Bartholin Cyst any correlations to sexual abuse? Bladder? Diet?

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Just wondering if anyone else has been sexauly molested?

Anyone else suffered from over active bladder? 

Not sure either of these things are related to the absesses with the Bartholin Cyst but thought I'd throw it out there. 

Has anyone tried diet rememdies? When my overactive bladder was driving me crazy I found out my sugar levels were very high and I started researching diets and stumbled upon diets that were low inflammation diets. The diet was from a nurse who argued that over active bladder is from an inflamed bladder and reducing inflammaiton was key. 

She also mentioned many woman with overactive bladder have been victims of sexual abuse....

So I'm wondering if there might be any correlations here between sexual abuse, Bartholin Cyst, overactive bladder and inflamation? 

Could systemic inflammation in the body affect the Bartholyn Gland?

Do woman who have suffered sexual abuse have a lot of Trauma tension in our Pelvic region that creates an environment that produces these kinds of imbalances like Bartholin Cysts, overactive bladder??

I realize none of these things could be related, but when I read about overactive bladder and potential correlation to sexual abuse I thought I'd ask the question here too. 

I realize the Bartholin Cyst happens because of fluid backups, but are there environments of "stress" in our bodies that push our glands to their limits and hence block them up? 

Have no idea, but I hope as more and more woman enter the medical arena some of these understudied womans health issues will start being looked at more carefully. 

I have suffered with overactive bladder and Bartholin Cysts since my teenage years!! I am a 48 year old woman and it has been a recurring issue with very little information from any of my doctors. I had a marcup. a year and a half ago and the gland is starting to swell as I enter into a new relationship. My doctor has no advice other than stay tuned until it absesses again. There is nothing she can do with me unless it's an absess. Really? Really? This is the answer? 


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    Very interesting.  I can answer yes to your first two questions and, whilst I haven't tried any diabetic remedies, I do crave sugary foods before I develop a cyst.  I have long believed that they are in some way stress-related, as mine have always been preceded by particularly stressful events.  I am 49 and have suffered these cysts from about age 30 - at one stage every 9 months or so, then a gap of a few years, started again with them last July, had a marsup - still not "right".  The medics I've spoken with are all pretty "clueless" - from the Nurse up to the Consultant - "they are just one of those things some women are prone to".  How very helpful!  However, on the bright side, at least when it's not an absess I can walk and drive - yay.  Keep in touch x
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    Dear Lisa i had mine after dry sex actually after having rough sex with my ex without feeling right . I actually felt guilty having sex so i was dry and some days after my first bartholin cyst came . 1 and a half month to heal . tried sex again in pain... second bartholyn cyst .i was in panic googling made it so worse ended up with ypochondriasis because of my fear .

    I thought i have every illness so i could explain my pain . the fact is the pain is because of fear and i just have to relax and give my self time. 

    This is one of the worse stories one i would read and panic myself unfortunately.

    so my advice is for everyone .dont google too much .home remedies do help get the basic info. work for your body and stop reading other peoples stories.dont panic give it time. trust your intuition.

    cause the fact is the doctors cant help a lot if you dont decide to let fear go .

    what is the difference between women who had a marsupilation and never came back and the others ? i believe the main issue is fear ! 

    and please be careful if you go to the gynos and give you medicine for infection.

    if you are in fear your body produces more liquid because of stimulation of the nerves. most gynos see it and think it is infected and give you medicine that make it worse .dont take it unless they make a cultivation and prove you have an infection. it makes it worse .

    me best wishes to everyone. :D

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      Have you found any relief with dealing with these bartholin cyst? Has anything helped?
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    i have noticed that when my stress level starts to go up it will cause the bartholin area to become slightly swollen (even when i am not sexually active). i have suffered from these cysts on both sides for over 10 years now. i cant say i have ever found an easy solution but with a combination of a few things i have learned how to take control and sometimes prevent the abcess and having to get it drained. when i notice the area starting to get inflamed or swollen or filling up i take very hot showers and i use soap with no fragrance and wash my hands then i go in the opening of my vagina and try to scrape out or completley wipe out any build up. sometimes there is nothing blocking the area and its just swollen for what seems like no reason at all. i then take witch hazel in the shower and wash the area. when i get out i rub tea tree oil inside and out of that area. i then make sure i drink lots and lots and lots of water. when i put tons of tea tree oil in that area for a few days it usually goes away. if it gets bigger then i know its filling up with abcess. i have figured out how to get it to pop without going to the hospital and getting it drained. sit on the edge of a hard wooden chair or seat and roll the edge of the chair over the cyst and sometimes it will release itself from the friction n pressure put on it by your weight n the chair. im not a doctor. most will tell you not to put witch hazel or tea tree oil inside you but i dont care because i cant find anything else that works. the antibiotics are usually too strong for me and the pain from getting it drained is crazy. i try to avooid the two at all costs! i hope this helps.
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    Thanks so much for posting this, Lisa.

    I've had a Bartholin Cyst since '08 and, over the years, have had unsuccessful Marsup & a drain catheter thingy for 6 weeks too. It always comes back.

    It first became inflamed in the year after a particularly horrific sexual incident but there was a lot of of trauma all through my sexual life.

    My belief is that it's a physical manifestation of the stress and emotional damage that was done to me. I'm keen to know if there's medical research to support this view.

    It doesn't feel right/healthy to always have stagnating, old fluid sat in a gland and I'm keen to heal it. The problem is that I have no idea how. After 2 procedures, countless consultations, no real answers and what feels like dead ends, I feel like I can't rely on medical professionals to help sort this. And I think that because Bartholin Cysts aren't dangerous there's probably little or no research here.

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    I suffered childhood sexual abuse. My Bartholin Gland Cyst surfaced during the time my trauma, which was repressed, surfaced 19 years after the abuse. I suffered severe suicideality and had to check myself into a mental hospital. I do see and feel in my body a correlation between the abuse and the dysfunction, or cyst. One more spiritual person said, relative to this, "If the lips on your face don't talk, your lips down there will." The gland getting clogged and not releasing lubrication reveals to me a nervousness related to the abuse, not present day. Heal the trauma and nervous system, release the lubrication and functioning. These are my thoughts. My sincere wishes for everyone's emotional and physical complete healing.

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