Bad methadone treatment

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Hi all

I was just wondering if anyone here has had a bad experience from treating doctors or clinics on methadone?

I have read scare stories (admittedly on less reputable websites) about people testing positive and getting their dose reduced from 180 to 100 to 0!

I understand all stories are individual and some people can't expect treatment of theyre testing positive for all sorts everyday.

But for the average person really trying? Can it really Happen? I mean the black and white people will say you only have to be treated in an emergency. But take an anti depressant for example. This is non emergency but stopping someone cold turkey would be medically and humanly negligent.

I would say most people being treated for a drug abuse problem will have a set back at some stage, or a relapse. So what degree of willingness to keep helping is out there??

Any academic papers I have read state that using methadone dose as a punishment does not work. But there seems to be a big gap between the literature and the practice. I get that the nature of methadone means that a large proportion of patients are probably in the category of unhelpful to themselves, law issues, aggression issues etc

But I feel like this drug is used punitively rather than what it's shown and designed for.

Be happy to discuss if anyone has opinions.

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    Hi ted 

             i was on methadone for 8 years and now been clean for 3 months,however there are still side effects from coming off it even 3 months later ... if i knew then what i know now about this drug i would of never took it 

             many doctors prescribe it purely because of the low cost .. its even prescribed in the usa to people for back ache and other severe pain ( as its cheaper than oxycodin ) but patients dont understand the risks and dosages ( as it has a longer half life ) . and many patients are overdosing .. also many doctors dont understand the drug and have very little experience in dosage/side effects 

              i 100% agree with your comments ... more research ( and i mean proper research ) should be done ... addicts would be better of with diamorphine tablets which are much easier to withdraw from ( if they wish ) ... maybe more expensive but much safer and thats what matters 

               ok some people take methadone all their lives with no problems but theres a significant proportion who have problems ( created by the drug ) and feel trapped when on methadone ...

                 take care ted 

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    Thanks for your reply.

    It's always good to get others opinions.

    At the moment, and granted I know the bad long term effects, it is probably saving my life. I no longer need to illegally feed my addiction, meaning I'm safe from the law and my job is safe, and the cost means I'm not spending everything I have on illegally obtained drugs.

    My main worry is being forced off it. I don't want ti be on it for ever. But I also know as an addict with psychological issues, I may have relapses. I don't want my failings to ruin my long term prospects. And I feel things like if I have a slip, punishing me by lowering my dose will drive me back to my old ways.

    Obviously more work needs to be done by everyone. Doctors, patients, legal authority.

    But I mean you would not punish a diabetic patient who ate a few donuts by lowering their insulin!

    Anyway in staying strong and doing my level best.

    Great to hear you personally got clean after 8 years. Impressive! Good on you

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      Hi ted 

               what doctors dont realise is addicts are not stupid .. infact addicts and ex addicts know more about methadone than the doctors do .... and because you are generally scripted it when your at your lowest ( withdrawal from heroin ) then you will take anything to stop turking 

                ive known people who took heroin just at the weekend .. felt sh*t on the sunday but then smoked weed through the week .. however ive also seen people try methadone and "bamm".. the next day they are frantically searching for some more ....granted the idea behind methadone makes some sense but i also know there are better alternatives .... subutex ( suboxone and bupernorphine ) is a life saver for many .....and significantly easier to taper off 

                   DF118 ( dihydrocodeine ) is also used in the uk for opiate dependance ... many heroin addicts are given 10 x 40mg tabs per day which do a great job of maintaining a decent lifestyle 

                   also diamorphine 10mg tabs are sometimes prescribed to select addicts.. however its my understanding that you need to be over 50 .. dont know why this is but the couple of guys i know who get them are over 50 and been addicts for 30years plus 

                   in the uk addiction support is done via the NHS ( national health service ) so once your on a program your pretty much safe .. however i know in the states its all about insurance and cost ...however its a catch 22 ... if a addict gets forced off methadone ( or another subsitute ) then they would have to steal to feed their addiction which would cost more to society than the cost of the addiction support .... but the goverment are too narrow minded to see this .. 

               i will give you a example of what we are dealing with .. a doctor on a youtube video stated "methadone takes around 3 days to leave your body and after that you will be clean "... i commented on the video saying this was rubbish and all the other comments were pretty much the same ... if doctors think this way then no wonder many addicts are told to detox and told it will be safe .....

                doctors also tend not to beleive addicts due to their lifestyle .. but hey they are good people with a chemical addiction and should be listened to 

                    anyway stay strong ted .... there will be bad days .. i have them even after 3 months .. but i have a good wife and things are getting better every day 

                   best wishes ted 

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    Ted, If you are unhappy with your methadone doctor or have any doubts about his competance then I would suggest trading him/her in for a better one. Unless you are in an isolated area you should have many options. i even know people who used their local hospital until they found a suitable dr. Do not be threatened by your dr. There is simply no benefit in addiction treatment for that kind of bedside manner,,IMHO

    Also, while it does have its own risks ...some people prefer buphrenorpine over methadone but the important thing is

    congrats on the effort you are making 

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