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He says he won't say it's anxiety as I need a ct scan first!

I burst out crying telling him I feel like I'm dying he said what do you mean I said because I feel so unwell but now I'm home I realise it's a bit more I have a gut instinct i'm dying and everyone knows gut instinct is normally right .

I have constant dizziness that is like when you have the flu .

I have random sharp head pains.

I have tingling / shivers in my head and face and chin!

I have fast hard beating heart upon standing that makes me feel weak .

I feel exhausted all the time

I have weord white kinda cloudiness that goes over my eye.

I keep getting sharp chest pains and back pains

I feel like something isn't right

Honestly it's a gut instinct of something isn't right I look back how this started and it was because I thought I was going through something again that was a traumatic experience for me before it ended up not been that then I got a bunch of symtoms it's now got to this and I'm so scared I've never felt like this I've had anxiety all my life I guess I'm Writting on here because all my family ect believe it's me been me but it's not it's a gut instinct it's difficult to make anyone believe me

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    Can you go to the hospital? Not that I think you need to go, but because when I had 90% of these issues, I got all tests done on the spot and they told me it was nothing physical.. You're making yourself worse, whether you believe it or not. When is your CT? Your doctor would not send you home if he thought you were in immediate danger. Just relax a bit. Look up a site called calm clinic . com and it will show you that all of your fears and symptoms are normal. (no spaces in the site though, but otherwise they would delete my comment). It helps a ton. Look up anxiety support on Google. You can find thousands of people with your exact issues
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    Hi , I know feel I experience these same.symptoms and more to add and they all happen now mostly in the head and neck area , I've had anxiety and panic disorder since last November, first it started off as the whole "I think I'm having a heart attack " symptoms which of course i freaked out and ran to the hospital maybe about 7 different times . now I'm dealing with a lot of tensions headaches , neck pain and stiffness , shoulder tension stiffness and pain . and shooting head.pains , face.numbeness but not numb to.touch just a feeling , tingling burning scalp sensations, and thinking I'm.going to have a stoke or seizure or something crazy , I've been checked out by the neurologist , had brain scans and MRIs all clear , I've had blood work done over.and over allntest clear . and.many other test done just to rule.out any type of life threatening health issues and I.passed all test . So supposedly I'm pretty healthy , I've even been to a endocrinologist and they cleared me.too . hope u feel better soon , I'm.still struggling myself though so you are.not alone
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    I'm sorry your going though this. I remember a few months ago when I went thru thinking I was going to die, I felt it inside, I was so worried and am a worrier anyway and have had anxiety for years.

    I've had dizziness now for almost a year and with this being the symptom that stressed me so much my health anxiety raised it ugly head.

    I went to my ENT and asked him if it was anxiety only and he said I'm not going to say that until we do some tests. That worried me because my gut just new I had something that was going to kill me. But as went from doc to doc there was nothing life threatening. Yea my thyroid was out of level but we finally fixed it. I still have the dizziness and boy had it been hard for me. It scares me to death. I don't know why maybe because many disease can cause dizziness. I'm scared to death of disease.

    I have had all the things you listed to include that white film look in my vision, which was anxiety, I used to get it in the mornings I would look around a room and it would look almost smokey and gray, it drone me crazy but it has calmed way down and when I have bad and wiry it shows up occasionally. I have the standing and feeling my heart pounding almost every morning and during the evening, thinks it because I have to move around and when I move I get dizziness and feel odd and that scares me so. I've had so many symptoms and it takes a few weeks to go they each one until I finally convince myself it's anxiety again.

    The only thing o know they is not all anxiety or maybe it is, is the dizziness. I get it almost everyday is some form or another, whether it be off bajance feeling, falling feeling, rocking swaying feeling, in a fair rise feeling, bouncing floor feeling, sitting down and feeling like I'm moving like a bouy in the water.

    I don't know if you've thought about talking to a psychologist but maybe it will help. I'm seeing on and it dies help. There are sine great panic websites also that can explain things well, I read a good book about worry and how the mind causes it, it's called The Worry Trick. I ask so keep a journal of thoughts , do meditation, and have been working in a workbook called, the anxiety & worry workbook.

    I really hope you feel better and can calm yourself so you can think better. I know for me Xanax calms me down so I can relax my mind and let me think clearly

    Feel better and know your ok, it's the anxiety, it causes an awful spiral

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    Hi stephx.

    Do you get any medications? I mean any antidepresants? Probably you will need some after CT will come clear. I had almost the same symptoms as you mentioned in the list above. The worst was that dizziness feeling, like you are coming down with a flu. It has almost disappeared. What is still present is burning in my eyes, mild burning in my mouth (tongue). Anyway, keep us informed ... I am sure it is just anxiety.

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    How I can't take antidepressants I tried a few years back they made me so worse so even doctor yesterday agreed I shouldn't go back on them I've realised I know it's bad I smoke but I go for my first smoke in the morning and get a adrenline surge it's like all in my chest ect I get it at anything I could wrote to somebody and be waiting for a reply it'll be there is could just walk ill get it makes me feel like my body will just collapse it's constant even just standing up causes it I then sit down to feel my heart pound even when it's a normal rate ect .

    This dizziness is so bad I got up to feed my son in the middle of the night the room was spinning .

    I kept having random adrenline surges before for our reason in 2o14 when they happened my heart and blood pressure went up so high the machines at hospital was alarming and that lasted a week and half before it disappeared but these adrenline surges aren't going which makes me think maybe it's a heart condition aswell I had a scan on my heart ultrasound in 2014 it was all good but now I've had a baby my body couldn't of changed I don't know what to do I feel so useless I'm snapping at everyone everyone hates me and can't cope with me but nobody knows how I feel so I can't expect them to be understanding it's like a nightmare I no longer want to get out of bed I have to force myself

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