Been put back on mirtazapine struggle with withdrawal effects?

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I've been on and off mirtazapine for around 3 years, I've struggled with certain side effects which is why I decide to try and ween myself off it. Lately my anxiety has hit the roof. I get tightening of chest struggle to breath, also wheezy breathing, which can lead to general discomfort. Have concentration problems to the point of starting a task and forgetting to finish it. Very forgetful. My speech is very slurred as if I've been drinking alcohol people a lot of the time ask me to repeat myself. Focusing on one simple thing is difficult. I find myself staring into space a lot of the time. I have physical side effects to such as scaly itchy red rash above left eyelid very painful at times. Every time I try to come off these Meds I can't sleep get depressed and anxious. Deep down I know it's effecting my relationship with family and recently new girlfriend thanks for listening guys. Appreciate some help. Thanks

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    Hi, I've been trying to come off Mirtazapine too. I found my sleep was more difficult at 3.75mg then really bad when I stopped taking any. I'm now taking 5.625mg. I've bought a tablet cutter to enable me to cut down really slowly. I used to be on 45mg so I've come a long way but these last reductions are harder to tolerate. The reason I want to stop them is that I was suffering unbearable anxiety. As soon as I reduced the symptoms subsided. But I also need to lose weight and the Mirtazapine stimulates the appetite. That's an understatement, it causes food cravings.

    Good luck.

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      I'm actually taking 15 mg the doctors don't seem to realise how much of an issue it is and think it's so easy to taper of my gp told me to take one everywhere day for 3 weeks then just stop but the withdrawals are sometimes unbearable to the fact I can't sleep. So I'm taking 15 mg again now I also have a massive appetite like yourself. God bless hope you. Hope you feel better soon.

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      Sadly I have learned that GPs are clueless when it comes to withdrawal from Mirtazapine. Like you they recommended large reductions, one GP sniggered when i said I was down to 3.75mg. Even my pharmacist said I could reduce quickly without any problems. The best advice I've found is here on this forum. The rule seems to be reduce by 10% but in 2-3 week stages. That said some may need to do it more slowly. I didn't follow the 10% thing but didn't have issue until I got down to 3.75mg, so now I have my pill cutter and I'm trying to do this last stage with tiny reductions. The appetite thing is still an issue.

      Take care

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    Hi apcgad

    Sorry for your suffering; yes doctors know very little about tapering from this medicine and to stop suddenly sends folks into anxiety, insomnia and depression, leading them to believe its their original symptoms returning, when in fact it is withdrawal, or discontinuation syndrome (same thing).  

    I would take your time and make a little plan for yourself, take it slowly, get it right this time ... its so easy to lose confidence that we will ever be able to 'get off' Mirt' when experiencing so many bad symptoms.

    Click on my name and read the links under my status, take in in, and have a think, and try not to worry; a slow taper is best to enable the brains neurons to remodel as it take the CNS, Central nervous system 2 weeks longer than the physical body (apparently !).

    Hope you find a way through now, welcome to the forum.  Best wishes.

    ps I tapered this way after being on Mirt over a year, I took a slow slide off which took about a year from 15 mg !!  Crazy.

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      Hey im currently tapering off 15 mg i reduced 1/4 mg by cutting down the centre of my circle pill and then quarterly i taperd on this level for 1 month. Then straight down centre of my pill to make it half 7.5 for another month. But due to my medication prescribed changing from circle to soltab smaller narrow shape im unable to cut my pill equal if you know what i mean. Im stuck any help thankyou.
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      Sorry i am currently on my 3rd month reduction. Im on 7.5 now im actually cutting my pill with a stanley blade as my pill cutter isnt working well as the pills tiny. Im not sure how accurate it is but how could i put it in a liquid formula im confused. Thanks for helping calmer
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      Hi, sorry for the length of this, I just couldn't cut it short !!

      It is advisable to taper no more than 10% per month, or 5% every 2 weeks. Or listen to your body - if WD symptoms are present wait a little longer. This slower method is possible by making a liquid solution. Tapering to less than 1 mg may be necessary to enable a secure landing, 0.9 mg to 0.1 preferably for the sensitive:


      Here is the pill to liquid instruction for anyone who might want to taper slowly.

      You will need a 15 ml syringe and also a 1ml syringe with markings on at 0.1ml intervals

      A pill crusher (available from Amazon)

      Ora Plus suspension (available from Amazon)

      A clean medicine bottle or small jar

      A small accurate measuring jug or medicine cup with measure on. 


      • Crush up 2 x 15mg (or 1 x 30mg) Mirtazapine pills until they are a fine powder (although the outer coating does not grind up as fine as the white Mirt’ powder that is inside, but that's fine. So long as the white Mirt’ is a fine powder.

      • Then measure both 15 ml water & 15 ml Ora Plus and pour into the medicine bottle or see the end for receptacle..

      • Then pour the powder INTO THE WATER FRIST, and shake it , then add the OraPlus & shake virorously. So 1ml of the liquid equals 1mg of Mirtazapine. N.B. Mirtazapine is not soluble in water and so you must shake it vigorously every time you take out a dose to ensure you are getting an accurate measure of Mirtazapine.

      • Also you should store it in the fridge. It is recommended to keep it no longer than four days.

      So from the 30 mg / 30 ml draw up the syringe what you require. 

       1 ml of the liquid = 1 mg.

      This has been tried and tested and works very well. Just make sure you shake it very well before drawing up the syringe.

      Credit to Evergreen

      + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

      Using SOL TABS, similar to the above:

      Sol Tabs can be very useful if you are withdrawing, or maybe even if you are changing doses.

      +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++

      VERY USEFULL ADVICE FROM advice from Betsy :

      I use the OraPlus and yes, it tastes yuck! Important is to suspend the tablet in a bit of water first. I do 50% water, mix and then add the OraPlus, and it still keeps it well suspended so able to stretch the $. If you add the tablet to just OraPlus, I have found it makes a white glob, hard to mix! You could maybe try Karo Syrup which is thicker than maple syrup. I use these tubes to mix in because they have the hash marks on the tube and you don't lose volume trying to transfer from measuring to your container: 

      The markings do wear off after many uses so good to have the supply!

      One caveat on these is that when you get down to the last 10 or so ml, it is hard to reach the liquid with a 3-cc syringe. I tilt it on its side to bring the liquid up where I can reach it, but sometimes you get bubbles - I hate having to flush the bubbles out with the suspension liquids because it ends up messy, but that's just me! The other option is to pour that last bit out into a measuring spoon and syringe it up from there. Just little tips...

      I'll add that for those who want to use just water, even the SolTabs will settle quickly, so I do think it is necessary to use something to keep it in suspension. The other benefit of the OraPlus is that I believe it has stabilizers in it which would help preserve the integrity of the drug.

      Good luck.


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    All weekend I have been struggling to find motivation to get out of bed my left eye is very painful. I am still taking 15 mg mirtazapine, booking an appoinment with gp tommorow to discuss my eye problem, i find I have bad days and good days but bad are terrible.
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      It sounds like you are in withdrawal, lack of motivation is high up there.

      I'm not sure what you've done,

      you say you were on 15mg

      then you cut off a quarter making it 12.5

      then cut in half making it 7.5

      Then you say in your last post that you are on 15mg.  Can you tell me what you mean - did you just go back up to 15 mg??

      If you have the Sol Tabs, worry not, they are easier to work with when tapering, try and make sure you get these in future.  They dissolve more easily, click on my name and follow the link for "Making a liquid", its not as difficult as you may think, lots of folk on here have done this method.

      Shout out if I can help any more.

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