Been 6 months now Anxiety and Depression

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So i've basically been through a lot in the last 6 months. Me and my GF moved home about 8 months ago..and after a couple of months i thought i had every symptom under the sun. Pains around heart, lots of deep gas, insomnia etc...extreme anxiety. I was off work for a month.

I changed my diet have been working through it and have been for sessions with councillors and cbt and although i feel better in some aspects I still don't feel well. The mornings are very tough for me. evenings less so. Also after i eat a meal i seem to relax more.

Very recently have been getting a lot of tension in my head. Yesturday my thoughts also went very down and very intense. It kind of started with things like 'what's the point of anything.' ect i know.. very dramatic....Not like me at all i can assure you.

I have looked at all aspects of my personal life and altho things could be better in some doesn't make sense that it would cause THIS extremity of feeling.

I woke up early this morning feeling anxious. Something that i haven't had as much very recently as i thought i had learnt ways to deal with it. I was reading about mercury and how if in the system it can cause a lot of the symptoms. I have about 3 fillings that are the mercury based ones. i have been known to grind my teeth in my sleep over the years. Also in the past a hot coffee each morning.

I say those things as i wonder if this has grinded down a filling and has seeped mercury into my system. I feel like i'm clutching at straws but i'm quite desperate now.

Any advice? I've also read about b12 deficiencies...but honestly i feel stuck.

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    Hello there, you have tough time there like most of us.

    Your nature seem to be sensitive and concern. This is like most of us. When we have low B12 or D, this well not make us anxious. But if we already anxiius people that will add more to us. I hope this is understood.

    As our nature ( anxious people ) we learn how to cope and get over our concerns. If we lost the battle, then we move to the meds. I see you have anxiety and some depression, well you need to see a psyco and see medication option for you.

    Life is too short to wait and assume what to do here or there. We tend to lose more time on looking and giving us diagnosis for anything just to not believe that our anxiety is mental.

    I hope that help

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    Sorry to hear. I've struggled similar as most all in there own way on this forum. For me some things that have helped is gym, added some supplements, magnesium, zinc, B6 and fish oil. Eating good food. When I have a spell, turn to music, coloring and thing's to occupy my mind vs worry and stress out. My Prayers go out to you and this group for healing and joy in your life.

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      Yeah i've kind of laid off the suplements last few days. Had really intense moments that build up and probably go on for about 30-40min.

      Then as if someone releases a pressure gauge it goes down but i'm left rather frazzled after. My Doctor has insisted on citalopram. She did listen to me properly aswell which i appreciated. In my mind i'd like a scan of some sort for my whole body to just see if there is anything there. The intesity of the pressure gets seems too much.

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      I had been on citalpram/Celexa for over ten years and had good results but had to switch to the flu because of Interactions from a new med needed for seizures following a brain injury/accident. The fluoxetine has been a different story. The worst side effects that have held on as others also here. Work in progress and trial's.

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    I started taking the citalopram today. My head has had this pressure seemingly going around it. This was prior to taking citalopram. My sinuses seem to be permanently blocked on the right side for quite a few days now. I know no decongestant will help as it feels like the whole right area is something alopram. I took 10mg today. not much but i am pretty sensitive to chemicals.

    I felt pretty weird and wired this morning and the after some lunch had what i guess was a panic attack at work. Not as intense as ones i have had but still frightening. I keep getting these waves of pressure and this truelly horrible feeling inside attaches to my thoughts. It gets more and more intense and then eventually eases off. It seems to be getting more frequent too and at the time feels like my time is up.

    Really had enough of this. If anyone has any thoughts then i'd truelly appreciate it.

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      Hi, unfortunately these meds make you feel worse before you feel better.  Most anxious people worry constantly about their health so you are not alone.  I had some pretty bad side effects to citalopram for the first 2-3 weeks, particularly feeling wired but also having spells of feeling so sleepy, but they do go away and I believe it's worth struggling on even though it is tough at times.  Anxiety causes a lot of physical symptoms also like tight chest, head aches, stomach cramps, shortness of breath. I had all of these but the Citalopram eased them within a couple of weeks.

      Good luck - hope you start feeling better soon 

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      Thanks for your reply Anna.

      What i'm getting at the moment is a heavy pressure on the middle center part of my forehead above my brow. And weird around my eyes. I get heavy arms too particularly the left one. Everything becomes very sensitive.

      I got given a nasal drip by the doctor at the walk in centre as i did have a head cold last week and he thinks its my sinuses (which hurt) mixed in with my anxiety.

      The thing is i've sat here just now very calm feeling relaxed and this pressure comes on. I'm just enjoying watching a video on my PC. I'm not anxious. But after a while of this pressure is the feeling i get that have an infection on my brain. Dramatic i know. I then tend to lay down, close my eyes and i then go into something like a slow warp. As if i'm going to sleep but at the end of it i just come to and just feel very weird. The feeling hasn't gone but just subsided for a bit.

      I was kind of getting this in the run up to deciding to start using Citalopram. I thought id managed the anxiety and then BAM these feelings and thoughts like i'm going mad or that these are my last days.

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      It's a tough time starting on the meds and it will only increase your previous concerns and tensions.  Muscles in your head can cause bad pressure with tension but I'm not a medic.  Speak to your GP about your concerns, if only to reassure yourself.  You're not alone in thinking you're on deaths door only to find all is OK.  I had cracking noises in my head when I started taking Citalopram. Gone now thankfully

      Good luck and try not to worry (easier said than done - i know)  


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      i took a course of them about 12 years ago. I don't remember it being like this.

      I've switched to taking at night and did so at 9pm last night and went to bed at 11pm. Well i've woke up at 2am with full blown anxiety bordering on panic attack. I feel truelly awful. Wondering if i have i been misdiagnosed. I seem to have had similar symptoms to bipolar 2.

      Might just be the meds talking tho i guess. My head hurts to the back left and front centre and i keep drifting in an out of 'sleep'.

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      This is the 3rd time I've been on anti-dressants. 1st time i have not side-effects but 2nd and 3rd did.  I think it's as much to do with the anxiety as the side-effects.  The first time I took them it was just depression with no anxiety.

      For the first 5 nights of taking Cit I hardly slept (and I know what it feels like to have those panic feelings in the middle of the night) but after that no problems. Just wake an hour earlier now.  I take mine in the morning though. 

      You will feel bad with the meds for 2-3 weeks.  It's hard to give advice because everyone responds differently to the meds but I think most people struggle for at least a couple of weeks.  Things get worse unfortunately before they start to get better.

      I slept in the day and took it easy for the first week.  You need to let your body and mind recover and put as little stress on it as possible.


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      Thanks Anna,

      The thing is i still can't help but feel this is happening because of a physical condition. The whole eating thing and about 30 minutes later i feel more relaxed. I have been tested for diabetes before with a fasting test and it came back fine.

      I've woken up at 6am this morning and had a bit of cake and a banana.

      The coffee cake was very sweet. I noticed that last night after feeling particularly anxious whilst my brother and dad were visiting (no reason to be anxious normally) after i had firstly had some turkish takeaway food (meat fallafal and salad) i felt a bit better then later after i had a bit of this cake i was very chatty again and felt a bit like my old self.

      I didn't connect the 2 at first last night but upon waking up after the first half decent sleep in a few days i obvious was wondering why.

      So i've had a very small bit of the cake again with a banana and it's now 40minutes later. I am a touch anxious still but feel very tired. 5th day on citalopram

      Am i clutching at straws here?

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    Im sorry you are going through this. I have been there, got better, and now im there again.

    ?To answer some of your questions, though i have no authority. When you have a panic disorder youve probably read what happens to your body. Just about any symptom is possible and multiple symptoms are likely. Then the poor panic person reads everything he can on the subject, thinks its a vitamin mineral deficiency, candida, etc. or that he has a terrible condition no one has found. Sound familiar?

    ?Most of us have differences but we all basically belong to the same club. So if youre asking me, no, its not mercury, its not a mineral deficiency, its all part of this horrible affliction.

    ?For me, something definitely starts it. Not everyone, but most i think have something that starts the process. For me, its a terrifying thing, real or imagined, that winds my nervous system up to overdrive. For example, my girl wants to leave me. My emotional thermometer blows a fuse. Now i may forget about that, but the damage has been done. The system has been started. So you mention moving back to your house etc. but you dont mention if any trauma real or imagined preceded all of this? It could be as simple as a terrifying thought.

    ?Anyway, for now, try not to obsess over supplements and things of that nature. Your system is overwound, do things to slow it back down. Exercise is very helpful in restoring the balance, provided its slow and careful. You are probably loaded with adrenalin, cortisol, histamine and god knows what. Hiking seems to help me quite a bit and im not hurting myself doing it. Breathing exercises, very important.

    ?So do you remember a trauma right at the begining that started all of this?

    I wish you peace

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      Thank you Alan. That was some very insightful reading. And i agree with you as deep down i did suspect but my god how real all these things have felt.

      However today something seems to have randomly settled in my head a bit more. I can't express how much i hope this stays.

      I think what triggered this was 7 months ago several things at once had built up over the course of the 6 months if not years prior. I moved to a flat with my gf of 7 years which was a lot of stress and also indecision if i was making the right choice. My job aswell, where my new manager who also used to be my colleague for 5 years was suddenly treating me with less respect than people who had been there 5 minutes. The job is carework so it's quite a full on job. With him coming in as manager there were a lot of things he was told to bring in. It was a big change from the manager i was used to before for 4-5 years. He was also acting like a bit of a dick with his new role.

      Family too were another factor but i won't go into that.

      So yeah...i never realised the extent of what my anxiety/panic disorder could make me think and feel. I'm going to stick to the citalopram and also build up my meditation practice (i've been told the chakra one is good)

      and although i sorted things out with the boss a while back and he's been great during this time. I will look into changing this year. Also settled in to the flat and sorted things with family.

      Like i said earlier i pray that i stay feeling well. This has made me analyse my whole life..past and present. I thought i was losing and had lost my mind.

      I now want a future and to enjoy it as much as possible. Thank you again for your wise words.

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