Bacterial Prostate Infection - Antibiotic Resistant?

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Mid-40s male. Working in developing country. Excellent health until 15 December 2017 engaged in a risky sex behavior with a bad woman (oral sex no condom). 10 days later severe urethis, clear dripping/discharge, constant need to pee. STD clinic used PCR urine test and diagnosed a mycoplasma hominis and ureaplasma urealyticum. Prescribed 5 days of tinidazole and 5 days levofloxacin. The STD clinic wasn't helpful when I told them I had an achilies tendon rupture 4 years prior due to Ciprofloxacin so I Went to second doctor (urologist in hospital) that day to see if he could prescribe something else.

Doctor #2  insisted I use the Levofloxacin (increased to 7 days) and also prescribed the 1-shot treatment of Azithromycin and 10 days of Doxycycline. Ok, so I took them all and 15 days later was pretty much cured by Mid January or so I thought...I hadn't really investigated how devastating these mycoplasma infections are. I had never heard of them before and thought they were easily cured. I had a PCR test at the STD clinic (clear) and a uretha swab at the hospital (clear). 

Then had sex 3 times over a 2-week period and I noticed I still had some terminal dripping and was fatigued so was tested for diabetes - totally healthy. 

Then the last time I had sex on Feb 17 BOOM, symptoms all came back at once...not as severe urethis but still pain there and peeing all the time, burning at tip of penis, and pressure like I need to pee all the time. (Partner is being tested and she is having no symptoms...though she is pretty upset to say the least.)

Went back to hospital urologist #2 who gave me Cipro! I begged for something else but he told me to take it for 10 days and take it 'easy' because no other choice. He also didn't give me a physical exam which I thought was strange.

So I went to a specialist urologist (Doctor #3) who did rectal exam with finger and ultrasound and he said my prostate was enlarged and mushy and also did a culture of the prostate fluid/uretha fluid. 

His culture came back showing that the Mycoplasma Hominis was still there (he thinks in the prostate) and is resistant to













Problem: Minocycline isn't available in the country I live in! Worse, he prescribed more Cipro!!!! The Specialist Urologist told me to stay on Cipro for 2 more weeks? I explained my achilies tendon rupture story. He said we had no other choice. 5 days later, the Cipro seemed to work. Had 2 days felt really good and then symptoms started to come back. Not bad, but definitely peeing a lot, pain, pressure, etc. so I have to imagine the Mycoplasma has defeated the Cipro.

Went to yet another urologist  #4 (very old guy) who said all of this is in my head and I should relax and stop trying to become a urologist. I asked him to examine me which he did.  My prostate was still a little enlarged and soft he said. He had me take a flow meter pee test. No problems. I begged him for a prescription of doxycycline as I figured it can't hurt based on what I read on the internet. He gave me a 14-day prescription for that and said I need to relax. 

So now what? I have a follow up with doctor #2 in a couple of days. Any suggestions I what I should ask him for in terms of antibiotics? I have to stop this Cipro. I keep feeling little twinges in my achilies tendon repair site and I am freaked out it will rupture again. 

Has anyone gone through anything like this before? Suggestions? What a nightmare and what a hard lesson to learn. I was in the best shape of my life until I did something very stupid.

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    look into antibiotics trimethoprim and Fosfomycin  make sure you find a urologist that will do a semen culture or

    ​expressed prostate secretion culture also lookin too next generation DNA sequencing of a semen sample .

    ​another test to ask about is Transrectal Ultrasound . Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis can be very hard to treat .

    ​be proactive , do a lot of reading 

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      Just an update on my condition: after 25 days on Cipro and doxy my symptoms were somewhat under control. Still, I had faint traces of pain in the penis tip; peeing 4-5x at night and peeing at least every 2 hours during day. Still some terminal dripping. Prostate still inflamed but it had gone down some.

      The doctor has switched me to Moxiofloxacin for 20 days and wants me to continue the doxy until the Minocycline I ordered arrives by 20 days if we haven't cured it, then he wants to stop the ABs for 7 days to do a culture and DNA.

      I am on day 2 of the moxifloxacin and i think it is helping but I can tell my body doesn't like this stuff but I do feel better already. 

      My uro has done a couple of massages and those help, and he said the swelling has gone down and we're heading in the right direction, but this is a very stubborn bug apparently. Next visit is in a couple of days for another massage and check on the effects of the Moxifloxacin. 


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    Update: Ok, so after 25 days of Cirpo and doxycycline I then took 10 days of Moxiofloxacin and doxycycline. Thankfully no tendon ruptures but I have been taking it very easy and my shoulders and achilies tendons have felt weird.

    Finally, on 24 March I have received the minocycline from Germany and started the minocycline and am on day 7 (100mg 2x a day). Have noticed an improvement and things seem to get better by the day but still have symptoms such as pain at tip of penis and some weird tingling and reduced urine strength, ejaculation strength and low ejaculation volume. Frequency of urination has gone down. I am now on Uro #5 who said I should stop the Moxiofloxacin  and Cipro and instead prescribed a pain med for me (Arcoxia 90mg 1 x daily. Also known as Etoricoxib) and wants me to continue the minocycline for at least 3 more weeks then we do a culture and DNA test to see where we are with this mycoplasma hominis (which is not even the toughest mycoplasma to fight!)

    Not out of the woods yet - not by a long shot - but I refuse to give up. 

    This whole experience has taught me several valuable lessons; #1 Never cheat on your wife and jerk off instead #2 Always get a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion when it comes to your health.  I am pretty shocked to learn that society and the medical institutions pay such little attention to men's disorders.

     #3 I used to think the bible was for olden days but now realize that back then, when they didn't have antibiotics, following the bible was part of staying alive. Folks, there is an epidemic of antibacterial resistant STDs coming down the road including gonnoreah and mycoplasmas. Please, spread the word. Society is lying to us when it says we can live any life we wish with no consequences and that some 'antibiotics' will make you right if something goes wrong. Nope. Not any more. We are soon going to be back in the time of the dark ages when it comes to antibiotics. 

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      Hi, AC10965.

      "#1 Never cheat on your wife and jerk off instead".

      Either I am misunderstanding you or, I must take exception to your advice. I agree wholeheartedly with the first part of your advice, but surely you don't  mean the second part?

      There are bound to be times in any relationship when our significant other is simply not in the right mood and therefore unavailable. And if you are all fired up and need to unload, what better way than by masturbation? In my view, this is precisely where we - Society - went so terribly wrong: complete stop instead of manage.

      For a number of years now I have used humanized analogies in an attempt to establish good two-way communication with my recipients of either sex. There is your Rational Self and there is your Sexual Self. For most of the time your Rational Self is in control and calls the shots. Then you begin to make out; you set the limits how far you're going to go before saying, "No", or "Stop", or "Enough now". When I ask females how do they tell when they have arrived at this point, and almost without exception, the females will tell me their male partner's erection. They don't realize that physical contact here is completely wrong - primarily through incorrect teaching - and their action is sending a signal of acceptance.

      The Sexual Self wakes up and the Rational Self is ordered to take a back seat, and observe. All good intentions fly out of the window and it becomes party time for the healthy Sexual Self!

      Eventually, all good things have to come to an end. Perhaps half an hour, or even a whole hour later, our exhausted Sexual Self returns control to the Rational Self.

      And here is where the trouble begins. The self-recrimination, the guilt, the shame, it was as though my own body has betrayed me. And to make matters worse, I actually enjoyed it; in some horrible way, I felt I was complicit in this whole affair. How can I possibly accuse my partner? I am also to blame, aren't I? Who is going to believe me?

      But the answer is so simple and completely non-invasive. Breathing: if the breathing tempo of either partner becomes erratic and uneven then it is time to call it a day. And no, not kill it, but how about postponing things until a future time? Does this mean that I condone the countless sexual assaults, alleged or otherwise, to have happened in the work place? Absolutely not! Yes, I am also guilty but I have done much to mend my ways. So, if not I or you, who is the real culprit? How about Society?

      The suppression of truth; the inhibitions governing our behavior; the rank duplicity, yes it all fits fair and square. It is therefore in our hands to bring about some much needed change. I know AC10965, I've probably broken all the rules here, so may I suggest to our Moderator, if you decide to delete this, can you possibly suggest an equivalent that will fit in its place?

      Warm regards, alan86734.


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      Hi, AC10965.

      A brief addendum to my post of about an hour ago. I think that by my constant plugging of my refusal of all pain killers I am creating a false impression that I am against all analgesics and pain management. Nothing could be further from the truth.


      This is just the upper limit. At times I have used analgesics, epidural blocks, and general anesthesia for various surgical interventions. There are many pain management measures available to us patients. What I am suggesting is do discuss all the options with your doctor or other attendant surgical staff and then make an informed choice.

      Warm regards, alan86734.


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