Begging for help since 2019 full blown head to toe parasitic inf had since 2002

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My name is Joie and im about to be 41 in a few days on the 18th. I have been extremely sick and trying unsuccessfully to get help since 2019. I have been to at least 12 or 13 doctor appointments and left crying from most of them and told that a parasitic infection was extremely rare and that I did not have one and was treated like I was some sort of methamphetamine addict or some sort of mental patient. I have been so traumatized and embarrassed that the last time I tried to go again to see someone I was almost admitted for my blood pressure being so high. I think I was infected in 2002 when I got bit by something underneath my right eye and I was told it was a brown recluse spider bite.. From then on I lived my life feeling like I was in a fog of some sort. Suffered debilitating migraines that always no matter what started it in between my spine and skull on the right side of my neck that went up into my jaw and into the back of my eyes with light and smell sensitive and would vomit from the pain. I suffered terribly with major depression and PTSD. Unfortunately I had some very dark times and I thankfully was able to pull through but always felt like something was off for some unexplained reason. I want to share real quick before I go on what i looked like image

I started to really notice things changing in 2009 when I had my daughter had to deliver her by emergency C-section and right after developed help HELLP SYNDROME Which is very rare fewer than 20,000 women in the US per year and it is very critical. I mention this because I recently researched if parasitism infection could’ve been the cause and I was correct there are some that can cause it to happen. I have also had three possibly four seizures that could not be explained and blamed stress the likely reason. i also had my left eardrum rupture for no good reason at all, weird bouts of really bad acne at times, and cellulitis of some sort on one leg that couldnt be explained. the worst for me though was the huge abcesses that would come out of nowhere in my lower jaw ive had them at different times on both sides of my face but i had no visible cavaties at the time. i was a dental assistant for a little over 12 years for Gods sake how could this be happening to me!?!? i have lost all my molars except one and lost 2 eye teeth on the top 1 on each side.....9 if that wasnt bad enough i also have a big chip in one of my front at the top. needless to say im not in the dental field anymore because of how embarrased i am my smile was everything to me. i got hired to work in the dental field because i was told i had a smole that could sell dentistry and it sure did! to me it was mu best feature and something i got complimented on thd most.... not anymore......on top of all of this my face started to get these weird dark discolorations on it almost like what i thought was melasma and i started to get these horrible sores on my face and then my chest and all over my forearms and lower legs. I have not worn a pair of shorts in public in two years. not even at home really i have been labeled a meth addict by most in the small town i live in and im not. im even judged and looked at that way by people who dont even know me as well. especially by the doctors i went to for help we dont dven have a red light in the town im from its very small im related to most and so most of them think badly of me due to my outer appearance changing so drastically over the years. I am a single mom to a beautiful 12-year-old little girl who I feel like is sometimes embarrassed of me because of looks my smile especially..... there’s no way that I can afford to have any work done to fix my teeth I know firsthand how expensive it can be but what makes everything really sad is that I have an uncle that lives and works where I’m from and he’s a dentist that thinks that I am a no good druggie and won’t treat me for free the way he has always been my entire life and I am way too extremely embarrassed to go to any of my former bosses I’m so traumatized by this whole experience dealing with these doctors who have treated me so bad that I cannot get the nerve to try again when i desperately need to. i have taken so many different doses of oral antibiotics and given muprocin as a topical and told i had impetigo by most of them

. I don’t even know what to do or where to go from here I have actually only been treated by the doctors that I’ve seen on three separate occasions I was prescribed parasitic medication and they only did this for me just to shut me up I think because they still denied the fact that I had the infection and refused to do anything further. i have taken a full dose of albenzadole, a few months after that a full dose of mebenzadole and most recently a frw moths ago a full dose of ivermectin. i have had some improvement starting here recently with the appearance of my skin thank goodness but still far from cured I have not had a skin biopsy and I took one stool sample that came back negative but several samples are required for a diagnosis of parasitism. my doctor said after the one that i I told you you didn’t have any parasites and told me that he knows that I was picking my skin which I was not and tried to prescribe me medicine for anxiety. I was even told by one dermatologist who did not even touch me much less examine me and told me that I had insect bites.

besides the extensive dental damage the other things i suffer from are the debilitating brain fog and memory loss and the most extreme exhaustion i cant even put into words how hard it is for me to not sleep. basically keeps me from having any sort of quality of life. and just like pretty much every message that I read underneath these topics of worms under the skin and what not I have every single one of them in common with these other people especially the marks of where they travel under the skin...I can literally trace them from my face all the way down to my feet. and the stuff that comes out of my skin is crazy I cannot believe that so many people were going through exactly what I’ve been experiencing for so long now. I now know that everything I explained earlier that had been going wrong for me in my life has been because of this infection and I just want someone to believe me and help me in anyway shape or form I am begging.... to end this long story I will now post pics for you of what this has done to me over the years...

remember these things started in my face and like the roots of a tree have made trails that go into my eyelids, scalp,nose, tongue, my lips,teeth gums, down my neck,across my chest and down my back all the down my legs to my toes image


i pray this might reach the right person. these are the worst of times in the pics above and thankfully i have improved some but i am not healed yet but i am so thankful for the small improvements thus far.

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