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Worms in the Face

Hi All,  I dont know if anyone has come across this.  I have a worm infestation in my face.  They travel around under the skin leaving tracks and bursting holes into my skin.  they create glass like balls that split the skin open and move around my skin with ease. 

I first reported it 3 months ago and the doctors totally ignored me treating me for a secondary infection that was caused by open wounds in my face.  They have given me 4 courses of antibiotics treating the wrong infect but totally ignored waht I was telling ithem about the worms. 

The worms whatever they are are very sharp and whereever they travel through in my face the skin collapses, leaving it like plastercine and it causes tiny splinters that are as sharp as anything that inbed themselves in the inside and outside of my skin right down to the lowest skin level. My skin is also producing a clear sticky substance which feels like little shards of glass if I touch it.  All in all, it really couldnt be much worse except for the fact they have made a hole around my mouth which they can look out of.  I am totally sane!

I am in pieces.  I've been telling the doctors what it is and they have totally ignored me.  Even refusing to refer after an A & E i visited confirmed I needed to be referred as the lesions had been on my face for so long.   

I discovered I had private medical care through my company which now thank god means I've seen my first dermatologist.  He's referred me to another dermatlogist that apparently knows more about things in the skin who I'm yet to see.  Even though he's now put me in the right direction, I'm not convinced he was sure it is worms.  I can pull 1/2 inch worms out of my skin bit by bit.  They look like thread worms and never come out intact, you pull little bits off of them.  It leaves worm shape dents in my face and they feel like little match sticks under the skin.  Nobody is taking me seriously as people dont really get worms in the face. 

They have totally destroyed me skin and I have bad scaring.  I have never had acne and had no scaring.   This has all been caused in the last 3 months.  I dread to think how many are alive in there now they'v been left so long.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

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  • derek76 derek76 nicolamc

    Why not post a picture or video?

    • cam33786 cam33786 derek76

      Im in this boat. Drink a gallon of kagen water negavily charged. 9.5. Get FOOD GRADE Diatomacious earth and mix a table spoon with water. Drink it. Once or twice a day for a few days and the tske a break from it then resume. Cover yourself with vics vapor rub then get in the bath with epson salts and diatomacious earth. ....we are gonna be done with this crap soon!

    • corinne57263 corinne57263 cam33786

      I did everything that you are listing there and nothing work besides an oral dose of ivermectin with an ivermectin lotion it completely purged the parasites within 24 hours they all came out of my body visible

    • Diggity Diggity corinne57263

      Although both Albendazole and Ivermectin are Anthelmintic medications, they are also different in ways, therefore commonly prescribed together (best left to your physician's discretion of individual circumstances). Here is some information on Anthelmintic medications and differences.

      Either way, this discussion with your MD is heading in the right direction.

      Best of luck to everyone!

    • christina56830 christina56830 Diggity

      Thanks for the info. As far as discussing it with a health care provider, that may be a while. That is unless I can get to my moms soon. I live in the Deep South. There aren't many Asian doctors here much less Asian doctors practicing Eastern medicine. Most of the nearby Asian docs that I know of specialize in fields such as cardiology and don't do primary care at all. The only ones that are pcps practicing Eastern customs and techniques do so with acupuncture. Maybe I can get to GA soon. Its only a state away and is a part of the Deep South but is nothing like the rest of the southeast.

    • Diggity Diggity christina56830

      Ironically, I am actually in southeast Georgia. If you happen upon that part of it, I'd be happy to give you my doctor's info and help arrange being seen (successful practice stopped taking new patients). He is from the Philippines with knowledge in this area.


      Hi hun,

      I wanted to ask you what exactly you had to say to your clinician in order to get the ivermectin lotion and pills?  I'm so frustrated right now and my hair is falling out because I have these large THICK patches of white and pink lesions on my scalp and if I scratch it, one of the sides will lift up and if I pull, its basically fused to my skin so it bleeds.  Looking at the nest like lesion that I pull out which is very moist on the inside, I can see it moving on its own.  My doctors tell me to stop picking- but its the only way to remove them without medication.  Using lots of garlic, coconut oil, and clove oil, has helped but MAN they move like CRAZY until I remove them manually!!! I try as hard as I can to hold out, but when I cant sleep and when it hurts to scratch while I shampoo my hair, all I want to do is scratch em all out.  Its so hard to wash them because they're literally glued to me and my hair.  Please let me know what you ended up telling them because my hair is only a small portion of where they all are.  Lesions LEGIT COVERING MY BODY.  So scarred up its so emabarrasing. Thank you so much.  xo

    • christina56830 christina56830 Diggity

      I have not been on this site in several months. I am so glad I saw your message and would be forever grateful for your help. What's even more ironic is that I'm planning on going to Georgia soon to see my mom. Would it be ok if I sent you a private message ?

    • lesliedoll lesliedoll Diggity

      I am having this same issue. These worms are burrowing in my hands and my scalp. I just had surgery to remove some of the lesions that were so bad but they just came right back. It feels like I have a fire poker stuck in my head all the time. Now I have them on my chin and these have the glass shards in them. This has been going on for almost 3 years. I have been to at least 5 different doctors, but no one will listen to me. They tell me I have staph or folliculitis or acne. Two of the lesions turned into Squamous cell carcinoma or they never would have removed them. I live in Albany, Georgia and I am desperate to find a doctor that can help me!

    • Diggity Diggity lesliedoll

      The best I can suggest is to find a doctor, from a 3rd world country that is addressing NTD's. I am in St.Mary's GA and the doctor I found is from the Phillipines. Unfortunately, I also have heard the SE Georgia Heath System personnel try to use the staph infection excuse (I believe they termed it "a new form of staph that doesn't make a single pocket of infection, but rather, many small pockets of infection", which I will be the first to call total BS). I haven't had the little glass shard feeling in some time now. I also try not to touch areas experiencing sensations. Instead, i go through a lot peroxide wiping or pouring on troubled areas. It helps to not aggravate the area more than needed and helps keep the secondary infection issue under control.

    • keeppraying keeppraying Diggity

      Thanks again. Sadly i have a hmo. Are the males see through? Also, the pics on the ghetty website show one picture of what looks like ones that have little legs and are kind of linked together. that is what looks very much what I've observed for many many years when i try to super lightly roll a Qtip over them to coax them out (sometimes they even jump onto it. Yup, jump) , sometimes its the leggy ones that take the cotton fibers and twist them together to (it looks like to me), form a train type thing. They seem to work together to get to become longer. Or the slender, fiberous, black, dark blue, red type that are twirled onto the Qtip as i gently roll it over them. Its strange, but what part of a living hell isnt i guess. Im praying this morning that you will get the doctor, diagnosis, and good news of a inexpensive, easy, speedy recovery plan that we all hope for.

    • Diggity Diggity keeppraying

      Sorry about my response delay, I was playing devil's advocate with myself about the trematode connection. I find nothing to support a single case in the US.

      ALTHOUGH, one not so referred to NTD crossed my mind. This seems to fit all signs and symptoms. Looking over documented physician notes of interest, outlined within is the issue of difficult stool sample detection sometimes requiring retesting up to 7 TIMES.

      This condition, seems to me, as the logical answer to the majority of people in this forum.




    • GaUSA GaUSA lesliedoll

      Hi, I'm Sherry. I wanted to let you know of an ID Doc in Cartersville, Ga I'm seeing. I went this past Wednesday. ....first Doc to not look at me like I'm crazy.....And I've been a nurse 27 years.....I haven't worked since '08.

      Very nice person Aman Mongia next to Cartersville Medical Center.

    • lesliedoll lesliedoll GaUSA

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    • angie31978 angie31978 SICKofIGNORANCE

      You can get ivermectin at any farm n feed store, gel or liquid form. The gel is measured in a dosage for up to one 1200 pound animal, so i.e., if you weigh 100 pounds, you'd have 12 doses. I took 30 days in a row and had astounding relief. I also went to my local Latin market and got myself Doxycyline. I've been taking it for secondary infections due to my intense sores and peeling of the skin away (because of the intense wiggling and movement i feel underneath) My doctors doubted me too, but it's very real, and so is yours. Do this regimen.

    • venus44581 venus44581 SICKofIGNORANCE

      Go on line to any pharmacy in and got my pills Google: Canada pharmacy, you can get Ivermectin from them without a prescription, it might show an ad saying it not good to order without a prescription but just ignore it and just order, I did and got my pills, no problem. Remember each 3mg pill is for each 30 pounds of weight so multiply by your weight. Also a mandatory second dose 2 weeks later, then once a month for one year

    • nicci 20925 nicci 20925 venus44581

      I have the parasite g.pulchrum. in my oesophagus and I have taken albendazole for 7 days on two weeks of for three cycles. Each time after ending my therapy and when the two weeks are up it starts moving again. I read on the internet that for this parasite it must be taken for 21 days with ivermectin. I am going to go to an infectious disease specialist and ask him to give me a prescription even though there is no albendazole available. If he does not do this then I will order on line. So how should I take invermectin if I am 70kgs and for how long?

    • M8ry0na M8ry0na SICKofIGNORANCE

      I have noticed that extreme aromatics have a detrimental effect on them. Mentholatum, liniment, etc , but anything with lidocaine, chloroform, etc is superior. Also, they seem to have very rapid survival responses so it seems to help to switch up applications as soon as they begin to morph. For example apply vaseline and within 20 minutes they begin to surface. Apply peroxide (i like to soak a long sock with a hole cut at the bottom to make a leg or sleeve)Nan leave atop for 5 minutes or so.

      It seems to take 20 minutes for them to surface in the beginning, then every 5 minutes for alternating application. Take showers after.

    • zobie zobie nicci 20925

      After Groundhog Day for the umpteenth time I finally found a GP who (on private script so I wore the entire cost) prescribed me ivermectin tabs and cream. I'd previously had 2 seperate doses of albenzerdole amount many others. I've tried EVERYTHING, I even resorted to putting diluted hydrochloride acid (yes you read that right) on my skin.

      I've recently started Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy after reading it's incredible health benefits - even helping your body fight off cancer (I don't believe in camcer cures - besides chemos etc). After only 2 doses (in the same day) It started making a difference!

      Google The book 'the truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide' and have a flick through to unde Stand the effects it has on the body from ingesting it daily. I'd been hesitant to try it for more than a year only putting it on my skin and it's the best decision I ever made when I finally did. This is the first time in 2-3 years where I feel confident im on the road to recovery after years of being stuck on dirt track after dirt track with no headlights.

    • joanne74251 joanne74251

      Baking soda in a bath n ingest 2 table spoons 3 times a day with 2 tablespoons of white viniger n 2 tablespoons of water mix n drink in one mnth after suffering 1 yr its gone. Amen

    • susan54634 susan54634 SICKofIGNORANCE

      If you can purchase Dr Sheffield's Triple Antibiotic with Pain Relief and apply when they move about, you will not feel the sensation. DO NOT PICK!!!! That causes more inflammation, which these worms are drawn to. I am speaking from trial and error. The patches I left alone have started healing. If you do you Dr. Sheffield's, you will need to powder your hair several hours before washing to absorb the grease and then use Dawn dish detergent to get the oils out. Hope this brings some relief.

    • wendya wendya lesliedoll

      My daughter was having serious health problems with all the symptoms that you have and hers were systemic throughout her entire body and built up in layers on her skin.  She has been using ultrasonic facial vibrations and vibrating cushions (Gideon from Amazon and BeautySM facial cleanser pads) sometimes as many of these little vibrators as 4-5 all over her body and it has cleared many symptoms.  The vibrations have a pull and it kills the parasites by sucking them out of you.  You can put one of these in your bra and it will suck the parasites out of your face.  But you need to use many of these, including the vibrating chair agressively for about a year or 2.  Believe it works, like nothing else does.  My daughter has tried everything, just like you, and gone to all the Drs who told her she was crazy.  This sounds way out there but it works. 

    • shona15562 shona15562 christina56830

      Christina my sister is suffering so bad our family and doctors think she is delusional. If I hadn't googled these and read everyone's experiences, I would think it too. I read on another site that the state we live has an epidemic that is obviously secretive!!! I am not crazy either. My sister would have to go to Ga. Also for that kind of specialist. Please call her and talk to does sound like she's crazy but she's desperately NEEDING someone to see or believe her..we live in Alabama. Her name is Suzanne and phone is 256-369-2969..she is totally internet illiterate so it would be a blessing for someone else to talk and help her. God. Bless you

    • pamela1953 pamela1953 lesliedoll

      My daughter lives in albany,ga and is having the same problem,she has been dealing with this for approximately 3 months the doctors that she has gone to look at her like she is crazy,she went to a dermatologist today and they did a biopsy on one of the spots that look like a bite,if you have any info I would greatly appreciate it.

    • angela2525 angela2525 lesliedoll

      Hi I also have been having the same kind of symptoms, I have been to see Physician about 5 times and two ER visits. It itches internally, and I tell my physician that I literally feel things crawling under my skin and feels like some sort of worm and it feels like shards of glass at times when I try and grab ahold of one and also these white scale looking things come up through my skin. This has been going on for three months now. I just went to the Dermatologist and he said he didn't even know what it was and cut out one of the most recent spots that has come up to send off for testing, but I have to wait two weeks for results. This stuff is scaring up my skin and making me plain miserable and I as well live in Albany, Ga. . I need help proving that this is in fact real. Could you please give me some info on what you found out about this and have you found a cure? I would be so grateful for your help.

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 SICKofIGNORANCE

      Hi SOI ~

      Try using mayonnaise.  Don't get anything other than full mayonnaise.  Put it on your head and rub it in throughout.  Cover your head with plastic wrap and keep it on for at least 8 hours...more if you can.   Then take a fine comb and comb through your hair.  Wash it and repeat the mayonnaise.  This is also good if someone has lice.  

      What you have sounds miserable.  If this doesn't work for you, you may want to set up an appt with an  Infectious Disease Specialist and/or a Dermatologist as they are specifically trained to know the symmptoms of parasites.  A general GP only learns a chapter about them.  Go for the one who knows best!

      Good luck and please let us know  how you  are doing.



    • frustrated61 frustrated61

      SOI ~

      I neglected to mention that the mayonnaise suffocates the worms.  Do this a few times one day then every other day for about a week and you will see a def change...if not all of them gone!  The mayonnaise  is also great to make your hair shine so you can use this afterwards as a conditioner a few times a week and it will help rid and keep them at bay!  Good luck!!


    • dawn25956 dawn25956 Diggity

      Hi, do you mind please giving me the name of the doctor who saw you and actually believed you, b/c I have a close family member with this isse and she really needs to be seen by someone who will believe her.  can we chat off-line?

    • tammy lynn25124 tammy lynn25124 christina56830


      (It almost slouches them away, I use a damp paper towel over sink, prior to re-application I applied MANY TIMES A DAY)

      Close wounds with LIQUID BANDAID!!!! Then follow w FLOROZONE CREAM ONCE CLOSED! Many coats of liquid bandaid!!! Do not peel off/let fall off!!!


      Lol re MORGELLONS 



      DE is amazing also!


      I pray I made someone’s day

    • robbiehook robbiehook joanne74251 God i pray that even if you are completely cured that you check your email still...i am living with this nightmare everyday for some time now...only getting worse. It's in my eyes so bad sometimes I can hardly hold them open because of the goo. I just want to know if you are still cured because your post about the soda and vinegar remedy has been a year or two ago now. ??? Please respond promptly as possible for i feat terribly I may lose my sight if i dont get help. I cannot afford anything else because i cant work anymore and my husband thought i was crazy and left me to fend for myself on thanksgiving day. So i am barely eating let alone buy meds and fancy herbs. I have nowhere to turn except my Lord in prayer. However,  the Almighty even gives us the good sense to reach out to others when needed. I am contemplating a bullet if something doesn't give. I simply pray God will understand my mind and not send me to hell. Because I am there now. Pleade please email or call at 276-202-1858. I do not fear my privacy being invaded by using personal info like my phone number because if i dont get an answee not going to survive all this. Keep me in your prayers as well as everyone. I am praying for all of you. I would give my life for all of you to have a cure and not suffer anymore if I could anyway whatsoever at this point. Love and blessings to you all and may your families believe in you. I have nobody and i fight alone. Hence my previous statement. Anyone please email or call any hour. Help. S.O.S......

  • nicolamc nicolamc

    I can show you the damage.  The worms dont come out and wriggle on the skin they go to an area.  Destroy the skin as they move through it.  Its like when they first split my lip open in the December photo, it blew a hole in the side of my mouth and bang in the middle of it was one of the worm type things peering out.  Just like a fat white dot.  The strange thing is no blood come out of it at all and that seems to be the norm the area where they are damaging doesnt bleed which is strange.  They do come out partially, I've seen 2 move in the last 2 weeks which confirmed that I always thought that they were worms in my skin.The doctors in my doctors surgery kept telling me worms couldnt move around my body but these were very much moving around under the skin.  I never felt them moving I could just see the tracks and my skin collapsing  as they passed through.  From the very beginning i was telling them about white spikey things moving around and destroying my face, they would change the subject and if really pressed on it would say it was probably a burst cyst.  I've had a burst cyst before and its nothing like it.  That is why its 3 months on and I still have it and now they can come in and out.  It was just this week there was one that was about 1/2 and hard to the touch under my skin, I've never felt that before, I wasnt able to define a worm shape just by touching the skin.  When I pulled it out I was left with the perfect worm shape indentation in my chin.  When pulling them out they just come appart in bits so its not like I can get one and take it into the doctors.  You can follow the routes they've travelled with the scaring.  The round marks on my chin where the skin is all collapsed there were quite litterally wrapped around the scab in a circular shape.  They have spikes so like the one I saw this week, the biggest ever to come near the surface, when i touched my face it hurt.   The infection started on my chin area then travelled upwards and stayed in that area spiking off in all directions for a while.  Then burst a hole up by my ears and from there travelled down my jaw line bursting out on the chin again, and branched off downwards left and right.  They tend to stop at a junction of any sort and head downwards to go right into the lower layer of skin which really hurts,  you cant squeeze them out because they are totally embedded like part of your skin and keep travelling.  I do think the spikey things like little tiny painful splinters is their defence mechanism when I touch the area and the clear substance that seems to come out around the same time as the defence spikes I thought was my body trying to fight something off.. but I dont know, it is like shards of glass.  Maybe it is my defense but it gets mixed up with their tiny tiny spikes.  My skin just collapses where they've been.  I do dread to think how many I have since I've been ignored.  First I thought I was getting spotty so didnt go to the doctors for about 3 weeks.  The first pic taken on the 21st December when the doctors were refusing to refer me even though my skin had been like that for 2 months.  Even the hospital said I needed to be referred as they just werent healing.  The skin doesnt heal at all when these things are in it.  Its a lot of damage in 3 months.  I'm discusted with the treatment i've received from my doctors.

    • me 83163 me 83163 Selfhealing

      Strong paralyzing deworming drugs for humans is what kills them!

      It's getting these A$$ hole docs to realize it's not unicorns & UFO's were talking about! Any living thing can be infested why do educated people think it's just on YouTube!?

      If you eat somthing that has a parasite you get it! Step on one with bare feet? You get it! Undercooked pork, crabs, crayfishes. If it's so easy to get it why is it so hard for Drs to Believe it!

      I can't even imagin the number of people who don't even know they have them! Some show signs, some very sick and some not!

      "It's according to your immune system"

      I'm just disgusted with the medical field and just as disgusted with people trying to make money of others misfortune by selling "snake oil"

      I've read numerous times after I've tried it of course, that you shouldn't use Vaseline or tea tree oil or anything that stops them from coming out to lay their eggs! Because otherwise they're laying them inside you! So as much as it's driving me crazy I'm not touching my head. There spitting that stuff out that webs my hair then I find a white gooey thing , on the floor, that looks like a worm. Dr says it's skin. If you drop it in the toilet it will expand. It does look like toilet paper except toilet paper sinks. At least I have my husband experimenting now! Before he just looked at me with a sorrowful eye! Haha! Emergency Room nurse repeatedly called it toilet paper!

      If I didn't get a diagnoses soon they'd have me in a straight jacket! And I will never forget how I was completely ignored one ER even called my husband! Then told him I had a bad attitude when I asked if they wanted to call my father as well?!

      This Tuesday will be 2 weeks . I'm supposed to start the second round of doc 3mg Ivermectin! I started last night! I first googled of course! Haha!

      Done take them one week between so I figured I was safe all I knew is there was going to be no sleeping lady

      Night as was SO MANY nights before! I'm so sick and tired of this I want it to end! And hope the month treatment is all I need! I'm eating pumpkin seeds don't know what they do but if I read it enough I do it!

      I'm ONLY eating cabbage soup made with chicken broth red and white cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli onion, garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper and a dash of any spice I read they don't like!

      I'm so off balance by all of this I don't even go out. I research, make my soup and sanitize the house over and over! And this feeling is sickening!

      Good luck to all if you even got down this far! 🔪🐛🔫


    • Rhuby Rhuby me 83163

      Hi Me - Sounds like you are in agony and I sure do know your pain.  Is the ivermectin actually working for you?  I have tried it many times without sucess so I really hope you have a positive reaction.  I was soaking in epson salts every single day for years.  It did give me peace during the soak but otherwise, no real results.  Recently I have beed trying plain salt soaks - you can even do it in the shower by just pouring the salt water over the wound and holding it there for awhile.  It can hurt a bit so best to spray the area first with Bactine spray (it has a numbing agent and great for the times you just cannot stand feeling the pain of the wound).  I think the salt does help a little towards healing and even combating whatever it is.

    • Rhuby Rhuby Selfhealing

      There are many of us who are having this problem and some for many years. Please take the time to write what you feel was self-healing as so many of us will benefit from it.

    • deanne22466 deanne22466 me 83163

      i have experienced this with the toilet paper. its like it invades the paper and

      takes over. it makes points in several areas. in my toes it makes a secondary nail under the toenail. what kills them is hydrogen peroxide. please let me know if i'm insane. this is real.i'm afraid of these things going to my brain. if nobody believes me , who is going to stop these things?

    • bemisdt bemisdt nicolamc

      Hi, judging by your pictures and symptoms, I believe I have the same thing you have. I'm hoping you were able to find some type of remedy, can you please tell me if you have? I'm going to a doctor today and would like to know what questions to ask.


    • robert 1180 robert 1180 nicolamc

      Riverblindness!!!!!!!!!! I kno this is what it to get diagnosed..i am going to a gp mon..that is from. Africa we have to find drs. That know these things...meanwhile I've conned drs onto the invermectim and doxycycline. Just cause they are sick of me making them look stupid....u gotta fight!!!!!

    • Rhuby Rhuby deanne22466

      Hi Deanne, Please be careful with the hydrogen peroxide. It does not kill it - I know because I have tried it many, many times. It actually is detrimental to the healthy skin and can really aggravate the healing process. I wish I could tell you what does help but I can't. Do try things like Bactine spray and anti-itch cream to try and sooth the area. Also, I have found that covering the area with inexpensive white dressing tape does help to sooth the area and help me to forget it is there. That in itself helps to heal it to a minor degree.

    • lea50265 lea50265 me 83163

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    • eguttilla eguttilla nicolamc

      Hello, my name is Erika...I was wondering what you found out if you did? I am suffering the same strange symptoms for 7 months now!! 4 doctors, 4 antibiotics, labs without bacteria so staph and Mrsa have been ruled out! I'm desperate and borderline scuividal! I just can't take this anymore!

    • Rhuby Rhuby eguttilla

      Hi Erika - Try to stay as strong as possible. Do not allow your symptoms to overtake you. Many people have the very same symptoms and problems with doctors that you have shared. Please take the time to go through all of the threads we have posted here because allot of people have shared some of the ways they get relief such as long baths with epsom salts, and baking soda mixed into the water. We are all here to help you get through this!

    • the beach the beach deanne22466

      OMG, what you wrote is exactly what I have been experiacing for a few years now.  And like you said , my nails have another thick nail beneath them and nobody else seems to believe me or want to take me seriously , mostly because they dont even take the time to really examine the things.

      I see these tiny little reflective things around the house as well as very fine fiber like things that stice to every thing and little black hair like fibers that attach to the skin and and burrouh in,  also at times feel like I have glass shards when I touch it. I am so freaked out cause it seems to be on everything in my house!  This is the first time I heard others dealing with,  I think , is the same thing.  Thank you all , for sharing your views and experiances on this issue,  it really does make one question their sanity!

    • me 83163 me 83163 Rhuby

      The ivermectin cut the numbers down. I don't feel as sick as I did in the past but it certainly did not heal me. I thought. Was finished with them for a short while but the lump in the back of my head proved to be a nest and another breeding round began! I feel like I work with national Geographics! This all sounds insane but is my reality! I pray I get rid of these things once and for all. Still taking 6, 3mg ivermectin tabs every 10 days. I feel them in my head and eyes and sometimes in my back as well. Really gross. But really REAL! I guess a doctor needs to get them for their field to understand them or I need to move to a third world country to be treated!

    • wytehorse49 wytehorse49 the beach

      I am seeing that some people on here briefly named Morgellons but Beach and Niclomac I haven't seen where either of you have mentioned it. Have you looked up Morgellons? I'm in the same boat as all of you. The more you research the more you can find people who have the answer, I dont believe any of them yet. Hydrocolloid bandages from CVS offer some relief, they are soooo sticky they will pull this stuff out of your skin. Bad news is, it replicates too fast, pull and pull but you will never remove all of it. First thing I want to know is have you all done any research on Morgellons? And the Ivermectin, does that work?  

    • zobie zobie eguttilla

      I'm the same, 8 doctors, 5 antibiotics, 1 for 3 months - staph infection was my diagnosis though I was sceptical, bloods and swabs kept coming back clean so I was put on MRSA antibiotics which did nothing. Meanwhile I'm a broke Ken down blubbering mess and my 2 year old is showing symptoms also so I ha e him out on antibiotics too which do nothing. He goes through stages of crying and grabbing at his skin which no one understands unless you e got this god awful whatever it is!

      I've tried just about everything in the chemist. The doctor told me he couldn't prescribe me Ivernectin as it was on an authority script and only a Dermatologist could prescribe it so I have to wait (it's already been a year and hundreds possibly thousands of dollars) but I suspect a GP can prescribe...?

      It breaks my heart seeing my toddler pinching at bugs in his skin crying because it hurts and there's nothing I can do

    • Val28000 Val28000 zobie

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    • Dlandbob Dlandbob zobie

      You just beoke my heart. I am so sorry your toddler is going through this too, my 3 year toddler is having issues as well and it is very noticeable in his face lately.

      I have suffered for 8 plus years and the best thing that works is going in a jacuzzi. I was symptom free for 9 months until i moved and it came back. Menthol seems to be working well and Castor oil is doing a good job, its making my hair come back which i wasn't even trying to do. I took 4 MSM tablets and a bunch of Garlic oil and must of had a serious Die Off about a week ago. They wwre coming out of my eyeballs, eyelids, ears and all my joint swelling went away. I wasnt sure what was going on so i went to the ER for the 2nd time in a week, my white blood cell count dropped 4500 points in a week. Its never under 17.5 and all my blood work came back good.

      I felt great for days but now i am back to itching and vacumming like mad. My eyes havent been white in over 20 years and now they look good. This has to be kissing bug parasite or loa loa and maybe toxaplasmsis.

      Hi started getting my symptoms when I lived on a Lake in Lake Forest, Ca and wonder how many others who have this have been around ducks, geese etc...

    • sosickofthis sosickofthis me 83163

      I understand where you are coming from really I do. THE DERMATOLOGIST JUST TOOK MY MONEY TODAY!!! Went to see what they called themselves as Scabies specialist today. I've been dealing with the feeling of bugs crawling on my skin now for 4 months. I have done just about everything that people have suggested and its not working. I find them in my bed in the morning after i have inspected my linens. I find them on my body, in my nose, my ears, my private but today I was told I have eczema and that the lines that magically appeared on my skin was from my scratching myself when I saw the lines appear. They gave me anxiety medicine and creme to treat exzema. I even showed them the picture I took of the things that are coming out of my skin and they still said its not a mite. Well if it's not a mite what the Hell is it!! I felt so bad standing there looking like I was crazy. They told me I scratched myself in my sleep and I told no the line appeared from my putting various oils grape seed oil and clove oil on my skin when I found what I saw a burrow. They said it wasn't a burrow. What am I to do. You try these home made remedies and they don't work and you go to what they call themselves scabies specialist and they still don't give you any thing to treat you. The 2 people I have told think I'm stressed about life and that's why I'm feeling this way but I have proof. I feel the things crawling on my skin and when I go there and pinch it I get a hard shaped white granule looking object or a black speck or a red looking hard object which looks like a bug. We're not crazy why isn't there any specialist out there to help us. Can you tell me if it worked for you. The dermatologist wouldn't give me anything but anxiety meds and ezcema cream, such a waste


    • vicki30438 vicki30438 sosickofthis

      Put your findings in a glass jar with alcohol, when the worms started to come out of my mouth this is whatI did, and the heart and pain specialist now believe me, of course them believing me does not fix the problem as they have no idea whatI have they are not parasiteologists, and of course noneof doctors who could fix me will see me. PLEASE IF ANYBODY KNOWS OF A DOCTOR THAT TREATS PARASITES LET ME KNOW!!!! I also have hard white specks that come out of my skin lesions, the black dots I believe are little baby parasitesI also found out that neo sporian makes a new anti itch cream that really works on the itch. Do what I did take the baby into the vet and say you find these on your dogs or cats skin, what are they?

    • jessi99593 jessi99593 zobie

      Ting... you can get it at the dollar store... after a good bath rub it around each wrist simultaneously if possible, then around neck, then all the hot spots in head covering areas completely from outer limit of each spot working way to center, then apply around ankles and all nail beds.... keep your hair and forehead wrapped at this time (I used old thirty sleeves because the added pressure made it harder for them to do whatever they do)and as they die they fall out at random, find somewhere your child can stay a day or two that will apply as directed in your absence and u clean and disinfect everything car and house while treating yourself... after the house is complete, leave and stay with a friend, family, or hotel until you are both better then you may return home and continue treatment for two more weeks... they don't like conditioner buy do Not scratch when applying, rub it in like a massage if it breaks through while doing that it will come completely out so watch your feet, if u scratch it an opening it'll stab you... so use it every day.... if you can afford it replace all pillows, bedding, toys, and hair accessories, if not wash dry and lysol it all... furniture and mattresses spray with disinfect and wrap them in plastic, (I used contractor bags and tape to seal them) carpet and rugs I got boric acid from the feed store and sprinkled on it as I left... and two days later came back and vacuumed it up the sprayed more disinfectant... good luck and heads up as they die you will feel sick and sicker, your not dying and water (drinking and soaking) relieves the feeling. My son got up to 7 voluntary baths a day at one point

    • joanne25127 joanne25127 nicolamc

      Hi I know this is nearly a year old but how did you get on. I have a similar thing with holes in my face. I had a hole in my chin and side of my face. I first thought they were worms but I realise they are some translusant mite.

      my skin was oozing a clear strange smelling fluid.  I need some help as my dermatologist was useless.  Hope you can help this is so depressing dealing with it.

    • marie86597 marie86597 me 83163

      Any update? I'm having the same issue and my D.T.thought it was all in my mind. And took biopsy of skin not inflamed. But these worms leave tunnels in my skin &I these tunnels are empty with the puss or hard walls of the tunnel bright white. I was on antibiotics and it helped but it was not the cure. These lesions are so embarrassing. My boyfriend was thinking o was crazy because I almost had butcherd my whole face till I he had to take me to the E.R. And I had infected the holes by pulling the puss worms out.

    • marie86597 marie86597 zobie

      I try to use 90% alcohol to dry them out & bleach wipes use orange to help with the smell . I bombed the house got rid of pets and lawn to reduce any possible irritants. Also the germicidal bleach to clean but it was way to strong because I also have a 3 year old who showed signs but then disappear . My health is depleting over throats 1 1/2 year. I am gonna try all the help on tjis site.

    • Diggity Diggity fru66015

      Very true. I am in the US, Georgia. When I stated to find a doctor from a 3rd world country, I hadn't intended anyone to travel there to find one. I have a doctor here, who is from the Phillipines. The ignorance of US doctors just blows my mind. I have just located a local pediatrician now, also from the Phillipines, for my kids. The (ex)current pediatrician told me to "shut up", told me I was "dilussional, and needed help", then called MY doctor a "quack".

      And that's acceptable professionalism?

      Not where I come from.

      You just lost 3 patients. .... to start.

      I'll put a pin in that story until I have the opportunity to make it full circle and redirect my attention to publicly spotlight his business ethics.

    • elizabeth 31572 elizabeth 31572 Diggity

      Well a and e belive me showed parasite said not threadworm as it's long but doubt tapeworm as not wide enough I have had bloods done come back fine had ct scan nothing on my brain but headaches are severe no pain relief works codeine makes me sick coukd scream anyways hospital won't refer but told me see Dr and get one to infectious disease Dr and the consultant in my accident emergency says come across alot cases in India he said they do cause nasty things on ur skin and I'm still young 28 need sorted daughters get some right rashes won't go sooner I get this sorted 3moz referral the better

    • Diggity Diggity fru66015

      I'm only a few days in but have been getting results nonetheless. I figured I have nothing to lose if I concentrate on possibly breaking the cycle from the GI then expanding to cutaneous attention.


      Pineapple: fresh or juice 2-3 x's/day

      Garlic: fresh clove 3 x's/day

      Pumpkin seeds: snack on throughout day

      Yogurt: (probiotic) 1 or 2 x's/day to establish GI equilibrium.


      I'm sure I'll adjust as I progress.

      Certain foods are anti-parasitic:







      Pumpkin seeds

      General anti-microbial/parasitic:



      Raw cabbage


      Oil of oregano

      Coconut oil


      (use a combination of):

      Pumpkin seeds

      Papaya extract


      Beet root

      citrus pectin

      psyllium husks


      I've only recently started upon this facet of my health. As for all the talk about no-sugar.... not hearing it. I'll keep an eye on moderation, but that's about it. To me, That idea falls a little too far outside of realistically acceptable. I will also state the same about my cafienated coffee.

      What? They don't seem to respond when I sit down to a big bag of crack....

      I'M ONLY KIDDING !! Who can sit down... pace for a couple days... maybe.


    • Teridias45 Teridias45 Diggity

      I'm right with u diggity I think killing it from the hi is the way to rid it if reproducing vinegar keeps parasites from reprofmdicing in the intestines and I live in coconut oil for the last three we weeks today thus far has been a good one to say the least I'm going to continue what I'm doing now and will let you know how it's going. Two shots vinegar daily meditation 3x per day or when needed and heavy coconut oil especially in hair and scalp there metal ,glass claws can not grip you feeling some sigh of notbeing helpless today

    • Diggity Diggity Teridias45

      I will have to look over some previous reading about coconut oil, I'm sure I understood it as using it in your diet, let me get back on that, I don't like to post inaccurate/unverified information

      I remember it being referred to as a high-fat diet though.....

      ---> pinned

    • Diggity Diggity elizabeth 31572

      Let me make sure I understand this.

      The long worm is not a thread worm (as expected), but DOUBTS it being a tape worm?

      What about the little white ones?

      Where are you?

      How old is your daughter?

      Do you have a dog or cat?

    • Teridias45 Teridias45 zobie

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    • Ccexists Ccexists Dlandbob

      I really feel for everyone has anyone tried lidocaine just putting it on the different areas to help sooth the area? I don't have this but there was a time I thought I had morgellons. But I don't, wow! What a rotten disease. I was thinking it might be twofold maybe get The creatures high enough to die?

      Just a thought, my thoughts and wishes are with all of you.

    • lori 20469 lori 20469 Val28000

      What pet site do you get it from what is it and how you use it my 3 year old and baby sleep with me think I passed it to them I'm heart broken over this I'm a picker my face arms legs are destroyed every time one heals a white dried worm comes to service I will get bruse out of nowhere legs mostly will start as bruse then soar and the worm I need help my scalp is so bad losing my hair seems as the soars heal the eager is razed that's where the worm goes

    • Ladyinpain Ladyinpain nicolamc

      I know what your going through! I've been dealing with the same problem! It started over two years ago. Started with some scratches while working in the yard. I've tried so many things even 30 days of antibiotics. The Dermotolgest started me on something that has nothing to do with worms or parasites and I'm shocked it's been helping see her in a month to make sure I'm handling the medication.

    • lee07195 lee07195 nicolamc

      Your skin looks similar to mine haven't even considered worms I've had it 5 years 2ndary infection....I've given up but now tht I got back on feet after a long break and new apartment bam all of a sudden.

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 nicolamc

      Hi Nicolamc ~

      I'm not a doctor and I clearly see there are track marks.  I swear it's easier to put blame on you and make you feel badly bc they don't want to fail.  

      If anyone on here sees their GA or PA and they don't refer you to a different doctor but says there isn't anything wrong...YOU know yourself...YOU know you hare having your instincts.  If your doctor won't refer you to anyone to check this problem out...ask your  doctor if they get paid for not referring.  This was a huge deal a few years back in the States and believe it or not, this was happening.  My daughter plays the Cello and she was having def problems with her wrist and the doc wouldn't refer her to a therapist...well, I had seen this about getting payouts for not referring so the next time we did go in for this problem, I gave her some info that I researched online and low and behold, she came back with a referral...needless to say, we never saw her again.

      Some doctors are such Narcissist that they would sell their own mother instead of sending you to another doctor...after all, they know everything (tongue in cheek).

      Anyway, hope all is well,


    • kate64111 kate64111 nicolamc

      I have the exact same wounds in the same place and am going through basically the same thing you are describing. I haven't seen a doctor, my brother originally complained of all this to doctors and even the Emergency Room one night and it landed him a trip to a psychiatric hospital for 11 days, so a doctor will never see me in regards to this. The scary thing is that my two small kids have started complaining of the same symptoms I had at first. I have been on the internet trying to find out what these hair like worms are that are running my's the weirdest thing I have even seen in my life!! They are mostly clear/white colored...although I have seen them darker and normally accompanied by a black fine fiber like substance, which in what I have gathered during my searching, is its exoskeleton. They seem to like to stay in my hair/head area, which is nothing short of annoying, as well as under all parts of my skin where they actually make "tracks" easily seen. My hair has thinned out terribly and recently began falling out. I had basically exhausted all my options in removing these things and gave up hope in killing them after I tried dropping them in a bucket of BLEACH WATER (more bleach then water) and they lived!! I literately saw them escaping up the sides to the top! At that point I had nothing left, so I thought that until there was a breakthrough that I could find then I will just try and cover up them symptoms. My grandmother use to put onion juice in my hair as a kid to keep it healthy and was amazing what benefits it gave. So, I decided to start that up. I boiled half an onion with enough water to cover the top. After it cooled, I simply poured in, as if were rinsing, on top of my head. I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE IT START KILLING THE WORMS! They began falling out of my hair and after a few minutes were dead! Not only that, but ever part of my skin that came in contact with the onion juice I saw...with my own eyes...the worms come out from under my skin!! It was as if it was like a movie...I'm still in disbelief but very pleased to say, feeling much MUCH better then I have in so long. I have no intentions of allowing a re-infestation to occur, so I have already cleaned my house with the onion juice and will be doing fallow up "date night" with Vidella! I highly suggest giving this a try...not much to lose if it doesn't help. Definitely has me. Good luck.

    • kate64111 kate64111 shelley67196

      I was going through basically the same thing being describing. I haven't seen a doctor, my brother originally complained of all this to doctors and even the Emergency Room one night and it landed him a trip to a psychiatric hospital for 11 days, so a doctor will never see me in regards to this. The scary thing is that my two small kids have started complaining of the same symptoms I had at first. I have been on the internet trying to find out what these hair like worms are that are running my's the weirdest thing I have even seen in my life!! They are mostly clear/white colored...although I have seen them darker and normally accompanied by a black fine fiber like substance, which in what I have gathered during my searching, is its exoskeleton. They seem to like to stay in my hair/head area, which is nothing short of annoying, as well as under all parts of my skin where they actually make "tracks" easily seen. My hair has thinned out terribly and recently began falling out. I had basically exhausted all my options in removing these things and gave up hope in killing them after I tried dropping them in a bucket of BLEACH WATER (more bleach then water) and they lived!! I literately saw them escaping up the sides to the top! At that point I had nothing left, so I thought that until there was a breakthrough that I could find then I will just try and cover up them symptoms. My grandmother use to put onion juice in my hair as a kid to keep it healthy and was amazing what benefits it gave. So, I decided to start that up. I boiled half an onion with enough water to cover the top. After it cooled, I simply poured in, as if were rinsing, on top of my head. I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE IT START KILLING THE WORMS! They began falling out of my hair and after a few minutes were dead! Not only that, but ever part of my skin that came in contact with the onion juice I saw...with my own eyes...the worms come out from under my skin!! It was as if it was like a movie...I'm still in disbelief but very pleased to say, feeling much MUCH better then I have in so long. I have no intentions of allowing a re-infestation to occur, so I have already cleaned my house with the onion juice and will be doing fallow up "date night" with Vidella! I highly suggest giving this a try...not much to lose if it doesn't help. Definitely has me. Good luck.

    • karen82178 karen82178 lanette41178









    • Sunup78 Sunup78 nicolamc

      Hello! I signed up to reach out to you. After reading your story and looking at your pictures, I have exactly the same thing. Its hell on earth to say the least. Im on ivermectin and Doxy and have been dealing with this for 2 years. How are you doing? Have you been able to rid yourself of this horror? I hope you are getting some relief and thank you for posting…its so hard to do this alone when medical providers don't believe you. Thank YOU! Hope to hear back from you!

  • nicolamc nicolamc

    Sorry this is the December one.

    • graciemayx graciemayx nicolamc


      The only thing she could think of that fits the Bill would be mucocutaneous leishmaniasis. If you Google the symptoms you will scare yourself so just don't. Just know if it is this you need to get it treated asap!

      The worms first show symptoms by making ulcer like sores on your face... And can move around. They don't grow very big but the damage they do can be catastrophic.

      I would also put in a formal complaint about your doctor once you face a formal diagnosis.


    • nicolamc nicolamc graciemayx

      Thanks Gracie, I will ask the dermatologist about that kind of worm on Tuesday.  I defo wont google it, i'm freaked out enough as it is.

      I do intend to put a formal complaint against the doctors surgery.. hopefully the dermatologist takes it seriously on Tuesday because my skin is looking clearer than normal.  They are defo still in there.

      I started crystalice cream yesterday and the sore by my mouth is looking a bit better.


    • ptolemy ptolemy nicolamc

      I thought leishmaniasis was caused by a sandfly? Another thing it could be is a pin worm they have a sharp back end.  I don't know if they get under the skin in ones face or not though.

    • me 83163 me 83163 nicolamc

      That's what they are doing to my scalp! My hair is now cropped easier to show a non believing doctor!i was covering my head with Vaseline and they've been coming into my eyes! At first seeing floaters eye dr saw saw nothing!. I want them dead and out before they turn into the full size that I was passing when I first starting the ivermectin. Nightmare!

    • me 83163 me 83163

      I've seen them in the toilet bowel mine are Fluke worms. CDC says from eating under cooked crabs , crayfish. I have a lump on the side of my head now. I want to take a knife to it so bad but o one it will only instigate and make it bite and more active! It's sleeping I'll read to it!

    • christina56830 christina56830 ptolemy

      Your correct about the sandfly but there are quite a few studies that have taken place that suggest that ther are slot of other vectors that have been responsible for not only this but other things such as myiasis. Other s have just not been documented. In the US doctors will tell you that a pinworm cannot inhabit the skin. Which doesent makes sense when they claim that they can cause folliculitis and infect females in more than just the behind. U.K. Folks believe differently about the pinworm and I think they are right. Plus if you google it will find a couple of case study's ( US studies) documenting a young girl with pinworms in the eyes and one study from the same group that documents a person with subcutaneous lesions from the result of pinworms. Who's to say what all they can and can't do and what can and can't be the carrier of such things. The US medical professionals like to believe that if it hasn't been studied and documented then it must not be possible. It's all crazy to me.

    • vicki30438 vicki30438 graciemayx

      I WAS BITTEN BY SANDFLIES, I HAVE TOLD ALL 41 DOCTORS THIS, AND NOT ONE HAS TESTED ME FOR LEISHMANSIS. Meanwhile I get worse and worse, open ulcers in my mouth for 5 years that don't heal, they itch beyond anything, I even take a razor to my gums where they are located, the itch is so bad. I have them on my back and arms, these tend to go away after a few months but than come back. I have had worms, thin white ones drop out of the sores onto my gums. I have picked out worms from the ulcers on my arms. I brought the worms into a vet finally and told them my cat spit these up, he looked under the microscope and said they where definately parasites. My biggest problem is how to get a doctor who can treat me, I have called every doctor in my surrounding area and nobody treats parasites unless you have a diagnois, the labs don't even give you a test for it. I also had mylasis with bugs flying out of my mouth after putting olive oil in my canals built by something in my gums, 3 bags of them and still no doc believed me said I picked them up off the street and told me to go see a therapist. I reached a man over the internet who was the head of bter foundation and he agreed they where mylasis, but once they fly out they do not come back just the damage they did remains. Just not funny anymore and I am done going to doctors unless they know about parasites, just can't seem to find one.

    • Teridias45 Teridias45 christina56830

      Why do the mrdical professionals not even believe because they don't want to, or are they just scared I pray and hope that one or many of the people who have humiliated and shunned our pleas for help no wonder why we or if at least most of us have thoughts of suicide .and why couldn't there be a new parasite or pin worm mind you everything changes nothing is here to remain the same sharks never would you hear of attacks on shore now almost daily in the summer months let's face it times change and evolve but humans most are skeptic and closed minded now i belive in anythingI was until this happened to me

    • joanne25127 joanne25127 nicolamc

      Hi nicolamc how do you put your photo on i cant do it. I had a hole in my chin where yours is marked. Ihave seen the dermatologist and psychiatrist.  Ive just replied to someone else as i am quite pleased with the outcome. I decided i had morgellons but actually after descovering a malassezia blog i have storted to make progress. Its a fungus that is hard to kill. It moves and generally makes a mess. It looks like morgellons. If you google malassezia it doesnt look like what you have but if you look up the blog it helps.

    • dawn91327 dawn91327 me 83163

      me 83163,

      Blood Flukes are nothing to joke about, I have them and am working on getting rid of them for the rest of my life for maintenance purposes. They can cause some types of cancer, bladder cancer is the one I've read about the most. Back in November 2015, I got ovarian cancer. I'm no doctor, but I am looking into natural remedies. Blood Flukes can passed on to others if your hygiene is not good, your clothes and bedding need changing on a very regular schedule. I've read, they can get into your brain and/or heart possibly causing death!

      So no more reading to them! They're not your bedtime friends!

    • Ladyinpain Ladyinpain nicolamc

      Just to let everyone know my Dermotolgest gave me something that is stopping the problem with my face . Now I have something growing under my top lip and coming out of my cheeks! Don't understand why I see it and doctors think my lip and inside of my mouth is normal! I know my body and it's not normal. I've had a cough since April and been on antibiotics many times still can't get rid of it! It's a dry cough . I never smoked so not a smokers cough. Drives me crazy at night when I'm trying to sleep! Anyone has any idea what might help?

    • karen82178 karen82178 Ladyinpain







    • karen82178 karen82178 me 83163






    • karen82178 karen82178 shelley67196

      Hi Shelly 

      I've had it for a year now and posted on my page





    • shelley67196 shelley67196 karen82178


      First of all thank you so much for your reply.  This is destroying my life and my skin.  I have reached out to so many and you have been the only person to reply. I am go to your page now... Again, thank you...


    • karen82178 karen82178 shelley67196

      Your welcome Shelly I'm new to this site so I'm learning to navigate my way around it, so sorry if I haven't seen your post on my page yet but otherwise I worked out you can press on the envelope and it's like private chat either way Hun be assured I'm here for you in any way I can help its sad that 😪😪😪 we and so many other people meet on this page but unfortunately it's also comforting to know you are not alone or insane 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • nicolamc nicolamc shelley67196

      Hi Shelley,

      ​Don't rule out Morgellons.  You should get a usb microscope from Amazon, they are really cheap for a x800 one.  Morgellons is just a term used for an array of symptoms since we wont get a diagnosis.  When the new high speed internet is released a lot more people will become infected too.  Its really easy to test for, just scope one of your lesions.  If it has fibers in it, then its Morgellons.

      ​Doctors are so scared of accidentally treating somebody with Morgellons people with genuine parasite infections are getting DOP diagnoses. 

      ​Its that serious that you should really rule it out. The government are infecting us with nanotechnology.  Obama passed the Brain Initiative before he left government.  If you search for the Brain Initiative, nanotechnology .gov you can read more.  Doctors are all patting themselves on the back and lying to us saying its going to be a good thing.  Its H+. modified humans. The Transhumanism agenda.  Google has made a company called Alphabet inc for their part in this.  All the big companies are signed up to it.  Look up the Singularity.  Its pure evil.

    • karen82178 karen82178 nicolamc

      Thankz Nicola

      I've done my homework and over a yrs worth of research!!!

      When 1st noticed My lesions and other symptoms 

      I Typed in all my symptoms and

      Yeah GOOGLED 






      Nonatechnology has been around for years!!!

      I wouldnt BLAME OBAMA as even




















      RANT OVER!!!


  • nicolamc nicolamc

    What a nightmare it's been since I last posted. Went to Northwick Park Hospital for tests and to see a consultant in the Infectious Diseases department. The guy in A & E thought since the department deal with unusual illnesses and do tests others don't it was my best hope.

    I was optimistic about it but my god I couldn't have received any worste treatment than I received there. At first it was ok when I saw Dr L Jones, he was pleasant enough and just wrote down what I was saying, then his senior come in, a youngish Indian woman early 30's and my god was she rude, really serious attitude problem. I was answering her questions, a conversation about worms in the face is hard enough without sounding mad, and she was being sarcastic about my responses. I'd reply, she'd kind of smirk at me then come out with her next silly, non relevant question.

    ill give you an example: they tested me for all std's including hiv and I was clean. She asked how long is been with my boyfriend, I said 8 years and she wanted to know if I slept with anyone else while with him. The blood results were about 3 weeks after my initial appointment and were clean. Maybe adult can cause worms lol.

    I'm trying to talk about worms in the face, she was just changing the subject and talking about me to other people in the room while looking at me like she thinks I'm mad.

    She finally got around to telling me she thought I had mental problems and that she was writing to my doctors to tell them this. She blatantly said I didn't have worms in the face and to stop picking my skin.

    I was furious when I left the hospital. I was livid.

    Anyway, they wrote to my doctors, I attended an appointment there, just to prove I didn't have mental illness and the doctor read the letter to me.

    They wrote the doctors needed to see me urgently and that I had psychosis and in my psychotic state, people like me can self harm. Also that I was agitated while at the appointment! At least they got one thing right lol.

    Anyway, today I had an appointment with a dermatologist at Holly Head who confirmed I did have the parasite infection in my face and I'm starting a 3 month course of antibiotics to clear it up.

    It's terrible it's taken this long to find it, and its down to small minded people like her.

    I have so much scaring, all because the people I've spoken to refused to acknowledge you can get worms in the face. You can imagine how I was feeling, I nearly didn't attend my appointment today because I was so deflated about the situation.

    Thank god my doctors knew I was sane. I'm still going to seek legal advice.

    • Rhuby Rhuby sherry9399

      Thanks Cherie - If your niece does have this problem she is going to nead lots of support. Do not let the doctors make her think she is delusional. This is real and there is an underlying cause that creates the sores, tunnels, and need to pick at it. This has nothing to do with being psychotic. Suggest that she take some soothing baths in baking soda and salt. It will not get rid of the symptoms but it will give her some peace of mind.


    • peggy26671 peggy26671 nicolamc

      Hi! I am new...Been sufforing mogellons for 19 years. Even took worms to doctor in jar. After much whispering. telling me they wouldn,t look in jar beacause it came from toilet water..thus was "contaminated" but they KNEW I 

      HAD NO PARASITES. I was sent to my doctor with a report of delusional paranoia regarding worms and skin eruptions. Yes I was told to STOP THAT DARN SKIN PICKING!. I know what you went through heart is with you all. I'm being eaten alive no matter what I do. Does anyone have white round hard bumps...small. that if you push on them or try to pop them..a new tiny one will apppear very close and they multiply? i have dug this out of my face and I get a quarter inch worm which is reddish purple. Sqished it splats blood?..Yes I know not to touch them but I'm in tears and sometimes just can't stand it! Thank you for letting me join my fellow people! I'm finally ready to try to reach out and get answers this time after being told I'm delusional 3 times in years. I wish us all WELL!


    • nicolamc nicolamc peggy26671

      Aww Peggy, poor you.  19 years, that must have been 19 long years.  I do wonder if they are working to strict instruction not to treat us.  A lovely lady in this thread she has a parasite infection and has a nightmare getting treated and i do wonder if its because they wrongly think its Morgellons so try not to treat her.  There is defo something going on in the background obstructing our treatment.  Doctors and consultants seem to have selective vision and hearing when it comes to Morgellons.  I'm still being called Psychotic even though I've had Morgellons diagnosed lol.

      I had one of those hard lumps once and when i tried to get it out a massive thing come to investigate what I was doing.  I touched it by accident and it felt huge whatever it was then it went up over my nose and infested it all the way along with load and loads of tiny little Morgellon things.  They look like tiny little white worms but when you look at them under a microscope they arent worms.  Also if you leave them to dry out a bit they turn into a mass of fibers.  I will show you a pic.

    • Rhuby Rhuby peggy26671

      Hi Peggy - So sorry to hear what you are going through. Just like yourself and Nicolamc I also have Morgellons. Yes - I do have the round hard bumps and they hurt so bad I have to get them out also or just cry from the pain. I also have the long strings or worms - whatever they should be called. My doctors (and that is a lot of doctors) have me down as Neurotic Excoriations, Delusional Parasitosis, and Factitious Disorder. It is so hard to even face the nurses when you know that they know what your diagnosis is! Have you taken any photos? It would be great if you could share if you have. Really glad you have joined our group!

    • d.91352 d.91352 Rhuby

      You seem educated on this subject.

      I am emotionally scared from a dermatologist's remarks,he laughed at me and made me take an immediate drug test,called the department of children and families,located my next of kin in my medical file and told my father that his daughter is a delusional,possibly psychotic woman that is picking her skin as self abuse. Not on drugs,seriously just a human being,looking for an answer or suggestion as to why there is something in each and every pore on my skin. I don't itch often,only in times of lowered immunity and "they seem to expell from my pores' as well as itch and torment. I can't explain to relieved I am to have found a forum with ppl suffering,without sounding like a sadist! Thank God I found this site...I may be one step towards finding someone else...I've been too afraid to be scrutinized or be evaluated and drug tested,to ask for help.someone has insight,please reply.

    • Rhuby Rhuby d.91352

      Hi D.91352 - Really sorry to hear what a horrible experience you are having. I am so angry about the way you have been treated by the medical community - it is just outrageous! Unfortunately, your story is not unheard of. So many of us have been literally abused by doctors. It seems your doctor took it to the maximum - where does he even get the right to force you to take a drug test? That sounds illegal to me and you should make sure to document  thing you said, he said, and made you do (including any nurses that took part in the visit) now when you can remember it clearly. I am seriously wondering if you can't see a lawyer about his malpractice and how it has traumatized you and caused you pain.That smiling smirk that he gave you is something I am very familiar with. I have been called delusional, neurotic, psychotic, and of late, Factitious Disorder (which means I am hurting myself purposefully to try and get attention. Meanwhile, I have recurring lesions all over my body for 9 years and about 15 specialists with no diagnosis. By the way, I do not necessarily think that your friend lied - I think he might have - about seeing her. Remember, there is doctor/patient rules they must keep. It is also a good idea to take photos of your sores and what comes out of them - do not show the pics to the doctor though because they will continue to call you delusional. You can share them with people like us though and it will be easier to determine if you have what many of us have. People can then share some of the anectdotal healing protocols they have used with you. It sounds like you are getting the crazy deep itch that seems to come with Morgellons in the initial stages - it does make you feel like you are going nuts because there is just no way to understand it. One thing I can recommend is to try and relax in a warm tub with epson salts and baking soda. This will help you to calm it down and also to help calm down your mind. Taking advil has really helped me with the itch feeling and keeps the inflammation down. Also, go to Walmart and buy Band-Aid (in the blue bottle) and also Bactine in the spray bottle. The spray is good for hitting certain sores and the Band-Aid is good to pour a little on your scalp and rub it in. They both stop pain and itching for about an hour which is better than nothing! You have to find a good primary care or infectious disease specialist that cares and will not treat you with disrespect. The dermatologists have been famous for trying to force people to take anti-psychotics and and ant-neuroleptics. As if they are psychiatrists! If you don't mind me asking - are you in the US or UK?

    • WormyGuss BLUES WormyGuss BLUES nicolamc

      Hi I'm new my name. Is Joe and don't understand what's going on how they form how you get them I since 2011 off and on not really had a bad accident cut bump my finger off and they had to put close to 30 stitches in my thumb broken in 12 places to hold together since then I have started noticing things like that not knowing what it was and also on top of having mental problems I had been told that that's why they gave me the medication I'm trippin its just pimples may have been lied my wife thinks I'm crazy and insane and try showing her that anytime you know it looks like a pimple but she'll go to squeeze it there hard as a rock and then get ones on my page where it hurts and then it hurts to touch when I have hair if I don't shave it worse and trying to squeeze like a pimple not knowing what it is thinking they look like worms oh you don't have worms you know if thinking bad I had ran into bed bugs or mites and they're laying eggs under my skin and hacking literally they think I'm insane and constantly itch it looks like I've had glitter dumped in my hair on my skin or an before thinking it was you know really bad dandruff everytime I turn around and up with a cut bruise sore on it really gets bad and lost a place to live because the person we were renting from stated that he assumed that I had had AIDS or something with the way I was looking refused to go anywhere as much as possible not understanding how to get rid of the only thing that I found that have a shoes is spraying alcohol on I don't know what to do where to begin had recently lost my medical insurance so is there anything over the counter I can do can they end up anywhere like all over your body head to toe even in mouth tongue type stuff don't understand never knew what was in every time I had stated it tried looking it up and figure or find anything and would run you and do like mice or bed bugs we now have a cat can he give it to us but I think I've had the underlying problem for a while and my wife gets pimples as well and get itchy could it also be caused by having lived in a very bad run-down apartment building landlord never fixed or did anything to in 5 or 6 years I don't know who to turn to my wife tells me to see a doctor when I do they give me something called mupirocin and tell me it's just in a rash constantly tell her it feels like something's crawling on or under my skin and show her and she has it just looks like a pimple and will squeeze and fall out or can't get out because it hard and when does either pops that don't believe but have scars and depressed areas like that had picked at it and had turned different color is there anything over the counter right now I can go get to help soothe and maybe not close holes to keep them in there cuz I think that's what happened for a while and by me having them and husband and wife sleeping in the same bed can my wife get as well she is disabled on and has MS I need to be able knowing her immune system is lower is she more susceptible and if can clear up is the stuff still in like your furniture close do you go about it and decide if it's supposed to be good or bad with this situation or walk away from everything medicate and buy new I don't know sometimes my skin feels like it's on fire sometimes it hurts to touch and or if I do it feels like somethings throwing spikes and at one point it seem like my whole head has spikes and I know just my head off and wake up and the whole bed would be covered of needle transparent type things and was told in my head or maybe I didn't wash good or you know my body was drying itself out and to use Vaseline and something that started with him from a Rite Aid and hadn't used yet because anytime I tried creams it didn't work and once you something that someone had for scabie medication when I rubbed it on my arm it look like worms we're coming out of my skin where the small amount coming out of my skin have been washing all clothes and placing stuff in storage or should I just throw away for most part or after you take medication for months or whatever you don't get it back like that what do you do how do you clean up after where you sit what you lay in my wife has low immune had been tested for STDs ate all of it epatitis low iron and they didn't understand and never one I had when would it be as bad as it gets when they start speaking and picking at my face because of the fact that I am middle aged with very severe ADHD and a TD and take medication and they assume it's because of that or doing drugs like crystal meth and PCP or like I say have AIDS and stay away when they see me its very bad gross when it happens I'm sure everybody's aware and thank God I ran into this by accident by asking the wrong word or autocorrect changing please please help me find something over the counter tonight what to do where to turn

    • dab1 dab1 WormyGuss BLUES

      You need to goto a doctor and say you have a round can get them from eating salad that has eggs layed by worms or from your pets.irvermectin is a cream they should give you aswell as an oral pill for the adult worms in your intestine google irvermectin read it all.hope this helps. please let me know ok what your out come was or how it will work for you. And you will need to treat your pets aswell

    • me 83163 me 83163 nicolamc

      I've had the same exact experience thinking the Infectious disease would be the answere! She made me so angry that i was "agitated" at my appointment as well! It's been a year and I'm still battling this. And I still think about legal action against all of the doctors who would not listen to me! All the aragant Drs who knew more than me! Could not believe they would sit there and smirk as I'm telling them the hell IM going through! I'm not done with them whether it's legal action or just a letter letting them know how my symptoms needn't have gotten so bad had they only listened and believed!

    • dab1 dab1 me 83163

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    • patsy7 patsy7 nicolamc

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    • vicki30438 vicki30438 me 83163

      orget suing them, no lawyer will sue a doctor, I tried believe me!!! I had sepsis caused by a doctor and called 4 lawyers even though I was in the hospital for 3 weeks almost died, they could not take the case. I have been to 41 doctors who have had the same smirk, I finally stopped going, I used to love doctors but after this experience I have a different view, if they can't figure it out your crazy not them. As a letter may make youfeel better, they could care less, they have their nose so stuck up inthe air.

    • vicki30438 vicki30438 Rhuby

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    • dawn91327 dawn91327 peggy26671

      Everyone! You must go online and do your research!

      peggy26671, it sounds like you have Blood Flukes like I do. In your browser, search for Photos of Parasites.

      Contact WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), CENTERS for DISEASE CONTROL (CDC) I don't know if the CDC is for USA only, just search online to find answers to your questions.

    • Lucaluca2 Lucaluca2 Rhuby

      do they look like fine fine hair like bllackk or yellow dots a incased line of cllear lil non perel looking like ???? porish tunnle making soars cant really feel skin called up like a scar but underneth impossin=ble to pop or pin point????p[ls tace large plus when it moves  looks like stitches like sowing ??

      like this  ------------

    • yourdad yourdad Lucaluca2

      If they grow into a mound that u can get thru in your skin, use veet hair remover.

      Apply for ten to 20 mins directly to the mound and the feet will burn thru the hard casing.

      This will allow u to use tweezing to remove the little barstards.

      Keep squeezing the lump to get them out. This will hurt a little but if u have been suffering for a long time, it will take a day or 2 to remove them & the skin will go back to normal with the lump gone.

      Make sure if the wound is open and your not removing them that u put cream and a bandaid on so it doesn't get infected.

    • jennifer31916 jennifer31916 dab1

      Hello dab1. I too have the creepy crawly skin with some pimple like lesions and my body is covered in what looks like glitter or tiny glass shards. Are those a sign of round worm?? When you mentioned to Wormyguss that he may have round worm then I'm thinking this must be what I have as well. What are the glass shards/glitter?? Eggs? Larvae?? Please any info would be so very much appreciated.

  • nicolamc nicolamc

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  • nicolamc nicolamc

    This was taken the day i attended Northwick Park for the results.

    • jojo1982 jojo1982 nicolamc

      My lesions look like this only smaller,when i pick they get much much worse, when i let them heal they leave a sunken in purple scar,n my skin is like clear gel, n its stretchy looking iv actually often wondered if their starting to replace my skin now their maybe bad enough n so many they replace it completely eventually?. I sound mad,but its very real, im so angry that they have made me feel this way when i just need help.

    • me 83163 me 83163 jojo1982

      Of course they make you feel mad because it all sounds crazy! I feel like a werewolf sometimes! At night , Full moon that's when things are worse but worms act the same inside the body as they do outside so it's not really crazy! When doctors start paying attention and perhaps watch someone over over night they will see that it's more common then not. Until then I'm very disillusioned with the medical practice and thank God I've found a dermatologist who has seen and treated many cases! He apologizes for the rest of his profession saying "they probably made you feel as if you where mad" Yes me and thousands of others! I'm sitting here now with Quret drawing salve on the lump/lesion on my head! I'm not expecting it to work because nothing else has! We shall see!

    • jojo1982 jojo1982 me 83163

      Iv got the docs in morning, n I'm so anxious abt going coz I know their not gna investigate this n I'm gna end up getting sectioned lol.I can laugh but I do sound away with it, if they notice I'm anxious thatl be the reason gor what I'm own mums thinks I need psycological help, she says I believe this is very real to u. God sake, I didnt just start picking for no reason, I picked bcoz I saw something, n I kept noticing things moving out the corner of my eye.I know this is NOT my imagination n I just wish someone wld believe me. I'm even just not saying anythn to anyone now coz whats the piint, imtotally alone in this. Docs have left mewi this for 7months wi no trwatment, can u imagine how many there mudt b inside me thing that makes mine sound a bit different is their not on my face, yet, but they are all over my body.n sometimes they bloody hurt lije hell, if knock 1 of the lesions, even atiny tap it starts pounding, n its ike sharp hooks dig in so they can't b pulled out, if I leave them tho evy now n agai a were hard white oval shape pops out n if I pull it hard enough I can get it out, but gra get it 1st time or it goes back into its pore/hole whatever u wanna call it..then straight away another one fillsthe gap, its like they can just multil, y on their own. Please anyone who shares these symptoms pkease let me know, I need to know this is real. I mean how could I, without ever reading or knowing about this kind of thing b4, have exactley the same symotoms as thousands of people all over the workd, whow could we possibly all imagine exactly the same thing, its them whos crazy not us. Why r they tryn 2make us look crazy, what r they hiding that they wanna cover this up. Sorry for going so deep n goung on,, but theyd soon belueve it if they weresuffering from it.sorry rant over for now. Il report how I get on at the docs 2moro. Wishing u, n every1 success in getting this dhit out out our bodies, Im so resperate, just want this to be over xn also does anyone else get a white webbing sirt of thing intheir hair just now n again? Whats that all abt eh?

    • jojo1982 jojo1982 me 83163

      Iv got the docs in morning, n I'm so anxious abt going coz I know their not gna investigate this n I'm gna end up getting sectioned lol.I can laugh but I do sound away with it, if they notice I'm anxious thatl be the reason gor what I'm own mums thinks I need psycological help, she says I believe this is very real to u. God sake, I didnt just start picking for no reason, I picked bcoz I saw something, n I kept noticing things moving out the corner of my eye.I know this is NOT my imagination n I just wish someone wld believe me. I'm even just not saying anythn to anyone now coz whats the piint, imtotally alone in this. Docs have left mewi this for 7months wi no trwatment, can u imagine how many there mudt b inside me thing that makes mine sound a bit different is their not on my face, yet, but they are all over my body.n sometimes they bloody hurt lije hell, if knock 1 of the lesions, even atiny tap it starts pounding, n its ike sharp hooks dig in so they can't b pulled out, if I leave them tho evy now n agai a were hard white oval shape pops out n if I pull it hard enough I can get it out, but gra get it 1st time or it goes back into its pore/hole whatever u wanna call it..then straight away another one fillsthe gap, its like they can just multil, y on their own. Please anyone who shares these symptoms pkease let me know, I need to know this is real. I mean how could I, without ever reading or knowing about this kind of thing b4, have exactley the same symotoms as thousands of people all over the workd, whow could we possibly all imagine exactly the same thing, its them whos crazy not us. Why r they tryn 2make us look crazy, what r they hiding that they wanna cover this up. Sorry for going so deep n goung on,, but theyd soon belueve it if they weresuffering from it.sorry rant over for now. Il report how I get on at the docs 2moro. Wishing u, n every1 success in getting this dhit out out our bodies, Im so resperate, just want this to be over xn also does anyone else get a white webbing sirt of thing intheir hair just now n again? Whats that all abt eh?

    • me 83163 me 83163 jojo1982

      I didn't get it in my face for the longest time. But have two distinctive marks on my face now from where they have been and I guess died off! Before starting the ivermectin and during the early stages of treatment I got the white sticky web like stuff in my hair all the time. I had to cut my hair it got so bad. The lumps (nest) where in the back of my head and my hair was all MUCH shorter back there. Not broken off, like it was not growing but I know it was long at one point! I had lots of hair so it was hard to see but it had the hair stylist stumped! To me it looked like they were actually pulling my hair back into my scalp! To eat? Make a nest? I don't know but I know that was REAL! I try so hard not to mess with them & it is really hard to ignore something moving in your head especially last year when they where pinky finger size. I could never get them out and yes the biting is REAL too! I think the white spray that turns sticky and stiff is a defense mode. This is just from my observation. My finger has been bit when touching a lesion! But what I don't want is them to turn around and start burrowing down. A few nights the pain was so horrific!!! Felt like they where biting down into my scull. One night my neighbors heard me screaming it was so bad. Went to ER cat scan showed nothing. Then had MRI that showed cerebral aniurism right in the spot where my pain was. Neurologist says "how lucky I was because these types of aneurism shave no side affects and we found it by luck" did not want to hear anything of my parasite story or warms in my head I must be out of my mind was written all over her smug face! I've had 3 kidney stone removals in 6 months! We're are the die off going where is the their waste going? Uroligist did not want to hear of parasitic infestation as well! Colonoscopy shows mild divaticulitus... So while they chewing my body apart I have to deal with smug doctors and just keep taking my ivermectin and all my homeopathic remedies that I can find and hope for the best! Good luck to you. But if I don't punch a doctor in the face by the time this is over it will be a miracle! What a nightmare! YOU ARE NOT NUTS! Parasites are not just third world country and doctors better open their eyes and ears! Talk about a "rant"! Good luck to all

    • dab1 dab1 jojo1982

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    • steve96451 steve96451 jojo1982

      I know exactly how you feel!My skin feels sticky And it feels like my whole body is a parasite.If I pull out a facial hair with some tweezers it looks like there's a small eggs on my hair And sometimes the hair will have a A white clear tip Or a brownish red tip.And in my stool there is like big raise and looking things with Gooey yellowish stuff inside

    • GaUSA GaUSA steve96451

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    • GaUSA GaUSA

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    • me 83163 me 83163 GaUSA

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    • logical logical nicolamc

      This Sunflower26

      Just getting to the end of the worst skin worms case ever.

      Since all of you who have suffered like me I will skip that.

      I like all of you went through many doctors

      So simply for me I definitely knew what I had after much research. It just has a new name. Goes way back as far as

      Egypt 1550 BC or more. Scabies.

      Unlike intestional worms with many symtoms which a

      Pre- Pac is prescribed for it.Scabes has none of these symtoms until until the scabies begins to show outbreaks of the skin.

      So I persisted with my present doctor that worms are worms.

      Agreed to a Pre-Pac to try a prescription . That was 15 days to let me knowcover the two cycles. MY face is me again.Love to touch it again So the Pre- Pac takes care of both

      Got an apology fro my doctor.

    • nicolamc nicolamc logical

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    • shelley67196 shelley67196 me 83163

      This may sound strange but have you ever had an issue with carpet beetles?   I too have horrible lesions and have been misdiagnosed 3 times... even told that I have tapeworm.   The place that I used to live in had an infestation of carpet beetles... everything you read it says that they do not burrow in skin... yet there are thousands that swear that they do... some are now saying that the carpet beetle is responsible for Morgellons and thus the fibers... anyways, its something I'm looking into... I pray that we all find a solution 🙏

    • karen82178 karen82178 shelley67196

      Morgellons did come up when I first typed in my  SYPTOMS!!! I feel like I've been hit with multiple infestations even though I've had my house insepected and exterminators here 3 times plus home bombing kits done!!! I need to find the CORE of where all this started otherwise I feel like just walking away and burning this bloody house to the ground!!!

  • nicolamc nicolamc

    Thanks all,  finally light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm very happy :o)

    • WormyGuss BLUES WormyGuss BLUES nicolamc

      Also one more thing when it would start in my eye it would seem like I had a sleep a booger would wipe out then eventually get more and/or be covering my eyeballs where I would pull stringy stuff out or be really really greedy like somebody dumped and on my eyes this is a very weird thing but luckily for social media

  • Rhuby Rhuby nicolamc

    Hi Nicolamc - I am really sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your skin and the very unprofessional way you have been treated by the medical community.  Reading your explanation of the way it feels and from your pictures makes me think you have Morgellons Syndrome. The way you have been treated is so similar to the way many of us have been treated by physicians.  I have had this problem for 7 years and it leaves huge lesions in my skin.  Some so large that I have had to have surgery with free flabps and skin grafts to fill in the holes and cover the area.  I have taken an enotmous amount of antibiotics and even fungal medications to no avail.  Some of my doctors have also summarized my problem as delusions of parasitosis in my records and claim I am doing this to myself.  I am curious and also hopeful about your treatment regimen and how it has worked.  Please le me know...

    • nicolamc nicolamc Rhuby

      Wow Ruby thats dreadful.  When they say you are delusional and you are totally sain its not only insulting, but its frustrating.  The more you try to convinnce them what you are saying is true the madder you sound.  I did look niot Morgellons but from what I found they were more colourful and didnt resemble tiny white worms.  I used to google spikes in the face that move around because that's what mine started out as.  They would leave tracks under my skin and travel so far infecting the entire route so my skin was like plasticine, it was like they killed the skin as they moved through it. Every explanation a GP or hospital come up with  didnt tie up with the symptoms.  Little white heads for example dont travel around under your skin. I was told burst cysts etc.  One GP even said to me it was impossible and that there was only one worm that could travel around the body and it would have to go through the throat area and the person would have a bad cough.  God knows what she got that info from lol.  She was the one refusing to refer me even though I'd been told at the hospital I needed a referal.  

      All I have at the moment is a slow release antibiotic and fucadin H cream.  I told the dermatologist I though it could be Candida because you can get parasites on the skin.  I could smell the yeast on myself from so many antibiotics.

      The only thing that was anything like what I had on Google was Candida.  The Morgalons were very different, the symptoms and how they looked. 

        I do think the original infection was something laid soemthing in my skin and it progressed to this.  I was constantly on 7 or 10 day courses of antibiotics and i've always hated taking them because it destroys your immune system and it wasnt dealing with the cause.  I was asking for antibiocs my skin was so bad.  Fighting with the worms didnt help and made a terrible mess of my skin.  I'd get so angry though because i was scared of them and I'd decide enough was enough and they were coming out.   I will give you the name of the antibiocs later, i'll check what they are called.

      Do you live in the UK.  I wonder if your GP could refer you to the dermatologist I saw.  He was the only person that actually listened and didnt dismiss me with a silly theory.  I'm supposed to see him again when i finish this course of medicine.  He does private and NHS.

    • yourdad yourdad nicolamc

      I was told by a specialist doctor when he failed to cure me that it was all I'm my head, then a few years later I pulled a botfly large from my nose...

      That was the one thing this doc got right..

  • sue11460 sue11460 nicolamc

    Antibiotics fight infection and hence reduce inflammation caused by it.  Parasites are treated by a drug group called Anthelmintics. This kills the worms, but has to be staged to break the cycle.

    Tiny worms can be destroyed by the correct dosage of anthelmintic at correct intervals.  Ivermectin is a common veterinary treatment for skin mites (which are superfical) but also people.  See the link above.

    Some of the tropical infestations suggested here seem unlikely. 

    Leptospirosis  however,

    can be transfered from dogs. It should be ruled out as can affect the eyes. 

    I hope you find the right medicine.


    • nicolamc nicolamc sue11460

      That sounds so right, the antibiotics just stop your face from looking dreadful.  The cream i have is fucadin H, which I believe is an antibiotic and low level dose of acid.  I still havent worked out the pattern of the cycle.  Picking them defo seems to produce more of them fast.  Any cuts does and easily infects your hands.  If i'm not fully healed by the time i finish this course, I'll suggest to the dermatologist your recommendation.  I have a feeling that fucadin H isnt going to get rid of them.   Whilst i'm not seeing worms, the bacteria is still there for sure, so they are.  Spots that arent quite spots and take ages to heal and little black dots that appear where they are.

      Thanks for the info Sue.

    • sue11460 sue11460 nicolamc

      Threadworms infest the intestine, the cycle is about 10 days.  A dose to kill the worms, then 10 days later to get eggs hatched.  If the dose is insufficient or administered at the wrong intervals, both doses must be repeated. 

      Leptospirosis is treated with antibiotics, severe cases Intravenously.  Scabies are treated with Quellada lotion, but I'm not conviced an oinment is going to eradicate a subcutaneous infestation. 

      A vital point is that worm infestatations are infectious.  Care should be taken to protect others from cross-infection.  Close physical contact and hygiene are of concern.

      I suggest you obtain a small specimen bottle and next time you remove one (or part) of these parasites, collect it as a sample for investigation. Perhaps email photos of skin eruptions to a tropical medicine lab.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the specific company name/details as we do not allow posting of these in the forums. If users wish to exchange these details please use the Private Message service.

    • sherrysherry sherrysherry nicolamc

      i have followed this discussion all along.  We have talked before.  I have info too much to type right now. but, i am nearly positive what you have is a facial fungus little recognized by dermatologists.   I have had this for twenty five yearss and the wormy things you pull out may actually be fibers from the fungus that do react to things you apply.  You mentioned those black specks that come out of bumps.  You mention glass shards it feels like.  I had all of this and was even treated with anti parasitics ivermectin and mebendezole.  To my dismay, no real improvement.  Fungus is alive and actually tries to survive.  it coils away from you.  it becomes really defined if you put peroxide on it.  Peroxide helps but won't kill it and neither will the stuff for common funguses ringworm, jock itch and athletes foot.  This is a skin fungus and mine was moving around on my face.  worse when i tried to pick them out.  They seemed to multiply.  No doctors ever helped but my nightmare is over and if you are interested, contact me because i think over half the ppl in here may be suffering from the same thing.  It's worth a try.  I am ecstatic  ; when i've been near suicidal over this terrifying ordeal.  The doctors are ignorant on these types of funguses; dont recognize them and are so arrogant and quick to call us crazy.  Well finally my 25 yrs of research and trying everything under the sun including turpentine has paid off.  My skin has some scarring but the decades long issue is GONE.  Alot of ppl prolly won't listen, but what have you got to lose?  I can list some inexpensive home remedies. i am a walking encyclopedia on this now . lol. 

    • jennera jennera sherrysherry

      Please, I would like to know how to get rid of this please! I am scared for my children I don't want them to get it, as they love to be near me and climb all over me, and I'm scared to be around them when a flare up occurs . Help! I am very sad over this and hve cried many times about the sores as they are just don't seem to go away. It takes months sometimes. I hate it. I hve to get rid of this. It is also embarrassing. What do I do ? I am very poor, no money barely, doctors around here don't understand. I cannot travel far and my insurance doesn't cover dermatologist. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thank you.

    • chrissy02851 chrissy02851 jennera

      firstly i would like to say that we may not all have exactly the same thing except to be mistreated n left untreated by the medical profession.

      I also have not yet beaten them. what I do know is that they are a nematode prob a type of hook or whip worm. confirmed by 11 vets.

      I had success with ivermectin. It was quite clear from the masses I excreted I was infested. however I believe I became reinfected. the doc will not write another script for ivermectin yet.

      on the nicobate patches for three days n they are exiting my body they do not like it. they are coming out every where including soles of my feet n fingernails.

      I wash head to toe in selsun gold twice a day. I smear vaseline over my legs which I keep bandaged I wear long pants even though I live in the tropics. I have learnt to recognise the odour from those infected.

      get a magnifying glass, a journal,record everything relevant take photos enlarge them. provide evidence as to why you believe you have parasites. remember pathology dept do not know what they are looking for.

      good luck

    • patsy7 patsy7 sherrysherry

      Hi Sherry, Sherry

      I am listening please tell me what you have learned and share what you have been dealing with for 25yrs.

      I have a question as well

      Did you feel crawling around your face going in nostril, and up to eye, and was the itching madding?

      Thanks for any information

      Have a great Blessed Day

    • chrissy02851 chrissy02851 patsy7

      do you live in the united states? if so there is a parasitologist who specialises in this field. check out parawellness on the web. people can have more than one parasite.

      they are difficult to completely eradicate. they can lay dormant for years. pathology labs predominently give a false negative result. doctors prefer to diagnose you as having psychological issues rather than having parasites. modern medicine ivermectin orally n ivermectin lotion. herbal remedies - black walnut, wormwood, coconut meat mashed. other non standard approaches diatamacious earth, magnetism, nicotine. also look at the protective diets of non developed countries. the toxic waste of parasites are carcegenic. check out worms and cancer on the web. start a journal gather evidence photograph refuse to be disempowered by the so called professionals change your diet to a 3rd world protective one oxygenate your blood (exercise).

      hope this helps the journey is unfortunately a long one.

    • Chris1979 Chris1979 sherrysherry

      please,I am open for any suggestions to help get rid of this...Im unaware how long ive had this but thought for a while i may be having allergic reactions to something. ..then i noticed some bump that started out looking like bug bites appear from no where and then the itchy crawling started afterwards..thought it was all in my head until i tried peroxide. .Wish i wouldnt of...Scary whitr tails poking out everywhere ...

    • colin52943 colin52943 sherrysherry

      Hello Sherrysherry.

      I'm new to this thread and site, but NOT new to this "epidemic". I spent this evening reading all the posts from this particular "worms in the face" thread and ONLY decided to "sign up" after reading this post you made 4 months ago.  I agree with you 100% that many here are suffering from a fungus as the primary issue, which in turn leads to other secondary problems and infections such as mites, morgellons, worms, ect.  I would greatly appreciate any knowledge that you feel you could pass along to a stranger, one who has been silently padling along-side many of other sufferers in isolation and silence looking for any ray of hope.  I'm praying you'll be able to pass along some knowledge, and God knows, many need it!

      Here's looking for the Blessed Hope and may He not tarry much longer.

      Thanks in advance and God Bless.


    • steve96451 steve96451 sherrysherry

      Please give me information on how you overcame your issue. I have a number of different parasites from liver fluke, threadworm, etc. Along with these little black bugs under my skin. I can see balls under my skin especially around my throat area. I bought some herbal parasites cleanse and it's working a little. Now I have little balls that look good raisins with goey yellowish stuff inside.. Please help

    • pennie37248 pennie37248 sherrysherry

      Hi Sherry

      I to have been suffering for 3years now and wondering what you had used to get rid of these or manage, If u could help I would really appreciate thank you. I have tried many things including perscriptions, nw

    • GaUSA GaUSA steve96451

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  • sean54687 sean54687 nicolamc

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  • robbynnavy robbynnavy nicolamc

    Hi nicolamc, i am a 30 yr old female from Australia and you are not crazy...exactly the same thing is happening to facial skin has holes everywhere and when you touch them even to dab lotion on them, they feel like they have glass bits in painful to touch. And they take forever to heal leaving really bad scaring...i can actually feel the worms moving about in my face/skin. And no doctor believes me. I know it is really happening so i just wanted to share that with you.

    • nicolamc nicolamc robbynnavy

      Aww thanks Robby.  Its awful isnt it, when you are at the mercy of doctors and nobody is listening.  It just shows how vulnerable we are.  I do hope you get it sorted.  You should tell your doctor about my case, say its the same and see if they can treat you with the same antibiotics.  I have a month left still, I'm hoping after that i'll be 100% cured.  I'd say I'm 75% but its like you can just get a breakout out of the blue.. The dermatologist that gave them to me is quite well known apparently.  Obviously not in Australia but they might take you seriously you never know.

    • robbynnavy robbynnavy nicolamc

      Thanks for the info on tablets as i am trialling so many different treatments none of which are working very well. I have an appointment with infectious diseases dr next week but he is probably going to tell me it's all in my head and that i have mental issues...pathetic i say

    • Rhuby Rhuby nicolamc

      Hi there - I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and even healing. I looked up the Acnemin tablets you are taking and they appear to be isotretenoin (Accutane) which does have the potential for bad side effects you should stay aware of.  It is metabolized through the liver and it might make sense to ask your doctor for blood and liver enzyme testing while taking your course.  I am certainly not a doctor, but after reading these side effects it made me think it best to at least ask your doctor. Here is the site with the drug information:

      The Fucidin H is a cream that contains two active ingredients, hydrocortisone acetate and fusidic acid and considered to be an antibacterial. Are you also taking antibiotics and if so, which ones? Thank so much for sharing so much information with us!

    • rachel21032 rachel21032 robbynnavy


      my partner and I are also from Australia, NEWCASTLE NSW.

      we have been going through the same thing for roughly 9 months now. Appointment with infectious disease specialist on the 12th of may which is probably just after you have your appointment. I would very much like to hear how you go with this and any advice you may think would be helpful for us prior to our appointment. We are just so worn out from all of this, tired of doctors and dermatologist not even examining but going directly for the delusions of parasatosis label and basically recommending a psychologist. We don't need a psychologist we need medical assistance! 

      Fingers crossed for you lets hope there is finally an answer to eradicating this dreadful issue.

    • me 83163 me 83163 robbynnavy

      Thanks what Infecious Deseases told me! All in my head! Told me "many dr, lawyers people on wall st have this condition, where they think they have worms crawling under their skin" complete insult to my intelligence! Then I get angry and look like the crazy person their assuming I am!!!

  • Cjd1115 Cjd1115 nicolamc


    So glad to head you are on your way to healing.

    Did your doctor tell you what parasite/worm you were infested with?

    Thank you for posting this. I'm going through very similar and hoped to get the name of parasite for my dr as well.

    Thanks in advance

  • nicolamc nicolamc

    Hi All,

    Just an update to how its all going.  Well, I dont think this course of antibiotics is clearing them.  2 months in and I would expect now to be nearly cured of it.  Its defo some sort of bacterial infect that's causing it.  I dont think the cream i was given is strong enough to kill them off. disappointing really.  I think probably, when I stop taking them it will all flare up againt as big as it was.  I seem to be going through that cycle at the moment because I have lots of little bumps under my skin which I know is caused by this.

    For those who asked the parasites were never given a name, all my tests come back negative so the dermatologist didnt do blood tests again.  I just wish one blood test had shown something and then everything, probably would have been cured.  I think the antibiotics are just delaying the inevitable. 

    Will be fun trying to get a referral from the doctors again.

    Anyone one else having a good result with anything they are trying at the moment?  I'm thinking of asking my beautitiion if she knows anyone within her field that might know about it.  When she first saw my skin she thought immediatley it was something to do with all the moscito bites I got in Mexico. I was smothered with them as it was rainy season then this a month after.

    • sue11460 sue11460 nicolamc

      Your beautician may be able to help cosmetically.  However, this is infectious and she needs to be careful. 

      Skin infestations are a reality and I don't understand the problem you're having convincing medics of your condition and getting EFFECTIVE treatment. 

      EG :-

      Roundworms (nematodes) – the adult worms can reside in the gastrointestinal tract, blood, lymphatic system or under the skin. Alternatively, the immature (larval) states can cause disease through their infection of various body tissues.

      Leptospirosis (as previously suggested) urgently needs ruling out as this is in the face and can affect the eyes.  Google' images of Leptospirosis' and be wary of eye redness. 

      The mosquito attack you mention is a possible cause of your suffering.  They spread more infections than malaria, including parasites.  As you have removed worms from your skin, I recommend collecting a specimen and presenting yourself to an infectious disease specialist. 

      Not to scare monger, your condition may not be the most serious,  which could be why it is so prolonged without proper diagnosis.

      Hoping for postive results soon.   

    • me 83163 me 83163 nicolamc

      Did you know that you can get them from a Mosketo bite! They carry the larvae! You'll have to google I don't rem. details but Do remember reading that! I took regular antibiotics for 2 weeks and it did Nothing!

      Now two weeks into the ivermectin and I think I'm seeing more! !

      I tried all the antihistamines tricks I read about to clear them out of my sinuses and you should have seen my face. Like a basketball so swollen! Dr tells me to "hang in there and finish the month long treatment!

    • Rhuby Rhuby me 83163

      That sounds really awful! Perhaps try cold compresses to keep the swelling down and give your face and sinuses some relief.  Funny you should mention bug bites - I could swear mine all started 8 years ago with a black fly bite.

    • googiebullrider googiebullrider sue11460

      Speaking of cosmetics,

      I used to go to the well known cosmetic place here in Calif it starts with an S, but I noticed that every time after I would go to that place like a day or two later I would gets pimple looking things I was wondering maybe I could have gotten my worm things there? Possibity, right. I don't try on makeup there anymore, just buy it and take it home, if I don't like it I take it back.

  • domino68 domino68 nicolamc

    Hi I am having this same issue and can not find a dr to help me they either dont believe me or say they cant help me i am desperate for some answers I can not continue to live like this please tell me have you found anything out???

  • domino68 domino68 nicolamc

    I am also coughing up whats looks like larva and I pulled a what my vet identified as a hookworm I look 8 months pregnant and have a blind spot in my right eye from this I have pics and video I just do not understand why the drs will not help what did I do what is wrong with me I have a little boy with downs and he needs me but I cant  continue to live with these things in me. please help somebody anybody my parents and vet will vouch I am not crazy.

  • nicolamc nicolamc

    I read online that canisten works.  I need to try and see the dermatologist again.  Fun n games with the insurance company no doubt.

    • domino68 domino68 nicolamc

      I took the worm to contagious disease specialist in tulsa. he was a jerk didn't really look at it and said it was not a worm I said what about my pics he said too blurry he told my mom it was morgellons a mental condition total crap because my vet said she's been a vet for twenty years she knows a worm when she sees one and my psych I see for PTSD said he would back me that I'm not delusional but I don't know where else to go.

    • nicolamc nicolamc domino68

      There is a parasite killer on amazon.  If you just search worm killer, called Elle Belle.  It has good reviews.  I would be too scared to take it myself, if huge worms starting coming out of me I'd freak out, probably bang my head and kill myself lol.  I would freak.

      It says for all stages from eggs to full blown worms.

    • Rhuby Rhuby domino68

      It sounds to me like you both have Morgellons - and I don't mean delusions of parasitosis!  I have had it for 8 years and it has been pure hell.  I have seen so many specialists you can't believe it and at least 12 biopsies. They all come back negative. I remove things from my skin that do look like worms but seem more fibrous and sometimes ropey, so it is impossible to figure out what it is.  I have a microscope and have tons of videos and photos of both tissue and blood and it is very strange stuff that I cannot identify.  I have had major surgery on my scalp because it causes terrible open wounds on me.  Right now I have a giant open lesion on my neck that measures at least 2x3 inches and very deep.  The one on the top of my head was 3x4 inches and right down to the skull bone.  Of course, all I ever get from the doctors is the recommendation to see a psychiatrist and take drugs which I refuse to do.  I went to an infectious disease specialist and he had me on a very strong broad spectrum antibiotic for almost two years with no positive results. Google Morgellons online and go to the Morgellons sites.  You will be amazed at how many people here in the US and across the world have it.  I really am sorry that you are both exibiting the symptoms.  You can try the anti-worm medications but I have taken them numerous times without any change at all.  Even my husband is starting to show signs of having it.  His scalp and face are getting very bad sores that he cannot get rid of easily and his doctor has no idea what it is. 

    • nicolamc nicolamc Rhuby

      Oh god that sounds awful. Isn't it strange the don't show up on tests. It can be just like Fiberous mush as well. I am trying my hardest not to let my skin get how it was. This has been the longest I've been without antibiotics. Something tells me this thing may not be curable if nobody acknowledges it. I collected samples in a sample jar for a week and a friend of my boss got it tested at a hospital and it come back negative and it was just this stuff. Do you think because they eat so much skin the have the same DNA as us, that was my thinking on it anyway. My skin has cleared up a lot in the last couple of days but you aren't supposed to use canisten on your face. I had a pharmacist refuse to sell me canisten H because she knew what I was going to do with it.

      My boyfriend shows no sign of it and he uses the same towel. I think he half thinks I'm mad too and I've shown him some wierd things.

      How long after it all started did it get really bad for you?

    • nicolamc nicolamc Rhuby

      Also they say you can end up getting pretty sick if parasites are left as inevitably they will go into vital organs. So basically, them ignoring it is pretty serious for us. All off the back of a holiday, this time last year I was totally parasite free lol

    • domino68 domino68 nicolamc

      I'm not giving up yet and the worm my vet identified was a worm not rope like I use to live in Costa Rica and there is a parasite called Strongyloidiasis it can live in the human body for years undetected anyway a friend that still lives there talked to a friend that owns a big lab company there he thought that's what it is and gave me a link that tells you how to take albendazole it's a cattle wormer and covers a wide spectrum I started on it today I pray it is the answer I will let you know

    • nicolamc nicolamc domino68

      Oh pls do let me know how it goes.

      Do you have any idea how you caught it/them.

      Sorry you didn't get a warmer welcome before, when you said your parents and your vet I was waiting for the punchline :-)

    • domino68 domino68 nicolamc

      Hi I'm 47 and my parents and my vet are my only support with this crap most all my friends even my 19 year old son won't come near me because they are freaked out anyway I think I got them from when I lived in Costa Rica and walked the beach or any where barefoot I was always barefoot there big mistake

    • domino68 domino68 nicolamc

      Good news so far it seems to be working face is healing and small white things came out of my arms yesterday the guy that wrote about using this treatment says ivermectin will not kill the adults if you give me your email I will send you the link I don't think they will let me post it on here it has really good info in it about being sectioned I went to er here and they sent me for a psych evaluation which I passed and drug tested me I really want a diagnoses just to prove them wrong I'm going to one last dr mon and try pray for me

    • Rhuby Rhuby domino68

      That is great news!  I have tried ivermectin numerous times with absolutely no results.  I have wanted to try the albendazole but impossible to get without a prescription and also impossible to talk the doctors into trying it on me.  I wish you the best and please let us know how things turn out!

    • domino68 domino68 Rhuby

      Well its day 6 and  great improvements so far my sores on face are almost totally healed the crawler I felt in the back of my head is gone my vision has improved. Of course the negative is having sensations of stinging. The lumps and soreness under my arms is gone and the bloating in my breasts and stomach is starting to go down and the best new of it all is that I decided to try one more dr my moms dr of course she had no clue what was going on with me and pretty sure she thought I was crazy but I convinced her to do lab on my stool which is now full of visable worms thanks to wormer so by friday I should have some kind of proof that I am not delusional . By the way you said you dont have access to the albenzol I am using a cow wormer called valbazen 3.5 ml every 12 hours for 14 days then 7 days off then 14 more days you must take 7 days off or your hair may fall out. I hope this helps you guys it has been a god send for me. Oh you must have 40grams of fat with the wormer or it will not be effective.

    • CaptainA.Morgan CaptainA.Morgan domino68

      How has this worked for you? Doctors friends and family dont believe me.

      They say i look fine. Hair is falling out, my body aches, moved there way up to my eyes after the dr gave me perimethrin cream for mites, but the drs swear scabies doesn't get in the eye. Antibiotics and steroids not helping and i don't want antidepressants and sedatives. Stuff is pouring from every opening in my body and making new holes everyday. My lungs sound horrible. I went into anaphylactic shock for the first time in my life last week while cleaning and passed out in my gargage. I am alone here and terrified of touching or eating anything. I eat less than ever but weigh more than i ever have. family wont come near me because they don't know what's wrong. I feel like i am dying and no one will believe me or help me. They send me for psych evaluations if i even mention worm. I am 23 and live on $460 disability a month because i have over 50in of titanium screwed, hooked, and fused to my spine. I have to pay people to take me to the doctor and my cleaning supply budget is outrageous. I am running out of strength and money to keep fighting this.

    • Rhuby Rhuby CaptainA.Morgan

      Hi Pleaseneedhelp - Things sound very bad for you. I feel so sorry that you have to experince this. The fact that you are passing out is not good. The doctors have got to at least listen to that part and order some tests for you (I hope you have medical coverage). Where did the sores and lesions first start on your body? What kind of steroid are they giving you and have they said why? It is amazing to me how these healthcare professionals can tell us we are causing it and it is all in our heads - but meanwhile they give us antibiotics, steroids, permethrin cream, etc. Surely they have an idea if why they are prescibing these things. One dermatologist gave me prednisone and I would never take it again as it seemed to make these things grow even more so and soon afterwards is when I ended up having to go for major scalp surgery.

    • nicolamc nicolamc jerri0

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    • googiebullrider googiebullrider domino68

      I feel you, when I asked the entomologist to look he dismissed it as lint ,when I had the bug exterminator do my car he told my family I should seek mental help , because he was also a nurse

      After the car baked in the sun for three months in the heat I showed them crisp dried up bed bugs and small brown beetles.

    • tabatha17937 tabatha17937 domino68

      What specialist did you see? I am going to one soon.....sort of wondering if i should bother. I cannot sleep and i am picking them off of me constantly. I was put on thorazine by my primary. No help yet.....

    • shawki02 shawki02 domino68

      I saw a infectious disease specialist in Tulsa and he was the rudest, most unprofessional dr. I've encountered to date. What in the world is the matter w these Drs? A quick Google search reveals ALL SORTS of parasites which infect humans. Good grief. I've been suffering for a year and a half... The skin on my face may never recover. I don't like to go out in public. No one believes me. I went on a vacation to Mexico a few years ago, we left the resort to go horseback riding and zip lining, I got the most horrible mosquito bite on my foot- literally took a couple of moths to heal. Turns out people get these type of worms from mosquitos- loa loa is what I suspect, but how the heck to find a competent dr???? Don't these people READ??!?!

    • lisa44746 lisa44746 nicolamc

      Hi my names Lisa new to the site just found it today thank God. Yes everyone including mother thinks I am crazy got all the same things going on the toilet paper thing I had told nobody about because I knew they would have me committed. I was vwondeing how I could get the link on the medicine please

    • Engineer32 Engineer32 nicolamc

      all the different worms take different wormers. 

      look up the wormers for horses on Amazon. 

      there are many, and all needed and used in rotation.

      Fenbendazole is about one of the safest drugs for mammals and birds there is, but it does not kill every worm, but it kills a lot, and is safe for puppies, even collies. 

  • ali63625 ali63625 nicolamc

    I don't have this, but I do have systemic worms and the larvae get all around my body.  I have never seen them, but I have seen evidence of their presence, and of course I can feel them.  Writhing, wriggling, slithering, biting, etc., are not normal bodily feelings.  I am not delusional, neither do I have Formication.

    i have thrown everything natural I can think of at them to no avail.  Sometimes they go quiet for a day but then come back with a vengeance.  

    I have even tried turpentine.  Some people have had good results with it, but although I took it every day for a month it didn't touch my infestation.  Currently I am concentrating on building up sulphur, and sulphur-based elements in my body with raw garlic, MSM, tiny amounts of flowers of sulphur with molasses, black salt, cabbage, anything I can find with sulphur in it.  I also take lots of vitamins to build up my immune system including B-complex plus extra Thiamin, Biotin and Pantothenate, all sulphur-based B vitamins.

    Yes, some of it might get used by the worms but I hope I am taking enough that my body might get enough to fight back with.

    i have heard that Fenbendazole can help.  It is in the same family as Mebendazole and Albendazole, but stronger than Meben and kinder to the liver than Alben.. I haven't gone that route as it is not that easy to obtain here in the UK, but as sulphur is very healing I am hoping that over time it will help my body win out in the end.

    • tabatha17937 tabatha17937 ali63625

      I have actually seen the larvae. i have also found wierd blackish brown bugs under huge lumps in my skin. my daughter pulled three out of her ear one day. Does anyone know what the crap they are???? I never see an end or healing. It is frightening. Someone respond.

    • tabatha17937 tabatha17937 tina79876

      Did you have them coming out of pores? The pic you posted looks exactly what I am pulling out. I mixed DE and olive oil and basically ripped them out. How soon did the meds work? I bought some praziquantil at farm store. Will it work too? It says online that pork tapeworms can be killed in one does of the meds you used. Even if they are in the brain. Did yours show up on a blood test. My blood test was negative for parasites. Even though I am pulling them out of my skin.

    • tina79876 tina79876 tabatha17937

      To show that I was anemic and vitamin b12 deficiency. And a positive ANA. The only thing I found that works in the skin is peroxide. You don't want to kill them in the skin because they turn hard and into calcium. Prox I will blow them out of your pores. Good luck.

    • robert 1180 robert 1180

      Already seen the opthamologist but im in buffalo so i don't trust diagnosis said he seen nothing..but they have finally come to the surface not to long ago so i don't know if it is that advanced yet..i put antibiotic cream on any part of my body they start to come a little out and move also in buffalo so im at the point of trying to find a scientist..any other suggestions???

    • Diggity Diggity tabatha17937

      Hope I'm not too late to the party here. I believe everyone is describing SUB-CUTANEOUS FILARIASIS. I also had to pick up where medical professionals left off. Fortunately, I have a doctor who is from the Philippines and could identify this immediately. I'm currently being treated with Albendazoale and antibiotics.

      I'm not sure of the cost as it varies GREATLY.

      Best of luck everyone!

    • shawki02 shawki02 Diggity

      Hello- I've been suffering from the exact same affliction/ symptoms described originally by Nic for over a year!!!! Unfortunately, the symptoms began after moving to a new city where I had no regular PCP or dermatologist. I believe my complaints would have been taken more seriously had I been treated if initially by docs familiar w me. I received the WORST TREATMENT from infectious disease specialist. Basically said I am suffering from psychosis- which I most certainly AM NOT!!! Why is it so incomprehensible to docs in the US that one could possibly be suffering from parasitic infestation??? We are not immune! I've almost given up bc I am so tired of being treated as if I'm out of my mind. My skin continues to scar, and whatever this is continues to flourish, while I continue to deplete. All the symptoms are the same as described above- sticky waxy skin, tiny SHARP granuals tearing through skin on face, sensation of movement under skin, whitish sections of wormlike material coming from skin after topical antibiotics relieve swelling- which, of course, show as "normal skin cells" under microscope. Skin on my face has darkened, the makeup I've been wearing for years all of a sudden does not match my skin tone, dark circles under eyes and just an overall "unwell"

      Appearance. Has anyone received relief? Please help.

    • nicolamc nicolamc shawki02

      Haha its crazy isnt it.  When you are totally sane and they say you are mad and treat you like an idiot even though you have no previous of mental illness.  Too much to be coincidental I think.

      Did you look at your own skin under a microscope? I wouldnt believe a word they say, do you own tests.  I would love to know what they do with our blood in the blood tests... file B for bin i reckon.

    • shawki02 shawki02 Diggity

      Where are you located? I would love to see your dr!!!! I googled subcutaneous filariasis and it fits the bill EXACTLY... I can't believe it. Thank you for posting. Now to find a doc who isn't ignorant...

      I'm so disappointed in the quality of care I've received.

    • TiberiusSilver TiberiusSilver nicolamc

      Hello Nico, I was finally convinced to make a post after seeing many people post about this, but none pointed out the obvious: ABENDAZOLE is not transfered into the blood very easily from the stomach/intestines! only about 5% is released into the blood, the other 95% is passed in feces.

      In short, this means that abendazole and most other drugs can only kill worms in the intestines, which is why they are surviving in your skin. I do not know the answer to curing them (i wish I did).

      since I decided to post, might as well add my story in hopes in helps you. In January, I went to KBBQ (Korean Barbeque) which means you COOK YOUR OWN MEAT. I noticed a little red spot in some pork, but shrugged it off and cooked it.... but definitely not long enough. a few weeks later, i noticed a cyst on my chest. It felt very.... odd. I used a heating matt and accidentally INTERNALLY burst the cyst, I could feel something moving around after bursting it. I don't know why, but my first thought was parasites.

      Only after that, did I google "Parasitic cysts" and lo and behold they existed, my subconscious sent out the right messages. Within the past 3 months i have become anemic, developed muscle spasms/palpitations, and at one point i even found one of the suckers in my bowel movement.

      After taking Abendazole for 3 days (stupid doctor didn't know how parasitic cycles work. THREE DAYS OF PRESCRIPTION), my stomach felt better. It's been about a month and a half, and the nausea has come back.

      I don't know for certain that I have worms, and I'm willing to admit I might just be insane. But I am very capable of losing the paranoia of parasites, yet I still have a nagging feeling in the back of my head, telling me there is something wrong.

      The biggest thing I found in convincing doctors to treat me (I did get a single dose of abendazole) was to make up a story, "My pet just had tapeworms and I'd been kissing him on the mouth.", "My cat had flees and then got pinworms, now I feel nausious." etc etc. In fact, telling them ANOTHER doctor thought so, but said he didnt have enough experience with parasites, seemed to get them to think about it. When they feel a PEER confirmed it, all of a sudden the idiot doctors are willing to act and help you.

      I'm not supporting the idea of lying, but I'm also saying that doctors dont want to give anyone the time of day, and sometimes you need some sort of story in order to get help :\ Unfortunately even with a story, many doctors don't know enough to do anything (example: none of the ones I saw seemed to know that abendazole is barely transfered into the blood).

      I'm sorry for what you have gone through, and I am a firm believer that many people become paranoid of parasites BECAUSE of parasites, but be aware that googling about it can also cause you to become paranoid of it (im not implying in your case, but in mine that is the key reason i doubt my intuition... I have googled it so much that sometimes i wonder if that's why i feel this way).

    • TiberiusSilver TiberiusSilver

      I hate to double post, but I wish i could get some kind of test to let me know whether or not I have worms. I feel like I just want to give up, and I cannot differentiate my nausea from my depression anymore. I want it to be in my head because at least doctors are willing to TREAT a mental illness (barely hahaha) as opposed to their denial of parasites anywhere but in those "disgusting third world countries".

      At least if I'm mentally ill, I don't have parasites sad

    • me 83163 me 83163 TiberiusSilver

      I understand how you feel on all counts believe me! But don't give up!

      I thought the doctors might be right when every test came back negative for parasites. Until I met the dermatologist who was knowledgable! He told me 50% of the time the test come back negative! He did explain but I can't remember! Brain fog! Something about how they blend with your immune system so as not to be fought off. I'll look it up. Maybe someone on here knows the reason but it's the main reason Drs go right to the mental diagnoses! They would never just believe what were telling them and don't have the background knowledge of parasititic infestation to know the signs! Thank God my 6th dr listened, looked at the signs and diagnosed! I've been taking ivermectin and Orap with antibiotics for yeast in between for about a year now. I've improved tremendously but not cured! good luck. Look for a Derm/ parasitologist. Infectious Deseases was no help to me! No test results no diagnoses!

    • dab1 dab1 me 83163

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    • peggy26671 peggy26671 TiberiusSilver

      Hi Tiberius....I actually told my doctor after putting up with this multi symptom infection. 2 other doctors referred me to mental health over the years, It can make you crazy when you hear yourself telling someone. I sound like a lunatic to myself..yet I know I am not. My current doctor of 5 years VALIDATED ME>>>I WAS NOT DELUSIONAL>>THIS IS REAL. She told me what I suspected the medical that even acknowledge Morgellons have no clue what's causing to treat it or cure it. I'm so happy I got validation ! I have been cleaning my face with a great epsom salt wash with eucalyptus in it...It's in a large pump bottle at some stores..It has taken care of the scabbing. I try also to not touch it when an outbreak occurs...the full moon agitates all parasites and I'm fighting one now, I use liquid cocoanut oil mixed with several tree oils..such a pine..oak..ash etc. I've doing this a month and so far I'm not a giant scab as long as i don't agitate them bt even touching them. This stuff appears in many different symptoms, We all have a few of the same some others have different.... worms..white lumps..glitter stuff..slime. Seems like every different "thing" gets worse by touching or picking. They all wake up! Hang in there and I'm happy I found this forum with people "like me". I hope this post helps someone like us!


    • nicolamc nicolamc TiberiusSilver

      I hope you find your cure.  This situation is a nightmare for everyone.  I get a funny feeling doctors are so scared of not treating anyone with Morgellons people with genuine parasiste infections are having a harder time getting treated.  I do believe there was a blanket cover up about the situation.  The more I research the more sense it makes.  I also had a doctor tell me people with morgellons couldnt be helped and they were in a dark place.  Strange thing for a top consultant and honorary lecturer to say.