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Eye Problems

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  • rose912910 2

    Retinal Tear Laser Surgery

    I recently went to a retinal specialist because I was getting some flashes now and then and a lot of floaters and she told me I had a retinal tear that actually had tried to repair itself but said she would do the laser retinal repair surgery to prevent it from opening. The doctor acted as though it...

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  • laura1990 1

    Blurred/patchy vision, muffled hearing and loss of balance.

    I'm 23 and last night I experienced a sudden onset of blurry and patchy vision, and my hearing became reduced/muffled. Additionally, I felt quite hot and I was having trouble walking- when I got up to go to the bathroom during this episode, I nearly fell over. This particular experience has happened...

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  • soreeye 1

    Problem with right eye

    Can I have your advice?   I am long-sighted and work at a computer for 8 hours a day. 30 years old. 5 years ago I started having headaches and a painful right eye. My first eye test got my prescription wrong. The optician said I was short-sighted and gave me an incorrect prescription of -0.25 (L)...

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  • abis40774 1

    Squint Reoccurence

    Hi,  A squint surgery was performed in my left eye when I was 8 years old in 1981. In due course of last 36 years, the eye has drifted in the opposite direction. Now that I am 44 years and at the peak of my professional and social activity, I want to get the surgery done once again in the same eye. Will...

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  • Cantsleep 2

    Pressure behind eye.

    Hello. A few days ago I had a very peculiar headache. It sounds like a "ice pick" headache or cluster headache. Though I've never had one before. Since this short headache a vein above my right temple has been very pronounced and I've had this awful pressure behind my right eye. It's not painful,...

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  • maggie107uk 2

    Double Vision lasting for a few seconds

    6 weeks ago I was in work just in office when suddenly I had double vision this lasted a couple of minutes I went to gp and they referred me to an eye specialist. They could'nt find anything wrong with my eyes and said my eyes werent the problem. Anyway yesterday the same thing happened again double...

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  • Akwho111 2

    i have eye pain after working out

    Experienced vertigo at one point now after everytime of working out i experince eye pain. Had multiple test done. Mri, mra, dialated eyes, eye pressure checked. Nothing was found out. Had this ongoing problem for over a uear and no longer work out.

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  • imnotLance 1

    MY EYE GRADE IS HIGH. Will I become blind soon? :(

    Hey guys Im Kayle 19 yrs old nearsighted computer science student , my eye grade now is (Left = 475, Right = 525 ) because I always spend too much time infront of  computer. I only wear my glass when im infront of computer. What if my Eye grade is become much higher? Am I going to blind?  Sorry for...

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  • ann55375 5

    Retinal aura

    i have been having these from time to time, no headache, opticiam says scintillating scotoma - i notice more frequent since on mirtazapine.  Anyone else get ocular aura?

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  • gene47150 1

    laser surgery for particall torn retina

    I had Laser surgery 2 days ago for a partically torn retina, I had a completely gray covering over my eye the doctor said the laser was sucessful and it would take time for the gray cloud to clear as the blood drys up. I have not seen very much improvement is this normal

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  • hassan55053 1
  • anxious247 2

    eyes hurt/heavy when I move them

    Hey, So idk if it's lack of sleep by being woken up constantly by my puppy in the middle of the night or what but for instance, at work if i'm looking down at my computer and someone comes up to me and I have to quickly shift my eyes up or over at them, they are super heavy and it's sorta painful. I...

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  • john77339 2

    Large dark gray line in my left eye. What should i do?

    This is happened out of nowhere. I was walking on the street and next thing i know, there was a large grey line in my eye where I cannot see anything.  I tried to flush out the eye with cold water but there was no effect. If I closed my right eye and only looked through my left, I cannot see the laptop...

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  • J111 2
  • drdavidge 2
  • ahmed85104 1

    Dry and Red eyes

    Hello, I am 24 years old and I suffer for 2 years of redness in my eyes. I went to several Ophthalmologists and they prescribed several eye drops but the redness is not gone. Yesterday my Ophthalmologist told me that I have dry eyes. He prescribed me to use levophta + artelac and to use many physiol...

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  • cheryl67512 1

    Visual Problems

    I am 25 years old and for the past few years I have been experiencing black patches in vision of both eyes that flash when I blink and slowly trun white. This seems to happen during exercise, when I am in a panic and when going from a bright place to a dark place. I find it really annoying and it causes...

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  • madison 98498 2

    Eye problems I'm really scared

    Hi can anyone help please I've had hazy/blurry patch my right eye causing loss of side vision for 2 weeks ever since a migraine but it is not getting any better, I've been to opticians and eye hospital both say they can't see anything. And it is fine. I've got Ct scan coming up I'm really scared that...

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  • aarti40709 1

    Double vision after squint surgery

    I have a left eye operation regarding squint on 27 may,2017. In surgery my lr muscle is adjusted to 8mm. After surgery double vision is arise when i see my left side. Doctor saying it take few weeks to get my eyes normally. Double vision  is arise only when i see left. and when is see only when left...

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  • jamie 23522 1

    I have started seeing my left eye drift to the side, what do I do??

    Hi, for basically as long as I remember I have had very limited sight in my left eye, and I mainly see through my right eye only. I'm 18 years old and have never had my eyes tested, as to myself my vision has seemed normal and good enough. In recent weeks I have started to see my left eye (the eye with...

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  • grant07360 1

    metal shard bullseyed my pupil

    Hi Was wondering how long after surgery, my eye sight will restore itself. I was paint sparying and got a bounce back and after 2 days of pain had to visit my local casualty dept. I was found to have a foreign body which had buried itself in my pupil. I was referded to see the eye specialist on the same...

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  • Munekun 2

    "Flicker" in peripheral vision when moving eyes.

    I am starting to freak out. a few days ago when looking in the fridge i noticed the lights in the fridge flicker as i moved my eyes from the top of the fridge to the bottom. I retraced the eye movements and realized it wasn't actually the lights flickering it was my eyes making it appear as though it...

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  • Guest M

    Suddenly blurred vision in Left eye. No one knows the reason

    Hi, I am 30, male, computer programmer. I've never had any problem in my eyes before, but 13 days ago my left eye got blurred and then I started getting dizzy sometimes. I went to the GP and he said it could be conjunctivitis (I didn't think it was, because my eye wasn't red or sticking). I applied...

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  • nimi66482 1

    i have been so depressed, what should i do? please guide me

    On 2nd oct 2016, my friends celebrated my birthday.. I was wearing contact lens.. I didn't know about my friends they just sprayed snowspray on my face. It went into my eyes i wash my eyes while wearing lens. And suddenly my one lens was lost in eye after 30 sec it came out but from then till now i am...

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  • aliyiann 1

    Long term prognosis of retinal tears

    I have had several retinal tears in both eyes over the past 4 months. i am 48 years old. I have had several laser operations. My question would be to try and find out how others who have had retinal tears year ago are now.

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  • anxious247 2


    I know Ive posted about this a million times I guess this is just an update. I went to the optamolagist and they dialated my eyes, checked my floaters. said there's no tears anywhere at all and I have dry eye. OK, so I look in the mirror and feel like one of my pupils is still bigger than the other....

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  • ivan43035 2

    Scintillating scotoma

    Hi, I'm a 25 year old male and have been getting scintillating scotomas since I was around 15-16. At first it was around once a year, but now it seems to be 1-2 every couple of months. I get no headache afterwards or maybe just a slight one. It seems to happen mostly when I'm on my PC.

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  • barb69591 2

    Dark area in vision- NOT FLOATERS

    Hello. I recently went through a relatively traumatic experience in August. I lost a pet that was very special to me and I lost her in a very bad way. After about a week of severe grief and even more crying, I woke up, went to work and noticed that there was this random dark spot in my peripheral field...

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  • Akwho111 2

    Waking upon the middle of the night with a cross eyed feeling

    once out of any where from two weeks to a month i would wake up in the middle of the night with a cross eyed feeling sensation ( sometimes it would feel as if they were pulling to the left). Eventually it led to me waking up in the middle of the night with vertigo. Went to multiple doctors/neurologist....

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  • susie7777 3

    Castor Oil for dry eyes.

    Has anyone tried castor oil for dry eyes?  I have read and heard so many positive things about it and it has really helped some people with dry eyes, red eyes ect ect,,,, i have dry eyes and have tried lots of drops that the doctors gave me and none helped and some even caused the delicate skin aroud...

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  • kameu48485 1

    I see dark spot when i move my eyes to the extreme side

    I see dark spots when i move my eye to the extreme side. I see them on my both eyes. They are very active specially afyer waking up from sleep. After waking up, even if i move my eye little bit, i can see the circle dark patch. But ot goes away after 5 min. After that, i only see it when i look on extreme...

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  • omar1403 1

    Astigmatism Problem

    Hello All, i have a severe astigmatism in my left eye that has me very worried, i am 27 years old and my optical clinic is not helping much , i am pretty worried about this and i dont know much about it. all i know is pretty severe . i currently wear glasses but it only helps so much , can anyone give...

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  • Tk18 1
  • linda41771 1

    recurring eye inflammation

    Hello, I just joined this website. I live in the USA, in the state of Pennsylvania. Here my issue: For the last four years I have had recurring eye inflammation. Every 2-3 mos., I can feel it coming on, usually in only one eye at a time. The iris of my eye would get red & it would be tender to the...

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  • lori84906 2

    Flashing arcs in left eye for 10 years

    I got hit in my eye 10 years ago. A few days after that I started to see.flashes all the time when I blink amd woth eye movement. I've been to 4 retinal doctors and nobody can find anything wrong. All say vitreous traction. None will offer me treatment. I feel I camt deal with the hundreds of flashes...

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