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Oral and Dental Problems

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  • rogeroger38060 2

    Gum disease

    Hi chaps ... I had some very expensive treatment for Periodental problems 10 years ago, I then moved house and told my new dentist who said that together we could keep it under control, I went for regular (3 monthly) hygienist visits and whenever I saw him for a check-up he was always happy with

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  • jess5316 1

    Tonsil stones!

    Hi ya, Ive had very bad and increasing tonsil stones since december 2016 and my tonsils have now formed pockets basically meaning i am going to contantly get them untill they are removed which will hopefully be soon. as of today one started breaking through the skin of my tonsil! Just wondering if

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  • daniel28749 3

    Bad breath(fart).

    So I've been experiencing BB for a few years now. Just like everyone else I've tried many things with no success. At first I thought it was my mouth but starting to believe it's something in my gut. I'm tired of getting "did you fart?" comments. Thing is I believe it's in my gut is because I've

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  • susan21629 2

    Burning Mouth

    I have been suffering from burning mouth for over 2 years and it has been making my life unbearable.   I have been to numerous doctors and had many tests.  Burning is not the problem as much as dryness and soreness and discomfort on the roof of my mouth particularly directly behind the front teeth.  

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  • Guest M

    Breath smells like faeces (Poo)

    I have this horrid poo smell from my mouth. I brush my teeth twice a day, floss, use Dentyl PH mouthwash, I have the best oral hygeine of anyone I know but I still have this smell. I am too embarrassed to even ask my flriends or family to tell me my breath stinks. I am becoming totally reclusive

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  • will53293 1

    Chronic halitosis

    I'm literally at a stand still and on the verge of suicide. Most of my adult life I have suffered from extreme halitosis. I mean it's so bad I've cleared entire rooms when I speak. Contrary to what people think my hygiene is impeccable. Dentist have praised me on how through I am. I've also tried

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  • paulherbert 2

    little red spots on tongue

    its really bothering me but i cant remember if those spots on my tongue were always there should i b worried ? and no i dont have a disease i brushed my tongue this morning

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  • michael 60452 3

    Headache and Jaw Pain 9 days after removal of Wisdom Teeth

    I'm 35 and had 5 wisdom teeth out 8 days ago (yes I had an extra one) under a general anesthetic. I never had very much pain from the actual extraction areas, just what was to be expected. But ever since I have had a chronic headache and pain along my jaw, particularly one the right upper side

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  • boyce38172 1


    Hello Everyone,  I am 25 yrs male . I have been suffering from bad breath condition for over 4 years ' i do wish i have a good advise or doctors reccomendation on what to do . thanks veery much. regards

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  • healthyoda 1
  • dan67968 2

    Bad breath please help!!

    I have bad breath from my tongue im pretty sure the only place , and I've been brushing it for a long time along with teeth brushing ( since about 16 and I'm 21) with my tooth brush. At the end of the day it's kind of white and my breath isn't fresh , especially if i have milky coffee.

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  • darren 14489 1

    Gum pain,really tender

    Im a 48 year old male with history of anxiety and depression for which I take a mix of meds, mirtazapine, citalopram plus lisinopril for blood pressure and codeine sub buprenorphine for addiction assistance. For last 6-8 months Ive suffered with severe gum pain mouth blisters and ulceration. Bloods

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  • Mikegmt 1

    Molar removal nose vent narrowed/dropped

    Hi,  I had the top right first molar removed. Immediately after procedure the right nostril narrowed. I called the next morning and was told it should only be temporary and nothing to worry about. 2 1/2 weeks later problem remains. When checking nostril internally it appears the struture has

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  • Norma 234 1

    Tmd face deformed

    I've had tmd for a while and now that I grind my teeth down I have bite collapse and my whole face is different in a bad way. What can I do? Whats an alternative to crowns?

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  • Chuckrock 1

    Dental Work Numb chin and lip a week later

    I suspect I suffered nerve damage during my scaling procedure.  There was definatly a moment when she hit something that made me jump while injecting me.  Was this the dentists error?  When I called a week later regarding my symptons she was angry I did not call sooner.  I'm confused as to the

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  • fillyy2 1

    small hard lump on roof of mouth HELP

    PLEASE HELP. Just a quick bit about me, I'm 20, female, smoker of 5 years, trying to quit as pregnant now. I've had this small lump on the roof of my mouth for at least a few years now from what I can remember. It's never bothered me before but a couple months ago I ate something that knocked it

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  • ll12333 2

    Pain in the back of the mouth

    Im having a little pain in the back of my mouth and i think where the wisdom tooth is. Im 18 and sometimes i expirience a little pain back there not even pain but something uncomfortable. Could it be that my wisdom tooth is starting to grow? A different thing i want to ask lately im expiriencing a

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  • Jaytay150 1

    Dentist cannot remove crown, plyers? Infection in root, help!

    Hello, first post here & I'm looking for advice on a root canalled crowned tooth that I have a recurrent infection in. I also detest dentists, had 12 teeth (molars, incisors, milk teeth) removed when I was a kid. All I remember is waking up from the anestic with blood pouring out my mouth & pain.

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  • GaMo 2

    Is This TMJ

    Hi, so I have TMJ and the usual symptom of an uneven bite and clicking in the jaw when moving my mouth. I also have a few other health concerns and I wanted to see if anyone else here had these same So I get pressure behind the eyes and a popping sensation in the top of my nose! My

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  • lisa58922 2

    Line at back of throat

    Hi i have noticed i have a white line at the very back of my throat and it is right in the ideas what it could be?thank you

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  • mike666 3

    Bad Breath/reflux? pnd? infection? Something else?

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this duscussion. I've had bad breath (especially horrendous morning breath) for as long as I can remember. Probably for a good 10 years or so? (I'm 29) I've also experience what I think is possible post nasal drip (tongue is always coated. Often feel mucus on back

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  • slparker418 1
  • pla45112 2
  • Ozzman316 2

    Crater like hole behind wisdom tooth + Other mouth symptoms

    I am 23 years old and barely drink and do not smoke cigarettes and over the last month or so, It seems like there have been some weird and concerning dental symptoms that have been going on. I think one of my wisdom teeth are coming in because I can see a tooth sort of sticking out on the side and

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  • roger61715 2

    Dentist shifted three teeth

    I had a tooth pulled 4 days ago and the dentist shifted 3 of my teeth over to the point that my left canine is overlapping the tooth next to it. Is this permanent and what should I do about it? Sorta Worried about going back to the same dentist.

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  • lisalisa67 6

    Tmj and gum tingling

    does anyone get gum tingling when they eat? I have tmj i clench and im curious. I think my mouth just had it with my clenching. I, going for acuouncture saturday to see if they can help it but it seems weird. I dont think my maxilary surgeon knows what im talking about nor does my dentist. They

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  • emily52713 4

    Wisdom tooth removal

    2 days ago i had my wisdom tooth removed, it was pretty much badly impacted and hard work to get out. I was under local anaesthetic. Does anyone know why the site is bleeding everytime i open my mouth? I went to a&e last night because i was concerned of the bleeding which stops and starts and only

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  • idjaw61851 1

    red sore in the gum

    I have this sore in the bottom of the gum since 2 years now (slightly increased in size). No historical trauma. I consulted two specialists in the past two years, they didn't really help me and just ordered some anti-inflammation.  

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  • scottg85 1
  • Tyler23 2

    Really desperate

    Before I begin, this is quite long to read so please bear with me. I realise a lot of this is my own fault so I'm hoping nobody judges me. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and this appears to be another one. In mid August I met a girl who's breath was really bad however I tried to see past

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  • louise35799 2
  • Kikeu99 1
  • emil1488 1

    Bad breath after pharyngitis

    Hello everyone, I have very bad breath and can`t stand it anymore so I`m looking for help. I`m 22yo male. A month ago I was curred of pharyngitis. I had yellow blisters on the back of neck, my tonsils were abnormaly big and sometimes tonsil stones appeared but they were very very small. It took me

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  • ang65087 2

    Could impacted wisdom teeth be causing my nausea?

    I'll give you guys the short version of what I've already wrote in other discussions, but basically since the start of January I've been having daily nausea, burping, discomfort etc. to the point that I can barely eat without feeling sick. I've gotten an endoscopy, CT scan, blood tests, and

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  • randomer 1

    Swelling/lump beneath tongue (sublingual gland?)

    A few days ago I noticed this lump under my tongue. It is soft but firm. It doesn't usually hurt but there is some slight pain if I keep touching it with my tongue. I have no idea what it is. Mouth cancer is vey unlikely because I'm 18. I think it might be a swollen sublingual salivary gland but I don'

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