Been on sertraline for 10 weeks

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Hi, I have been on sertraline for 10 weeks. Was on 50mg for 4 weeks gradually building up to 200mg which I've been on for the last 4 weeks.

I recently had 9 days of feeling more stable however I've since come crashing back down. Has anybody else experienced this? Is it time to change my medication or do I need to give it longer?

I'm feeling pretty desperate and would appreciate any advice.

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    Clare, can you give more details when to "come crashing back down"? Is it like back to feeling like before you even got on the med?

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      Yes I am feeling the same as before I started on sertraline.

      Really thought I'd turned a corner but obviously not!

      I know they say it can take a while to get into your system but is 4 weeks on the maximum dose not enough time to be feeling at least some benefit?

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      Clare, goodness, I don't know what to say. It seems a bit unusual that you turned a corner but then it all came crashing down again. How long were you feeling okay and how long have you been feeling that it's all crashed back down again?

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      I was feeling ok (not 100%) but definitely more stable for 9 days.

      I've been feeling back to square one for 7 days.

      So confused and disappointed after believing I'd turned a corner.

      Should 4 weeks on the highest dose be long enough to see a more permanent improvement?

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      I don’t know what to make of this. This is most unusual. So you’ve been on this med for a total of 10 weeks, 4 of which on 50mg and 4 of which on 200mg. You have had 9 good days followed by most recently 7 bad days. Did something happen recently? Have you been eating lots of grapefruits? Or are you on your monthly lady's holiday? I never feel good during that time because I'm much more hormonal. Overall, I can’t make heads or tails of this. You could give it a couple more weeks but if you don’t start feeling better again, I would go back to my doctor. This med treats anxiety and panic attacks first and takes longer to help with depression, so keep that in mind, too. If after a total of 3 months and you still bad (with no improvements whatsoever), then you should consider weening off this med and trying another med, but you should work with your doctor on this.

      Also, I don't think 4 weeks is enough to see a PERMANENT improvement. Again, it depends on your condition, anxiety, GAD, panic attacks or depression. I think you should start to see improvements after 8 weeks if it is the right dose.

      Sorry to hear this setback. Wish I could be of more help. Xx

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      I literally can't think of anything that has triggered these past bad 7 days. I'm not hormonal and haven't had to deal with any major stress so I'm totally confused as to why it seemed to be working but then stopped.

      I'm taking this medication for severe depression and anxiety.

      I have heard that it can take up to 12 weeks to reach full effect but would that be 12 weeks from starting at 50mg or from starting at 200mg?

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      At the right dose that your body needs, in this case, I'm guessing it's 200mg. Hang in there.

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      To be clear, I would give 200mg up to 8 weeks. You have gone this far, so I would go all the way through. If this is indeed not the right med for me, I would want to have no doubt in my mind whatsoever, and this can only be achieved by staying on it for another 4 weeks or so. because it's so utterly terrible for me each time I get back on sertraline, I can't imagine what other terrible side effects I could possibly have on any other med, so I will only give up on this med if I know it absolutely doesn't not help me anymore. Hang in there. Xx

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    Hi Clare Just to let you know that I am exactly like you. I have been on

    Sertraline since 6th January and have been on 200mg for 4 weeks. I have

    Just had a great week with no anxiety and even had a phone call with my

    gp and told him how well i felt. That was on Monday, by Thursday i was back

    To square one lump in throat and lump in stomach it really feels like it's worse than

    Ever. I am back at GPs on Monday and i am fed up that i have gone backwards

    I do know that there is a little leeway and i can increase a bit even though it's

    Not the norm but i am willing to do this before i think of changing meds,

    Because as you will know it has been a very long and rocky road so I'm not going

    To give in.I hope my reply has helped you a little knowing that someone

    Else knows what your going through. I am on sertraline for depression and

    Anxiety, the depression isn't as bad as the anxiety now so that's a little

    Silver lining in a black cloud. I really hope you start to feel good again soon

    Four steps forward then one step back will eventually be forward steps only


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    Hi Claire, I know this medication takes a long time to kick in, give it another couple of weeks, if no better, see your doctor for a review, will pray for you, I that is OK.

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