bad pain in right side & acid reflux?

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I have had fatty liver for some time now.

all seems to have come to a head

for the past 6 weeks I have been very poorly.

stomach pains, distended stomach, high heart rate. Nausea. Feeling dizzy, faint, passing of blood in stools

long story short, I had CT scan which showed 2cm polyp in colon, I now have had that removed. Surgeon said it was 6-12 months from becoming malignant.

my liver pain has also increased over past few weeks, become more acute. Like a heavy stabbing pain in that region.

I also seem to be suffering from bad acid reflux symptoms.

is it possible that my fatty liver disease is causing my acid reflux symptoms ?

I have lost 10lbs in weight, which is good, I am over weight, I am determined to lose it.

I have not felt so ill in ages, years.

I am due MRI on liver in new year


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    Losing weight with a bad/poorly liver, is not usually a good sign.

    Are you taking pills for acid reflux like omeprazole?

    Personally, I would see my GP and push for that date and also explain your problems. People don't realise how important your liver is, it is up there with your heart and brain.

    Take it from someone who was admitted to hospital for liver failure.

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      thanks for reply.

      I will keep a close eye on things. When I go back to doctor after xmas I will discuss acid reflux. Now I am just trying to manage it with low fat food that does not trigger it

      I am losing 4 lbs per week at minute, I have been feeling very poorly, hopefully weight loss is due to acid reflux, and massive change in calorie intake

      plus, my diet was way to high in fat prior to my sickness, think some of this weight loss is due to detoxing effect

      I will push for early MRI in January,

      I get biopsy results from removed polyp in new year

      are you fully recovered now ?

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      I have the exact same symptoms as you although I'm not losing weight, I'm currently waiting to see the specialist for my colonoscopy. I've gotten my blood test results back my ATL was at 161 I'm so worried I have cancer of the colon and liver unfortunately I'm in for a long wait to see anyone 😔

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      sorry to hear that you are suffering

      my colon seems to be recovering since removal of lump,

      liver, again, seems to be less painful, I am teetotal , and on low fat diet, which is helping a lot,

      I found this in another forum

      One thing that can cause vagus nerve irritation is excess gas in your stomach. As your stomach expands, this sensitive nerve will come under pressure, sending haywire signals to your brain and heart. When the vagus cannot function properly, it may fail to transmit the crucial neurotransmitters (GABA and acetylcholine, for example) that act to lower your heart rate and quell other stress responses

      once I realised I had GERD, I could get my head around things, sometimes is due to too low acid in stomach.

      apple cider vinegar seems to help me,

      I still have plenty of weight to lose, but, I feel I am slowly getting back online with health,

      your ALT is high, mine use to be 170+, I took cranberry tablets, and numbers came down,

      try to stay positive, is not easy, get that colonoscopy done, then at least they can see if you have any lumps in the colon

      stay strong


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      Apologies, never saw this reply at the time, only just noticed it with the new posts. What I meant by the weight loss is, that when people are ill, they quite often lose their appetite and lose weight, probably at the very time they need to keep feeding the body. In the two months I was in hospital, I lost four stone in weight (I was overweight went I went in and underweight when I came out).

      As for fat, yes, cutting out takeaway and garbage processed food is always good. But your body needs good fat, the sort you get on a cooked cut of meat, natural fat.

      Google 'man cannot live on rabbit alone' and have a read.

      Don't forget to push for that scan.

      As for recovery, as well as can be expected. On the same day as I was admitted to hospital, I had a massive brain haemorrahge just to make it interesting. Just over a week in ITC and two months in total in hospital and that was only because I threatened to discharge myself if they didn't.

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      I don't know which country you are in, but in the UK, the doctor would have sent off specific blood tests if he thought that any results/symptoms pointed to liver cancer. Why don't you ask whichever doctor/consultant that you are dealing with, what their thoughts are?

      I always question mine, I always ask to be copied in on any report back to my GP, so I can see the results of the tests directly and comments. But do be prepared for them in very plain and direct language.

      I received an appointment to see the gastroenterologist in Feb, a couple of days before Christmas. I will email his senior secretary (on first name terms) and ask why? I was not expecting an appoinment nor due one, nor has my GP referred me for anything. So, I have no intention of just turning up to hospital and having something sprung on me.

      It's your health and your life, you have every right to be kept in loop.

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      I'm in Australia I went and saw a new doctor today and took my blood test with him he explained my ALT were high (68u/l) but nothing to be alarmed about, he booked me into another place where I can get my ultrasound done its now on Friday so for the mean time in going to try super hard not to stress and I'm definitely not going to be looking up my symptoms on the Internet anymore lol but I will post my results.

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      I had an ultrasound (I've had them many times before) about six months ago. They are the best thing for checking your organs. Unlike a machine that just goes back and forward over you and takes a scan, the doctor can spend as long as they like and keep going over any suspect areas until they are happy.

      Don't just wipe down and put your top on and leave, ask the radiologist questions about anything they might have found. Try to be absolutely calm when asking and they will normally talk to you about their findings. Sound anxious and the radiologist will probably want your GP to tell you. The radiologist told me far more than the gastroenterologist or my GP did later on.

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      With all my other ultrasounds I've asked but they have never given me any info (only my pregnancy ones) I've always had to wait to see my gp. I'm starting to panic a bit now, my appointment is at 12pm (midday) tomorrow I'm so worried I'm not sure how I will react if they do tell me anything, especially if it's bad.

      Wish me luck!

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      Anything really bad, they will not tell you. That would be left to the consultant or your GP. Specifically ask if they have found anything. Ask in a way that demands an answer, like, okay what have you found?

      Be persistent if necessary, such as, come on, I'd like to know your initial thoughts? They are probably not used to being put on the back foot and will probably tell you at least something.

      Good luck, stop worrying, it is better to know if anything needs sorting.

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      I like your style. I can never remain that calm so when I go for my scan tomorrow I shall wipe and walk away and sit and panic everytime my phone rings 🙈😂

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    I'm exactly the same crnt sleep with the acid reflux my pho sate levels are really low and I've got well defined cyst in liver I look pregnant put 3 stone in I few weeks ? I'm very ill at the mo no energy what's so ever I'm 36 year old female sad

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      I can only advise to eat as healthy as you can, cut down on fat intake, I had lump removed from colon, liver has got better, due to change in lifestyle, eating,

      not saying is cure, but sure does help, lump was benign,

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