Bad reflux when does it go away?

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Hi guys I've been having bad acid reflux and heartburn coming up my windpipe which as many of you will know is worse at night when laying down. My diet hasn't been great lately at all...I've been eating a lot of butter, cheese, red meats over the past couple of weeks. I've not had any of that food today but I'm still getting the acid coming up and I know it's going to be a pain tonight unless I take a Rennie tablet. Is it normal for someone to still get the acid 24 hours after stopping eating fatty foods? I've not had any high fat foods today but the acid is still there, does it take a bit of time for the stomach to fully recover after an onslaught of high fat foods? Thanks.

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    I get these attacks sometimes immediately and sometimes one or two days after the trigger meals. I guess the variation is due to various factors. One thing I do which helps is to take some ginger with my suspect meals. That tends to help. A cool glass of water with a 2ml dash of baking soda in it taken one or two hours after helps too. I suggest you try and keep off the trigger foods as much as possible. And it's not about fat alone. Spicy foods and large meals don't do much good too.

    Good luck.

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    It is best to avoid foods that cause digestive distress. You likely won't get nutritional benefits from foods that require an antacid to tolerate. Here is my advice:

    1. Get tested for H Pylori. It is a common bacterial infection that irritates the stomach and in response the stomach makes extra acid and generally malfunctions. It does not go away by itself and requires a doctor to prescribe medications.
    2. If you have a weak esophageal sphincter you can do my carbonated water treatment . It involves drinking 8 oz of fresh carbonated water and holding down the urge to burp. You start with 5 minute sessions and slowly increase to 20 minute session. Week one, 4 times a day, 5 minute sessions. After each session slowly release the burp. If no burp comes out, it will later. 3 hours between sessions. before meals is likely better. Each week add 5 minutes to each session. on week 4 you will be up to 20 minutes each.
    3. You need to eat organic probiotic yogurt 4 times a day. This will help restore intestinal flora and reduce bloating.
    4. incline the head of your bed by 8 inches using books or wood.
    5. Keep us posted to your progress. John
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    I have been through this and feel your pain! First off never go without eating it makes things worse. your stomach produces more acid when it is empty. start your day with a banana and a bowl of cereal. I use rice checks! eat small meals many times a day. chew slowly. I eat upto 5x a day even if it is unsalted crackers. I carry them in my purse. always drink water. this makes it easy on your stomach and keeps acid down. no caffeine, no soda, no citrus juices. try bland diet for a few weeks. No spices! oh, and no chocolate or alcohol! I know it sounds hard to do but it does work. No tomato products. before bed I eat 1/2 Turkey sandwich dry! basically very bland. I suffered for a year, pressure, shofitness of breath, burning in my throat, thought it was sinus issue, even earaches. I had an endoscopy and they found inflammation in the lower esophagus with silent reflux. I took Omprezole known as Nexium for 2 months then weaned off them for two weeks. never go off stomach meds cold Turkey not good. strict diet. patience, cause it does work. I still take a tum on occasion or a pepcid if I eat Mexican food but for the most I am great. also very important STRESS needs to go cause it makes things worse. I do recommend an endoscopy! I read so many horror stories about having the endoscopy from people scared to have it done. Don't read. I had one and they say it's an hour but that includes prep, nurse checks vitals to recovery room. Be sedated, I asked for propothal for sedation

    the BEST 20 min. sleep u will ever have. you wake up ready to go. Not groggy as some. Also they always take biopseys so dont think OMG bad it's bad news. I had 5 and its precautionary. all were good. I suggest vitamins during this time. vitamin c, B12, and I took a teaspoon of honey 2x a day straight. people say Manooka honey but I just took cheap clover and it sooths the throat. u will be fine. relax, dont freak and all will be good.

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      btw yogurt is good. On occasion a vanilla milkshake! I have not gained any weight from my new diet. so dont worry about that. Do keep your head elevated when sleeping. of I wake up at night I drink water.

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    Thanks for the replies the advice is appreciated. I'm also going to try and substitute red meat and full fat dairy and eat more things like salmon, sardines, mackerel as they've never given me any acid in the past probably because they are high in healthy fats. Plus I enjoy eating them which is a bonus.

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