SVT (Please read)!!!!!

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Im 18 years old and I need some advice

So i started having random svt attacks in the last few months.

Im really anxious that I will set it off at any given moment but i need to know , what is everyone's experiences with drinking alcohol with SVT.

Also does anyone shake ALOT after or during an attack. I find that i get freezing cold , my teeth chatter and I'll be drenched in sweat during an attack , Is this normal??????

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    Do you know what type of svt you have.?

    When I started having episodes back in 2016, my anxiety went horrible.. This caused even higher heart rates. Yes I would feel like that.I think to much adrenaline was released due to the anxiety of having an episode.

    I no longer get like this. I just refuse to do that to myself. Instead of getting anxious, I now get p****d off. I just go into my maneuvers and get the job done.What I do experience is constant peeing during and after of which I was told is normal.

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      by maneuvers are you referring to valsalva?

      i haven't ever had any success with anything to get myself out of an episode other than just letting it pass. i would be interested to know what you've had success with.

      to the original poster, the symptoms you describe during the episode are spot on with mine, among other symptoms like inability to think, brain fog, numb/tingling feet and hands.

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      My first go to is the modified valsalva maneuver. It works first time probably about 90% of the time. Go on to youtube and type in modified valsalva maneuver.

      I have several things I do. I find doing that as soon as the episode starts, its best to do right away.

      I have done the following:

      Lay on my back with feet up the wall. I take a breathe and then blow out while barring down.

      Dunking my face in ice water

      Sit but bend over. While doing that, cough really really hard.

      Cold shower.( that\s nasty)

      There is just so many thing I have done. |I need to list and save them for these situations.

      Weird things have stopped my episodes. One time I burped really bad, and that stopped it.

      I do know that my stomach issues have alot to do with this.

      I am now taking Tiazac, but it does not help. And alot of side affects.

      I have gone for 3 attempted ablations. That's a whole different long story.........

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      As mentioned I have gone 3 times. I never got to the ablating part

      Long story.........

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    Hi Kate,

    Yes that all sounds very normal to me - I also experienced severe fatigue and aches in my chest for days afterwards because during my episodes my heart rate was always above 260bpm and never stopped on its own or with manoeuvres etc so I had to be given adenosine.

    I surmised that anything likely to increase the chance of my heart palpitating, increased the chance of me having an episode and alcohol was included in that as it always triggers my palpitations. That isn't to say every time I drank alcohol I had an episode of SVT, in fact I didn't experience any then but I do drink very infrequently - I just always experienced palpitations before having an episode of SVT so figured drinking alcohol and increasing the palpitations increased the chance of an episode.

    But it really can happen at any time and without specific triggers, so for me it was a journey of accepting that it was out of my control and learning to live with it - I did have a successful ablation after 3 years though.

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      i too have my heart rate go over 260 but now it usually just shoots up that high then slowly starts to come down i usually have to cough hard though. How frequent were your episodes? and you haven't had one since the ablation? thats great!

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      Hi Laura,

      That's great that your heart rate comes down on its own, I used to dread an episode happening as I knew it meant adenosine would be coming and that was the worst thing about it for me!

      I started off having just a couple of times a year then it became more frequent and was happening every 1-2 months by the time I had my ablation - how frequently does yours happen?

      I had the ablation about 4 years ago and I've only had 2 extremely short episodes since and my heart rate was nowhere near what it used to go to. When I had my ablation they simulated SVT in different parts of my heart so I could tell them which felt the same as my episodes, and the 2 episodes I've had since definitely felt like one of the other parts of my heart so it must have just found a new pathway! Is there any talk of you needing an ablation?

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      are you still drinking? I have svt too its happened twice in my life early 20s now my 40s both day after drinking. I quit its been almost two years but i would still like to drink. They say i have a extra electrical rod im one of the 20%. I had my left thyroid taken out 28 yrs ago been on meds they took me off those a yr ago my levels werent right they said that might have had a play in it.y levels are better now being off meds. Who knows.

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      Hi Rachel,

      I very rarely drink alcohol but when I have it has never triggered an episode of SVT , but from your message it sounds like you still drank between the episodes in your 20s and 40s without having an episode? So it seems just coincidence that you'd happened to drink the day before each of those - if your consultant says its fine to drink and that's something you want to do then I guess you'll have to see what happens. But my consultant always said to me not to worry about it because SVT will never kill me and there's nothing in particular triggering it so just live my life and if it happens it happens .

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    hi there i have svt started in my early 20s a day after drinking at work 270 had to go to hospital it took two times to slow it down. Now in my fortys happened again 240 i waited two plus hours before i went to hospital same thing day after drinking i went to hospital took two times to slow it down. I havent drank in almost two years. Scared me that bad. Come to find out i have an extra electrical rod im one of the 20%. Not sure if thats why either but i would still like to drink. I did have my left thyroid taken out 28 yrs ago been on meds for that they recently took me off that a year ago because i had to much so now i feel some what better they said it could be from that my thyroid levels not being right. Who knows but i would like to know.

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    kate! im 19 and i have svt and sometimes i have the coldness, teeth chattering and the shaking during an episode im soooo happy you said that because i was seriously scared I was developing a neurological disorder or something bc of SVT. As for drinking I cant help you there because I dont drink any.

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