Back pain with period

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Hi ladies!

It's been a while since I've been on this forum lately. Hope you all are perking up these days.

Have any of you experienced upper and or lower back discomfort with your period? Also have any of you a weird scent down below leading up to your period and at the onset? Sometimes I just want to crawl in a whole until all of this us over!

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    hello! Yes my back gets very vunerable duirng my period ...almost feels it is about to tweak or throw out. Sometimes Urinary infections are common and that could be causing some odor  but yes it is true..must be a hormonal change or something...hope this helps!
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    Do not dispair, Sharcev.  It will pass.  One friend always complained about backache and she used to link it to menopause.  I thought she was crazy, but turns out she was absolutely right.  Many here complain about that.  The smell can be hormone change, or even an infection, funghi, etc, as it is more prone during this phase.  Big hugs.
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    Hi shar

    I put my back pain down to meno, but for last 5 weeks been severe, three weeks unable to drive or walk.

    Had CAT scan thursday., got 3 slipped bulging discs, two tumours.

    On valium, morphine tablet and injections daily in my butt.

    Lots more blood tests for me next week, daunting time, dont ignore severe ongoing back pain.

    I have an extra fused disc and vertebrae anyway which causes constant dull ache, but this is something worse now.

    Bones themselves show not crumbling which was good as i had early peri meno for ten years ( no hrt) post meno now age 50. Always taken vit D and calcium for 10 years.

    Always check severe constant back pain, could be cysts / tumours like what i just find out, and three slipped bulging discs for more agony.

    Not all back pain constant severe is related to period pain etc


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      Thankfully the pain is not severe. It feels more gastro related. I've been bloated too during this period. I have an appointment later this month with my gyno and an appointment with my GP on Thursday. Will relay all to them.

      Hope you're feeling better. Take care.


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      Hi Jaynee, I am sooo very sorry to hear that.  Calcium prevents osteoporosis but would not be amazing if they created some medicine for disks, too?  I just know that after all the other peri symptoms have receded, my back, joints and muscle pain are basically gone, too.  You are right, though, better always be checked by a doctor - I was, even though I can not say it was SEVERE - before blaming peri...  Big hugs.
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    coincidentally had a bad kip last night due to lower back ache. Also had what I'd only describe as 'ovary' ache.  But then I get terrible constipated which gives me lower backache.  I will get instant relieve after a 'you-know-what'.

    Do you have fibroids/polyps at all?  Wonder if other ladies on this forum with F/Ps have these same symptoms??

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      I've fibroids and as I said in my other reply I do suffer with bad lower back ache and what I call 'womb' ache, it's like a heaviness around my lower pelvic region, this comes and goes.  I've had smears and an ultrasound so nothing abnormal found thank goodness.   Not so much hip ache though.  I also get constipated especially before a period.

      Oh the joys of being a woman :0

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    Yes I get back pain just before my period and it's quite bad.  It usually disappears after my period or at least gets much better.

    I've also noticed a 'hormonal' body smell about 3/4 days before I start a period.  Really hard to's not sweaty more sweet/sexy smell lol!!!  Very weird!  Again it disappears after I've started my P.

    I'm suffering with forgetfulness at the moment....this has just started.  Just bought some Busy B's as per Jays advice.  Hope it works, felt a right plonker at work the other day and find myself making silly mistakes! 

    Jay - sorry to hear you are having a bad time at the moment, hope things improve xx

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      Elaine, you had me laughing....lots!

      Yeah go, you've still got it - that 'sweet/sexy' smell is probably pheromones!!! You lucky cow! I'm surprised you're not fighting off the men!!

      Seriously, I know exactly what you are talking about. Hate to say that I could smell this 'smell' on a colleague a few years back. But - and its a big BUT - she was in a fairly new relationship and I knew she was getting some, so maybe the more you get, the more 'scent' you produce o ensure you continue to get it!! I'm just adapting the 'Caveman/woman' Theory when it was essential!

      (Alas, said-colleague's 'scent' totally disappeared as she started to approach 50. She just started to get flushy/sweaty like me.

      I could cope with that smell any day of the week. Just hate the fear that I smell like a butcher's block when I'm having long, heavy bleeds. Just wish I'd asked Santa for a Bidet last Xmassad!!!

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      Lol!! Whatever this smell is i wish i could bottle it and sell it. Id be making a fortune lol wink

      I only just noticed this smell last month. I kept sniffing myself! Lol. And now you come to mention it ive had more than my share of male attention lately. Hmmm.... now i know what a dog on heat feels like!! :0

      Seriously though, im not dreaming it. I do get this smell. Wondered that it was, now i know! smile

      Thanks Shaznay.... i think!


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      Elaine - I can just imagine you stutting your stuff down the road like Dave in the money supermarket ads (new one in UK with Sharon Osbourne - catch it on YouTube - its hilarious)!!!

      My 6yr old grandson does a brilliant take on it - he has inherited our family's sense of humour!)

      "Ooh Elaine, darling. You are just SO Money Supermarket!" :-)

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      Yes ive seen the advert! Somehow i cant see myself in those heels and as for that a*** fortunately mines not that big lol. Ive got the moves though wink

      You get worse Mrs! Lol smile

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