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Supraventricular Tachycardia

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  • gillian95988 3


    Hi everyone, not been on here for a while as my anxiety has been really bad re my fast heart rate   What really worries me is i'm on 240mgs of verapamil in the morning and 120mg in the evening ang my heart rate is still fast! Don' know if verapamil slows down an axious heart!?  I am now

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  • XxaimxX 4

    Ablation tomorrow 25th

    Hi everyone so I'm booked in for the ablation tomorrow at 12pm. I only got the appointment last week as it was a cancellation. As it's so close to the time I'm getting very scared now and I've got voices telling me this time tomorrow I'll be dead. I suffer with bad anxiety anyway but SVT has made

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  • nicole23753 1
  • Rawwrr 2

    Anyone have 100% success with Ablation?

    Hi, My name is Danielle, I just joined the forums for some support. I am 31 years old and had my first catheter ablation about 6 weeks ago for ventricular tachycardia. I've been reading a lot of different stories online about those who have had ablation and I have yet to read at least one story

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  • jim53704 2

    SVT symptoms sporadic; cancel ablation?

    I was diagnosed with SVT two year's ago (now 57) but the symptoms were infrequent enough and manageable so my doctor agreed that doing nothing was perfectly acceptable.  In my case, symptoms have been a racing heartbeat (190 - 205 bmp) while doing aerobic exercise (jogging, cross country skiing)

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  • hannah47501 2

    After Catheter Ablation concerns..

    Hi everyone, I had my ablation on Thursday 20th which was successful . But have had a few concerns yesterday and today. I feel like my blood pressure is so low because on the two times this has happened my head has become so wavy and I get a surge of panic and feeling of sick.. I take deep

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  • Lolasmom 4

    Cardiac Ablation

    Well, I am having my ablation for SVT on May 31/16. Any words of wisdom for me? I stopped the Bisoprolol today for the procedure. I am very anxious about this procedure.

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  • danny52004 2

    Just a few thoughts

    Hey all, I am 25 years old and had my first episode when I was 17. I was a very active person back then, during  my high school years I trained boxing and swimming at least 4 times a week, but after several episodes I stopped these competitive sports completely, following the doctor's suggestion.

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  • leese80 2

    SVT Catheter Ablation

    I have a pre-op appointment tomorrow for a catheter ablation procedure I am due to have in 3 weeks time. I was diagnosed with SVT in December 2015 after a 15 minute episode. In October 2016 I had a much bigger episode which lasted for several hours and I needed adenosine in A&E to get it under

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  • shelley 49119 2

    Svt and alcohol...?

    So I have svt and I'm on a low dosage haven't had a drop of alcohol in almost a year. I've never been a big drinker but would like to have the occasional glass of wine. I just wondered what everyone's experiences have been. I'm talking 1 glass possibly 2. I just wondered if those

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  • rebecca80333 2
  • elisa 76015 1
  • maribel86463 3

    Heart raced the other day after ablation success.

    My heart raced the other day. I had a successful ablation about two months ago. Anyway I called an ambulance, of course by the time I got in it came down, asked about the EKG they said it looked normal still. I do suffer from anxiety and stress of course. I got to the hospital and they also did an

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  • nikkitil 2

    Recently Diagnosed with SVT

    Hi all, I had my first major SVT on Monday, upon arriving at hospital I was whisked straight through to resus as it turned out my heart rate was at 224. Previusly just thought I was having palpitations and docs said was probably related to the change (at 37!).  All other episodes have been short

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  • toffeecushion 3

    Living With SVT

    Does anyone else worry about their SVT or do you just accept it as a harmless nuisance.  I can't stop worrying about getting another attack, how do you accept it and live a normal life again?

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  • alastaire63529 2

    Alcahol and svt

    Does anyone else with svt get palpitations the day after drinking alcahol? I keep reading this is common in people with afib.

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  • jordan00875 1

    Stress test? Help

    So my 24 hr Holtor showed "svt complexes" and my 30 day event monitor(just seen cardiologist today) shows my heart rate going up to as high as 194 bpm and other times 160 & 180. The cardiologist is now making me take a stress test tomorrow but what's the use of that if he has my event and Holtor results?...

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  • 212bpm 1

    Need help preventing SVT attacks

    I am 14 years old, and was disgnosed with SVT last year. I've studied it constantly, along with in general the human body and brain. I really want to join the United States Air Force when I'm 18, however, the military prohibits you from joining if you have SVT, unless you have not had an episode

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  • myskye 2


    I just found out today that i am having SVTs in addition to my PVCs.  This is very scary for me as i worry about my heart all the time.  I felt my PVCs were getting worse so Dr ordered a 48 hour holter moniter.  Only 3 PVCs showed up but many rounds of SVTS  .  My Dr didn't seem worried at all but

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  • alastaire63529 2

    Svt or afib??

    Hi I have what I think is svt, which come an goes abruptly, usually for a few seconds, it races above 100 and the worst was around 235 bpm. I have been to A & E because it has lasted for an hour or so without stopping. I was told by a nurse it was svt but I have had tests an came back fine becauae

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  • judy89357 2

    Choosing a doctor for a cardiac ablation

    I am asking for some suggestions on choosing an electro physiologist to perform an ablation for svt.  I am in US, Oklahoma, and it is very hard to find out who the best doctors to perform this procedure here. Is there anyone out there in Oklahoma who could share your experience with me?

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  • toffeecushion 3
  • marian5 2

    Do I have SVT? Please Help.

    after having a week long Holter monitor in October and waiting 5 months to see doc at arrhythmia clinic for results ( apt cancelled 5 times)! I finially got an appointment the week before last and they could not find my results! Anyway they have now found them and sent them to me but I have to wait

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  • Bedford90 2

    Post Svt ablation

    Hey all Had my ablation done on Wednesday afternoon, was around two hours.. no drugs other than the sedative for the catheters. Went home same night. I was wondering how everyone felt afterwards? I have managed to get a few stories from here and there, but can't find a specific post svt ablation

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  • Daniel05 1

    Should I tell my parents I have SVT?

    I'm currently 14 years old and was diagnosed with SVT at 9 years old. I started taking meds as soon as I found out to stop it and it went away after a while. Recently I've been getting SVT every PE class and I feel light headed, my vision becomes blurry, and my chest feels tight. The episodes

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  • amjad68472 2

    Tachardiya and trigeminal neuralgia

    I have a history of alcoholism but stopped for a long time 10 years ago and started drinking responsibly since. 3 years ago I stopped altogether to look after my mum who became ill with cancer. I was fine for the first 2 years but then started getting severe pains going from the top left of my head

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  • Kieran Magennis 1


    Hello, I have had SVT for about 20 years, and during that time have been hospitalised or in A&E about a dozen times with the usual symptoms. The injection has always worked straight away. I was on Isoptin for about the first ten years which worked quite well at preventing it. Then I started

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  • Rachnroyce 2

    Skipped Heartbeats During Menstrual Cycle

    This is more for the ladies of the group. I had a successful ablation in July 2016. Since then, I seem to experience skipped heartbeats, more often during my menstrual cycle. Can any of you relate? I know they are not life threatening or something to be worried about. Just annoying! Wondering if it'

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  • Kels J 2

    Svt coming back?

    I'm 19 year old. About two and half years ago I had catheter ablation to treat SVT after a two hour episode in hospital, since then I've had chest pains and a heightened awareness' of my heart beat. I take a betablocker to control ectopic beats and amytrityline to control the chest pains. Recently

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  • welshgirl13 2

    Low Potassium and tachycardia

    Hi, im a active normally healthy 17 year old female. I eat well, at a good weight, have no eating disorders etc. On the 9th of december last year, i started having chest pain and tachycardia. I was admitted to hospital and was told i have a potassium level of 2.7, my heart was going at 170bpm and

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  • Vader 2

    Managing SVT Without Surgery or Medicine

    I've had SVT for 50 years and have found ways to manage this problem without Medicine or Surgery. The Human Body is a machine that requires "Balance" and if that balance is compromised more attacks will occur. Would be glad to share my experiences, which I have tested time and time again, in case

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  • jordan00875 1

    Svt & ablation vs medication

    Just recently started having symptoms so Went to my doctor and had the 24 hour holtor in which he said captured some "super ventricular tachycardia complexes" lol and now I'm wearing the 30 day event monitor and I get it off next Monday to discuss what it captured and what to do next. I really want

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  • ahmed07468 2

    Help Purchasing Flecanide (Tambocor)

    Hi .. My 3 months old baby has an SVT , she's currently on Ameodaraone but her doctor said we can replace it with Flecanide (Tambocor) . Unfortunately , this is not available anywhere in country where i live or nearby countries ( middle east ) .. seeking advice/help to procure/purchase it &

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  • bryce58203 2

    Is it tachycardia or anxiety ?

    For my whole life I've had anxiety and panic attacks. I'm taking a beta blocker to keep my heart from racing but it barely seems to work. I get dizzy briefly when standing up and laughing as well. I'm constantly aware of my heartbeat 24/7, but I have been for the past 8 years or so. Every checkup

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  • Aliens05 2

    Does this sound like I'm experiencing SVT??

    Ok so first I'll give some background info on myself. I am currently 30 years old male who is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 170 lbs. I have been active and involved in sports my whole life primarily basketball and weight lifting as well as sprints and high intensity interval training. These "attacks"...

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