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Supraventricular Tachycardia

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  • billiejo86504 3

    Svt and anxiety

    Hi everyone here is my story heart palpitations feel like I can't breath I knew it was not just anxiety been down this road10 years ago never found the reason medication took care of it and just like that anxiety gone now been suffering heart doctor could not find nothing tries other medication made...

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  • chadcf 2

    My SVT ablation experience

    While it's fresh in my mind I though I'd give an overview of my experience.  Let me just say that while I've heard plenty of people say it was a breeze, for me it was NOT a breeze at all. It sucked hard. But I would absolutely do it again.  I was on the fence with this as my arrythmias were well controlled...

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  • sam74064 2

    Do I have ablation or not?

    Hi Basically I've suffered with svt since I was 16 (now 33) I have been offered ablation before but always chickened out as the op date nears) But recently my attacks tend to be much worse, I guess as I'm getting older. But I'm still not sure if they are bad enough to risk ablation? I go through stages...

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  • Lolasmom 4

    Anyone have Ablation done while taking anxiety medication?

    Last June I had an unsuccessful ablation. Love being part of the 3% unsuccessful rate. The EP specialist thinks it was unsuccessful because I was one a benzo for anxiety. I am slowly weaning off them to have a 2nd ablation done. He will only do it if I am free of this medication. With all of the hundreds...

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  • Dannersmom 2

    12 year old son first episode SVT

    My 12 year old son had his first episode with SVT yesterday, he started complaining of chest pain and rapid pulse while eating lunch around 12.  By the time I got home from work and got him to the doctor it was around 4.  His pulse was upwards of 195 at times reaching up to 220.  They attempted to get...

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  • kristina43732 2

    What to know and what to take for SVT

    2week heart monitor- captures the SVT Tilt Table Test - trigures SVT used also for other diagnosis such as vesa vagal syncope or POTS. Please tell me any tests that have been done that are useful and list names of medicines that work for you. Tell me good and bad. Anyone have a second ablation ? Pace...

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  • kristina43732 2

    What to know and what to take for SVT

    2week heart monitor- captures the SVT Tilt Table Test - trigures SVT used also for other diagnosis such as vesa vagal syncope or POTS. Please tell me any tests that have been done that are useful and list names of medicines that work for you. Tell me good and bad. Anyone have a second ablation ? Pace...

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  • Dakine3 2

    Anxiety, stress or svt?

    Well hello everyone, I had my ablation 1 year ago, last 2 months I have been feeling like anxiety if another attack of svt is going to happen to me but I just feel like I can't breathe and nervous, I habe an apple watch and I'm just looking at my hear rate, sometimes Im sleeping and around 3 or 4 am...

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  • jamiecatina 2

    Irregular heart rythym after SVT ablation?

    I had my ablation done 3days ago for SVT. I know that it takes a bit to restore regular rhythm but I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's normal for the heart to get real weak when you lay down. Last night when I toured to go to bed it hurt and my pulse got real weak and I had shortness of breath with...

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  • welshgirl13 2

    Low Potassium and tachycardia

    Hi, im a active normally healthy 17 year old female. I eat well, at a good weight, have no eating disorders etc. On the 9th of december last year, i started having chest pain and tachycardia. I was admitted to hospital and was told i have a potassium level of 2.7, my heart was going at 170bpm and had...

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  • maz37533 2

    Is this SVT?

    I have had some episodes of palpitations and 'funny turns' over the last 18 months. Had echo, ecg, tilt table test, and stress echo.and 7 day holder All was mostly fine for my age (58). Apart from a few ectopic beats and faster heart rates. Cardiologists has said possible SVT and I am now on low dose...

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  • poppy08416 3


    For the first time in a long time I required a second dose of Adenosine to convert my SVT.  Usually 6mg will do it but this was a stubborn one.  The Dr decided to go straight to 12mg for the next dose, telling me it wouldn't feel any worse.  It really did feel much worse I think!!   I've had Adenosine...

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  • Guest M

    Useful technique for SVT attacks

    Hi, just had an SVT attack and thought I would share with you all the technique that just worked for me, and it's worked twice before as well. Basically you just lay on your right hand side, curl up into a bit of ball (ie knees tucked up and head forwards, fetal position) and then just completely relax,...

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  • penny97720 1

    works every time to stop SVT

    had my SVT for 17 years, I fill up a empty bottle of cold water strait from the tap, pour the water into a large glass and keep drinking the water. no need to skull it, just take regular mouthfuls of water and it slows down your SVT then eventually stops it works for me everytime. changed my SVT attacks...

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  • amy19390 2
  • hannah47501 2

    Skipped beats/Palpitations after ablation

    Hi everyone I had my ablation on the 20th April and had 2 weeks off work. For those first two weeks I had no skipped beats or anything. I went back to work last Monday and since then I have got them constantly even when I am relaxing and not exerting myself. I rang my doctor and am now taking...

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  • BrookeM 1

    Recently diagnosed with SVT.

    Okay so I've been dealing with a high heart rate (130 resting)  for over a little 2 years now, it started in Jan 2015 and has gotten much worse over time like my heart rate hardly ever goes down to the 90s. No doctor could figure out what it was because I wasn't having symptoms other than the high heart...

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  • shelley 49119 2

    Svt and shortness of breath

    So I have shortness of breath basically everyday. I have Svt but even when my heart rate is normai experience this. Itis very scary and it happens when i do nothing,if i walk a couple steps, if I eat, it used to be when my heart rate was high or low but now it's more frequent. Is this normal for svt...

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  • Money520 1

    Svt after affects..

    Hello all, with a lot of reading over the years this is my first time posting about my svt.. I'm 31 years old an up until now I've always just brushed off my attacks. I usually have 1 good one a year that last an hour to maybe 2 hours of an average of 140-150 beats per minute.. I just had one yesterday...

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  • Jtaff 2

    Gp diagnosed me ... next step ?

    Hi, I'm a 26 year old postal worker. For the last three weeks I've been having really bad palpitations ... the worst one lasted 8 hours, the following day I went to the doctor who booked me in for a ECG a week later. Fortunately at the time of the ECG I was having a pulpitation episode ... 187bpm. I...

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  • amy2612 1

    Supraventricular tachycardia and exercise?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with SVT from an early age, and spent most of my childhood going to and from appointments at the children's hospital. Eventually, after many many episodes (and of increasing length!) I was suitable for an ablation. I had the ablation at aged 17, however, unfortunately it did not work...

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  • Rawwrr 2

    Anyone have 100% success with Ablation?

    Hi, My name is Danielle, I just joined the forums for some support. I am 31 years old and had my first catheter ablation about 6 weeks ago for ventricular tachycardia. I've been reading a lot of different stories online about those who have had ablation and I have yet to read at least one story that...

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  • XxaimxX 4

    Ablation tomorrow 25th

    Hi everyone so I'm booked in for the ablation tomorrow at 12pm. I only got the appointment last week as it was a cancellation. As it's so close to the time I'm getting very scared now and I've got voices telling me this time tomorrow I'll be dead. I suffer with bad anxiety anyway but SVT has made it...

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  • jim53704 2

    SVT symptoms sporadic; cancel ablation?

    I was diagnosed with SVT two year's ago (now 57) but the symptoms were infrequent enough and manageable so my doctor agreed that doing nothing was perfectly acceptable.  In my case, symptoms have been a racing heartbeat (190 - 205 bmp) while doing aerobic exercise (jogging, cross country skiing) but...

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  • linda83225 2

    SVT and Indigestion

    I have had SVT for 20+ years.  Have taken beta blocker Sotalol for all of that time but still have occasional episodes.  Invariably I get indigestion (burping) at the same time as an episode.  I have read that the two symptoms may be connected and could be related to the Vagus Nerve.  Does anyone know...

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  • mark56584 2
  • Lolasmom 4


    Well it has been 3 months since I have had an episode. Today I had 2 The first lasted 45 minutes, and then about an hour later, I had a second one that only lasted 5 minutes Both episode were heart rate of about 150 bpm But the weird thing is that yesterday I started to have a cramp in my left breast....

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  • Allykins71 2
  • alishiabug 2

    Terrified of ablation on friday

    I was just diagnosed with svt, atrial tachycardia, last month. Started having symptoms 6 months ago but it was only happening once a month, until last month, then it was happened every day sometimes 3-4 times. And it mainly hit me at night while i was sleeping. Would wake from a dead sleep to my heart...

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  • LizCo 2
  • shay75 2

    Just Diagnosed with an SVT (250bpm)

    Hi,   I have just recently been confirmed diagnosed with an SVT in the past 2 weeks. I had been having a couple of really bad "episodes" of something in the past 6 months, a problem thats been with me, forever.. At Xmas while shopping for presents I came over all week shaky, heart pounding, thinking,...

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  • kelli2014 1

    Parent of SVT kiddo

    I have posted once before... I am the parent of a 2 year old SVT patient. This is something that actually started at 32 weeks gestation. She was delivered via c-section at 34 weeks because doctors could not get her heart to convert in utero. We were averaging an ER trip about every 3 months - adenosine...

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  • alison19082 1
  • eugene61042 2

    PSVT in the wild

    Hi everyone, I'm a 24 years old man. I have approximately one episode per month, BUT they do not occur in winter at all, and rarely in autumn. They do not give me anything but palpitations, abnormally high heart rate and fear. Despite their presence, I travel, cycle, excersise, etc. because doctors...

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  • Allykins71 2

    Had an SVT episode yesterday..

    I handled it very well... Unfortunately I ended up with a terrible panic attack right after and took an Ativan for it.. helped so much after about a half hour but now I'm out of Ativan (was only given 5 by er Dr on an emergency room trip a week and a half ago). I've cut those 5 in half and been taking...

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