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I have not worked since January the 11th and been sick since December. Diagnosed with mono in January as well. I am headed back to work tomorrow. I have been feeling better can do stuff i want to and such nothing to strenuous. The heart doctor released me today to go back so i am for financial purposes as my disability is gone now. Today i have felt worse than lately im not sure why just perfect timing that i start back to work. They put me on light duty but my light duty is probably a lot more strenuous than most people's regular worse since i am an iron worker but i am hoping it goes well. I pray to God i can get back to some normal work routines even if my extra activities have to be cut out. I have to worry about me and my future wife before anything else. I still have gastritis which doesnt seem any better. I AM still 20lbs down on weight. Still get brain fog even though sometimes it seems to go away some. I am no where near 100% but better than two months ago. I hope i can keep improving. I know yall have said there will be good days and bad days but im needing some good ones being back at work this week.

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    just be careful i was doing well long walks a bit of weights .... then after a few hours out one night relapsed . so dont push yourself and listen to your body !

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    Hi there. sorry to hear your going through this also. Its a nasty illness. I was diagnosed in july last year, i was so sick i almost never left the house for six months. I am getting better but still struggling. Five weeks ago i went back to work pretty much full time but only four to five hour days. Some days i am so exhausted i cant do alot but i find getting out there and having a go has helped me so much more. I am fortunate enough to have wonderful support around me with my boyfriend and also work colleagues. i still have a bit of the brain fog and when i do start to feel really funny and out of it i just take a five or ten minute break to sit down and close my eyes and have some water and just tell myself ill be fine. I know we are all different but it really helps me. I really push myself through the feeling. i know how to handle the feeling alot better then i did 8months ago. and also after work i am mostly resting. I seen a doctor a few months ago and he suggested i try to live my life as normal as possible until i am better, i felt a little offended as he doesnt know how i am feeling, but i really do think his advice has helped. i am sick of missing out on everything i used to enjoy so i just push forward and i think it is helping alot. sorry to make this story about myself but i just wanted to share what helped me in getting back to work and i do have a very stressful and full on job also as i work for an airline.. And also yes the first week i went down hill a little as i think it was the stress and nerves of getting back into work after having almost eight months off. Try to find a support person at work, just someone who when you start to feel not yourself you can have a sit down with and talk or to hold. As weird as that sounds, once again i am very fortunate i work with amazing girls who when i feel funny i just sit with one of them in a quiet spot and take a moment to talk and escape all the noise and it really helps me. But dont push yourself and yes always listen to your body. if you wake up and feel like you cant work then dont do it! always put yourself first

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    well that all sounds pretty dreamy ... but if you have ebv you probably have fatigue dizziness faint feeling . also if you try to live a 'normal' life you RELAPSE !!! so i dont agree with what your doctor says. i went out for a few hours socially home by 8pm and relapsed BADLY for 3 weeks ... im talking curled up in a ball so tired .... AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL !!

    this thing aint that simple .

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    Hello Josh,

    I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and hoping and praying that things go well when you go back to work. Remember just to take it slowly and not to put any pressure on yourself, it's frightening taking that step of going back to work I know that for sure as someone who's been off work a long time myself and still dealing with ups and downs.

    All you can do is try Josh and see how you get on, don't look too far ahead and if you need to take back or take things at a slower / more gradual pace remember that is okay - it takes time to rebuild and for your confidence and health to be fully restored, but I still believe you will get there Josh and that any setback just now is going to a temporary one and that you are going to get back to full health and work again - thinking about you and let us know how you get on.


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    Just an update my first day went well my stomach and head hurt a little but not to bad. Was very weak compared to what i used to be but all in all it went well. I came straight home and ate and am now resting on the couch to make sure i do not over do it instead of golf today. I felt very good to be back at work with my friends at the mill and it made me feel a lot better about not being well. All i can do is continue to try , eat well , rest , and try to be as healthy as possible and maybe the rest will fall into place.

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    On day two i felt about the same as day one. I woke up a little more tired and the normal morning bad feeling but after an hour of work i felt a little better. After lunch has been kind of hard and my head will start hurting and feeling a little worse but i made it through with not a terrible amount of trouble. Brain fog is pretty aggravating but i am managing. I just feel like im gonna feel terrible at home so i might as well work. I am taking it very easy compared to what i used to do and my work is working with me on that. I am lucky to work with many friends. They don't seem to understand how i could be tired and not have energy after i sat at home almost 3 months but they are just joking with me and giving me a hard time. I am trying to go to sleep as early as possible and am eating a very healthy diet hopefully to sustain my energy level as much as possible. My stomach has felt better the past two days so that is good at least. I start a shutdown sunday which is for 14 days straight i hope to make it through no problem. I will only be running equipment so not so taxing on my body. Yall say a little prayer for me if you believe in that i will probably need a little help from God to keep going. Thank Yall

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