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Hi, I have suffered from bad nose and now mouth breath for at least 10 years. It's a bit bad in the morning but once I get to work it gets worse to the point where people will cover their mouth when they talk to me, it's so depressing. If I am outside for the day though there's nothing there or once I leave work & get into fresh air it starts to clear to the point it goes away.

Firstly the breath out my nose smells like something awful & then it starts in my throat too which is usually worse than my nose, much worse. I have been to the dentist & had fillings & an extensive clean. I have seen ent specialist to be told there's nothing there, ive had the camera twice up my nose into my sinuses & I've also had an operation on my sinuses to remove any excess skin but after the op he said there was nothing there. I use netipot & nelimed sinus washes twice a day, it's too hard to do at work although sometimes I go out to a public toilet & use cold previously boiled water, which isn't nice & it doesn't always help probably because it's cold.

My doctor has just prescribed beconase & omeprazole tablets but I've had acid reducing tablets in the past & they just give me a sore stomach.

Please can someone help me, it's so depressing, I avoid all talk at work & hate meetings, it's ruining my life. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Whats it smell like? Human feces, rotten eggs? If so, you have a sulfur and hydrogen problem. Its not a visible sinus infection? Adenoids still there in your upper throat? No tonsil stones? Gravity is pulling the infected odor from your nose, to your throat. Try doing a sinus rinse w a few drops of baby shampoo, its a surfactant and breaks thr binding capability of cells between your flesh and whatever is causing the odor. Did this improve the problem? Ask for clindamycin and/or metronidazole, clindamycin kills infection in your sinus/adenoids, metronidazole kills infection in your stomach. Read the other comments in this thread, theres a lot of info previously stated. You may need a FESS procedure to cleanse your upper throat tissue, as well as removing your adenoids/tonsils
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    You must visit to a periodontist and take a treatment for this. Dr. Bill is one such dentist who will make you feel so much comfy while doing any kind of treatment. He have treated my mother's sleep apnea and gum disease for myself.
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    Hi any updates have you found a cure? Im also going through the same nightmare any info is greatly appreciated. I think I have pinned it to a few things my gums 
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      Sinus Infection & the Rotten Egg Smell (The Document)

      Sinus infection or sinusitis is one of the most tedious and even depressing health conditions that a person may experience through his or her life. The cold virus is what causes the infection, but the problem is how hard it is to kill this virus as it is hidden behind the lateral wall of the maxillary sinus. In this article I intend to talk about my personal experience at dealing with this infection, hoping to help many others, as I was once helped.

      It all started about five years ago when I began to deal with a mucus condition that I seemed to never be able to eradicate. I took some medication but no results or maybe I just didn’t follow through accordingly.  One night, my wife and I were wondering where tat terrible smell in the room was coming from. By then, I did not yet realize that it was me the one carrying the smell, at least not until I noticed that it was following me wherever I went. The only comment worth mentioning about that experience is that for a few nights I had to sleep into the guest room as I didn’t want to punish my wife with that disgusting smell. It was at that point when I decided to take good action plan towards that problem.

      The first thing I did was to pay a visit to my doctor. She prescribed me some antibiotic. After taking about half of the prescribed pills, I just stopped taking them as I did not see any good improvement; maybe I was just desperate to see some type of results.

      Then, I went online and browse through different forums about other people dealing with this, and there I read about some natural remedies. The first one I came across with was about Distilled Saline Water for sinus flush. I decided to give it a try so I went to the pharmacy and bought me the Neti Pot kit.  I tried that treatment for a couple of weeks, and, although I did feel a little bit better with the treatment, no cure was accomplished from it.

      Then I read about the Coconut oil and all its benefits, so I gave that a shot.  My mother in law, who is from Caribbean Islands, made a bottle of that oil to add a drop onto the formula of my new born daughter. So I started taking that oil for my personal problem by taking 1/2 mL of it through nostrils twice a day as others recommended.  I am not sure how much this contributed to the cure of my problem, I also used the great homemade remedy described on the next paragraph, but this I can say with certainty about coconut oil: This particular oil had a burnt taste into it and I thought it was so helpful to counteract the disgusting rotten egg smell while breathing. That, all by itself, was extremely compensating to me, especially because it helped me recover my self-steam while around other people.

      The next remedy was a blending of some amazing ingredients. I believe this particular remedy to be the most effective of all the ones I took to defeat this virus and get rid of the infection.  But as I used this remedy, I continued to use the coconut oil treatment. Below are the names of the ingredients and where to find them.

      1st- Aloe Vera Gel:  I bought the Aloe Vera Leaves at Harris Teeters. See YouTube videos on how to get the gel out of the leaf without wasting any meet. Add the meat of half lead of Aloe Vera to the blender

      2nd- Red Perl Onion or Shallots: wash with warm water a quarter pound of this and prop into blender with peels on.

      3rd- Garlic: wash with warm water a quarter pound of garlic and prop into blender with peels on.

      4th- Apple Cider Vinegar:  Add two cups of this vinegar to blender

      5th- Pure Natural Honey:  Add two cups of this honey to blender.

      Blend all these ingredients thoroughly and take three tablespoon in the morning before breakfast and three tablespoon at night right before going to bed; reduce to two tablespoon when conditions improve. Then take one tablespoon if no symptoms of infection.  If you decide to stop this remedy for whatever reason, do yourself a favor and keep on taking a whole clove of garlic every day by swallowing with liquid.

      The last home remedy, which I took parallel with the two previously mentioned remedies, was Ginger Tea. To prepare it, get two ounces of chopped ginger and drop it into boiling water for about 5 minutes, then sweeten with pure natural honey and enjoy.  Like coffee, take a cup of this tea every morning, as it can also be used as a good sense stimulator.



      Getting cured from Sinusitis is not an easy task; I went through it myself and know all the implications. If you really want to eradicate that hidden cold virus causing the infection, be aware that you may only accomplish this if and only if you are more tenacious than the resilience of the virus.  Follow my recommendations, make sure you drink lots of water and include citrus fruit to your diet (grapefruits are awesome). Now just get to it, but do take this thing seriously and fight bravely nonstop until you are set free.  God bless you all!

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