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Eye Problems

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  • Guest M

    Suddenly blurred vision in Left eye. No one knows the reason

    Hi, I am 30, male, computer programmer. I've never had any problem in my eyes before, but 13 days ago my left eye got blurred and then I started getting dizzy sometimes. I went to the GP and he said it could be conjunctivitis (I didn't think it was, because my eye wasn't red or sticking). I

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  • Akwho111 1
  • melissa24821 1

    Scared if I have eye problems

    Hi. I've been having eye problems from as long as I can remember. I visit my optician every 6 months (as I have glasses) and I usually get my glasses changed by a little bit. I haven't had any sudden vision But I've been seeing sports and flashes whenever I look at a bright light then look

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  • plac26183 2

    can not read at a distance, high glasses prescription

    Hello I have bad vision, i got tested a week ago and my prescription is -14.50 (right) in one eye and -14.25 (left) in the other. i have bad astigmatism Im 17 years old and i wished to learn to drive all my life, as i could see everything fine with glasses i didnt think my eyesight would be an

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  • dawn82680 3

    Daughters eyes

    My 29 yr old daughter went for an eye test yesterday the optician has referred her to hospital he says the back of her eye she be slightly curved and raised. But hers is in a dip. Any ideas as to what it could be

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  • anxious247 2

    How often can I use dry eye eyedrops?

    Hi, I haven't been told I have dry eyes by an eye doc yet, but I have alot of the same symptoms and my eyes have been extra bad this week. They're killing me! Dry eye eyedrops help alot, and on the box it says do it as needed but I just don't want to harm my eyes if I over do it. How often do you

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  • sarahteapot 1

    Serous Retinopathy

    Last year I was diagnosed with serous retinopathy, not central but in my proriforal vision. I had a small circle of gray in the bottom right section of my left eye which distorted my sight, eventually leading to a lack of vision in that area. It seems I buck the trend as the most common person to

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  • barb69591 2

    Dark area in vision- NOT FLOATERS

    Hello. I recently went through a relatively traumatic experience in August. I lost a pet that was very special to me and I lost her in a very bad way. After about a week of severe grief and even more crying, I woke up, went to work and noticed that there was this random dark spot in my peripheral

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  • tien16437 2

    Dark area in vision NOT FLOATERS...

    Hello dont know how to describe this. for like 3 months ago i got floaters in my eye and they move with my eye movements just like a typical floater.  For the next description i would love to refer to this thread and the topic creater has EXACTLY the same issue. 

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  • unknownTous 2

    Eye pain/strain only when looking at screens?

    I'm 19 and have been very active on computers and other screens for many years and never had any problems. I have glasses for 10 years with no problems. I got my prescription updated over a year ago and had no problems, as usual, until about 5 months ago. One night while on the computer I started

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  • shirley14632 1

    Large Pupil

    Had an eye test and the tester gave me a letter to take to my doctors as my left pupil is larger and my eye sight is worse in that eye, also I started getting pulsittile tinnitus about 10 months ago along with a background noise, the doctor has made an urgent referral for a scan at the brain cancer hospital,...

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  • shortie 2

    Had problems with getting referred to Eye Clinic?

    Hello everyone,  hope your all ok? Last Wednesday the 12th of April 2017 I went to Specsavers for my yearly eye check up as I have cataracts in both eyes. Before I go on anymore Specsavers, meaning the Optometrist who checked my eyes was brilliant. She explained everything to me and what was going

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  • jim33786 1
  • janzz 2

    EYE FLOATERS.....Please help!

    Hi, it's been a while since I last posted about my GERD or my Acid Reflux last year and I'm so thankful that somehow I feel a bit better now. Occasionally it occur but it's not like as it was before. I was suffering from that one terribly. My my worries right now are both my eyes. I have been

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  • rose912910 2

    Retinal Tear Laser Surgery

    I recently went to a retinal specialist because I was getting some flashes now and then and a lot of floaters and she told me I had a retinal tear that actually had tried to repair itself but said she would do the laser retinal repair surgery to prevent it from opening. The doctor acted as though

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  • Fezza66 2

    Is it just hayfever or something else?? Please help!

    Recently I have had the following symptoms: - sudden burning in eyes lasting between 5-10 seconds, Followed by eyes becoming red and watering - heavy eyelids - slight sensitivity to glares on computer screens etc - sore eyes that sometimes struggle to keep open I've found that the redness isn't

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  • drdavidge 2
  • derek76 6

    Raised pressure in eye after eye drops

    My wife had an eye test at the optician yesterday. They photographed the eye and checked the pressure before putting drops in. The drops going into the left eye stung more than in the right. After her tests with no change in her sight from last year they checked the pressure again and said that the

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  • jennifer16064 2

    Intractable Double Vision

    Good morning I have previously put a few posts on here about double vision etc. Did anyone know that Intractable Double Vision is so uncommon that all I can be told is I am very unique.  I had squint surgery last year and it didn't go to plan so ended up having three surgerys but the double

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  • tallulah01898 2

    Blepharitis and Dry Eye

    I have been prescribed Lacri-lube ointment that I have to put into the affected eye at night.  It is very difficult to administer as it comes out like a piece of elastic and goes everywhere but into the eye.  Does anyone have any experience of this ointment and tips on how to get it in there

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  • BC2013 1

    I was woken up last night by a sharp pain in my eye, again.

    I was woken up in the middle of last night by a sharp pain in my right eye. It felt like someone stabbed the inside of my eye with a needle. It was very painful. It happened few more times afterward throughout my sleep though in lesser intensity, but they still hurt terribly. The pain in my eye

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  • teresa87998 1

    Problems after vitrectomy for macula hole

    Has anybody experienced cobwebs and flashes in the eye following vitrectomy for macular hole? My operation was just over two weeks ago - vitreomacular traction had caused the hole to form and it was a 390 micron full thickness hole. No problem can be found at the eye clinic as I had it checked by

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  • maria21034 2

    macular hole surgery

    it is now a year after my nacular hole and cataract syrgery but my eye still gets blurred and vision is not as clear has anyone had this experience and is it normal way for the eye to feel

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  • viki73309 1

    I cannot get rid of this eyelash from my eye? [Picture included]

    Does this look like an eyelash to you? I had a surgery twenty years ago so maybe it's a thread? Or is it an eyelash? I cannot remove it using fingers, nor q-tip, nor water, and sleep doesn't naturally get rid of it. It's been days since I've noticed this. It seems to be stuck or inside the

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  • monika55595 1

    Seeing left and right sides reversed!

    Hi. My mum developed a rather unusual issue and no one can tell us what it can be. From time to time her Whats on her left, she see it on the right, and whats on her left she see it on the right. After a while it comes back to normal, but you can imagine how dangerous and scary

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  • Wann24321 1
  • shirley84100 5

    Eye test at hospital in the morning.

    Hi there, I had a regular eye test at Vision Express recently. Then I had them look into my eyes after they had put the drops in to dilate them. The girl doing the test said my eyes were healthy and I had no detached retinas. But there was a small area in each eye that she said she couldn't see

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  • caz1967 1

    change to optic nerve

    Went for routine eye exam, visited the same opticians as last year, i have a family history of glaucomca, during checks with the light machone the optican advised that there was a definate change to the size of the nerve at the back of my left eye. He  gave me a letter and told me to take

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  • tw51063 1

    what's the most probable eye problem I am having

    Yes I know I will have to see a specialist later but I want to have some psychological preparation first. I have been wearing glasses since I was 3, and now 33. I was the only child in the kindergarten who needed to wear glasses. However, both my parents don't need to wear glasses or contact lens. ...

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  • lori84906 2

    Flashing lights for 10 years

    I have had flashing lights/arcs in my vision for 10 years after an eye injury. The flashing turned into a blind spot a couple years after the injury and went back to flashing. I have been to 10 eye doctors including retinal doctors and all say nothing is wrong, maybe vitreous traction. This is

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  • kimla10 2

    Latanoprost & itchy eye area

    i was on Cosopt & Latanoprost but i was reassessed & told i was on too high of a dosage. So for last 6mths been on only Latanoprost.  My right eye in corner does itch and there is a slight discoloration. Any ideas? Can i use skin lightening cream? i just want to sort this before whole area is 

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  • andrew87417 1

    Information Please

    I have been diagnosed with a block tear duct & been offered a dacryocystorhinostomy. I would like to try the less invasive balloon dacryocystoplasty. Can anybody tell me if there is any doctor/clinic who performed this procedure in the UK? 

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  • iqbal 45667 3

    AMD/ Glaucoma

    I was diagnosed early dry AMD/early Glaucoma at the end of 2015. Since then i am using various eye drops for Glaucoma and some vitamins for early dry AMD. Now I have a question about the adverse effects of elecric bulbs. Here in Pakistan, Energy Savers bulbs were introduced quite some time back in

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  • Lubilou 1
  • james65451 1

    eye aches noticeable when web browsing

    I woke up one day with this issue that is noticeable especially when scrolling a website and scrolling abrubtly stops but my eyes expect the scrolling to continue then it aches. It also aches when trying to track fast moving objects, like scrolling up and down quickly. Does anyone else have this

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