syringe injection, maybe near the lower spine (i think this was the cause in my case). If you get an idea that this condition could be responsible for your pain then reply to this and I'll add some more information. I treated myself with an antifungal tablet treatment and packets of creamed coconut.  It worked really well for me, mostly cured in less than a week, though not without some unpleasant side effects. 

    The doctors and specialists didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned Mycotic Artiritis, and don't even mention coconut. Though do look it up on the internet. It's an amazing substance, and a very powerfull antifungal, (although coconut oil is not, in my experience).


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    hi sherry i to suffer the same  but unlike you i ha a fusion of l5/s1 which was the first op 5 more ops down the line im no better than when i started but the med are quite effective im now dependant on them so mabey ur write to only take them when you cant cope the main prob is do too much it hurts stay still to long and it just as pianful im sure there are many suffers out there and it makes you wonder why the medical profesion cant find a solution all the best in you quest to find a comfatable comparasen graham
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    thanks for the replies.

    I do work hard at work and I no I overdo it. The last 2 weeks I have worked 6 nights in a row as I know The pain is more manageable when at work an it's taking a couple of days to recover.

    I carn't even reach for a drink or do the simplest of actions without pain spasms.

    It has been so bad I haven't even been able to bend to have a wee.

    Most debilitating and awkward as you can imagine for a woman!

    There just doesn't seem to be much info out there regarding this issue.

    Yes I have meds including morphine,tramadol etc.

    I do take the morphine when the pain leaves me a debilitating snivelling wreck.

    Thanks for listening

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    hi sherry it sounds like you have a slipped or prolapsed disc if i were you i would get to a&e asap if not go to your gp and ask to be refured to orapedics or nuero because aventualy you will not be able to walk hope you get this prob sorted take care graham
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    Hi Graham

    thanks for the concern. I did have a slipped disc originally.

    I have had plenty of MRI'S,Scans and an op to relieve my sciatica.

    I could go back and get the 3 level fusion done but not good enough odds on it working.

    My doc is really good and would do anything to get this done if I agreed.

    It isn't that bad where I carn't bend everyday so I take it as it comes.


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    Sherry, I think changing a mattress, can sometimes bring some effective results. Believe it or not, changing the mattress is the greatest natural solution for your back pain. Back pain occurs, when there is a spine misalignment. Sleeping is resting and while sleeping on the right mattress, relieves those pressure points and allows complete rest for your body.

    Mattress is not just a surface to sleep on. No matter what type the mattress is or it's comfort levels, it does contour to the body from minimum to maximum. The 6-8 hours of sleep on a mattress can really have an impact on your joints, back, shoulder and neck areas.

    Sleeping on a too soft mattress, that results in too much contouring, can result in mattress sinkage, which makes it difficult to get up the next day. The minimal molding, makes the body and joints, stiff in the morning. Which means, sleeping on a firmer mattress can ease your back pain. It results in proper spine alignment.

    Choosing a mattress brand is upto your choice. There are many brands available on the stores and online. What is important, is to look for a comfort level of medium firm mattress, that isn't too hard nor too soft on the body. Once you have got the right mattress selected, the back pain will slowly ease down and gradually disappear over the time. The back ache caused by a wrong mattress can completely be cured by buying another mattress.  

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