Believe I am coughing, spitting, & throwing up parasites

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  • Starting in October 2019 (aprox.) until present day -
  • Once a month, like clockwork, I was getting severe sinus & ear infections

    with extreme, infected, fluid-like, post-nasal drip when congestion would begin to clear.

    -The fluid would settle into my chest and upper abdomen accompanied by (*)

    *- disorientation

  • shivering, extreme malaise, swollen glands around jaw and ears
  • uncontrollable need to purge/vomit it all out.

    *- Generally feel "better" within 2-4 days depending on how long I fight the nausea before getting it out.

  • At this point it just looked like I was throwing up mass amounts of thick, hot, foul tasting, slimy mucus? fluid?

    Started nasal rinsing consistently 6 mos. ago - sinus infections are under control -

    But it's still happening worse and worse every time. It's destroying me emotionally, mentally & physically.

    Severe Oral Thrush 1x a month,

    followed by coughing up / gagging on hard yellow/brown/black small masses-

    Then comes the aforementioned (*) systems ..

    As well as ears are constantly cracking, popping, draining fluid & literally SQUEALING that can be noticeably heard from across the room from others. Super hot, wet and itchy feeling.

But past 3-4 months I am vomiting up a plethora of disturbing things including

*- large amounts of small multicolored masses almost like small stones or pebbles.

  • Hard stringy, sometimes rod-like specs, ranging in color but increasingly darker every month.

    *- Large masses of gooey black, stringy, entities... I don't know how else to describe it. It's not food or blood.

  • -All shapes and sizes of what I can only describe as tiny evil little demon creatures trying to steal my soul. (kind of joking.... not really though.... I can't be sure of anything anymore )

    *- Twice, what looks like a hard yellow shell of some sort? A cyst? Giant Larvae Sack!? AHHHHHHGGG As large as the tip of my thumb from mid knuckle to top. Hard and dark yellow with brown spotting.

*I read that some parasites have cycles of active & dormant stages which could be in line with the cycles I am experiencing?


Nov '16- Big Island, Hawaii - lived in tent for 7 months - on a kava farm where i did a work trade program -

*Was bit by a large centipede while there on foot.

*Cant find much definitive info on their possibility for carrying disease. My leg was completely paralyzed for about 3 hours and foot swelled up for a week.

no hospital as i was told they can not harm you they just hurt like hell??

  • Mexico in 2018 I went swimming in a cheap resort pool , submerged underwater, not knowing that my recent ear infection had caused my eardrum to burst leaving a small opening/tear that has since healed with antibiotic drops, but who knows what little critters might have gotten in!!!?




Constantly constipated & Daily chronic fatigue, severe migraines, head feels like its in a pressure cooker, loud buzzing in head, stiff & sore neck and back regardless of yoga, excsercise, chiro..

for a few months was experiencing small auditory things like hearing music that wasnt there?? could hear so clearly though. Also the air around me was seeming like super hazy and ethereal for a while. It has since cleared up but likely cause extreme stress, distress, constantly in fight or flight mode.


NOTEI have seen 6 Dr's and 3 ENT specialists - have Endoscopy scheduled for end of August - new functional medicine dr. has reccommended stool testing as well as ($900!!) comprehensive urine panel to test for mycotoxins, lyme, mold, etc , saving the money up - they all think I'm loosing my mind otherwise. Any and all observations, ideas, comments or concerns are super welcome here as this is becoming pretty detrimental to my state of mind - ..learning to compartmentalize it after dealing with for so long - not easy though when I FEEEL LIKE I AM LIVING IN A NIGHTMARE . So very isolating and traumatizing. sending love to anyone who can relate ❤️*

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    hi Maya my name is Vicki I'm experiencing exact thing it's been going on for about just as long I came out of a surgery and had something in my ear I thought it was a zit like a blackhead or something and it exploded and some weird thing came out of it and my whole they started coming out with worms but if you'd like to discuss this I have every symptom you do my next been chronic they want to do surgery but I believe it's something else anyway if you hear anything or know what it is please help me because trying to find a doctor that listens and understands isn't happening my crystals that I've been using go crazy around my stomach and head one broke the first time I put it on shattered in three places I'm thinking I believe I read you do yoga I think as well with me it's some Kundalini that's why I went to a holistic person we'll see what they do for me

    I hope this finds you and it helps you to know that it's just terrible I'm going through it I know what you're talking about it is a nightmare and they are little demons coming out that's what I see and then I think I'm hallucinating it's creepy best wishes

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    I've been having similar symptoms/cycle/manifestations, etc for nearly 2 years now. Ive gone through so many possibilities as to the origin or cause. I believe in my heart of hearts that I got infected when I got poked by the succulent pictured here. If you notice, there's also a black lichen and else growing on it. When I researched lichen and humans, Ive found some very promising leads. don't be discouraged. keep researching!

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    Did you figure anything out yet? Your pictures are identical to mine as is parts of your plight. Curious if you ever had the tests done.

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    This is identical to me. Started Oct 2020. Some of the things in your pics are the same as mine. Exactly the same. Im going to find my response I just wrote to another post on here.

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    Good morning, good morning please tell me that you found an answer for what is going on. I have searched for years trying to figure out what this is since 2018. It has progressively gotten worse. It gets better sometimes but lately it’s been way worse. this is the first bit of hope answer. Our doctors are so bad. Everyone tells me to put some cream on it or wants to give me the news cream and tell me that I have an allergy smh

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