Bartholin Cyst natural remedy, Silica works for me....being using it for more than 9yrs

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Hi everyone, about 10 years ago I use to read this forum.  It did help me known I wasnt alone.  to memory I went to hospital 5 times in the first year with a bartholin cyst.  The first time I was carried to hosptial because it was so large.  I have tried alot of things that I read in old wise books I bought from second hand shops.  I tried things from cider vinager, black walnut, alot anyway.  I think I have mentioned these things on this site.  Now it comes once a year.  Never as big because I attack it naturally straight away.  I can deal with it.  Many years ago it was wreaking my life!

There are four things I think you should do:

Change your lifestyle if you currently dont drink enough water, water helps to flush things out of your system, keep the bad stuff from building up....water is so important.  I wasnt drinking enough water back then.

Silica spray.  There is only one that has worked for me.  I must have tried 7 different types.  It is in a blue box with orange on it.  30ml oral spray, 30ml silicon dioxide x6 it is made in Australia.  I cant mention the brand as I have tried in the past and my post gets deleted.  They dont realise how this is life changing.  If you cant find with those clues I have provided please private message me like many lovely ladies have.  What I do is spray the cyst directly.  I often use one bottle for that cyst.  It either goes down or opens 3-7days.  I spray it everytime I use the bathroom.  You know you have sprayed it directly if it tingles.  

Sex...dont have sex if you are dry.  I use olive oil if I am dry.  Remember what you put on your skin, you absorb.  

I have found having a bath with Manuka oil really helps...but silica spray is number one.  Manuka oil is to memory 30 times better than tea tree oil.  It is hard to source.  You could private message me and I can give you a website where you can buy.  If you look for flora organics in new zealand, it says only ships to its own country due to government rules but they can ship at your risk.  My two sisters from this site (one in US, the other in Germany) both recieved and really rate it.  One applyed the manuka oil direct to cyst and said went down.  Because of what I have been doing always work I havent tried applying the oil directly but next time I will...see if it goes away sooner.  When buying anything manuka best to buy from a New Zealand website as there are heaps of fakes around the world because it is in such big demand.

Anyway sisters.... I am sure if you are reading are probably having a rough day.  Some of you unable to move.  Hurting.  Some of you quite depressed.  Some of you crying.  Give the silica a try.  Hospital only does a quick isnt a long term solution.  Find your natural might be through more exersise or getting a less stressful job.  In the past I had a theory that it was my weakest point and it would let me know when I was under to much pressure.

Sending you all a big hug.  Give it some time.  Tomorrow is coming.  lots of love to my sisters out there xxxx 


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    Hi Miranda

    thanks for this remedy.. I am going to purchase it.

    it makes sense for me as my BC which turned into An abcsess,I believe is caused by an imbalance in the body and the private area. why? Well, I have been on medication for a chronic painful condition for months and I think the medication might be causing some sort of PH imbalance and yeast infection in that area plus puritus. I've never had BCs before and I'm 45. I think this medication ultimately caused it to Develop. I'm going on probiotics after the antibiotics now plus the tissue salts. That's my belief. Anyone else had thrush after antibiotics? Sorry it's so gross but lets be frank since we're on the subject.

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    Hi Miranda,

    Do you still have the cyst and keep using the silica spray as well as the Manuka oil as remedy? Does the silica spray help to remove the BC permanently or just for temporary? 

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    I found the silica spray that you talked about from natural health organics online shop (based in Australia). Does that the one you use? One bottle is enough to get rid of the BC? Cause I plan to buy it and I am from Malaysia. I’ve been gone to gynecologist clinic for draining for three times, last was on October 2. After 20 days, it does recurrence and I feel hopeless and thinking to go for marsupialization. Yet, I don’t feel it will help much either. I have an anxiety over conceiving as well, worried this kind of cyst may prevent me to get pregnant? I am truly having low self esteem during sex intercourses due to dryness and discomfort feelings. May I ask what kind of olive oil (they are so many types and brands out there) would you recommend that doesn’t cause side effects?

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    Hi Miranda,

    I will hope to find the silica spray in pharmacies tomorrow morning. I am currently traveling and was horrified to find out that my BC acted up again and this time it is so painful and uncomfortable. 

    I previously took ginger and turmeric pills to help with the inflammation - it did work but I recently stopped because it stopped acting up for a few months. I did notice that friction causes it to act up (in my case). 

    When it acted up this time, I bought turmeric pills again but it doesn’t seem to be working this time and I’m out of ideas and am super stressed out because I am supposed to be on a holiday and this is really messing with my emotions. 

    I read up on Serrapeptase tablets as well and that it has worked for many people. I am hoping to try that out too. 

    I really hope the silica spray would work for me when I get it tomorrow. 

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      Hi Clarice,

      Rough...especially when travelling.  I have found it in some pharmacies and also in health shops.  Maybe give a few places a ring.  I will private message you what the bottle looks like.  

      Sending you a hug!



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    Great news! My cyst (it was pretty big and bloody painful. I couldn’t walk or do anything) burst 3 days after using the silica spray and it is now almost gone (just a tiny tiny bump). 

    While using the spray, I took turmeric pills (to help with inflammation) and took 3 hot 15 - 20 minute showers everyday making sure the the hot water was in contact with the cyst. 

    After the third day, while after my first hot shower, the cyst burst and drained (not entirely). I was so relieved, I cried in the shower 😂. 

    I continued using the spray even after it burst. 

    Thanks again miranda for your life saving tip.

    Hope this helps other ladies suffering from this awful awful predicament. 

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      That is so awesome to hear!!!  Not being able to walk....its horrible, I know the exact feeling.  I am so happy for you and what a relief it is when it opens...instant relief!!!  Best thing ever!!!  Not sure when it opened whether you used your hands to encourage anything from the cyst to come out, I certainly do.  Good idea to keep using spray it if still a little bit should make it go away.  cheesygrin  Yay for you!!!  Do buy another bottle ready if it returns (hope it doesn't).  I have about 3 in my cupboard as I cant be without it if a cyst shows its face.  xxxx 

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      It was seriously the best feeling ever. Instant relief and no more having to duck walk to the toilet. 

      Ah yes, I did massage it when showering and it burst. Then I continued massaging until there wasn’t any pus coming out. But I continued massaging it whenever I visited the toilet for the rest of the day. 

      I am planning on getting two more bottles once I’ve settled down in a new city! 

      Seriously Miranda, THANK YOU. I was happy crying in the shower when it burst. 

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    I used the silica spray and it finally burst too.  I also took the silica pills too along with hot salt baths.  But, I really think the salt spray did the trick!!  Thanks Miranda.  Everything looks normal down there.  I feel only a small lump.  I’m going to get some more spray soon.
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