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  • tiaaa4 1

    Back pain in 16 year old

    Hi there, the past few months I've had terrible back pain. It's mostly in my lower and mid back and is a very achy type of pain, but can be sharp at times. I went to the doctor about this and my doctor performed a manipulation on me for my SI joint, which was apparently off. I was prescribed muscle relaxers,...

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  • Guest M

    sudden onset of lower back pain

    in the sumer of 2007 i bent down to pick somethin up off the floor and i had a sudden sharp shooting pain in my lower back, i could hardly stand back up and my back was aching for the rest of the day, in the days that followed it felt slightly fragile and weak but recovered, after that from time to time...

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  • rebeccaPod 1

    Modic Type 1 Changes - Antibiotic Treatment - Feedback

    Many people have been asking for feedback from those with diagnosed modic type 1 changes and pain in their verteabral endplates. As I am one of these people I thought it would be useful to give my experience, and also to ask others to consider that each case is relative, each spine is different and the...

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  • cathy35631 1

    Trying to find specialist

    I have constant and severe back pain that is progressing dramatically the past 3 years.  I took care of my mother for 13 years and she was bedridden so I'm sure that is where all this started. Upper back (burning pain) and lower back (searing pain) . Now my left leg is going numb when I walk a short...

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  • erica86907 1

    Chronic Back Pain in need of support and advice

    Hi all fellow bank suffers, I'd ask how you all are but I know that question can be a crap one 😁 I've had back pain for 10 years on and off after nursing I injured my daughter is nearly 5 the pregnancy was fine but the Labour was awful, back Labour with a degenerative disc wasn't fun after that...

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  • pam80836 1

    Pulmonary embolism

    i have been in plaster cast for 10 weeks for fractured foot was taking clexane but went away at weekend and forgot them I a man experiencing right upper back pain radiating into my neck. Much worse when I am laying down and breathing in. Have a mild cough and heaviness around my chest but not sure if...

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  • amy75187 1


    Hi everyone, so I'm having a microdiscectomy in two weeks time and I was wondering if anyone else had had this done and can tell me about the first couple of days afterwards, what to expect pain wise and also doing usual daily activities? Any advice and information would be appreciated, TIA x

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  • rvaedex23 2

    Post Lumbar Stenosis Surgery

    I had severe sciatica and I had Lumbar Stenosis surgery about 2.5 half months ago.  Everything was OK except that my back is stiff and sometimes I have a little pain if I work out.  I am able to swim and exercise lightly, my sciatica is gone.  I have a feeling my stiffness is there because I didn't stretch...

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  • XoMonkey 3

    Back pain/AS

    Hi. I put up a post about a week ago asking about axial spA. I just wanted to ask about some symptoms I'm getting and see if it's linked. Brief info, 17 y/o F, I had some history of injuring my back in a minor car accident. Family history of arthritis, MS, Lupus etc. Had a sudden onset of arrhthymia,...

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  • sam35077 1

    I am using a tree bark powder to stop the pain

    3 years ago i started to have some serious back pain ,after an MRI ,i was diagnosed with 2 bulge discs on the lower back. I was about to go for surgery , until a friend recommended to try some african tree bark. Within 4 days ,i had forgotten that i had back pain. My wife noticed that i was bending down...

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  • Naasha 2

    disc degeneration, desication. hiking?

    Hi there! For almost a year and a half I've had back pain. Was diagnosed witg osteomalacia some years back cause loelw estrogen leading to low vitamin d. X-ray showed gentle scoliosis and Scholl's nodes a year back and MRI recently just recently showed disc bulge indenting anterior thecal sac and desication...

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  • ana90342 2

    Weird backpain

    Hi! I have been having a really weird kind of backpain (flank pain) for the last 4 months. First time I had a horrible throbbing pain in my right low abdomen 4 months ago which took 20 minutes. I almost called an ambulance but then the pain went away. The next day I started having a weird burning feeling...

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  • ray63269 3

    What is going on with my back pain

    I have lower spine and lumbar pain that is awful, it aches and stings like a burning pain, it spreads to my buttocks and hips and occasionally groin and now feeling it in top of spine too, on tramodol and diclofenic and gabatentin to take edge off, it's driving me mad, is anyone else getting anything...

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  • georgi97548 1

    upper back and ribs pain for three months

    Hi all. I hope I can have some opinions as I am at the end with all hope and patience. Since three months i have daily upper back right aches radiating to ribs. 4 from a scale to 10. not always , but daily.I cannot know exaxtly qhat triggered it but I relate it when I had a flu episode I was on the...

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  • ray63269 3

    Sternum spine ribs such a pain

    OK having alot of back ache in Upper region, feels like a painful knot leading to horrible ache in back of neck and shoulders, but I also have very tender ribs and sternum, even my left chest muscle aches, origanally I had lower back pain that turned out to be arthritis and bulging disc touching...

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  • XoMonkey 3


    Hi my rheumatologist suspect I have spondyloarthropy due to lower back pain and elevated esr levels. Sometimes i wake up with extreme pain that i cannot move - this happened on holiday and the pain woke me up. I'm in a lotof pain after massaging a muscle knot (found when massaging back for the pain)...

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  • Guest M

    I take orphenadrine comp forte (which is substituted for...

    I take orphenadrine comp forte (which is substituted for norgesic forte) as needed, for occasional pain created in my cervical vertebrae. My fourth and fifth vertebrae are fused from the results of an auto accident in 1969. I am 59 years of age.The doctor who originally prescribed this medication is...

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  • FishZone 2

    Back and neck pain

    Hello, im here to ask you for help about my neck and back pain. So for a long period i was having a pulling pain in my small of the back on the left side and it looks like im pulled with something and when i walk it feels like im with 80kg of something behind me. Im not very social active so a lot of...

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  • brian3357 2

    reoccurence of lower back pain

    Three months ago I injured the lower back with deadlifts in gym. After course of anti inflammatory(naproxen) it esad. Out of blue reoccurred yesterday after a long frive...any advice?

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  • bri18 1

    Lower back pain when laying down

    I'm a 17 year old female. I have extremely bad lower back pain whenever I lay down. And every 15 minutes I have to crack my back when I lay down. I also feel like my back is really arched in the lower back. I don't life heavy things I work at a restaurant as a host.

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  • rebecca204 2

    Severe back pain only when lying down

    Hi, I am enquiring about a problem i have been experiencing with my back over the last couple of weeks. Whenever i lay on my back in bed i get severe pain in the lower right side of my back and i have to take shallow breathes because it hurts too much to take full breathes. Depending on how i lie in...

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  • Kett87 3

    Back pain

    Hi can someone help me.I am getting standard rate On both but my simtims have got worse in my legs I am struggling to get about. Shall I phone up to say my simtims have changed and I are having trouble getting about now what should I do ......

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  • jackie08900 2

    Degenerative disc disease, anyone got symptoms like mine???

    Hi, I've had back ache to a greater or lesser extent for about 2 years. An MRI scan showed degenerative disc disease (which I know is very common in people of my age). However the pain doesn't feel as though it's in my spine! the actual pain is on each side of the spine, sometimes as far out to the...

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  • ray63269 3

    Lower back and hip pain driving me crazy

    About five years ago i lost alot of weight through stress and a month after started to get low back pain in spine in lumber region, it would also spread from left to right along the lumber and slightly up the spine, I tried heat pads and hot water bottles for temporal relief, I used codomol and tramodol...

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  • Roccdeezy 2
  • michelle150374 2

    Is my lower abdo pain back related?

    Hi all. I have had lower back on/off for a couple years. Had an MRI and I know it's s bulging disc on my lumbar spine. C3 I think. Anyway, for past couple months or so I've had pain again in my lower back., hip bone and lower groin area specifically top of of my right leg, to the right hand side of my...

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  • jessica 82487 2
  • jaylb 2

    back pain when laying down

    whenever i lie down i get a severe pain in my back - both a sharp stabbing and a deep ache - which forces me to arch my back and sometimes twitch/convulse should i go to my GP about this?

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  • natasha96 2

    Back pain and no help from doctors

    Had back pain for around 6 years now been to loads of GPs and they just didn't believe me as I am in early twenties! Finally around beginning of last year I went to another GP and he help some what, gave me some medication and painkillers, referred me to see someone at hospital. Few months later I went...

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  • Samjohnston 1

    Rib cage and back pain

    Hi, I'm completely new to this and hoping I can maybe get some answers. I have mild pain around my left rib cage all the way round my side it's almost hard to explain. A bit about me to make this easier and what I've narrowed it down from. I do suffer with Graves thyrotoxicosis and I did get my levels...

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  • bbthatsme 1

    Disc Pain, WorkersComp, Horrible Dr.

    Ok hurt my back really bad at work, two weeks ago. 100% sure i have either a herniated or ruptured Disc. (Been through this with my husband) Problem is it's under workers comp and Dr is refusing to do an MRI or give any type of pain mess. They have me on NSAID, Steroids and Muscle Relaxers and PT 3x...

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  • yourik 1
  • Everlong 1

    23 years old - Scared with my body/ strange arm pain

    I am 23 years old and my last two and a half months have been a horror movie - I had never had major health problems. I am writing this to vent and because it may be that someone has suggestions on what to do or what's happening (if you bother to read this will) ... At the beginning of March I had a...

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  • jane75220 6

    Annular tears and surgery

    Hi everyone I have an annular tear between L4 and L5 and wonderedwhat anyone else's experiences of such an injury is , what treatments work etc. Many thanks in advance of your replies.  

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  • drew.h 2

    Pins and needles when I sneeze

    I had a cold a few weeks ago, surprisingly the first one in a couple of years. When I had a big sneeze I got pins and needles in my back, sometimes throughout my body, short lived, but a little pain full.  Since I've been feeling a pinch in my back when I stand from being bent over.  I can’t put my finger...

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