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So I'm 15 years old and for the past 3 months (ish) I have been bloated almost constantly, I cant really remember when/how it started, but in the morning my stomach is flat - I do have a tiny tiny bit of belly fat but it doesnt bother me and i know that this boating isnt belly fat because it is hard and feels uncomfortable and my stomach increases dramatically throughout the day - to the point where i look pregnant. I have read many other posts but cannot find the answer because i do not suffer from any other symptoms and my periods are regular. I eat pretty healthily however i dont exercise as much as i should. I have also noticed that my stomach increases when i eat anything but it seems to be a lot worse when i drink water, which is a huge issue because i like to stay hydrated and i drink at least 1.5 litres of water everyday and have done for at least 2 months. I very rarely drink anything other than wate and i always eat a lot of fruit and veg. I would just be so grateful if someone could help shed some light on my situation, i dont really want to go to my gp because i feel really embarassed but im starting to think i dont have a choice. I read somewhere that everyones stomach is a little puffy in the evenings but i know for sure that my case isnt normally and it is seriously affecting me to the point where i cannot wear anything that i like because i know that the second i eat or drink something it will look so bad. I feel disusting when i look in the mirror and i have to constantlly wear baggy clothes. Any help / advice / information would be hugely appreciated. Please help!!

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    also the bloating is right around my belly button area
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    Hi lydia

    So young and having a complaint that makes you feel this way is quite tramatic.Are you able to speak with your parent's? Water retention causes your tummy to bloat, are you peeing alot as you mentioned that you are drinking alot of water which is a good thing, however if you have upped your intake your bladder may need time to adjust.However a simple urine test can be done to exclude urinary tract infection.

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      Thankyou so much for the reply i really appreciate it. In answer to your questions; yes i have spoken with my mum however i dont think she understand how frustrating it is, she said she is happy to make a doctors appointment for me but she told me to see how it goes and wait until after the holidays. As far as the peing thing goes i would like to think that it has increased but i really cant be sure because its not something i really paid much attention to before or now haha!! I think i mmay go ad speak to my gp and try and hve a urine test done as you have advised, thankyou so much for your advice!!
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      Your welcome sweetheart, i'm pleased that you have confided in your mum.Don't shut her out! Just be honest, a problem halved is a problem solved! Thing's will improve they really will.Take care.
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    I'm 68 so much older than you but I had the same symptoms a few months ago.  I wondered why I would feel very bloated about half an hour after breakfast.   It felt as if someone had blown my stomach up with a bicycle pump!   I decided it might be to do with the milk so I started to have either almond milk or soya milk instead and the bloating disappeared.   Cows milk is quite well known for causing bloating so it's worth a try.

    You have said that you drink lots of water, is there a reason for this, although having said that one and a half litres isn't that much in a day, you try drinking a litre in 20 minutes like I had to do recently! Do you drink from a bottle or a glass as I wonder if you are swallowing air when you drink and it's building up in your stomach.  Do you drink a lot in one go or do you sip small amounts If you're drinking, say, a full glass at a time, why not try making one glass last half an hour or so and avoid gulping it down in one go, if that's what you do. When you eat or drink are you chattering away while you're doing it as you could be swallowing air without realising.  Do you think the bloating came on when you started drinking the water?  Why not try cutting down on the water for a week or so and see if that makes any difference.  If you try cutting out the milk you should do it at a different time to cutting down on the water, just so you know which one works, if any.  I hope these suggestions are helpful.


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      Again thankyou so much for your reply and in answer to your questions/advice: i have actually already tried stopping drinnking cows milk and it made no difference. I drink that amount of water because its good for your skin and growing your hair and i usually drink from a bottle. I usually sip on it throughout the day. The bloating could have started when i began to drink the water however i honestly cannot remember. Thankyou very much for your suggestions, im going to try and cut out the water like you said but do you recommend cutting out all fluids or just the water? I definitely think that the water affects the bloating in some way because even a sip blows me up like a balloon.
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    You shouldn't cut out all liquids, but it depends on what other liquids you drink.  If you only drink water and nothing else then keep drinking the water BUT drinking from the bottle might be what's causing the bloating, as does drinking through a straw and chewing gum, to name but a few things as they all involve swallowing air.   Just try sipping from a glass for a week or two and see if you still get the bloating.
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      Okay thankyou very much. ill try that and see how it goes


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    Hi Lydia;

    Absorption is quite difficult and complex and we don't always understand all about it.

    That said; if you are drinking water and remaing bloated; the kidneys may be teling your body to 'retain' fluid; esp if you are taking in salt which is hidden in all sorts of food under different names. 

    You can also take in water from veg and fruit, and if your body isn't expelling it so readily; and with some salt you could be 'retaining it' unawares... the same if you are drinking caffinated drinks like tea and coffee. Our 'mug' sizes are not the small mug sizes of the arabs for instance and the amount of caffeine we consume as a society is huge. Caffeine can cause the bladder to retain fluid. We feel we have emptied our bladder, however it can remain quite full, and we are unawares.

    So i would recommend a liquid 'fast' (drink a little water where necessary) for a day or two.. reduce salt intake. You can get 'water' from things like grapes which will assist your kidneys to rid toxins during this time... which will also help your skin etc.. so eat foods which contain water (like carrots and grapes and tomatos & beetroot which are anti oxidants) and avoid caffine. Don't eat salty foods  if you can help it (like crisps and cheddars).. EAt yoghurt, radishes without salt!..  (and remember this can be hidden in various foods under different names without you realising this). if you do this for one to two days; and see how your body copes...bit like a 'detox'.. it will allow your bladder to empty and reduce the bodies need to store water to some degree..... 

    summed up; reduce salt, sugar and caffeine and eat anti oxidant foods.

    i hope this helps; please post back whether this has releaved you of painful symptoms.. smile


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      Thankyou very much for your reply, I know that my bloating is not due to caffeine because i dont like tea or coffee and never have done. However what you said about the salt and the water retention could be a possibility. Im going to try what you said over the next few days.
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    Hi Lydia please go and see your GP if yours is a male and you would feel more comfortable with a woman ask to see one I have a strong feeling that yours could be a Gyni problem so please get it sorted. Keep me informed  
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    Hey lydia im having the same problem right now and i want to know if you found a solution or an explanation to your problem

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