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  • jaylb 1

    back pain when laying down

    whenever i lie down i get a severe pain in my back - both a sharp stabbing and a deep ache - which forces me to arch my back and sometimes twitch/convulse should i go to my GP about this?

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  • jessica 82487 2
  • natasha96 2

    Back pain and no help from doctors

    Had back pain for around 6 years now been to loads of GPs and they just didn't believe me as I am in early twenties! Finally around beginning of last year I went to another GP and he help some what, gave me some medication and painkillers, referred me to see someone at hospital. Few months later I

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  • Samjohnston 1

    Rib cage and back pain

    Hi, I'm completely new to this and hoping I can maybe get some answers. I have mild pain around my left rib cage all the way round my side it's almost hard to explain. A bit about me to make this easier and what I've narrowed it down from. I do suffer with Graves thyrotoxicosis and I did get my

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  • bbthatsme 1

    Disc Pain, WorkersComp, Horrible Dr.

    Ok hurt my back really bad at work, two weeks ago. 100% sure i have either a herniated or ruptured Disc. (Been through this with my husband) Problem is it's under workers comp and Dr is refusing to do an MRI or give any type of pain mess. They have me on NSAID, Steroids and Muscle Relaxers and PT

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  • yourik 1
  • Everlong 1

    23 years old - Scared with my body/ strange arm pain

    I am 23 years old and my last two and a half months have been a horror movie - I had never had major health problems. I am writing this to vent and because it may be that someone has suggestions on what to do or what's happening (if you bother to read this will) ... At the beginning of March I had

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  • rebecca204 2

    Severe back pain only when lying down

    Hi, I am enquiring about a problem i have been experiencing with my back over the last couple of weeks. Whenever i lay on my back in bed i get severe pain in the lower right side of my back and i have to take shallow breathes because it hurts too much to take full breathes. Depending on how i lie

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  • jane75220 6

    Annular tears and surgery

    Hi everyone I have an annular tear between L4 and L5 and wonderedwhat anyone else's experiences of such an injury is , what treatments work etc. Many thanks in advance of your replies.  

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  • drew.h 2

    Pins and needles when I sneeze

    I had a cold a few weeks ago, surprisingly the first one in a couple of years. When I had a big sneeze I got pins and needles in my back, sometimes throughout my body, short lived, but a little pain full.  Since I've been feeling a pinch in my back when I stand from being bent over.  I can’t put my

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  • erica86907 1

    Chronic Back Pain in need of support and advice

    Hi all fellow bank suffers, I'd ask how you all are but I know that question can be a crap one 😁 I've had back pain for 10 years on and off after nursing I injured my daughter is nearly 5 the pregnancy was fine but the Labour was awful, back Labour with a degenerative disc wasn't fun after

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  • tonya43425 2

    Need help

    My siactia is hurting and having pain in lower back and hip some pain going down my leg and part of my foot is numb going into my toes. I know the last MRI I had a year ago I had a buldged disc in my lower back right above where I have already had two herniated discs that was surgically repaired. I

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  • Msjkatie 1

    Severe lower back pain when i lay down? Why

    OK so Iam 25 and have had 3 babies back to back. My youngest is 6 weeks old now. My first pregnancy I find out I had a misaligned pelvic slightly on the left side. The pain was horrible but went away after birth. The pain however was down between my legs. For the past 3 weeks I have had terrible

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  • loulou101 2

    back pain managment

    hi can anyone advise me , ive been to see my back consultant today and i carnt have anymore nerve block injections as ive had three lots and dont work, im on naproxen and take two aday , hes putting me on morphen patches which im a bit scared of, i will be on them for life, im already on hrt

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  • violet1975 2

    Neck+back+knee pain - unclear

    For almost 1.5 years I have pain in the left side of my neck, middle right back and left knee. It seems like they are all connected because when one hurts more, so do the others. Have been to an orthopedist (had some x-rays), two physiotherapists and other therapist. Also had special inner soles

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  • aamir73176 2

    Lower back pain

    Hi, I been with my Surgeon yesterday and he told me that the MRI and blood test not showing any infection but there are swelling in the nerve and surrounding area where we operate for the L5 S1 bulging disc. He said that there are swolling and spasm in scar tissue around the area and we are going

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  • Rafik ab 1

    Back pain

    I have back pain in my lower back and sometimes localized in coccyx region . When I lay down or rest the pain gone. But in sneezing or coughing the pain come back suddenly .when I want stand up or sit the pain come like a wave and it is sever . I had M r I last year and it shows my disc bulge. But

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  • halle72223 1
  • aamir73176 2

    Lower back pain

    Hi, I was suffering from sciatica pain from December 2014. Done a lot for it, but dose not work any. Than on 12/01/17 they done my L5 S1 surgery. After the surgery my pain gone and I became straight but after 8 weeks my right hip swollen from the back side and I became bend on my left side. If I

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  • Naasha 2
  • serena43933 2

    Chronic Back Pain

    Hey everyone!  I'm 23 and have been suffering from chronic back pain for several years.  I've spoke to my doctor on several occasions regarding this.  He wouldn't give me anything to take for the pain but instead sent me for a massage to see if that would help.  Once there the masseuse told me she

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  • hypercat 6

    Back pain

    Hi I am hoping someone could me please. I am female in my early 60's and suffer with chronic back pain since I fell heavily on the base of my spine as a teenager.  I have had problems all my life. No doctor has ever taken it seriously,  done an x-ray or any further investigations.   I have seen a

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  • dean30360 2
  • Nafa13 1

    Lower Back Injurie

    Hi guys, I'm sure I won't be first to have lower back injurie. I'm a yoga teacher and doing lots of acrobatics. About 9 weeks ago I had an injurie, I was lifting my acro partner from floor by pulling the arms with her legs against my thighs. It did not work and right after I started feeling

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  • Jay73 2

    Grrrrrrr - Go away herniated disc :(

    January 1st 2017 - supposed to be the start of a new year but not for me. While lifting a heavy fridge, I injured myself and my locked my back. MRI showed a badly herniated L5/S1 and so the journey starts. Terrible Sciatica commences and sitting is just unbearable. 8 weeks of physio and the

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  • wendywilts 3

    Low dull pain extending downwards

    HI i have been experiencing a dull back pain for the last couple weeks, its hard to know where it comes from, it is better when walking about, or lying down, but when i sit after walking about it feels like pressure going through my bum area, and aches, funnilly enough the pain isnt horrific but it

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  • nancy51692 1
  • secret 1

    So what happens when you start falling for your doctor?

    How do doctors deal with patients who seem to like them in that way is it obvious if you dont actually say anything but seem a bit embrassed or nervous when the handsome doc is infront of you ive been seeing this gawjus lean doc for couple of months now at first i never had any feelings for him at

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  • josephine32 3

    Armchairs in General

    I haven't been on this back sufferers forum before, but I have had back problems for a good few years now since stupidly lifting a garden planter!  This ranges from a few good days, to severe backache after walking for a short while, to really severe pain episodes where I cannot move without agony

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  • crystal 69140 2

    Reinjury herniated disc L5-S1

    Hello! I had a microdisectomy on November 20, 2015 to fix a herniated disc at L5 S1. I recently had to start going back to ortho for recurrent pain in my back and my left leg. Instead of walking to make it feel better I actually have the opposite. The longer I walk the more pressure and pain builds

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  • lee12850 1

    Lower back pain.. Help!

    Hi, I am only 30 and have pain in my back that is so bad sometimes it makes want to almost cry. I first found this pain a couple years back as I work construction and was lifting some heavy concrete blocks into the dumpster. When lifting it, the pain was so sharp and so so painful it dropped me to

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  • jennm 1

    Undiagnosed thoracic back & chest pain 8 months

    Hi I'm 32 (woman) and I have had upper/mid back and chest pain for 8 months now. I am currently on modified release tramadol which helps reduce the pain. I have had an X-ray, MRI, tried physio, seen my gp about 8 times, seen two specialists and now been advised they don't know what is causing the

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  • catia16317 1


    Hi everyone. I'm 28 yrs old back in 15/11/2012 I had a microdiscectomy L4 and L5 first couples months I was doing just fine. I have done more MRI'S since them but they don't find anything the truth is I'm most of the time in pain sitting in sofa lying in bed always wake up with pain. I still do

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  • max21068 2

    Mycotic Arthritis - Start asking your doctor about it.

    I discovered a reference to this condition recently and it led me to diagnose and succesfully self treat my lower back pain and sciatic pain. I hope it's helpful to others suffering from the same condition. Mycotic Arthiritis is a fungal infection of the load bearing joints. (knees, hips and spine)

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  • rosary1 2
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