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Oral and Dental Problems

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  • Naz1299 2

    Dead tooth pain and confusion PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi I've been experiencing a great amount of pain for the past four days I went to the dentist yesterday because they had been closed over the weekend. The dentist told me my tooth was dead and I had to get a root canal and crown but that my insurance could not cover it so now I have to wait until august...

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  • Anx2009 1

    Yellow Bump on Soft Palate

    Hi everyone, bit of background. I am 35 years old, female, ex smoker (I vape and haven't smoked cigarettes for 3 years) and a suffer with health anxiety. Otherwise healthy, not a great duet but run a few times a week and I am on the slim side. Not sure if I can add photos (would really help if I could!)...

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  • marlene65331 1

    it looks like tonsil stones...But it's not. Tumour? :(

    Hiya. I've been diagnosed with tonsillitis 2 weeks ago. I had a lot of pain and the GP found a white 'lump' on my tonsils, so antibiotics for a week. Pain gone, but the white lump still there, so back to the GP, who diagnosed tonsils stones. I've used a mouth wash for a week now and tried to remove it...

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  • colleen 2828 3

    teeth out terror

    I had my very back tooth out last week, today I am having next molar out & lower back tooth & molar all on left. My teeth didn't hold with root canal. I will have no back teeth on left. Should I have partial denture or just cope without, I can't have bridge as no surrounding teeth plus ive read about...

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  • lemondrop 1

    Did my dentist do unnecessary work?

    Hi - I was hoping someone could advise. I have just started seeing a new dentist due to a move. He did x-rays and told me that I needed to re-do 2 of my fillings (I felt no pain), replace a filling that came out (I agree) and have another filling in a spot where the filling kept coming out (my old dentist...

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  • t58949 1

    pull teeth to get partial denture?

    Hi, My wife had 3 lower (front) teeth pulled, (one was sore the other 2 were a little loose) and they did a flipper without giving any options. (possibly due to medicaid restrictions on coverage) After the extraction one of the staff said flipper is for cosmetic only, and she would have to get a 4th...

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  • Guest M

    Breath smells like faeces (Poo)

    I have this horrid poo smell from my mouth. I brush my teeth twice a day, floss, use Dentyl PH mouthwash, I have the best oral hygeine of anyone I know but I still have this smell. I am too embarrassed to even ask my flriends or family to tell me my breath stinks. I am becoming totally reclusive because...

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  • 2.30 1

    Tooth feels hollow and all wearing away after Paleo diet

    Hello, Two of my teeth (lower left) feel hollow and are sensitive if I eat anything sugary. All my teeth are wearing away like they are being gradually ground down. I've been using pro enamel toothpaste on advice of my dentist for the past two years. My upper two front teeth are very jagged. Only...

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  • oric 1
  • rehan70462 2
  • kaitlin65383 2

    any been put to sleep for tooth pull

    i have 5 teeth that need to come out all in the same visit by an oral surgeon as my dentist couldnt pull them due to sinus related issues the oral surgeon im gonna see for consoletation offers iv deep sleep i have severe phobia and anxiety so deep sleep is what im gonna choose but the thought of going...

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  • billy65212 1
  • Diary 2

    Severe toothache

    I'm in the UK. Saturday before last I woke up with severe toothache in the bottom molar next to the back one. I had my wisdom teeth removed 25 years ago. I went to the emergency dentist who gave me amoxicillin and recommended removal later in the week. My own dentist after examining me added metronidazole...

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  • yungblake 1

    Tonsil issues, bad breath, PND

    I've had issues with tonsil stones for about a year and a half now, and I think I can trace it back to my chronic post-nasal drip and generally large tonsils. I have holes in my tonsils as well, but I'm not sure if that could contribute to it. There is no pain in my throat, nose, or ears whatsoever,...

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  • daniel28749 3

    Bad breath(fart).

    So I've been experiencing BB for a few years now. Just like everyone else I've tried many things with no success. At first I thought it was my mouth but starting to believe it's something in my gut. I'm tired of getting "did you fart?" comments. Thing is I believe it's in my gut is because I've been...

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  • tommy82849 1

    Suffered from bad breath for many years

    I constanly try to clear my throat and it feels like mucus frequently comes down into my throat. When I drink lots of water, it feels like food is cleared from my throat and is sometimes a little painful. There is often a thick coating on my tongue in the morning. I clean my teeth at least once a day....

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  • rehan70462 2
  • zack06530 1

    Is this oral thrush?

    Hello I am wondering if I can ask you guys for some advice.  About 4 weeks ago my tongue suddenly started to feel as though there was a hair stuck on it towards the back. At the time I had been using Corsoydl mouth wash so I thought it was this. However the problem persisted for a week so I went to...

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  • rehan70462 2

    bumps on back of tongue

    Hello guys . I feels like there is something is stuck in my throut and 4 days ago i checked it there is some bumps on my back of tongue . Guys i need some idia please let me know what is this .thank you all

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  • dawn62288 2

    stiff jaw after cavity filling

    Hello about 2/3 weeks ago i had a filling in my lower right hand side tooth. i had injections in my gum prior to the filling. after leaving the dentist with a numb mouth i waited several hours before my mouth defrosted. In the following couple of days to come i noticed my tooth was super sensitive and...

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  • Afelt7 2

    Small soft bumps on floor of mouth

    Hello everyone! I've developed some small soft bumps on the floor of my mouth. They are NOT painful and if I rub my tongue over them they feel similar to ulcers. I will say that I smoke a pipe quite often. I'm not sure if that's the culprit or not however. I'm just hoping this is no form of mouth cancer...

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  • kaitlin65383 2

    oral surgery what to expect

    my dentist referred me to an oral surgeon i have 5 teeth that need to come out right away then down the road as insurrance allows it i will have to have my entire mouth pulled and have dentures. what can i expect as far as oral surgery goes? my mom says its up to the dentist and not up to me as to wheather...

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  • antonia59362 1

    Different advice from two different dentists about RCT

    Hi, about a year ago I was having pain in one of my front teeth on my bottom jaw, I went to the dentist who did an x-ray and said that I would need a root canal on that tooth and work on a broken one. Because of anxiety I was too scared to go back and get the work done and just lived with the pain. But...

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  • Brainworried 2

    Mouth problems

    Hello, I always wake up with a dry and smelly mouth and noticed formation of caries lately even though I brush and floss my teeth twice a day and use a high quality mouth wash every morning. However I noticed that I suck air out of my mouth to the point where my tongue is in contact with mouth roof and...

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  • philk185 1

    Mucus or sputum on outside of throat and osphegas

    I have what I can only describe as a belt of thick web like strong mucus which doesn't go through my respiratory system at all. It is as though it is attached via my skull or outside of my nose behind this area. It moves at times and goes down through my jaw and sits on outside of my chest I believe...

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  • uche60087 2

    Tooth Nerve pains.

    I did fill my two teeth last year and since then I have not chew, bite or drink anything on that side (right side) cos it's so painful and sensitive. What do I do about it? Should I numb the nerves or pull the tooth . Is the process painful?

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  • sharon17758 2

    I've a painful wisdom tooth after having two removed 20 years ago!

    I've seen my dentist as an emergency a week ago about a painful wisdom tooth and she checked them, did an X ray and said two I'm left with are fully grown so fine but I'm returning to see the same dentist at 4.30pm today because I still have toothache. This is after getting two wisdom teeth removed twenty...

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  • lisalisa67 6

    Tmd anyone and what do i do?

    i have had tmj for 20 years. Used a mouth solint and it stayed the same. Then lastbyear i started getting a washing machine sound in ine ear.went to the maxiallry surgein they made a new nightgaurd. About six months ago jaw oains, muscle aches, ear issues..etd and more tinnitus sounds. Some inner ear...

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  • kaitlin65383 2

    how to deal with anxiety about the dentist

    this comming thursday i have to go to the dentist to have a a broken tooth extracted. the dentist said its broken down to the root. he also mentioned possible surgical extraction what can i expect about the procedure and also what can i do to lesson my axiety so that when i arrive at the dentist im not...

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  • uche60087 2

    Tooth nerve pains and sensitivity

    I have my two teeth filled and since then i have not chew or bite or drink cold water anything on that side, i went to a doctor who did x-ray found out the nerves were touched during d filling.  what do i do to reduce the pains and sensitivity. do i numb it?

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  • marie99158 2

    Dry Socket worries

    I'm concerned about dry socket because tomorrow is a public holiday so no dentists will be open. I had one upper wisdom tooth out on Thursday so this is day four there hasn't been too much pain since the extraction, I still have mild bottom jaw pain and no pain in the tooth area. I'm worried I started...

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  • rachael79835 1

    No sleep for 5 days, still in agony! What should I do?

    Hi, I recently in the last 6 months finally got in to an NHS dentist. Before then I have had emergency appointments to begin the root canal process but could not have this finished until I got a dentist. My first appointment my dentist suggested completing the root canal treatment but I couldn't afford...

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  • paul28795 2

    Complaints around Dentist - advice needed

    Back in April this year, I revisited my local Dentist as I was noticing an increased sensitivity in my teeth and that it made for uncomfortable consumption of food and drink, so I decided to make an appointment for a check-up, which I had to wait 3 weeks for. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and...

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  • travis20967 1
  • kym1989 2

    Swelling on Jaw/Gum

    Hi, I had a root cancel done on my molar upper right due to a large cavity picked up by an x-ray. This was done months ago no problems. I had a few problems a couple of weeks back with pain in that area and wasn't able to put my teeth together. Given antibiotics and now not in pain and can put my teeth...

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