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Hi everyone smile Although I'm trying to cut down etc and make my life better which I am , I'm suffering the most terrible nitemares !!

Since I moved to my new house last August I've had the most terrible dreams ! Has anybody experienced sleep paraylsis ?? I've researched this as have experienced this before but recently in this house I have periods where its terrible ! Last night was awful but I coped better because I knew what was happening , although awful ! . I dont want to explain exaclty what happens because I dont want people thinking of this before they sleep . Just wondered if this was linked to drinking ?? I think this is perhaps linked to psychosis ?? I'm worried . I drink a bottle of wine a night , sometimes more but not normally and have done for 15 years . There is a family history of alcohol addiction plus mental health in my family ! Any advice would be great thanks xx  

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    Bad dreams for me would be, dreaming I've got absolutely hammered on wine - enough that I can't drive to work, but then waking and realising I'm not that drunk, it was just the one bottle? (I too drink a bottle of wine a day, sometimes more, have done for 3 years solid)

    I also dream about people criticising my drinking, my boyfriend breaking up with me over it, or work saying it's not acceptable. Also the obligatory dreams were I embarrass myself via drinking - being brutally honest here, dreaming I've p*ssed the bed is often, always relived to wake up and know it's just a dream - although I've been there in reality admittedly, mortifying.

    I do get bad cramps in my legs though and terrible sweats. But never sleep paralysis, I have watched a documentary, sounds utterly terrifying, I have trouble sleeping anyway so being a victim to that would be absolutely detrimental to my sleep.

    Have you spoke to your GP? I know when I asked for sleeping tablets it was an absolute no because of my drinking history - also because I once tried an overdose of tablets in 2012 (but that's another story altogether)

    Maybe anxiety could be playing a part in your sleep paralysis due to your move? Your GP would be best to consult as they know your history.

    Hope this helps, much luck to you.

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    Hi Rainbow.

    I suffer with really vivid dreams wether I was drinking or not, also nightmares. I did notice my nightmares were worse if I hadn't drank and put it down to withdrawals of some sort. I have never suffered with the paralysis though thankfully. My husband has woke me in the past due to me screaming and crying in my sleep. May be worth while seeing your GP?!

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    My post is being moderated because I used a "swear" word, let me try write again without:

    Bad dreams for me would be, dreaming people are criticising my drinking, including work, or boyfriend splitting up with me during my heavy drinking.

    I dream I've drank more than I actually have, often. Such as I think I've drank two bottles of wine and can't drive to work even though I've only drank one.

    I also have the obligatory dream were I embarrass myself through drinking... Being completely honest here I often have a dream of wetting the bed and I'm relived to wake up and find this isn't the case - although in the past this has been reality, mortifying.

    (This is where I think my post got moderated, I used a word beginning with P in relation to wetting the bed)

    I too drink a bottle of wine a night, often more. Sleep paralysis I have no experience of - but I have read about it and watched a good few documentaries and it sounds terrifying.

    I'm a terrible sleeper myself, I've been the doctors for sleeping tablets but due to my drinking history and mental health issues it's an absolute no, due to risk of overdose.

    Perhaps your increased sleep problems could be due to anxiety due to your move? I think it's best speaking to your GP who knows your history and would be better equipped to advise you for some relief of such a terrible syndrome.

    Good luck and much love.

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      "(This is where I think my post got moderated, I used a word beginning with P in relation to wetting the bed)"

      I have had it direct from the moderators that p*ss is acceptable.

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      My brain is baffled by the "P" situation !

      Did you use the word ...starting with P...then ending with "ish"?

      Funny how these things matter in my Insomniac World.

      Alonangel 🎇

      P.S.  I hope you are doing well, BK522. 😀

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    Alcohol can certainly cause sleeping problems, it's a big issue for drinkers. It sounds like you're going in an out of REM sleep and your brain is immobilizing you so you don't act out on your dreams. 

    It would be a good thing to talk to your doc about, especially if you're currently using any medications (or just started a new one). It might be helpful to aim for getting past REM sleep, down into "slow wave" sleep too, so you can get the quality of sleep you need along with the length.

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    Hi Rainbow...I just find it weird that it only started occurring in your new house.

    ​I know this is going to sound like I am a WHACK job....BUT...who cares..LOL.

    ​Do they have insence in the UK?  They are sticks that you burn that smell like different scents....If you can find one that is "sage"...burn the house (prefrebaly in the area you sleep).....and it rids bad "forces". 

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    Thank you so much yet again everyone for your help ! I was at my first AA meeting last night so I couldnt  reply . I was meant to go a few weeks ago but couldnt last minute . I HAVE NOT had a drink tonight smile Been difficult and feel slightly odd but feeling proud . 

    I will reply to you all individually soon 

    Many thanks again xx

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      What did you think of the AA meeting?

      ​For used to be a good distraction and an opportunity to see people that have lost much more than myself...etc..their health, homes, jobs...etc....

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