Parasitic Attack Is Real

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Its been nearly a year now since my body has been invaded by some form of Parasite/Parasites/ Worms/Bugs feel like I've copped the total invasion!!! You know it's real, you can see them feel them moving around and popping out all over my body, leaving my skin marked with lesions, I find they get more irritated with heat and at night they won't let me sleep😪😪😪 

Originally told it was Scabies no bloods or scrapping were taken!!! Given a script for cream and tablets ended up in hospital as it made them irritate me more!!! Was isolated thought sweet I'm in good hands they will do blood test and send all the specimens I had kept and put into zip lock bags off for pathology tests WRONG I also had pictures I'd taken of it/them to back me up WRONG again they threw them out, they ended up taking a scrapping that's all, said they were going send them off to test for Parasites and C Fungi and results would take up to 3 to 6 weeks for results!!! Was sent home disappointed but not as disappointed when the results came back negative for both!!! Have had more scrapping and blood tests done still shows up as nothing!!! 

Back to the start again;-(

I am NOT INSANE!!!  

I wish it was my imagination as I could take pills for that///

But This Is My Reality😪😪😪🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💔💔💔

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    Tonight's picture I have so many more but images are to big to post so screen shot and zoom in sorry

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    Hi Karen, 

    You aren't crazy! I had gone through similar experience as you are now, parasite invasion. The method of getting rid most of these is going to be difficult but I can tell you it will work because I have done it myself and wanted to share with you. Through God's grace, I went on a milk fast diet. I am not a vegetarian but at one time I eliminated meat altogether and tried vegetarian diet, which didn't work. So I tried raw veggie diet so that my intestine will be full of prebiotic in order to fight off bad bacteria including parasites. None of these worked until I prayed hard to God and asked what I should do, this is when I went on a milk fast. 

    I did milk fast for about 8 days and was amazed that I could live off of only milk and lots of water. You will be amazed to and will thank God for his grace and love for us. Based on my research, parasites love milk, what you have to do is purchase wormwood, Chanca Piedra. Wormwood will kill parasites while Chanca Piedra will remove toxins in your body as parasites die off and release toxins. I will tell you the product which brands I used at the end. But for now, what you want to do is in the milk, add these two things, wormwood and Chanca Piedra extract in the milk. As the parasites consume the milk, these two herb will poison them. You can check your stool and will see worms. I had to take laxative every night before going to bed as these parasites obstructed my bowl and I was constantly constipated. However after worms started discharging from my body, my bowl movement became regular. I will tell you it will be very difficult the first and second day as you will desire for solid food. Stay strong and just focus on how you will feel better as days progress and I promise you will get better and feel better with more energy than you have felt. I was amazed! I used to get tired around noon everyday but I didn't feel tired at all after started milk fast. 

    This is what I did:

    One cup of milk with drops of  "Zahler ParaGuard" and "Blue Organix". These are the brand names of Wormwood and Chnaca Piedra extracts. they come in a liquid form. Drink this 3 times a day. In between if you feel the need to drink more milk to give you energy, go ahead.  However, try to minimize drinking milk and more water since you can only take these herbs 3 times a day. If you drink milk alone, basically you are feeding the parasites since herbs are what's actually going to kill them, milk is only a bait. But you need energy so you do what you feel is right and be tuned with your body. 

    I also purchased Diatomaceous, which comes in a powder form.  I take one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon at night before going to bed along with laxative. I was constipated because these worms were obstructing my bowl. If you don't have problem with your bowl movement than you shouldn't take any laxative. I used overnight Dulcolax. Going back to Diatomaceous, the name of the product, which you can get on Amazon is called "Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, 4lb w/ Free Powder Duster". You can read more about it on Amazon website and their review. Also because this product is so unknown here is a link for you to learn a little more about it.[/b]/

    I also took ginger supplement which is so powerful at killing parasites. You can also buy tumeric supplement as well. Either one will work but be sure to take it with milk because your tummy will feel very acidic, when taken alone, 

    One more miracle product I should mention, milk thistle. I purchased "Jarrow Milk Thistle" also on Amazon, which is highly rated. The benefit of milk thistle is a supplement that supports the liver. Based on your picture you may have liver fluke. I would strongly suggest purchasing this product as your liver may have been effected by this parasite and needs to be be restored. I am taking this supplement as well, 3 times a day. Unlike ginger, milk thistle is very mild so you can take it with or without food. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will help you as much as I can. Please try this method and I promise it will work. I have always been so healthy, lived a healthy life style until this happened. Because I have suffered much and wouldn't want to see anyone else suffer, I'm sharing this with you. Unfortunately based on my research parasite infection has become epidemic. After you become well, please share your experience and help others and give thanks and credit to Jesus Christ and hope you will see the love he has for all of us and how it is so important more than ever to have him in your life now more than ever.

    Many blessings! 


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      Dear Linda

      2.44 x 77 % is the time I received your message and my battery percentage!!! It's just a little game I play///

       Thank You my 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 are being heard!!!

      So I am seriously going to take that as a BLESSING that you have got in touch with me, I have screen shotted your reply so I can print it out and follow your directions I will also give my pharmacist a copy as he has been trying to help me all the way through and will get me whatever products he can through his suppliers that you have suggested, or advise me where to get the products from and thank you for the the extra link between my pharmacist and partner we will get everything you have suggested and hit this full on!!! I seriously can't Thankyou enough😇😇😇 

      As you would know this invasion of your body drives you crazy, especially as there is a denial of an epidemic!!! The doctors won't listen as all tests come back showing nothing, but yes I am well in tune with my body and like you I have tried the process of food elimination, I basically don't eat much at all as I don't trust food anymore!!! So this should be easy to stick to!!! Sorry if I'm all over the place but I'm happy to have met you someone who has experienced what I'm going through///

      Sorry my mind is racing so full of questions, how did we get it, how long have I had it, how do I get rid of parasites and worms though out my house???

      You mentioned my liver yes I was questioned if I had a history of liver and kidney problems I said no!!! my blood counts have been all over the place but my doctor of 22 yrs killed himself and ive tried a couple of new doctors but they seem to find different things going on so I'm sticking with the doctor down the road as I had seen him a few times over the years but he seems more concerned as my thyroid levels go from extremely low more blood test normal next test low going back again for more blood test on my thyroid on Friday!!! What has this done to my body apart from the outside view??? How long did you have it how do you prevent it coming back is there a actual real name for it sorry I know I'm going so fast so I will stop myself for now to give you a break/// 😪😪😪

      You are definieatly an Angel being sent to me, really looking forward to your reply:-)))

      God Bless You Linda

      Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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      Hi Linda

      Just googled liver fluke pictures and I agree with you all those pictures are things I have bagged and photographs of!!! They aren't just from inside of me its all through out my house plz help me what do I do??? 😂😂😂

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      I have a cat and a dog and have been traveling on and off since last February mostly throughout Asia/// The neighbours did there yard up and we're getting dirty soil dumped at their place!!! I'm to freaked out ATM to go back to look at the sites of liver fluke as its now 4.20 am and I need to take something to calm myself down but again I thank you for reaching out to help me/// I'm new to this site so I don't know how to email you personally but I await your reply anyway you can to help me, my email address should be available, I will check my settings/// and again I thank GOD for sending you to me🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇💐💐💐 

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    Trying to upload more images from my albums can anyone tell me how to do it plz
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      Shelley67196 see if this works
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    Hi Karen,

    My email address is Please contact me directly at this email. I believe if you have parasites, your pets will too. To eliminate parasites inside your house including such as mites, lice, roaches, you will want to purchase "Diatomaceous". This is one of the products I mentioned yesterday. 

    So D**********s can be used in two ways. You can either mix it in a drink and consume it and you can also spray inside your house or garden to get rid of any bugs. It will kill parasites in your house as well as expel them from your stomach. This is a natural product that comes from earth, and therefore the taste is quite awful and similar to dirt. But this product is quite amazing with much benefits, it is worth taking it and ignore the nasty taste. Please click on the link to learn more about what D**********s can do for you

    Just be careful when you purchase this product. Make sure it is food human consumption, since there are products out there strictly to kill insects. Or simply click on this link and purchase the same one as I have.

    When the link takes you to Amazon, you can read all the reviews and see how people are using Diatomacous. It will be quite helpful. I purchase it strictly to get rid of parasite in my stomach but many people seems to be using it to kill roaches, mites, lice in their home or even garden. 

    I have been definitely very fortunate. Fortunate because based on my research like yourself, I've read people have been dealing with parasites for years. For me, it's only been about a month. I went to a Dr and she prescribed Albanzadole and it didn't work. I'm into homeopathic and big on natural stuff, so it was only natural I started researching like crazy. Looking up the symptoms I had and what  I would need. I read many reviews on Amazon, pertaining to the product I needed and the similar symptoms others were experiencing. I purchased two herbs. One wormwood and chanka piedra. After taking this I felt quite a relief on my chest, prior to I had difficulty getting air into my lung. At this time, I didn't know what kind of parasite I had. After two weeks, I prayed to God for help. Hence forth, I was given signs, which started with thistle. I didn't know what thistle was so I did much research and found out that there is a product called "milk thistle" which helps clear the liver and bile and so much more heavenly benefits. I was amazed at all the benefits milk thistle had but I shouldn't be since after all, it was heavenly sent. Then I was given another sign, milk, then fluke, then hicama, I researched milk fast and although there wasn't too much information but I trusted in the lord to try it. After a few days of being on milk fast, I had more energy, the tiredness went away, and the creepy sensation all over my body dissipated. I was so relieved. Instead of regular milk, I drank goat milk, it is supposed to be more nutritious than regular milk. 

    You mentioned you can't trust any vegetables and I hear you, but you should buy organic vegetable and wash them in vinegar and water. This is how I disinfect veggies. 1:3 ratio e.g. 1cup of vinegar 2cups of water and soak for 3 minutes or so. I just recently finished milk fast and been eating regular food as well as raw veggie. It is important to eat raw vegetable to combat bad bacteria, including keep parasite under control. In my life, I have never gone to the hospital for any health ailment. I believe it's because I exercised and always kept good health by eating nutricious food, which is lots of vegetable and small amount of meat. Please try milk fast, I promise you will feel better. 

    I'm going out of town for a week, and won't be able to respond ASAP but will do my best. 

    God bless your health and your home!

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      Thankyou Hun for everything I've had pest exterminators out 3 times now but not resolved how or who can I get to find out what parasites are in my home!!! I'm sure I have multiple species but I need to find them and where they came from as I have had a few situations happen to me before my 1st breakout some needs to be held accountable I've been pretty much bed ridden for the past year!!! Is it from the trees being chopped down in my area as I got bashed by a bunch of them!!! is it from accident at the snow ended up in hospital came home paper cut on finger ended up full of puss!!! Went to doctors for glucose test was there  for 3 hours using 3 cannula's to draw blood!!! This was all roughly in 4/5 week time frame!!! How and can you tell how long I've had it if before 1st out break??? 

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    It was most likely scabies! I've had it bad!! Your body wasn't having a reaction to the meds & cream, the reaction was that the medicine was killing the parasites and they were going nuts to try and survive!

    Had u done the full treatment you would probably be fine now, unless u have pets?! They are the source! And they will continue to infect you unless the pets get treatment also!

    If it's a dog or cat  it probably has Mange, not easy to diagnose? If your pet had not been dewormed early on and not on monthly heartworm medicine it's more than likely it's infected with the scabies mite! Every 14 days scabies mites can be released and they like us humans, I know that for a fact!

    Best of luck


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      It's been 15 months now but finally have doctors behind me as they realise I wouldn't do this damage to myself!!! Unfortunately but finally my doctors seen 2 of them look like like Staph infection so we tried a new mixture of antibiotics FLUCLOXACILLIN 500mg 4 X a day plus using BACTROBAN Cream both Twice Daily PRESCRIPTION Only/// plus SAPODERM HYGIENIC SOAP WHEN SHOWERING!!! A lot of improvement this combination doesn't seem to upset them and my few friends who know have even noticed my face is clear and glowing!!! I know I'm not out of the woods yet but my doctor has finally decided to send me straight to a skin specialist as I've had all the tests and still all negative but at least they are finally seeing and listening to me!!! 

      Trying extra strength probiotics daily///

      Also purchased a full body liver kidney intestinal detox taken 1 drink daily for 30 days plus also purchased supplement drink to help boost and improve my immune system!!! Haven't started these last two yet as I like to stick to putting new things in my body one at a time so then I can tell what it rates them and what doesn't!!!:-))) My head hasn't been nearly as bad itchy wise but I've heard BROWN ONIONS IN WARM WATER HELP IF YOU SOAK YOUR HEAD IN IT, this one I'll let my partner do if my head starts itching from the inside again because APPARENTLY IT DRAWS THEM OUT!!! I WILL BE BLIND FOLDED AS I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH MY CAMERA CAN TAKE A PICTURE OF A PEN SIZED DOT ON THE CEILING ZOOM IN AND THAT ONE TURNED OUT TO BE A LITTLE BEATLE ANOTHER ON SAY THE SIZE OF 2 PEN DOTS TURNED OUT TO BE A INSECT OF SOME KIND I CAUGHT FLYING ON MY PHONE YOU CAN SEE 2 FANGS WINGS AND A BODY I CAN ONLY DESCRIBE AS THIN SKIN AND PROBABLY BABIES INSIDE READY TO HATCH:-((( WHEN THE DO BURST THE BLOOD REVEAL ALOT YOU CAN EVEN SAY THAT SOME OF IT LOOKS LIKE AN EMBRYO!!! Anyway I will keep in touch and let everyone know how I go!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 To all/// 


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    Hi Karen, I have had facial lesion's for 2 years now. Been to doctors, urgent care, dermatologist. Have had stool samples, blood test and a punch biopsy, all negative for parasites. Sure makes me feel crazy but I know it is real. Think it is morgellon's doctors don't see that this is a real disease. Also have joined morgellon's group on Facebook . I feel I have demodex mite infestation. Tried invectrim , tea tree oil, cleasnes still it seems nothing helps for very long. I feel your pain and if you find anything that clears you up please let me know as I will you.

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    A parasite usually gains all the benefits of this relationship. In contrast, the host may suffer from various diseases, infections, and discomforts as a result of the parasitic attack. In some cases, however, the host may show no signs at all of infection by the parasite.


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    h your story brought tears to my u eyes. i am having the exact same issue. what was it?

    did you figure it out ?

    i don't have insurance and i get told the same thing Thank you for confirming this is real. i found an article describing this condition but phone died an i lost if anyone can please help i feel so disgusted and scared to death if

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    did you ever find out what it was? because I to get my samples thrown away and the tests they order for me they don't actually run. it's insane to me that doctors don't care to find out what's going on with their patient. I have insurance, so they should just do the tests,

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