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Hi ladies,

I'm here to share my positive experience as there is awful or horror stories down there. 1st of all if you are reading this, you should stop doing your google reasearch before the op, this will make you anxious and negative, it's not worth it, you need to be super positive before the op and be strong.

I live in Dublin and I had my surgery in a clinic with an amazing Gynecologist and he is also a Cosmetic surgeon, so when he removed my cyst he also made sure no scare was left and that all looked pretty after, please find my story below step by step

First Week: was the hardest, the first few days were hard but you can prevent this, you don't have to feel so much pain

Please make sure you take the antibiotics and those strong pain killers they are giving you if you need a stronger dose ask for it! I had to come back as the pain killers weren't killing all the pain and I didn't want to suffer I didn't care if I was sleeping all the day. They also gave me a prescription to buy a numbing cream to put it in the area. This one has to be ordered a week in advance in pharmacy they don't seel it straight away I was lucky that somebody ordered it and never collected it. So please make sure to investigate before the surgery so you have everything handy.

I do have to admit that I'm a drama quenn and I hate pain so much so everytime I woke up in pain I was like I wish I never wake up again, and it's frustrating but if you have strong pain killers and the cream you shoul be ok.

Family and friend support is really important too. Every day was a huge progress I could walk a bit more I could sit, etc, everything really slow but huge progress. I was supposed to be 1 week off work but they told me if I needed more time I could ask more time off. Honestly 1 week wasn't enough so I had to take 1 week off and Monday to Wednesday on the following week.

Please listen to your body don't overdo anything. I was still under the morphine effect and under a lot of tablets when I got home and I felt amazing so I over did it, that wasnt good so be careful

Week 2, amazing! every day better I can do so many more things and I'm starting to get to my normal life and went back to work on Thursday, it was hard to be sitting but I bought a donut pillow, the pillow is ugly so I went to penneys to get a big plain black beach bag so nobody knows the ugly pillow is inside I even bring it to coffe places or ask for a pillow before hand when I got to a restaurant so it's easier to sit, don't stop your social life and this is only temporary

Week 3 - Libido is back wohooo, I feel so good, every day gets better and better, no pain whatsoever I'm actually even going on holidays in 1 week and I'm confident I'll be ok


-Bleeding the first or 2 weeks it's ok it's normal, don't get scared, it's light pink and only ok this is normal

-shooting pain is normal, be happy when you have it, it means the never is coming back its like if you sit in your hand you won't feel it it will go numb but after when you recover sensation it will hurt first but then it will be fine I had the shooting pain for about 2 weeks especially when I start walking more and so on but now its gone

-Buy small little towels, every time you go to the toilet, even for a pee, make sure you wet the toilet paper, tap your vagina to clean it just tap it, be gentle, and then dry it with the small towel. I was using the small towel for 1 day and then into the washing basket to keep things clean I did this for 2 weeks and after that I'll do it just with toilet paper to dry it (just tapping always be gentle)

if you get back to work or in a public toilet you can still before you go to the toilet get a piece of toilet paper, make it wet and bring it with you

-For the first week when you are under antibiotics and strong tablets you will be super dizzy and clumsy, please make sure you have somebody to give your 3 meals, if you live on your own before the op make sure you have everything prepared in advance. Like a cereal bar or a shake, etc you can ask the doctor what are the healthies quick options if you don't have anybody to look after you

-I had a side effect with the 2nd strong painkiller it was super strong so on the 5th day onwards I started bitting my tongue in my sleep every few hours it was very annoying, this was because of the painkiller one day I wanted to bear the pain and just put the numbing cream and be brave and I was able to handle it and fall sleep and no more tongue biting then I stop using painkillers because I was just better and better 

-Do not have sex for a min. of 6 weeks, after 6 weeks its ok but personally I think I'm going to wait 8 weeks just to be cautious

-Lubrication wasn't a problem after removing the gland I'm impatient of wanting to have sex again but I'll wait until I'm fully healed and use a lot of lube just in case, make sure you do it with someone loving and caring the first few times so you are comfortable to stop whenever you want 

I think this are all my tips

Please relax and enjoy yourself before the surgery, after a few weeks you will be fine, please be patient, progress will get there, it's different for everybody

Talk to your doctor, ask all the questions and put yourself at easy

Pray, have faith and be positive. All these comments are very recent. I was operated 3 weeks ago, good luck ladies

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    Hi Eva,

    How are you doing after this surgery by now???

     I also live in Dublin and looking for a good specialist to do the same surgery to remove the gland!!!!

    Would you be so kind and share the contacts, it'd be so helpful!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!


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    I was in so much pain for the first week! I’m now 12 days on and have only just been able to sit up and walk about! I’ve been getting a lot of Puss but the doc said that’s normal did you ? To me that screams infected but need to listen to the professionals! I’ve had salt baths which have massively eased the pain ! 

    I’m worried I will be disfigured down there as after having a look, there’s so many sutures etc it looks a mess to be honest and it’s giving me massive anxiety for the future ! 

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    Hello Eva!

    I Just want to ask you a question. I had a gland removal 8 days ago, and i can now walk a littel bit and sit down shorter moments.

    But i have trouble going on the toilett and do number two. Then pain is horrible. 

    If you dont mind me asking is this something you had a problem with?

    And excuse my bad english(im from Sweden)


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