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Infectious Disease

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  • nicolamc 3

    Worms in the Face

    Hi All,  I dont know if anyone has come across this.  I have a worm infestation in my face.  They travel around under the skin leaving tracks and bursting holes into my skin.  they create glass like balls that split the skin open and move around my skin with ease.  I first reported...

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  • miller100 2

    possible tapeworm ?

    Hi I passed a approx 6 inch flat tape like thing , it seems very smooth yellowish almost transparent, I see no segments, is this a tape worm ? I have a pic of part of it but I'm not sure how to upload ? I'd appreciate any information thank you

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  • kev0 1
  • shorty5903 2

    Skin infection staph?

    Or is it a boil? Should I be going to the dr for antibiotic treatment or continue with warm compresses? It started last night and has progressed to this in the photo. It is very painful and was itchy when it first started.

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  • kate 0709 1

    Nose infection

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me. About 3 months ago I felt a sharp pain at just under my left nostril. It felt like an infection feeling. I itched my nose but it didn't relieve the sharp pain. It lasted for 10 seconds but it made me wonder what it was. Weeks later I started...

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  • jane14899 2
  • rimakuttu 2

    my 12 day daughter diagnosed with septic arthritis mrsa

    My daughter was diagnosed with sepsis when she was 12 days old . She was admitted in hospital and iv antibiotic started. After 6 days of antibiotic her right knee started swelling. After MRI and x Ray, Dr confirm that she had Septic arthritis. Emergency surgery was done to drain the pus followed by...

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  • fedup73 1

    Microscopic-like worms under skin

    Hi. I have some sort of a skin condition where it starts out like a small pimple and then when i clean it,it turns into a sore where i remove microscopic worm like things out of my skin. I have tried every home remedy and fungi/ worm treatment on the market. I have seen a few doctors and gone to the...

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  • frank47 2

    Do parasites cause autoimmune diseases?

    I have recently completed 2 stool sample tests that have rendered the same outcome, positive for parasitic organisms but unable to identify. Now I have to complete the exam a third time. I have still not received any treatment and have experienced some serious health problems over the past few years,...

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  • sean12853 1

    High fever with staph infection

    So i was recently diagnosed with a type of staph infection that you can get from boils/pimples being infected. The 2nd day it was very painfull and redness about the size of my hand around a quarter size sore on my leg. I went to the doctor about 5 days ago for it and it does not hurt anymore and looks...

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  • jennifer05838 2


    I'll try keep this shortish. September 2015 is when all the problems started for my then 6 month old. Repeated bouts of 'gastroenteritis', scratching her skin till she made herself bleed, night sweats and was generally really unwell with coughs & conjunctivitis. Doctors just kept saying...

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  • kyle 98791 1

    Is this a parasite? Help please. Multiple negative results.

    I'm a 27 yr old male. For the last two years I've been plagued with abdominal and intestinal issues. I was diagnosed with IBS and gastroparesis. At the beginning I remember seeing flake like things in my stool. I told the dr and they did all the typical tests for parasites and stool samples....

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  • bev7879 1

    Need your advice

    34 active female who eats well but sugar intake is too high, experiencing exhaustion, Joint pain, not properly digesting fats, not excreting excess b12(level is 1476) boits of constipation, crawling sensations under the skin, high lymphocytes detected in blood, feeling feverish regularly, mucle cramping,...

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  • kathryn22984 1

    Stomach virus

    On March 28th I had started feeling bad and had diarrhea twice and felt extremely weak my husband brought me to the ER and when they tried to do my IV they said I was very dehydrated and all the digging around for a vein caused me to vomit but they gave me fluids and zofran and after that I never did...

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  • savannah1994 1

    Possible parasite or what?

    Hey everyone. I have a few questions hoping someone can help me out lately I've been experiencing stomach cramping constipation and abnormal findings in stool when I do go. I have found various of things but the one thing I want to know about are these cotton ball like egg sacs with strings coming...

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  • ahmed96537 1
  • frustrated61 6

    Parasites in my eyes? Can anyone help me with this problem?

    I have sjogrens which usually attacks the eyes.  It can effect other certain areas of the body but it's prominent in the eyes. That said, I've been dealing with both eyes having a scratch on the corneas.  It's a long process for the healing to take and it's also causing other...

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  • beth06432 2

    Do I have a parasistic infection - sorry in advance

    Im not sure if this is related but at night my scalp wakes me up being so itchy. Last night I managed to pull something from my back passage as long as my forearm which looked flat and almost stick like. This has continued through the night and to today. Im just wondering if anybody knows what it is...

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  • patricia72206 2

    My daughter died

    Going to hospital with swollen wrist , temp of 39.7 , heart rate 122bpm and blood pressure of 97/42 she was sent home with a "sprained wrist " and told to take paracetamol , 19 hours later she was dying of necrotising facilitis / septecemia , my beautiful 23 year old left behind a 3 year old...

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  • lesley1954 3

    Life after sepsis

    I have just came out of hospital ICU as I have just survived sepsis. I was admitted on 16th March and only woke up 4 days ago. It was so scary as I while I was unconscious, I was having vivid nightmares/dreams. My husband hadn't realised I was unconscious, he thought I was sleeping off a fever. As...

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  • james96340 1

    Giardia and other issues

    Hi i have tested twice for giardia this last year in May and October. My son also got diagnosed with Giardia. In between this period I suffered with infections of the sinuses and some awful spots on my back. I recently took a combination of albendazole and tinizadole and am re-testing to see if the Giardia...

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  • Guest M

    Schistosomiasis the unsuspected signs are the most common

    Having been born in Southern Africa and being exposed to Bilharzia regularly,i have contracted this ailment quite a number of times.(9 times in past 15 years)The most recent time i contracted Bilharzia was in 2002,when i swam in a river in Africa.Shortly after this i moved to the UK and have been here...

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  • Guest M


    This awful disease is extremely difficult to get diagnosed in the UK, so beware anybody travelling to regions affected by it. I contracted it swimming in Lake Malawi 5 yrs ago. I barely had any symptoms until 6 months after exposure when my kidney became enlarged and stopped draining - 2/3 of my ureter...

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  • Guest M

    Schistosomiasis refusal to test by GP's and specialists

    My son is about to undergo a cystoscopy on the NHS. He was well in all ways until a trip to Egypt about 12 mths ago. He was ill there and had treatment - antibiotics, antipyrexics, IV rehydration etc. He came home and got better to an extent. Then a few months later started to go downhill. Symptoms...

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  • chris92448 2


    Hi, I got amebiasis after travelling in Central America a few years ago and encountering the parasite Entamoeba histolytica. It was initially treated using metronidazole which worked but the parasite returned within twelve months. Tried metro. again but didn't work so had to be referred to an...

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  • newhopes123 2

    Running fever of 99.1 from 1.5 years.

    I am getting temperature of 99.1 to 99.5 from afternoon 3 till. midnight. I feel tired, after work alot and don't feel active anymore. My eyes burns due to tiredness. I dont have another symptoms I don't cough, Though I feel heavy chested. But I have been Brushed off by doctors that this not...

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  • frank30812 2

    Unknown std... any idea ?

    Hey, I have been reading this forum for a while. I am a 24 years old male.  I had an unprotected sexual intercourse with a female in Chile two years ago. Three weeks later : fever for a day or two followed by an oral thrush. 6 weeks later : explosive diarrhea, fever for about 5 days. Maybe i should...

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  • shirlywild 2


    Hello, Im from Vancouver Canada. 14 years ago i fell in love with a fellow and was with him for 2 years. Upon our break up i was told that he had recently found out that he was HIV positive. Of course i was scared and shocked. It took 10 years to show up in me. So now i live with this disease which is...

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  • drew07610 1

    Long lasting malaria syptoms. Loosing hope.

    My question is whether or not I could have gotten a less than lethal case of malaria and after 3 years could it still b effecting me? I went to equitorial guinea 3 years ago. About 2 weeks into the job I started having very vague but obvious signs of malaria like extreme sweats fever chills extreme fatigue...

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  • cdrohr 1

    Recurring malaria

     I am seeking help as the doctors I've been to have been unable to help me.  I had malaria while living in Tanzania when I was 2 years old in 1986.  Ever since for 30 years now I have experienced malaria like symptoms that are debilitating for one to two days.  This occurs 4-6...

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  • nikhil85099 2

    Mantoux Test

    Hi Team, I was asked to test was TB test, Mantoux came out to be very high, but TB gold quantiferon came out negative. I was given treatment for 3 months . Also I was having vasculitis so I had to take azoran tablets close t 2 years. But now Its stopped from last 5-8 months. I will be going for mantoux...

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  • sarah02282 2
  • Guest M
  • aly baba 1

    Parasitic invasion

    I've suffered for years from parasitic infestation in my intestines and on my skin ,arms,legs,face,head?eyes, nasal passages, mouth,tongue,gums, ears,feet ,lungs and probably every where else, They're tiny worms but look like little snakes. Could it be morgellons or myiasis? My well went bad...

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  • elizabeth 31572 2


    i need help been suffering this thing well over year now my daughter has symptoms too bad stomachs daily pains in legs regular and a rash which wont go all on her body dermtologst treating with eczema treatment she regular itches skin.  Anyway i am getting worse headache i had scan revealed fluid...

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