Been on ven for about 11 years now and need advice

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hi everyone

ive been on 75mg of venlaflaxine for about 11 years now , and in the past i noticed that if i had missed a tablet , after a few hours i would get brain zaps , and i accepted this. But lately ( last 3 months) when drifting off to sleep at night i sometimes have a few brain zaps that start from the back of my neck and feel like the go over the back of my neck and over my head, sometimes i have a massive zap that actually jolts me up and makes me wide awake , now i suffer with anxiety and health anxiety so clearly im a little concerned as i havent changed my dosage or the time that i take it , so seeing if anyone else has been on them this long and inccountered any sort of problem like this ? unfortuantly the doctors havent been too great and just keep saying its a probably a trapped nerve in my neck and to just take ibroprephen , but this doesnt really help to much , i feel i have been suffering sinus problems lately as i get pressure behind my eyes and in my cheeks and at the lower part of the base of my skull , so didnt know if that could be part of it aswell ? god i really do hate how my brain works against me some times lol , any help or advice would really appreciated

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    hello, i think you may need a dose increase. brain zaps normally happen when you are withdrawing or reducing the dose of an anti depressant. however, i think they may also happen when a dose is no longer sufficient, as you would be in a similar position when withdrawing, ie, your brain wants more. 75mg is a low dose and youve been on it for some time. if your dose is no longer sufficient, that could cause increased anxiety, which would increase muscle tension, particularly in the areas you mentioned. thats what all what you mentioned suggests to me. trust a dr to mix up a brain zap with a trapped nerve.

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    also. when my dose it right, and im doing well, being late with taking my meds doesnt make as much difference, as when im not doing well, and in particular when ive needed an increase.

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    hi, john I lost my reply to you for some reason.. Get your Blood Pressure checked.. I've had the zzz in my head before and it was because I had been forgetting to take Venlafaxine.. But I didn't realise I'd forgotten.. Im on 150 mg a day reduced from 300 a day..Slowly.. I'd recommend going to doctor have BP checked regards your other symptoms Best wishes

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    your post has prompted me to share my own thoughts and opinions on what antidepressants do to someones brain, body and nervous system during long term use. Once again I’d like to emphasize that this my own thoughts. Other people may not agree.

    Initially when you first took AD, Your brain was already producing a certain amount of serotonins while the ADS supplied the rest. But the longer you are on the ADs the brain works less to produce it’s fair share. The way I see it the beginning its a 50/50 partnership between your brain and the AD. Over time the brain gets lazy and relies on the AD to do 100% of the work. This is fine if you don’t have any increased life stresses that warrant the need for more serotonins (dose) whether it be from your own brain or ADs.

    Brain zaps usually happen during tapering. The brain is trying to adjust to the imbalance caused by the decreased dose and the need for it to create it’s own supply (slower rate than we’d like)

    While I am aware you aren’t tapering, I would assume increased stress can also bring on brain zaps and jolts especially if your current dose is only used to supplying a limited amount of serotonins. There maybe some other significant stressors going on in your life causing your body to scream out for more serotonins than what your current dose is giving you. These different stressors and possibly your older age is dictating the need for more.

    I’m not a fan of increasing dosage as a quick fix bandaid. Listen to what your body is telling you instead. Refer to any cognitive behavioral techniques you may have learned in combating stress. Lead a calm zen approach lifestyle which hopefully will reduce the severity of your brain zaps and the need for more medication.

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    i just experienced the exactly exactly what you just explained

    just 5 days ago i start feeling exatly the interior tremors such as brain zaps on my back head

    and i notaced it before sleeping and some times wake me up and on the early morning

    and its exactly the same feeling when i feel side effects when first start the medication

    and that put me in bad anxiety that how come i am feeling withdrawals while am on the same dose for years and same time

    i ben on ven for almost 13 years now and i never increased my dose more than 75mg my whole 13 years

    when i realised that it may need upped the dose and my dr give me medicin to lower my blood presser

    these side effects go away and left me with big anxiety and depression same as i first started the medication

    its not manageable any more

    yes i had up and down before but i was so power-full to manage

    but now with this issue i feel its out of control

    please help and tell me what happened to you next did you increased the dose?

    and how long it takes for new dose to put you back on track

    i am stuck one week now suffering and dont know what to do should i increase the dose yet?

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