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Hi guys,

I've had SVT attacks since about 10 years old, I'm 23 now and feel they are getting worse. I could get an attack from up to 6 times a month to only once or twice in 4 months.

My expierenes have been normally sports enduced and the experience is like a "buzz" in my chest, at times I do feel light headed and sometimes some back and chest pain.

I feel normally when bending down or tensing hard (like pushing hard for that last rep in the gym) is when it can kick in. Wondering has anyone any similar on sets?

Also I had a really bad episode today with a max reading of 278bpm which I had too call an ambulance, the guys in the ambulance were seriously helpful and by getting me to "bear down" for 15 seconds and then lay me down and raise my legs we got back to a normal rhythm (most effective method i used to date)

However with this episode it was the most painful and stresfull to date , looking for any advice on an ablation or medication? Not gonna lie sh*tting it about the thoughts of an ablation but feel the episodes are getting worse and more dangerous lately so need to seriously consider it.

Any advice and experiences is hugely appreciated.

Thanks for reading,


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    Similar experiences  to yours, Tom, but just 45 more years of them.  Bending has occasionally been a trigger for me, too.  Glad you got some effective help today.  My episodes have become much more frequent as I age, but I'm gotten much more successful at stopping them with  breathing and body positioning techniques.  I stopped one that way about 40 minutes ago.

    I'm glad you're considering ablation.  It took me decades to get there, but my first wasn't successful.  I have multiple problem areas, and my doctor couldn't quite get to one of them.  I'm scheduled for another ablation next week.  These have been tough decisions for me, too.  I trust you to make the best decision for you.  I wish the very best for you.  

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      Great to get the responce and hear similar expierences are out there.I fear this also that with age they seem to be worsening. Have you expierenced chest and back pain with episodes ?  just wondering what your higest bpm was during an episode? Thanks a mill for the advice and I hope all goes well with the ablation! I think this is route I'm going to have to take also.   

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      The good news for me, Tom, has always been my physical tolerance of SVT.  No pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc.  A few years back, during SVT I drove a boat to shore, got it on a trailer, showered, etc. before going to the hospital.  Not the best idea, of course, but I'd had enough!  Emotionally, a different story.  Panic, anxiety, obsessive dread of the coming attacks, employment and relationship complications, etc.  As a young adult, my max rate was 220 or so.  Now, with age (70) and beta blocker, it's about 150.  Thanks for your good wishes.  They matter!  I also wish I could transfer my optimism for you into your consciousness. If you don't have something atypical with your SVT, your chances for a cure with ablation are extremely high.  I may even end up being constructive envious of that cure.  Take care.

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    Know the feeling only too well. I am 41 and had a heart ablation done last week the best decision I could have ever made. I can breath and not have to worry about my heart rate shooing up. I also suffered for almost  11 years  and  upto 5 episodes a month and ended up getting Adenosine at least 3 times a month.


    My heart rate would go upto between 180 and 260 beats a minute. Was exhausted all the time and couldn’t even hold a proper conversation without being out of breath.


    Went to see a doctor cause by now I had been in and out of hospital way to many times and was told need to have the ablation done soon as it’s possible because you are at a increased  risk of having a stroke. If you can afford it have a ablation done mine had gotten to a point that even the medication didn’t work.  If you feel the ablation is not for you there is medication that can you use go see a cardiologist  as soon as possible .

    Hope you manage to get it sorted out it is the horrific feeling that not many people can relate to.

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      5 episodes a month and being forced to go to hospital must have been an absloute nightmare to live with, hope the ablation was succsessful and all is well now. I've heard that the medication causes some unwanted side effects, did you expierence this in your expierence while on medication? what pice range am i looking at for an ablation? ive heard something like 10,000 Euro? Thanks for the advice all is apriciated. 

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    Hi tom! I was diagnosed with SVT about 11 years ago and it was terrible considering I am a athlete. However, 6 months ago, I had a surgery performed to fix it and my life could not be any better. The surgery went very well and I haven't dealt with any fast beating or pass out yet! I would go ahead and get the surgery. It saves a lot of stress. I hope this helps!!!

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    Hi, I came across this discussion which I'm looking for advice on. I'm 30 years old. I furst suffered SVT at age 28 when I was pregnant with my twins. I was told it was most likely dye to extra blood flow as my bloods, heart scan were all normal. 24hr heart tape showed the odd extra beat which they weren't concerned about. 2 years later i suffered another SVT. My heart suddenly races at about 220bpm and lasts about 25 minutes. By the time I get an ecg it's at 120. Both have cone on suddenly, first by brushing. My teeth, second one by bending down to see my little girl. I had another mild attack 2 days ago when I was pushing my twin pram up a hill and could feel my heart pumping so went straight round to my Doctor surgery, luckily it was the next street. By the time I was seen my heart was at 124bpm and my blood pressure was 158/102. I'm generally healthy, no medication, healthy weight. I've had slightly higher readings on BP since my twins were born which I'm waiting for a home BP monitor to do readings for a week. Since I suffered my second SVT I've had panic attacks which I've never had previously. The SVT leaves me feeling exhausted, tight heart, niggling pain in my chest and panic attacks leave the tighest knot in my stomach.

    Doctor has referred me for 6day heart tape, heart scan but also wants a 24hr urine test as concerned I'm producing too much adrenline. I'm so scared and worried about the whole thing as I've 4 children to look after and husband works away with work once a week.

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