Bad pain 3 days after LLETZ.......Is fibro to blame?

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Morning all,

I had to have a colposcopy on Wednesday due to cell changes in my cervix and the Dr. performed a LLETZ to treat the abnormal tissue. 

Pain is expected for on average two days and luckily the pain meds I take have helped to control that - however, last night the pain killers wasn't killing as much and this morning I was woken up with such a pain in 'that area' it felt like I was going into labour. It has settled down a tad since taking co-codamol but is still very crampy and uncomfortable.

I know fibro exacerbates pain and can delay healing but I'm worried that something more sinister may be going on down below - but don't want to go rushing to A&E to be told it's just fibro sad

Has anyone else had the LLETZ procedure who could advise on how bad they were affected (I know we're all different, but in general)

Thanks everyone, have a good saturday and gentle hugs

Ery x 

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    Hi Erykah;   do you have abnormal bleeding/discharge which has increased over last 24 hours or so?   Do you feel feverish?  Although the side effects are normally minimal, but we do need to watch for any signs of infection, which rarely occur following this procedure, however, can be a possiblilty???.......I am assuming that the treating gynaecologist gave you a follow-up care plan, outlining what you can and can't do/what to expect etc?.......I feel that if it was me and at all concerned (especially Increased pain), would try contacting the surgeon/GP, and if that not possible, do have yourself checked at ED if this persists/gets worse over next 24 hours.........................Bron
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      Hi Bron,

      Thanks for your reply and advice. 

      I had heavy bleeding on Thursday but that has settled right down now. I was told what to do and what to expect and have been given a number to call if I am concerned (which I have only just remembered lol - thanks foggy brain) although it's closed at the weekend

      I feel pretty much ok (apart from normal aches and pain) no fever or anything else out of the ordinary, so makes me think it is the fibro aggrevating it.

      I will see how I go I think, if it gets worse or anything else happens I will go to the hospital. 

      Thanks again, have a good day



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    Hi erykah71 I had it done last year, I had stomach cramos for about 5 days then everything settled down. If your concerned see or speak to your gp. unfortunatly for us fibro does tend to make anything else, we have going on with us 10x worse. My advice is see how it goes ovewr the weekend. take something for the pain and speak to a gp on monday. hope it soon settles for you take care gentle hug 
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      Hi Kaz,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I am going to see how it goes. It has settled down now, think I just got scared as it woke me up. 

      The hospital is oonly 10 mins down the road so there if I need it. 

      Have a good day hun, gentle hugs 


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      Oh you poor thing... it can be a little scary, especially when you cannot see the issue but you certainly feel it!    

      year ago I had my laser treatment done for C1 changes..  A polyp on the cervix, apparently not uncommon after child birth.  But over time it had changed and need 'off'.. and surroundiing tissue.  

      I actually had way more pain and discomfort during and after the biopsey ..haha..  Laugh now but at the time 'a trainee took the biopsey'  and boy oh boy it took my breath away, so much all I could do was go with the discomfort and groan.. haha... The Specialist dam near fainted when she saw the large chunk of my Cervix in the implement.  There was apologies exchanged between them and then to me.  Then Specialist gives Trainee another 'description on how the procedure was meant to be carried out to acquire the minimal piece of tissue required.  I laughed and said, 'Oh well, I quess then having my Biopsey come Surgical procedure has been 'both completed then'..  hahaha  

      Sadly nope...  I still had to have the Lazer treatment.   

      Never for a good few weeks attempt to lift 'anything at all', and 'do not strain or raise arms high above head for long periods whilst on your feet'...  All that loading will either cramp you up immediately and become painful or it will catch you up and be terribly painful!!   Also you'l cause the surface to break open and bleed...  You need to allow it to heal nicely... and be comfortable to.

      I did bleed for quite some time after my 'Biopsey'... and when I got home I wasn't able to remove the tampon they'd placed inside, my muscles had cramped up and locked down on it!!  hahaha.. THEN if basically was stuck because all the blood had soaked and dried to the wall...  It was horrible... and it was ripping the surface when I did manage to remove it..  Beggar of a time it was.  I didn't have a bath to soak myself...tsk tsk...   

      All the best, takes a bit of time to heal so be kind to yourself and take it real easy possums...  not unusual to get the odd cramps for a 3 - 4 months ...  they get better and lighter.   But Fibro of course is a issue on top which I didn't have back then..

      Gentle hugs erykah...xx

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      Oooooh Deb, you poor thing

      The only thing that hurt during the procedure was the local anisetic being injected - the rest was just uncomfortable. I felt ok after too even went and had my flu jab lol

      It's been since yesterday that I have started feeling crampy and of course with the usual fibro pains it just feels 100x worse then it would if I'd had it done before fibro moved in and put it's feet up.

      Anyway, family up now so gonna take it easy while they run around me for a change lol

      Have a good day hun, hugs


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      Hi erkah71 pleased to hear its settled down hun thats good. try not to stress worry as it affects our condition fibro loves making everything worse for us. take care rest plenty hope you have a lovely day and a good weekend gentle hugs kaz 40
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