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mattb090 mattb090

Bad vision in one eye

I'm currently 24 years old and have been having trouble with one of my eyes for as long as I can remember. I haven't worried about it much until recently after I noticed it has gotten worse over the past few years. There's a blind spot almost directly in the center of my vision and it seems to be growing slowly. Sometimes colors are faded and darker in that eye compared to my good one. Straight lines have a squiggle right in the middle of them. I noticed that after I did some research and found out about AMD. It says it's age related but it seems to describe my situation perfectly. I went to the eye doctor a few years back and they told me it was a birth defect and they'd contact me if they could do anything to help it but I haven't heard from them since. I'm currently scheduled to go to a different eye doctor and I have no idea what to expect. It's really scary for me because I have a huge fear of going blind. That's why I came here to maybe get some answers as to what's going on with my eye. Thanks for your time!

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  • rocky31676 rocky31676 mattb090

    AMD is the most common cause of severe sight problems (visual impairment) in the developed world. It is more common with increasing age.

    This should be pursued without delay with an ophthalmologist.

  • lee12629 lee12629 mattb090

    Im thinking might involve the of retna,dont get freaked out,first im not a doctor,second,even if it is something to do with the macula,it might not be that worrisom. I have an ERM. You can google it. ERM eye. Xx

  • rocky31676 rocky31676 mattb090

    Two types of AMD can occur:

    Dry AMD

    This is the most common form and occurs in 9 in 10 cases. In this type the cells in the RPE of the macula gradually become thin (they 'atrophy'wink and degenerate. This layer of cells is crucial for the function of the rods and cones which then also degenerate and die. Dry AMD is a gradual process as the number of cells affected increases: it usually takes several years for vision to become seriously affected. Many people with dry AMD do not totally lose their reading vision. If only one eye is affected you may not be aware of the change in your vision, and it may be detected unexpectedly during an eye test.

    For the less common wet AMD, a treatment called anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) may halt or delay the progression of visual loss.

    VEGF is a chemical that is involved in the formation of new blood vessels in the macula in people with wet AMD.

  • lee12629 lee12629 mattb090

    The straight line problem seems to indicate the macula,i have that with the

    ERM,ERM are not the same as macula degeneration!

  • mattb090 mattb090

    Thanks for the replies all! I did some research on ERM and it does describe my situation pretty well. It says that the central vision can be distorted and even have a blind spot which is what I have now. I was wondering if the treatment for this helps improve vision or does it just stop vision loss from getting worse? Thanks again

    • lee12629 lee12629 mattb090

      Mine is just being monitored,if my vision worsens im supposed to see a retna specialist. The procedure peals the membrane off the macula,from what ive read,if successful its supposed to restore at least to some degree if not all the vision. I was concerned i was getting one in the other eye,the optimetrist didnt see an ERM in that one but to be sure he ran the OCT test,and that eye was ok. You might consider asking for that test,it takes like 10 minutes and is non invasive. Keep us posted good luck.

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