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Worms in the Face

Hi All,  I dont know if anyone has come across this.  I have a worm infestation in my face.  They travel around under the skin leaving tracks and bursting holes into my skin.  they create glass like balls that split the skin open and move around my skin with ease. 

I first reported it 3 months ago and the doctors totally ignored me treating me for a secondary infection that was caused by open wounds in my face.  They have given me 4 courses of antibiotics treating the wrong infect but totally ignored waht I was telling ithem about the worms. 

The worms whatever they are are very sharp and whereever they travel through in my face the skin collapses, leaving it like plastercine and it causes tiny splinters that are as sharp as anything that inbed themselves in the inside and outside of my skin right down to the lowest skin level. My skin is also producing a clear sticky substance which feels like little shards of glass if I touch it.  All in all, it really couldnt be much worse except for the fact they have made a hole around my mouth which they can look out of.  I am totally sane!

I am in pieces.  I've been telling the doctors what it is and they have totally ignored me.  Even refusing to refer after an A & E i visited confirmed I needed to be referred as the lesions had been on my face for so long.   

I discovered I had private medical care through my company which now thank god means I've seen my first dermatologist.  He's referred me to another dermatlogist that apparently knows more about things in the skin who I'm yet to see.  Even though he's now put me in the right direction, I'm not convinced he was sure it is worms.  I can pull 1/2 inch worms out of my skin bit by bit.  They look like thread worms and never come out intact, you pull little bits off of them.  It leaves worm shape dents in my face and they feel like little match sticks under the skin.  Nobody is taking me seriously as people dont really get worms in the face. 

They have totally destroyed me skin and I have bad scaring.  I have never had acne and had no scaring.   This has all been caused in the last 3 months.  I dread to think how many are alive in there now they'v been left so long.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

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  • derek76 derek76 nicolamc

    Why not post a picture or video?

    • cam33786 cam33786 derek76

      Im in this boat. Drink a gallon of kagen water negavily charged. 9.5. Get FOOD GRADE Diatomacious earth and mix a table spoon with water. Drink it. Once or twice a day for a few days and the tske a break from it then resume. Cover yourself with vics vapor rub then get in the bath with epson salts and diatomacious earth. ....we are gonna be done with this crap soon!

    • corinne57263 corinne57263 cam33786

      I did everything that you are listing there and nothing work besides an oral dose of ivermectin with an ivermectin lotion it completely purged the parasites within 24 hours they all came out of my body visible

    • Diggity Diggity corinne57263

      Although both Albendazole and Ivermectin are Anthelmintic medications, they are also different in ways, therefore commonly prescribed together (best left to your physician's discretion of individual circumstances). Here is some information on Anthelmintic medications and differences.

      Either way, this discussion with your MD is heading in the right direction.

      Best of luck to everyone!

    • christina56830 christina56830 Diggity

      Thanks for the info. As far as discussing it with a health care provider, that may be a while. That is unless I can get to my moms soon. I live in the Deep South. There aren't many Asian doctors here much less Asian doctors practicing Eastern medicine. Most of the nearby Asian docs that I know of specialize in fields such as cardiology and don't do primary care at all. The only ones that are pcps practicing Eastern customs and techniques do so with acupuncture. Maybe I can get to GA soon. Its only a state away and is a part of the Deep South but is nothing like the rest of the southeast.

    • Diggity Diggity christina56830

      Ironically, I am actually in southeast Georgia. If you happen upon that part of it, I'd be happy to give you my doctor's info and help arrange being seen (successful practice stopped taking new patients). He is from the Philippines with knowledge in this area.


      Hi hun,

      I wanted to ask you what exactly you had to say to your clinician in order to get the ivermectin lotion and pills?  I'm so frustrated right now and my hair is falling out because I have these large THICK patches of white and pink lesions on my scalp and if I scratch it, one of the sides will lift up and if I pull, its basically fused to my skin so it bleeds.  Looking at the nest like lesion that I pull out which is very moist on the inside, I can see it moving on its own.  My doctors tell me to stop picking- but its the only way to remove them without medication.  Using lots of garlic, coconut oil, and clove oil, has helped but MAN they move like CRAZY until I remove them manually!!! I try as hard as I can to hold out, but when I cant sleep and when it hurts to scratch while I shampoo my hair, all I want to do is scratch em all out.  Its so hard to wash them because they're literally glued to me and my hair.  Please let me know what you ended up telling them because my hair is only a small portion of where they all are.  Lesions LEGIT COVERING MY BODY.  So scarred up its so emabarrasing. Thank you so much.  xo

    • christina56830 christina56830 Diggity

      I have not been on this site in several months. I am so glad I saw your message and would be forever grateful for your help. What's even more ironic is that I'm planning on going to Georgia soon to see my mom. Would it be ok if I sent you a private message ?

    • lesliedoll lesliedoll Diggity

      I am having this same issue. These worms are burrowing in my hands and my scalp. I just had surgery to remove some of the lesions that were so bad but they just came right back. It feels like I have a fire poker stuck in my head all the time. Now I have them on my chin and these have the glass shards in them. This has been going on for almost 3 years. I have been to at least 5 different doctors, but no one will listen to me. They tell me I have staph or folliculitis or acne. Two of the lesions turned into Squamous cell carcinoma or they never would have removed them. I live in Albany, Georgia and I am desperate to find a doctor that can help me!

    • Diggity Diggity lesliedoll

      The best I can suggest is to find a doctor, from a 3rd world country that is addressing NTD's. I am in St.Mary's GA and the doctor I found is from the Phillipines. Unfortunately, I also have heard the SE Georgia Heath System personnel try to use the staph infection excuse (I believe they termed it "a new form of staph that doesn't make a single pocket of infection, but rather, many small pockets of infection", which I will be the first to call total BS). I haven't had the little glass shard feeling in some time now. I also try not to touch areas experiencing sensations. Instead, i go through a lot peroxide wiping or pouring on troubled areas. It helps to not aggravate the area more than needed and helps keep the secondary infection issue under control.

    • keeppraying keeppraying Diggity

      Thanks again. Sadly i have a hmo. Are the males see through? Also, the pics on the ghetty website show one picture of what looks like ones that have little legs and are kind of linked together. that is what looks very much what I've observed for many many years when i try to super lightly roll a Qtip over them to coax them out (sometimes they even jump onto it. Yup, jump) , sometimes its the leggy ones that take the cotton fibers and twist them together to (it looks like to me), form a train type thing. They seem to work together to get to become longer. Or the slender, fiberous, black, dark blue, red type that are twirled onto the Qtip as i gently roll it over them. Its strange, but what part of a living hell isnt i guess. Im praying this morning that you will get the doctor, diagnosis, and good news of a inexpensive, easy, speedy recovery plan that we all hope for.

    • Diggity Diggity keeppraying

      Sorry about my response delay, I was playing devil's advocate with myself about the trematode connection. I find nothing to support a single case in the US.

      ALTHOUGH, one not so referred to NTD crossed my mind. This seems to fit all signs and symptoms. Looking over documented physician notes of interest, outlined within is the issue of difficult stool sample detection sometimes requiring retesting up to 7 TIMES.

      This condition, seems to me, as the logical answer to the majority of people in this forum.




    • GaUSA GaUSA lesliedoll

      Hi, I'm Sherry. I wanted to let you know of an ID Doc in Cartersville, Ga I'm seeing. I went this past Wednesday. ....first Doc to not look at me like I'm crazy.....And I've been a nurse 27 years.....I haven't worked since '08.

      Very nice person Aman Mongia next to Cartersville Medical Center.

    • lesliedoll lesliedoll GaUSA

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    • angie31978 angie31978 SICKofIGNORANCE

      You can get ivermectin at any farm n feed store, gel or liquid form. The gel is measured in a dosage for up to one 1200 pound animal, so i.e., if you weigh 100 pounds, you'd have 12 doses. I took 30 days in a row and had astounding relief. I also went to my local Latin market and got myself Doxycyline. I've been taking it for secondary infections due to my intense sores and peeling of the skin away (because of the intense wiggling and movement i feel underneath) My doctors doubted me too, but it's very real, and so is yours. Do this regimen.

    • venus44581 venus44581 SICKofIGNORANCE

      Go on line to any pharmacy in and got my pills Google: Canada pharmacy, you can get Ivermectin from them without a prescription, it might show an ad saying it not good to order without a prescription but just ignore it and just order, I did and got my pills, no problem. Remember each 3mg pill is for each 30 pounds of weight so multiply by your weight. Also a mandatory second dose 2 weeks later, then once a month for one year

    • nicci 20925 nicci 20925 venus44581

      I have the parasite g.pulchrum. in my oesophagus and I have taken albendazole for 7 days on two weeks of for three cycles. Each time after ending my therapy and when the two weeks are up it starts moving again. I read on the internet that for this parasite it must be taken for 21 days with ivermectin. I am going to go to an infectious disease specialist and ask him to give me a prescription even though there is no albendazole available. If he does not do this then I will order on line. So how should I take invermectin if I am 70kgs and for how long?

    • M8ry0na M8ry0na SICKofIGNORANCE

      I have noticed that extreme aromatics have a detrimental effect on them. Mentholatum, liniment, etc , but anything with lidocaine, chloroform, etc is superior. Also, they seem to have very rapid survival responses so it seems to help to switch up applications as soon as they begin to morph. For example apply vaseline and within 20 minutes they begin to surface. Apply peroxide (i like to soak a long sock with a hole cut at the bottom to make a leg or sleeve)Nan leave atop for 5 minutes or so.

      It seems to take 20 minutes for them to surface in the beginning, then every 5 minutes for alternating application. Take showers after.

    • zobie zobie nicci 20925

      After Groundhog Day for the umpteenth time I finally found a GP who (on private script so I wore the entire cost) prescribed me ivermectin tabs and cream. I'd previously had 2 seperate doses of albenzerdole amount many others. I've tried EVERYTHING, I even resorted to putting diluted hydrochloride acid (yes you read that right) on my skin.

      I've recently started Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy after reading it's incredible health benefits - even helping your body fight off cancer (I don't believe in camcer cures - besides chemos etc). After only 2 doses (in the same day) It started making a difference!

      Google The book 'the truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide' and have a flick through to unde Stand the effects it has on the body from ingesting it daily. I'd been hesitant to try it for more than a year only putting it on my skin and it's the best decision I ever made when I finally did. This is the first time in 2-3 years where I feel confident im on the road to recovery after years of being stuck on dirt track after dirt track with no headlights.

    • joanne74251 joanne74251

      Baking soda in a bath n ingest 2 table spoons 3 times a day with 2 tablespoons of white viniger n 2 tablespoons of water mix n drink in one mnth after suffering 1 yr its gone. Amen

    • susan54634 susan54634 SICKofIGNORANCE

      If you can purchase Dr Sheffield's Triple Antibiotic with Pain Relief and apply when they move about, you will not feel the sensation. DO NOT PICK!!!! That causes more inflammation, which these worms are drawn to. I am speaking from trial and error. The patches I left alone have started healing. If you do you Dr. Sheffield's, you will need to powder your hair several hours before washing to absorb the grease and then use Dawn dish detergent to get the oils out. Hope this brings some relief.

    • wendya wendya lesliedoll

      My daughter was having serious health problems with all the symptoms that you have and hers were systemic throughout her entire body and built up in layers on her skin.  She has been using ultrasonic facial vibrations and vibrating cushions (Gideon from Amazon and BeautySM facial cleanser pads) sometimes as many of these little vibrators as 4-5 all over her body and it has cleared many symptoms.  The vibrations have a pull and it kills the parasites by sucking them out of you.  You can put one of these in your bra and it will suck the parasites out of your face.  But you need to use many of these, including the vibrating chair agressively for about a year or 2.  Believe it works, like nothing else does.  My daughter has tried everything, just like you, and gone to all the Drs who told her she was crazy.  This sounds way out there but it works. 

    • shona15562 shona15562 christina56830

      Christina my sister is suffering so bad our family and doctors think she is delusional. If I hadn't googled these and read everyone's experiences, I would think it too. I read on another site that the state we live has an epidemic that is obviously secretive!!! I am not crazy either. My sister would have to go to Ga. Also for that kind of specialist. Please call her and talk to does sound like she's crazy but she's desperately NEEDING someone to see or believe her..we live in Alabama. Her name is Suzanne and phone is 256-369-2969..she is totally internet illiterate so it would be a blessing for someone else to talk and help her. God. Bless you

    • pamela1953 pamela1953 lesliedoll

      My daughter lives in albany,ga and is having the same problem,she has been dealing with this for approximately 3 months the doctors that she has gone to look at her like she is crazy,she went to a dermatologist today and they did a biopsy on one of the spots that look like a bite,if you have any info I would greatly appreciate it.

    • angela2525 angela2525 lesliedoll

      Hi I also have been having the same kind of symptoms, I have been to see Physician about 5 times and two ER visits. It itches internally, and I tell my physician that I literally feel things crawling under my skin and feels like some sort of worm and it feels like shards of glass at times when I try and grab ahold of one and also these white scale looking things come up through my skin. This has been going on for three months now. I just went to the Dermatologist and he said he didn't even know what it was and cut out one of the most recent spots that has come up to send off for testing, but I have to wait two weeks for results. This stuff is scaring up my skin and making me plain miserable and I as well live in Albany, Ga. . I need help proving that this is in fact real. Could you please give me some info on what you found out about this and have you found a cure? I would be so grateful for your help.

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 SICKofIGNORANCE

      Hi SOI ~

      Try using mayonnaise.  Don't get anything other than full mayonnaise.  Put it on your head and rub it in throughout.  Cover your head with plastic wrap and keep it on for at least 8 hours...more if you can.   Then take a fine comb and comb through your hair.  Wash it and repeat the mayonnaise.  This is also good if someone has lice.  

      What you have sounds miserable.  If this doesn't work for you, you may want to set up an appt with an  Infectious Disease Specialist and/or a Dermatologist as they are specifically trained to know the symmptoms of parasites.  A general GP only learns a chapter about them.  Go for the one who knows best!

      Good luck and please let us know  how you  are doing.



    • frustrated61 frustrated61

      SOI ~

      I neglected to mention that the mayonnaise suffocates the worms.  Do this a few times one day then every other day for about a week and you will see a def change...if not all of them gone!  The mayonnaise  is also great to make your hair shine so you can use this afterwards as a conditioner a few times a week and it will help rid and keep them at bay!  Good luck!!


    • dawn25956 dawn25956 Diggity

      Hi, do you mind please giving me the name of the doctor who saw you and actually believed you, b/c I have a close family member with this isse and she really needs to be seen by someone who will believe her.  can we chat off-line?

    • tammy lynn25124 tammy lynn25124 christina56830


      (It almost slouches them away, I use a damp paper towel over sink, prior to re-application I applied MANY TIMES A DAY)

      Close wounds with LIQUID BANDAID!!!! Then follow w FLOROZONE CREAM ONCE CLOSED! Many coats of liquid bandaid!!! Do not peel off/let fall off!!!


      Lol re MORGELLONS 



      DE is amazing also!


      I pray I made someone’s day

    • robbiehook robbiehook joanne74251 God i pray that even if you are completely cured that you check your email still...i am living with this nightmare everyday for some time now...only getting worse. It's in my eyes so bad sometimes I can hardly hold them open because of the goo. I just want to know if you are still cured because your post about the soda and vinegar remedy has been a year or two ago now. ??? Please respond promptly as possible for i feat terribly I may lose my sight if i dont get help. I cannot afford anything else because i cant work anymore and my husband thought i was crazy and left me to fend for myself on thanksgiving day. So i am barely eating let alone buy meds and fancy herbs. I have nowhere to turn except my Lord in prayer. However,  the Almighty even gives us the good sense to reach out to others when needed. I am contemplating a bullet if something doesn't give. I simply pray God will understand my mind and not send me to hell. Because I am there now. Pleade please email or call at 276-202-1858. I do not fear my privacy being invaded by using personal info like my phone number because if i dont get an answee not going to survive all this. Keep me in your prayers as well as everyone. I am praying for all of you. I would give my life for all of you to have a cure and not suffer anymore if I could anyway whatsoever at this point. Love and blessings to you all and may your families believe in you. I have nobody and i fight alone. Hence my previous statement. Anyone please email or call any hour. Help. S.O.S......

    • Ivy guru Ivy guru Diggity

      Hi, I live in Atlanta and I’m having this problem as well as my husband. Would be so kind and sharing your doctors info. We have been to I.D. At Emory and several practices, Derms and no hope yet. 

    • Sibby Sibby Ivy guru

      Do you live in Atlanta Indiana? My daughter lived there when this all started. Her face and arms are so scarred up that she doesn’t want to go out of the house. Summer will be difficult for her because she wears long sleeves to cover her scars:-(


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