nausea and vomiting with SVT

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I had my 1st episode 2 weeks ago.. I awoke from sleep with a jolt and heart rate was 180+

This then caused me to vomit and have diarrhoea.

I felt nauseous for several hours afterwards.

I called 999 but by the time the ambulance came my heart rate was 120bpm.I had tests done in hospital ..ecg bloods etc..and they recommended referral to cardiologist

In have since seen my GP..who feels referral isn't necessary and SVT is merely an inconvenience.

last night I had another episode..i did valsalva manoeuvre and it stopped after 10mins ..but I felt extremely shakey like I was in shock..couldnt keep from shaking and I was sick and had diarrhoea again.

My pulse was very fast and irregular...i am so worried.

Also I feel I need a referral to cardiology as I'm not sure I can deal with this and I am concerned they are assuming it's SVT.

DO others have nausea and diarrhoea and also were you referred to cardiology and if so what tests were done

many thanks


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    svt can cause vomiting & diarroeh, I used to get the runs when I had  an episode, never vomited thou. I don't get the upset stomach now because I'm on a beta blocker (metoprolol) twice daily, now my svts only run at 120bpm. svt affects the nervous  system and thats why the stomach gets upset  especially if your heart goes too fast. request a beta blocker from your doctor and start on a low dose, beta blocker will settle your heart down and therefore you won't get the bad symptoms of svt

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    Heya Sarah

    I'm assuming you are from the u.k. So am I. 

    I had my first SVT attack in January. I went to a&e and my rate rate was 240bmp. I stayed in hospital with treatment and was allowed to go home once I was stable at 100bmp. After this attack the hospital referred me to cardiology at the same hospital. However I didn't hear anything for like a month so I went to my GP and he had no issues referring me. I then waited another two weeks and got my appointment in the cardiology unit. There I had an ECG which was very quick. It all came back normal but the ECG I had at the hospital confirmed I had SVT. I have been put forward for an ablation to stop it from happening again. Although I'm still not sure if I can go through with it. I have had lots of trouble with GPS in the past. Sometimes I feel they don't take you seriously/ don't listen to your issues. If you concerned about this ask to see another GP at your doctors or basically ask to be referred and be really firm about it. Which I know is hard but it seems like a real issue for you and you need to get it sorted. Especially since the hospital themselves said you should be referred! Hope it all works out for you smile 

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    Yes on the nausea, diarrhea, and shakiness. You definitely need a cardiologist, and maybe even an electrophysiologist. I will feel weak and shaky for days after an episode too, accompanied with insomnia. I only get 1-2 episodes a year, so I’m lucky. 
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    Sarah, I feel for you. Your GP is not doing you right. You DO need to go to a cardiologist and have a 30 day event monitor put on you. The cardiologist can do a stress test and an echo to make sure your heart is okay. The basic blood tests they do won’t show SVT, but will show if you have any other heart issues. A heart monitor can capture it if you have “episodes”. It is NOT just a mere inconvenience. I had an “episode” that I was so nauseated and al I thought I was goi g to pass out. I’ve onky had one time that it woke me up in the night. At one time I was driving and had to park and call 911. My heart rate was 180, very dizzy at the point of passing out.what if I had been driving and had a wreck and killed someone or myself? I stopped driving for about 4 months. I had an ablation and haven’t had an issue with SVT since. If the cardiologist thinks you have SVT, he will refer you to an electricalphysiologist which just deals with the electrical part of the heart. I asked my doctor if I had a bad heart? He said no, no heart disease, etc. you just have a messed up electrical system. No,SVT won’t kill you but it certainly makes you feel like crap!!!! Insist on seeing a cardiologist!!!
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    Contect your doctor and tell him to refer you the last time it happened to me the hospital referred me and had the doctor sort out a care plan. Svt can be controlled if it's caught early one doctor I seen said to wait till it happens again I wouldn't except that so got referred to a good heart doctor

    And he put me on a tablet that has helped big time


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    Hi Sara,

    I've had SVT for decades over it has gotten worse over time. I've tried beta blockers (Metoprolol) and it was not 100% effective for me. I still had breakthrough episodes of SVT from time to time. My episodes were usually accompanied by stomach upset and diarrhea.

    For the past year I've been eliminating one thing after another from my diet, trying to figure out what was causing my SVT. It seemed to help when I cut out gluten, wine, rich cheeses and processed meats cured with sodium nitrites.

    It also helped when I started taking a daily supplement of Chelated Magnesium Oxide 250mg. 

    Also very important is staying hydrated and getting enough sleep.

    Another helpful tool is to carry around antacid tablets. In the USA, where I'm from, we use Tums or Rolaids. As soon as I felt any bubbling in my stomach after a meal, I'd chew up one or two of those tablets and it helped ward off the SVT episodes.

    My best tactic for stopping an episode was to  take 25mg of metoprolol and lie down with my head slightly elevated on a pillow and my knees up or, better yet, with my legs up. 

    Having said all of that, no matter what I did, over time my episodes became more frequent and lasted longer. Finally a few days ago I had a cardiac ablation and now, according to the doctor, I am cured. It was a pain free procedure that took about an hour an a half, under general anesthesia. I felt fine right after and I still feel fine - just laying low for a few days per doctor's orders. 

    I hope you find a way to manage your problem. All the doctors I saw - many over the years - emphasized that SVT is not dangerous or life threatening. It is just a nuisance. I was told that I would know when I was ready for ablation - when I just couldn't take it any more. That time came for me and I faced my fears and had the procedure. 

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    I’m glad I found this thread.  I’ve had three episodes in ten days.  Just went to the doc today and she looked at me like I was crazy that I was experiencing nausea and diarrhea shortly after.   Starting on a two-week monitor tomorrow.  These episodes leave me exhausted for up to a day after. Like I ran a marathon.  It sucks going thru this but good to hear it’s not life threatening.  
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    I had nausea with mine but no diarrhea, but that doesn't surprise me. 

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    Had Ablation done. Very easy no pain.

    So glad I did it never felt better.

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    I realise this is quite an old thread but I've only just found it.

    I am currently experiencing SVT daily. waiting for ablation procedure but under the NHS it may be some time.

    I just wanted to ask if and how people are continuing to work? I feel exhausted, pain in my chest, buzzy head. But I worry that I'm just giving in to it all and it's psychosomatic (I'm not generally that person)

    But I read and get told by the consultant that its 'not a big deal' 'it's not life threatening etc...... but it's certainly life impacting these last few months! Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest 😅

    oh, also.....I have a terrible pain in my chest much of the time following episodes, but the consultant tells me it's not connected!

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    so I'm in the process of trying to find out if my episodes are svt I currently have a loop monitor implanted in my chest. I had an episode yesterday at 8 in the morning and after that I felt weak for the rest of the day and just didn't feel good. Today I felt a little off but was good for most of the day just a little dizziness here and there till just now I was getting ready for the shower and I got extremely hot and sweaty and at first didn't understand what was going on until I got weak and I knew so I hurried and put my pulse ox on my finger blood pressure cuff on and hit me alert button for my heart monitor so it could recording it happen my heart rate shot up. I felt really weak, hot, dizzy, and shake. I got through that with some vassal breathing and I felt sick like I wanted to throw up and now I just don't feel good I did notice yesterday morning though when I was having the episode I felt like I had to go #2. These episodes scare me so bad I literally live in fear everyday because I am scared it's going to kill me once they rule out that's its svt then we're gonna do treatment but I just want this gone u can't live like this HELP

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    so I am seeing a cardiologist and a electrophysiologist as well who recommended that I have the heart monitor it or implanted because they couldn't catch it on a zio patch monitor (stick on patch). when I was even sitting in the ER they couldn't catch it because it happens so fast. so I had a choice wear a stick on patch again or the implanted one I chose the implant because it record 24/7 and it comes with a alert button that you can press when you have an episode and that records you for 6 straight mi uses and highlights that area on the computer they have that has the results so they can look right at that area. it records for 4 years I can have it taken out after they diagnose me and treat me but j may leave it in the whole 4 years to be safe.

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