bad experience at the Drs. Opinions please

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I visited the ******* surgery, Brighton  yesterday afternoon and saw Dr ************. I was visibly terrified as it had taken me a lot to book the appointment. My partner who accompanied me explained that I had been feeling incredibly low the past month, maybe more, and that I had completed the online NHS depression self test, which I have later discovered is the same test used the the practice. He informed her that i got a score of 22/27 advising me to see my GP.

Dr ********** spoke to me in a very patronising tone, saying it would help if I spoke to her, which I understand however it's something I have barely come to terms with admitting to myself let alone someone else.

I mustered up the courage to talk to Dr ********** when she asked me general questions about my life such as "am I a student". when I replied yes to this question she told me to go and talk to my university's services and wrote down a link to a website to get more information on depression (which was one of many I had already read).

She asked a few more questions such as "do I self harm?" To which I told her I do however I do not want her to see. She also asked if I had had suicidal thoughts to which I told her about an evening a few nights before the visit where I had a handful of painkillers and very nearly took them. It is only because my boyfriend noticed what I was doing and stopped me. She dismissed this as a "cry for help", telling me there are better ways to ask for support. It was not intended as a cry for help but a genuine thought of ending my life.

After this she still didn't take the issue seriously, dismissing it as "going through a rough patch". She made it clear That she thought I was attention seeking which was definitely not my intention. She wanted to send me away at that point.

It is only when we refused to leave with no help whatsoever that she gave a questionnaire to complete and bring back to her in 2 weeks time (this is exactly the same as the NHS online tool to which I had already told her my score.)

She reluctantly prescribed me 20mg Fluoxetine daily but with out much information at all on antidepressants. All she told me was they "lift your mood" and "should not be depended on" I knew more due to my own personal research. She gave no specific information such as side-effects or drugs which I shouldn't take with this. I later discovered from reading online, NSAIDs such as ibuprofen should be avoided, which I take for period pains and would have continued to do so if I didn't research myself.

After the visit I was physically shaking, crying and hyperventilating for at least half an hour, as she made me feel like I was making a fuss over nothing and that depression wasn't a real illness. My partner said he had never seen me in a state anywhere near that before, and I find it awful that the person I turned to for help could make me feel that low.

I want to make sure she does not treat anyone else in such a vulnerable state in the same way, as it could have severe repercussions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email,

Yours sincerely ***********

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    Should have said this is a copy of the letter I sent to the nhs complains department 
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      Well done you, I hope you get a reply from them, I find it shocking the way doctors treat us, all we want is the help we deserve, I hope you get the help you need and get it soon, hope you have a good weekend, take care smile xx
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    Unfortunetly this is not an uncommon response from GP's and I have suffered the same on many occasions even after a diagnosis and life long bouts with depression and anxiety, if there is any advice I can give you is to ask to be referred to the local mental health team for assessment, this is your right and they are better equipped to give specific information and support for your needs. 

    Don't stop fighting for you right to be well ! 

    Good luck x 

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    This sounds like my worst nightmare!

    so sorry for you to have had to live it

    This is exactly why I won't go to the docs

    Id rather anything than have to go through this

    Hope you get better results next time!

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    Thankyou everyone xx
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    Hi that is awful but unfortunately there are some doctors with this attitude even today.   I had the same thing when I first went to the doctors.  He just gave me a lecture about sleeping patterns,   some leaflets,  asked me what does it matter and told me he thought I was an uptight person!   I was extremely upset.  

    It took me 4 months of hell and a serious suicide attempt before I plucked up the courage to go back to a different doctor.  That experience was so different as she was lovely and helpful.   

    Please do go back and see someone else.  x

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    Why am I not surprised at the attitude of some stupid people who are qualified doctors, have they never been in this position. Depression is an illness and they have no right to treat you like a small child it takes so much courage to make the actual appointment and it's one of the hardest things to say how bad we feel and then you get a stupid person like that who intimidates you suggesting you don't know how you feel, I'm so glad you stood your ground and got some medication because at least you have made a start on your journey to get better, it's time to change your doctor if there are not other doctors at your surgery and I would make a complaint about them as they are not practising professionally, how on earth could they say you are seeking attention it maks me so angry you need to find a good doctor who has knowledge of mental health problems and how to support you through this time, I know many people who suffer from depression, I wouldn't wish this on anyone I myself have suffered on and off for over 25 years and without support and medication I don't think I would still be here. Start the medication it takes a few weeks to start to feel the benefits but keep going with them and just ride out any of the written side affects I have never suffered with side effects because I never read the paperwork that goes with them because when your feeling so bad it's another thing to think about I'm so glad you have a supportive partner who cares about you, with his support you will get through this and get your life back again, there's plenty of support on here if you need it.

    take care and keep strong 


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      Thankyou, I have registered at a new Drs already and have an appointment in a few days. My complaint has been passed on to the appropriate department and they should be in contact soon to discuss it further 

      Glad you agree with me 


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    That is terrible and malpractice, goes directly against NICE guidelines and could be palpable to clinical negligence, if you were to carry out any threat of self harm she would be up in front of the medical council like a shot!

    Your right yo complain, you might want to consider sending it to the practice manager who will investigate it, I believe the Dr won't be advised it was you but in future simply refuse to be treated by her and tell the practice manager that.

    Well done you for not rolling over and having your belly tickled.

    You also have a witness to her attitude so she can't deny it. 


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      Thankyou for your support. I have sent that to the nhs complaints department and they will deal with it all for me. Less stress that way. I'm glad I have a witness and he was even more angry about it all than me. 

      I have moved doctors surgeries altogether as found the receptionists very rude too xx

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